Mommy’s Airport And Prison Enslavement

Life as a TSA airport agent could be a bit monotonous. The same routine, with the same clueless, mostly overweight people shuffling their lard asses through the checkpoints, protesting any minor inconvenience, could start to grate your nerves. But Frank, the head of TSA security, actually enjoyed his job – and the unexpected benefits that came with it.

When he first saw her making her way down the hall, he smiled. Jennifer Carter, a young mother of one, was definitely a head-turner. She was wearing dark blue jeans, tan sandals, and a white blouse. Her long blonde hair, done up in a disheveled bun, framed a soft, feminine face that was slightly flushed with exertion. This is because she was hauling her baby in one arm, as she rushed down the hall, obviously running late. Her husband, Dan, trailed behind her a few feet, carrying the bags of luggage.

Frank turned slightly and whistled to get his coworker Mike’s attention. When he looked up, Frank indicated Jennifer’s direction and nodded. Grinning, Mike started to get things ready.

After having their IDs checked, the couple stripped off their shoes and threw the bags on the conveyor belt. First Dan, her husband, went through the scanner, holding both hands over his head as the machine whirred to life.

“Thank you Sir, you may proceed” said Mike. “Ma’am, please step into the machine, feet where indicated. You may keep your child in your arms.” Mike eyeballed the top of Jennifer’s mouthwatering cleavage, her baby pulling down slightly on her white blouse as it clung to her, wanting her milk.

This time the machine blinked an angry red and an alarm sounded. Looking startled, Jennifer turned and looked at the officer.

“Do you have anything in your pockets Ma’am, metal, batteries, anything at all?” Mike asked sternly.

“Um…no I don’t, just my boarding pass and ID. I put all my things in the tra-“.

“Please turn and let me run the scan again.”

Again the machine spun to life, x-raying the gorgeous blonde, Mike eyeballing her hourglass shape and the perfect roundness of her breasts on the screen. He might not be able to see them in detail, but he could tell her hefty chest had perfect proportions.

Again the alarm sounded, Jennifer looking annoyed and her husband sighing.

Now it was Frank’s turn to act. Crisply heading over with their specially trained German shepherd in tow, he walked up to Jennifer.

“May I see your boarding pass and ID please Ma’am – thank you. Mrs. Carter, is it? Sometimes the machines can get caught up on certain articles of clothing…”

As Frank was speaking, his dog started sniffing Jennifer and growling, having been trained to do so around women.

“Are you carrying any drugs on you Ma’am, prescription or otherwise?”

“Oh for crying out loud, no! Like I said, all my th-“

“Unfortunately our dog is indicating you have drugs on your person.” Frank sighed theatrically. “Look, I’m inclined to believe you but given the scanner and our dog are flagging you we have to go through certain procedures.”

At this point Jennifer’s husband Dan had walked over. “Is there a problem?”

“Yes sir, I’m going to have to ask your wife to please come with us, both our scanner and our dog are indicating contraband.”

“Is that really necessary?” asked Dan angrily. “We are running late.”

“Yes I’m afraid it is. She will be returned shortly, after a brief pat down. Please retrieve your shoes Ma’am and follow me.”

Eyebrows scrunched in annoyance, Jennifer looked at her husband and sighed. “Here Dan, take the baby. Just wait for me at the terminal, I’ll be there in a bit.” As she walked away with the two security men, her baby started crying. She didn’t know it, but it would be the last time she saw her family. A lifetime of sexual service awaited her.

She’s ours now, thought Frank, smiling inwardly. God he loved how stupid these women were.


Coming to the locked door, Frank punched in his security code and the door unlocked. Turning to Mike, he said “I will take her from here Mike, you can return to your duties.”

“Yes sir,” smiled the officer, as he turned to walk away, taking the dog with him.

Opening the door, Frank ushered Jennifer into the cold, white painted room, the door automatically locking behind them. Bright white lights on the ceiling lit up the whole room, in the center of which was a large table, no chairs in sight. Metal cabinets were mounted on the wall, and another steel door on the far side of the room remained closed.

He walked her towards the center of the room, near the wall. “Please put your hands on your head and feet shoulder width apart. I will administer your pat down.”

Jennifer look alarmed. “What? No, a woman is supposed to do these things. I refu-“

“Mrs. Carter, I am the head of security here, I know our rules. A female agent was needed in the past, but with heightened security these days that requirement has been removed. Now do as you’re told so we can both get on with our day.”

“I…well…” Jennifer looked unsure. She couldn’t tell if he was lying, and even if he wasn’t, she still didn’t like the idea of a man patting her down…

“Now!” barked Frank, getting angry.

Hesitatingly, Jennifer raised her hands to her head. She just wanted to get this over with, then she would complain later.

Starting at her shoulders, Frank ran his fingers down her sides, and briefly under the undercurve of her breasts. Her face reddening slightly, very aware of the freezing temperature of the room, he continued down to over her hips. He ran the tips of his fingers in the waistband of her jeans, then continued down to her legs. Checking one leg at a time, he ran both hands slowly down the outside and inside of her left thigh.

“Um…” she stuttered “Is that really-“

“Be quiet Mrs. Carter” said Frank, as he ran his right hand around to feel the crease where her ass met thigh. She twitched uncomfortably. Sliding down to her calves, he repeated the process on her right leg, his touch lingering on her inner thighs and ass longer than it should.

Standing up, he walked to the cabinet while speaking “Please undo your hair bun, I need to see if anything is hidden there.” As she quickly let her hair loose, Frank returned with a tongue depressor and penlight.

“I need to check your mouth as well. Say Ah Mrs. Carter.” Eyeing the depressor warily, Jennifer opened her mouth slightly. Somewhat roughly, Frank jabbed the depressor into her mouth and lifted her tongue, flashing the light with the other hand. Moving the depressor to the top, he then pushed her tongue down, peering at her tonsils and throat. He slowly pushed the depressor farther back, until she just started to gag, and stopped, holding it there for about 20 seconds. Jennifer was uncomfortable but remained still, her blue eyes starting to moisten.

Pocketing the penlight, he pulled the tongue depressor from her mouth, a thin string of saliva briefly connected to the wood. He set it on the table and turned to her again, her hands still on her head.

“Are we done now?” She asked angrily. “That wasn’t just a pat down, by the way, you didn’t need to look in my mouth!”

“We are nearly done, Mrs. Carter” said Frank, ignoring her. “You could still be hiding contraband within your undergarments, obviously. I’ll have to ask you to undress please.”

“What?! Absolutely not, when I-“

“Mrs. Carter! We face an unprecedented level of threat in this country, and I am authorized to hold you as long as necessary. If you want to reach your flight, I suggest you cooperate.”

“But this is outrageous! I clearly have nothing hidden on me and-“

“That has yet to be determined.” Frank’s eyes lit up evilly. “Please remove your sandals, blouse, and pants, and place them on the table. You will not be released until our search is concluded.”

“I…this is ridiculous….” Jennifer’s face started to turn red, but she kicked off her sandals and began to unbutton her blouse.

“At least turn away!”

“I cannot turn away, Mrs. Carter, I need to see if you are hiding anything. Continue, and remain facing me.”

Hands slightly shaking, thinking of getting back to her husband and child, Jennifer moved down her blouse one button at a time. Halfway down, her pale bra-encased tits pushed their way passed the shirt, until finally she removed it completely. Folding it in half, she set it on the table, and stood up straight again, jiggling slightly. Her boobs looked to be straining to be free, their swells pushing defiantly against her light pink bra.

“The pants too, Mrs. Carter.” Frank whistled under his breath as he appraised her, from her head down to her flat stomach. He knew she would be a great find.

Jennifer couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eye as she reached for her jeans’ top button. Popping it open, she quickly opened the small zipper and uncomfortably slid her jeans down her smooth legs. Immediately her matching pink panties came into view, and again she half-folded her clothes and set it on the table.

“Thank you for your cooperation Mrs. Carter, it helps to expedite the process. Please remain standing and place your hands on your head again. I will check you.”

Getting into position again, Jennifer stood stone faced with her eyes closed, wishing to be anywhere else. Reaching behind her to her back, Frank quickly undid her bra clasp, and Jennifer’s eyes popped open instantly. Covering her tits and holding up her bra, she cried out “What are you doing?!”

“Mrs. Carter I need to check inside the cups.” Grabbing the bra in her hands, he ripped it from her grip. Making a show of slowly looking into each cup as she covered her breasts with her hands, Frank continued speaking “I suggest you remove your hands Mrs. Carter, I will also need to check underneath your breasts. Women have been known to tape bags under them.”

Jennifer was outraged. “No! No! Give me back my bra, I’m leaving immediately! You pig! This is just too far and….”

As she began shouting, Frank pressed a small button on the table. Two burly security guards entered from the far door, and stood at resting attention.

“’s totally…unacceptable.” Jennifer’s voice got quiet as she look at the guards. “You can’t bring others in here!”

Frank had had it. “Mrs. Carter, this is not a joke. This is a very serious situation, and you will not be allowed to leave until our search is complete. If, as you claim, you are indeed innocent, then you have nothing to fear and you will be on your way. These gentlemen will remain here, as you have shown a complete lack of control with your outburst.”

“You will give us your full cooperation, or we will be forced to detain you even longer until the truth is ascertained. It will not be a pleasant experience for you, we are authorized to use more forceful means if necessary. You are a suspect, if you do not cooperate you will not be walking out of here. Do you understand?”

Furious but embarrassed by her partial nudity and scared of the officers, Jennifer quietly answered “yes, I understand.”

“Then take your hands off those breasts right now and let me do my job” he sneered.

Standing only in her panties, humiliated and distraught, Jennifer slowly lowered her hands.

“Hands on your head woman, you’ve been told! Raise them up!”

Snapping her arms up, Jennifer stood as instructed, providing a full view of her chest to all present. And what a view it was! Her large boobs jiggled from her movements, swaying heavily on her chest. They were slightly swollen with breast milk, and looked full and heavy. The perfect pink nipples, standing at full attention from the freezing air conditioning, jutted out from the breast meat and just begged to be pinched.

He retrieved a pair of thin latex gloves. “Don’t worry, I will not make skin on skin contact, we are not animals” he reassured her.

‘I’m so pleased!’ thought Jennifer sarcastically.

Roughly palming her right breast in his hand, Frank lifted the heavy udder and ran the fingers of his other hand under her boob, near the crease of her chest wall. She squirmed in embarrassment, as her nipple poked its way between his index and middle fingers.

“Clear here. And now the other.”

Reaching over, he repeated the ‘search’ on the other breast, intentionally letting her nipple slip between his fingers and giving it a firm squeeze. Satisfied, he released her boob and suddenly grabbed both nipples. Pulling her breasts apart none-too-gently in opposite directions, he ‘visually checked her cleavage’ for contraband.

“Oh! Please…gently, ow! please!” she whimpered.

“Quiet Mrs. Carter” growled Frank, pulling them a little harder into cones as he spoke. “I’m visually confirming nothing is hidden here.”

Once released, her nipples each had a tiny, white droplet on the tip.

‘I’m going to enjoy this mommy-bitch’ thought Frank excitedly. He knew they would never release her.

Moving on, it was time to check her panties.

“Turn around and bend over, placing your hands on the wall. I will do a quick check of your undergarments, as well as a brief cavity search.”

“I…oh…I….okay, please hurry.”

Turning around, Jennifer bent over with her hands on the wall. Her heavy breasts dangled down enticingly, nipples smarting from his rough manhandling. Spreading her legs shoulder width apart, she waited with her eyes closed, escaping in her mind somewhere else. ‘Do what he says and it will be over’ she thought, as he kicked her legs wider.

Not removing her panties but letting her leave them on, he reached into them and ran his hand over her ass, dipping them in between the cheeks briefly. His glove felt weird to her, and continuing down her perineum, his fingers and palm rubbed the entire length of her pussy. The feeling of the latex on her labia caused her to treacherously begin to moisten.

Without warning two of his fingers slid up into her cunt, worming their way around, feeling for a bag or any other item she might be smuggling. Her knees slightly caved in, and she moaned quietly under her breath. Why did he have to use two fingers? Her breath caught as he started to make a scissoring motion.

“Uh…is….is everything all clear? ..ugh! Surely that’s enough!” A little of Jennifer’s fire started to return under the rough treatment, her tight little pussy tube squeezing his fingers involuntarily.

“Well,” Frank said, looking thoughtful as he twisted his fingers (“ngh!”), “it looks like I can’t find anything here. Now the back passage”

In one motion, he slid his fingers from her pulsing cunt, and unceremoniously shoved his middle finger up her bum! Her tits shuddered from the forceful penetration.

“Gah!” A clear droplet of her juice ran down her inner thigh from her pussy, as it tried to grip the fingers that weren’t there, her fingernails clawing at the wall.

To make up for not using two fingers in her ass, Frank twisted and probed with a little more force while she grunted. Satisfied her ass was empty, he pulled his finger out and ripped off his gloves, dropping them in the garbage.

“Well done Mrs. Carter, you can stand up now” She turned to face him.

“So am I free to go?” her voice was tremulous, on the verge of tears, not sure whether to scream or cry.

“There is one final test, Mrs. Carter, and then you can continue on to your flight” Frank stated nonchalantly, pressing another button on the table. As Jennifer fixed her panties, an elderly man in a lab coat came through the far door.

“This is Doctor Peters, part of our TSA staff.” If she could have blushed any more, she would have. Why did this man keep bringing in people while she was undressed!?

“Unfortunately we have caught women in the past who have concealed substances within their breasts.” drawled Frank, letting the words sink in. “The best way we’ve found to combat this is to utilize a form of specialized mammography. Don’t worry, I’m told it’s a gentle process.”

“….a mammogram?” she asked incredulously. “Are you serious? You want to give me a mammogram?” Jennifer started nervously laughing in spite of herself, amazed at the ludicrousness of it all. It would be funnier if she wasn’t trapped here.

“And this is the last test? I can go after this?”

“Absolutely, provided nothing is found again.” Nodding to the two guards by the door, one approached and collected her garments from the table, and left the room with them. The other stood by Jennifer’s side. “Please follow the doctor next door to the lab. Your clothing will be returned to you at the conclusion of the test.” In reality, they were on their way to the incinerator.


The burly guard led Jennifer by the arm as they followed the doctor through the intimidating steel door, her shuffling along awkwardly in nothing but her pink panties. She guessed it wouldn’t serve a purpose to put her blouse back on for the mammogram, but they could have at least given her back her jeans… Frank had opted not to go with her, instead returning to his office. He had some arrangements to make.

She cursed her luck as her bare chest bobbled as they walked, aching slightly from no longer being supported. Why the hell did all those alarms go off, and why did that dog think she had drugs? She was also seriously pissed, they kept surprising her with additional ‘tests and procedures’ without warning. Could they really detain her indefinitely if she didn’t cooperate? Forcefully interrogate her? She didn’t want to find out, after this final test she would get the hell out and never fly again.

She wondered if her husband and infant son were still waiting for her. Of course they were…though by now they had long missed their flight. Thinking of them gave her the resolve to keep going and get out of here.

Her eyes widened slightly as they entered the next room. It was a miniature laboratory, with a few chairs, a desk, and testing equipment on a counter along the walls. In one corner of the room was a door labeled STORAGE, and in the other a large mammography machine. In the center of the room was a gynecological chair.

“Don’t worry” chuckled the doctor, indicating the mammography machine. “We are only using that machine over there.”

The guard marched her over by her arm in front of the machine, and the doctor started to fit her in. “I’m told it’s slightly uncomfortable, but nothing too serious” he said, something off in his eyes as he spoke. He gently hefted her left breast onto the metal plate in front of her, then the right. “The machine tests both breasts at once for anything internal that shouldn’t be there, just like during a cancer screening. Just relax and it will be over before you know it.”

“Sure Doctor, whatever. Please just get this over with.” Jennifer spoke with a hint of hope in her voice, wanting to be free of this place.

“Of course, Mrs. Carter. Please wait right there.” ‘Your udders will be getting what they deserve shortly’ he thought to himself. Dimming the lights, the doctor stood at the computer terminal nearby.

“The machine takes a moment to initialize – please relax.”

With the whir of a motor, the machine came to life. The hydraulic arm piston began to slowly lower the top steel plate, until it rests just barely touching the tops of her slightly pancaked boobs. Jennifer nervously glanced at the doctor. “Machine checks are green, we will now begin stage one.”

‘Seems like a whole lot of fanfare for just a couple of breast x-rays’ though Jennifer. Little did she know there would be no x-rays involved.

Initiating stage one, the machine compressed the top plate down further, until her tits started to ache slightly. “Ow, that hurts a bit Doctor!” she calls out, as the plate stops its descent.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Carter, that’s as far as it needs to go!” the doctor says.

Jennifer wiggled uncomfortably, wanting to pull her breasts out. It wasn’t really painful though, just very unpleasant.

“Oh that’s really not comfortable doctor!” she calls out, but wills herself to stay put. She could hear the doctor typing, probably recording the data he was getting from her test she guessed. She was just about to tell the doctor she really couldn’t take anymore.

“How’s it look doctor, can I get out of here now?”

The doctor doesn’t even look up at her, peering down his glasses at the screen. “Oh heavens no, we are not done yet. Beginning stage two.”

Looking at him quizzically, before she can even protest, the hydraulic piston again comes to life, this time with a vengeance. Over 300 pounds of pressure are suddenly and forcefully applied to her unsuspecting fucksacks, smashing her breast meat flat.

“AH! OHHHh ohhh ow ow ow God!!!” Jennifer starts howling, unable to process the pain in her milk-filled mammaries. A leaky stream of milk starts dripping from her nipples to the floor, her motherly cream being forced out by the piston.

Jennifer grabs and claws at the machine, trying to pull away and get free. All she succeeds in doing is putting additional stress on her breasts, yanking at them desperately.

“Doctor, doctor let me out! Ohhhh GOD let me out! Ahh! Ahh!!!”

“Apologies Mrs. Carter (Ahh!) but the breast tissue must be as flat as possible for a proper (ohhhhh) reading.”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me! You’re crushing my breasts!!!!” She is trying her best to pull herself out from between the crushing plates.

“Testing your breasts, my dear!” the doctor happily corrects her. “Beginning stage 3.”

Not knowing what to expect, Jennifer watches in horror as the doctor types on his keyboard. Suddenly her world lit up in further breast pain as low voltage starts to pass between the sandwiching plates.

“Ohh, why why? WHY? STOP”

“Shhh calm down Mrs. Carter. This machine uses an electric current to check breast density and look for any foreign objects. Right now it’s just running low voltage.”

‘Just low voltage’ was a nightmare for Jennifer. Her funbags were full of milk, which efficiently conducted the current through her milk ducts straight to her mammary glands. While the current wasn’t particularly strong, yet, the longer it went on the more tenderized her titties became.

Of course, the immense pressure from the plates wasn’t doing her any favors either.

With tears rolling down her cheeks, Jennifer groaned in misery as the machine continued on for a full 2 minutes, very aware this could not just be a ‘test’. She had to escape somehow. Suddenly, the machine switched to high voltage, frying her aching fatsacks with a deep, penetrating current. The electricity viciously traveled through her ducts, hurting her deeply in a way she didn’t realize was possible.

Screaming incoherently, the doctor walked up behind Jennifer and stuffed a ball gag in her mouth, buckling it tightly. Jennifer scratched at the doctor’s face, and desperately struggled against the machine. The burly security guard ran forward, and quickly cuffed her wrists together behind her back. There was no need for further restraint, her tits wouldn’t let her go anywhere.

30 seconds later, the electric current again switch to a low voltage. He allowed her to sob hysterically into her gag for a while, then the doctor spoke over her noise. “The true testing takes place during the high voltages, but to prevent damage we only apply this for 30 seconds at a time. You have 2 minutes before the next cycle. Well you did anyway, it’s about up now. 3…2…1.”

Again the high voltage slammed into her crushed milkbags, painting her chest with a lacquer of pain. It was all Jennifer could do just to keep breathing, her eyes rolling back into her head as she struggled to remain conscious. Who knows what these people would do to her if she wasn’t even awake.

Groaning, crying, screaming, and utterly helpless, Jennifer’s test ran its full course over a period of two hours. Eventually her legs had given out and she was left hanging limply from the machine by her pancaked boobs, her knees swaying above the floor.

The doctor, of course, had better things to do, and so had left some time ago, leaving Jennifer alone with the guard. Returning with a coffee in hand, he finally walked towards the computer, and glanced at the results. “Congratulations Mrs. Carter, your testing is complete.” With that he hit a key, and the machine suddenly released Jennifer. She collapsed to the floor in a heap, devoid of energy and hands still cuffed behind her back.

Her breasts were extremely swollen and red, milk still dripping from the nipples. They looked like they would burst if touched – that’s why it hurt so badly when the guard reach down and hauled her upright by them, his fingers deeply sinking into the suffering breastflesh. Yanking her forcefully to her wobbly legs, she listened to the doctor through half lidded eyes, her tears long since dried up.

“The computer needs a few hours to process the results. In the meantime, I understand that security will hold you here.”

The guard reached up and grabbed her disheveled blonde hair in a tight grip, forcing her head back as he snarled at her. “Your assault on the doctor was not unnoticed. You will remain restrained pending the results, and I have no doubt the doctor will press charges.”

“No, no,” the doctor held up his hand. “Charges will not be pressed, I could never bring myself to do that to a lady. It is probably best she remain restrained though, for the safety of our personnel.”

Unable to believe her ears, and still unable to speak through her gag, Jennifer wondered what would happen to her as she was hauled away to the door marked ‘STORAGE.’


The storage room was just that – a dark, dusty room filled with boxes and dirt. A single incandescent light hung down from the ceiling, revealing in a darkly lit corner a small cage.

Jennifer was thrown into that cage, crashing tits first into the bars and then landing on her side. She simply curled up into a ball, trying to get some warmth in the freezing room, and thought about home. Time passed, and she eventually fell into a fitful sleep on the floor.

Though they had told her it would take a few hours for her results, the next time Jennifer saw someone was the next morning. In the early hours, Frank, the head of TSA, entered the room with Mike, another TSA security guard. Jennifer was sitting up leaning against the cage, angrily glaring at him, her wrists still cuffed behind her. Her tender breasts, so red and swollen yesterday, were recovering nicely, however they still ached terribly.

Crouching down, Frank took aim and squeezed a few shots of water from the spray bottle he had brought with him. Her nipples instantly took on an aching stiffness as they became wet, the freezing air puckering them into glass-cutting hardness. She kicked dust at him and yelled something muffled.

“Might want to watch your attitude a bit. I’m told you assaulted our doctor.” Frank began speaking.

More incoherent yelling and glaring. He loved defiant eyes in women. It made it so much more fun to break them.

“I have good and bad news for you. The good news is, your mammography tests have processed and it’s determined those fat tits of yours are not smuggling contraband.” Jennifer winced at his crass language. She really was in over her head. She wondered what had happened to her family.

“The bad news is after a review of yesterday’s procedures, it’s been determined your cavity search was not thorough enough. There is a strong likelihood you are still hiding something up that filthy cunt, so we will again be visiting the lab today. If you are found to be clean, you will be released.”

Jennifer closed her eyes in distress. She did not believe him. She knew they would find a reason to not release her, she didn’t know why they even bothered with this charade. It was obvious after yesterday’s ‘tests’ this was not about security.

She was jolted from her reverie by more water squirting onto her nipples. “No daydreaming, princess. We’re leaving now. I suggest you don’t struggle against security, if you know what’s good for you.”

Nodding at Mike, the bulky security guard unlocked her cage and stepped towards her. Grabbing her by her hair and arm, he hauled her to her feet and half walked, half dragged her back to the lab, her head painfully pulled back by her blonde roots.

This time she was thrown onto the gynecology chair, and though she kicked at them, Mike wrestled her legs into the knee stirrups and strapped her down. Her wrist cuffs were removed, but it didn’t really matter as her arms were pulled up over her head and strapped down to the chair as well. A waist belt was also applied, pulled extremely tight to help prevent struggling, the muscles in Mike’s arms flexing powerfully as he worked. Smiling, Frank removed her ball gag and she spit at him.

“Screw you people. You have no right to be doing this to me!”


Frank slapped her hard across the face, her head neatly snapping to the left, her eyes instantly welling up. She had never been struck by a man before. “We have every right. You have none. You are a suspected criminal, who has given us nothing but resistance. Now shut your whore mouth or I will gag you again.”

The corner of her mouth slightly bloodied, she glared at him, but otherwise kept silent.

“As this is not a medical procedure but rather one of security, the presence of the doctor is not required. Since I handled your cavity search yesterday I am partly to blame for any inadequacies in its thoroughness – for that reason I will remain here. This man will conduct the actual search. Mike, if you please, the gloves are in the far drawer.”

Jennifer was not happy with this news. The burly security guard would be probing her? She recognized him from the terminal. She eyed him fearfully, her eyes drawn to his large hands as he ominously donned a pair of white latex gloves. While she watched Mike with alarm in her eyes, Frank worked the controls of the chair, its electric motors whirring to life.

First her arms were pulled up and straight back, while her back rest was inflated thrusting her mouth-watering melons to greater prominence. This also had the effect of tilting her head back. Smiling, he paused a moment to slap her left boob forcefully, enjoying her little gasp as it wobbled back and forth. It was still tender from the doctor’s gentle ministrations. Frank wondered if she was feeling full yet, having not been able to breastfeed her baby for some time now.

Continuing, he operated the leg controls to raise her stirrups back, pulling her knees down and up towards her armpits. She could feel her pussy opening up beneath her panties, and moaned as the strain in her hips increased. Not quite satisfied, Frank spread her legs further.

“A bit more bitch. You can handle it.”

“Ohhh ouch ouch ouch” she moaned.

Pleased with her spread, Frank locked her in place, her body on nice display.

“You know, I think you’ve been allowed to keep your panties for quite long enough. Mike, will you do the honors?” Mike pulled up a stool between her legs and leaned in.

The last remnants of Jennifer’s modesty were stripped away as Mike cut her panties off with a pair of scissors. As her blonde pubic hair came into view, Mike tut tutted and turned to Frank, tugging lightly on the hair as Jennifer squirmed in embarrassment. “This really should be removed Frank, it’s nothing but a visual impairment for our search.”

“Right you are. A woman looks better smooth anyway.”

Going to the drawer, Frank brought Mike a razor, shaving cream, a hot washcloth, and some aftershave.


Mike slapped the hot wet washcloth over her pussy and held it there for a moment, then rubbed back and forth a bit. It actually felt good to Jennifer, and she involuntarily wiggled her hips ever so slightly. Seeing this, Frank reached up and pinched her nipples hard. “This isn’t a pleasure cruise for you whore. Cut that out.”

Lathering up her pubes with the shaving cream, Mike made short work of her bush, leaving her girly cleft soft and smooth. He pulled her sexlips left and right, manipulating them to get the best angle while shaving her. During this he lightly nicked her right labia.

*gasp “ohh ouch you nicked me!”

Frank, still pinching her nipples even though she had long ago stopped wiggling her hips, dug in his fingernails. “ahh!”

“You’ll live, Mrs. Carter. Stop your bitching and let the man work!”

“I’m sorry! Please…not so hard.” Frank ignored her.

Finally done shaving her, Mike poured some aftershave on his gloved hand and slapped it down squarely on her trembling quim.


“AhhhH! MmMMM that stings! Ohhhhhh ohhhhh ow ow ow.” Her hips wiggled to no avail, the waist belt pinning her down as she squirmed. Mikes fingers surrounded her labia, his middle finger splitting the lips down the middle and thoroughly rubbing in the burning astringent.

Satisfied with her cleaned up appearance, Frank gave her nipples a final twist and released them. “Well, that takes care of that. I trust you can proceed now, Mike?”

“Sure thing boss. Alright Mrs. Carter,” Jennifer didn’t know why they bothered being polite with her anymore. Probably just mocking her. “First thing, we need to loosen you up a bit. Women have been known to smuggle contraband deep in the vagina, sometimes even the womb itself. This will be a thorough search of your person. The best thing you can do is relax.”

Jennifer whimpered “Please, just let me go. I don’t have anything on me, you just want to hurt me.”

“Nonsense, Mrs. Carter” said Frank, as Mike poured lube on his hands. “If you are found to be clean, we will of course release you.”

Before Frank had even finished speaking, Mike had suddenly pushed one of his fat fingers into her pussy. Jennifer couldn’t believe it, his one finger felt as thick as the two fingers Frank had shoved up her yesterday. He started slowly fingerfucking her, her tight cunt starting to stretch slowly open.

“Mm you bastard.” she moaned, holding her head up to look at Mike angrily.


Working her harder, Mike had deftly slipped in a second finger, her sex tube opening further to welcome the invader. Frank eyed her sex as it quietly squelched its protest, thinking how “little mommy-bitch here has no idea what’s coming to her.”

After 2 minutes of fingering, Mike inserted his third finger, now roughly banging her with his hand. It was tiring work, but even worse for Jennifer. She grunted and groaned, and despite the stretching pain was becoming aroused. It would not last.

The three fingers worked back and forth, flexing and stretching, entering at different angles, anything Mike could do to help loosen her up. Pulling his hand free, he slapped his open palm loudly on her sex, then pushed in two fingers from each hand.

“Nngh! What are you doing?! Nnnngh that’s too much! Sto…stop!”

Pulling and prying with his fingers, Mike pulled apart as hard as he could, the veins visible in his arms. Her delicate pink interior gaped up at him, but he continued to pry and pull. This pussy was going to suffer, of that he was determined. If she had managed to squeeze that baby out of her, then she could open up for him too.

“So far looking good Mrs. Carter!” grunted Mike as he worked. “We still have some ways to go though, just hang tight.” He chuckled at his own joke.

She definitely felt tight, her pussy clamping down on his fingers despite it stretching wider and wider. As he held her open, Frank leaned over, shining his penlight up her cunt tube, ostensibly searching for contraband. “Continue Mike, she could still be hiding something.”

With that, Mike withdrew his left hand, and abruptly shoved the four fingers of his right hand up into her pussy. Her sex lips, blanched white from the strain, had a death grip on him as she howled. Tucking in his thumb, he really started pushing hard, back and forth, slowly working his hand into her cunt millimeter by millimeter.

“Ohhh you bastard! YOU BASTARD STOP stop NNNGGHH!” Mike twisted his hand viciously, as another quarter inch sank into her. His fat knuckles were pushing past her delicate gates, battering her open for his use.

Suddenly with a smooth motion, his entire hand sunk into her, and Jennifer gasped loudly, banging her head on the chair, the tears running from her eyes into her hair.

“Oh there we go Mrs. Carter! Now we can do a proper search, just keep breathing!” The last time Jennifer’s pussy hurt this badly, she was giving birth to her son. This seemed even worse somehow, the perverseness of it, and the suddenness with which she was stretched to near capacity. It was going to get worse.

“Please…*gasp..ugh….it’s empty right? Ohhh let me go, it’s empty right?!”

“I don’t know whore, it seems pretty full to me!” chuckled Frank, peering at her stomach to see if he could make out Mike’s hand.

Mike’s hand felt a bit smashed in her tight hot confines, so he decided to make more room. He started curling his fingers in to make a fist, and as his nails scrapped against her delicate insides her toes curled as she spasmed, fully restrained and unable to stop him. His fist felt so huge as it flexed and grew in girth within her, the stretching sensation shooting up into her brain as her knees shook within their restraint.

The fist finally formed, and Jennifer was a total mess. Her tears flowing down her face, eyes tightly shut, she lay there groaning as Mike flexed his entire arm side to side as well as in and out, working her protesting hole. A thin stream of her juice mixed with the lube on his hand flowed from her pussy down her ass, and a slight bump could be seen in her stomach where the fist slowly moved.

Convinced her sex was ruined, Jennifer heard Frank moving around as Mike fisted her. Frank had started opening cabinets looking for a particular item, but before she could think about it too much Mike had suddenly pulled his hand from her pussy with a *POP

Moaning, she looked up just in time to see him pull back and punch forward with all his strength, her pussy being brutally pounded back open before it had a chance to close. Traveling all the way up her fucktube in less than a second, he punched her straight in her cervix.

“*NGHHH!! AHHHHH” Jennifer started screaming loudly, thrashing like a banshee. The pain in her cervix radiated upward into her very core, and her pussy had a death grip on Mike’s arm. She got so loud that Frank rushed over, with a new bottle of something in his hand. He shoved her torn panties past her pink lips and into her mouth, and taped them in with surgical tape, wrapping it around her head three times. Jennifer breathed through her nose loudly and pitifully, convinced she had been torn apart.

Punching up into her again, Mike ground his big fist up against her cervix, looking into her face as he pulverized the mouth of her womb. The belt around her waist squeezed down on her tightly, which caused his big fist to hurt her even more as it repeatedly squeezed by. He smiled sadistically, then tried to lift her up off the chair with his fist. Of course, being strapped down, she went nowhere.

Frank began to fill her in on the bottle he had brought over, as if this was a normal procedure, as Mike continued to punish her delicate love nook, trying new angles of entry. She wetly squelched as lewd sounds emanated from between her legs, the throbbing never abating.

“While it appears you are not physically hiding anything at the moment, you may have been able to hide whatever it was when we left you overnight. This specially formulated solution is designed to change colors when it comes into contact with residual traces of common illegal substances. Though it appears clear now, it will turn to a light orange.” Jennifer wasn’t even listening. She stopped caring at about the time her womb got punched, her mind wholly devoted to coping with her current distress.

Once again, Mike pulled his hand from her pussy with a loud POP! This time he kept his hand in a fist as he pulled it from her, her lips stretching paper thin. As she gaped, her labia twitching in some sort of sexual PTSD, Frank poured the bottle contents onto Mike’s gloved hand.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, Frank had lied completely about the substance. It would not change colors. It wasn’t even for detecting residue. It was simply the same bottle of burning aftershave they had used earlier when shaving her.

Lining up his soaking fist with her suffering fucktube, Mike extended his middle finger. Then, pulling back, he once again punched into her with all his might.

Jennifer knew immediately there was a problem. In one moment, she was doing her best to deal with the after effects of her brutal fisting, the next she feels the same fist return, stretching her achingly wide. Only this time it burned, oh how it burned! Before she could even process the feelings, his fist continued its upward trajectory until his middle finger jammed into her cervix, completely plugging her womb as it sank to the knuckle!

“Well done Mrs. Carter” Mike said as she jerked and screamed on the chair, her voice muffled by her gag. He twisted his fist 90 degrees then back again, working the caustic solution deep into all her nooks and crannies. Her womb burned as his middle finger deposited the burning chemical, and the entire soft, pink lining of her pussy screamed at her.

Pulling his hand out again, he applied another liberal dose from the bottle, and punched up into her. It looked like the tendons in her thighs would snap, so hard did she struggle to close her legs. She groaned loudly, even through the gag, and he twisted and flexed his middle finger deep within her. Hooking his finger down, he pulled back on her cervix, stretching her uterus unnaturally downward, in a tug of war as he seemingly tried to pull her womb from her body.

“It hasn’t change color yet, Mrs. Carter, that’s a good sign.” Frank stated as Mike alternated back and forth between pulling on her cervix and grinding his fist forwards. Pull. Grind. Pull. Grind. “We’ll give it some time to take effect.”

Mike worked her tired pussy for a good solid 20 minutes, her voice having long gone hoarse from yelling into her gag. Sometimes he would pull his hand out and spank her sharply on her cunt. Other times he would slow down, and just let her adjust to his big fist before forcefully working her again. Finally, Mike pulled his fist from her gaping twat for the last time, and pinched her clit affectionately.

“That’s really great news, it looks like you are innocent.” He smiled.

“Not so fast there Mike, we haven’t even done a simple urine test. Here, use this on her.”

Jennifer eyed them with half-lidded eyes, in a haze from her ordeal. They coated a catheter with the burning solution and started to feed it up her too-small peehole. Since it was too large, they abandoned the attempt and instead started to work on stretching her peehole with urethral sounds of ever-increasing size.

Ever the optimist, Mike began with a 5mm sound, which painfully slid up where no insertion should ever be made. Twisting the sound back and forth, he pulls it out and inserts a 6mm. Spending a few minutes on each size, Jennifer squirmed as each sound is pushed in until finally a 10mm sound was wreaking havoc on her.

Pulling the 10mm sound out quickly, Mike shoved the lubricated large catheter tube quickly up inside her, until her urine started to flow into the bag. Letting her empty herself, he savagely pulled the entire tube from her with one yank as she squealed into her panties.


Grinning, he gave her entire pussy another savage spank. What a good cunt.

Lubricating his fist up again, he again pushed into her protesting quim for another round of stretching. Frank took her bag of pee and went to find the doctor so he could test it. As he walked out of the room, he heard Jennifer’s muffled pleas as she did her best to beg Mike to leave her alone. A resounding, repeating slapping sound followed, Mike having pulled his fist from her to pussy spank her in earnest.

“Don’t” *SPLAT “Ever” SPLAT “Ask me” SPLAT “to stop!” SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT

Frank smiled and closed the door behind him.


Jennifer lay in her cage in the storage room, still nude. Her ‘cavity search’ had been 48 hours ago. She had been largely left alone since then, a man entering to bring her food and water and a waste bucket periodically. He totally ignored her and her questions, and left her sitting in the dark, turning the lights off. Her pussy eventually stopped throbbing, and finally began to gape a little less and less. Her boobs, however, ached horribly, not having been expressed of milk. They were engorged and heavy, and you could just make out light blue veins beneath the surface of her alabaster skin. The pressure must be enormous.

Finally Frank came to visit her again.

“Are you going to let me go now?” she asked. “You can’t keep me here forever! God damn it!” she started crying again.

“Mrs. Carter, we have finished our urine test processing” said Frank, as if it wasn’t common knowledge such tests took minutes to conduct, not days. “While all our tests up to this point came back negative, your urine test is what finally did you in. We’ve caught you, bitch.”

Looking at the TSA agent wide-eyed, Jennifer said nothing.

“Smart of you to finally learn to be quiet. We found residual traces of cocaine in your urine” lied Frank. They hadn’t even actually tested her urine, but filled out the paperwork as if they had. “It looks like you’ve been on some nasty stuff – a very specific formula sold by terrorists to fund weapons purchases. They are the only known seller of this stuff.”

“It’s not true! You are framing me! Let me go! You did so many horrible things to me already, just let me go, please I -”

“Shut up! SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH.” Frank screamed at her, pointing his taser at her, making Jennifer shrink in the corner and whimper. Frank cleared his throat. “As I was saying…it seems a bit absurd, you don’t look like you’re strung out on cocaine after all.”

Jennifer looked up hopefully.

“Which means you could be a new user, or a smuggler for these groups. Either way, you are officially under arrest.” Her heart fell, all hope of going free dashed. Daring to speak again, she asked “What does that mean? What happens next?”

“In a few moments, you will be transported to a specialized maximum security prison for female terrorists, pending an official investigation and your subsequent trial. We take terrorism very seriously these days, and prefer to err on the side of caution. You will not be permitted a phone call, or any sort of contact with the outside world.” Frank stated.

“We had escorted your husband and child free of charge to their destination while you were undergoing processing. I have notified him of your arrest. His…graphic language makes me wonder as to his involvement in your crimes. We shall see if he persists in being bothersome.”

Dropping all pretense, Frank leaned in close and whispered to Jennifer. “Of course, you will be found guilty in a month’s time and your conviction made public record, without any trial actually taking place. Don’t worry, it will have taken place on paper though. The jury unanimously found you guilty of aiding terrorists. A life sentence.”

Screaming in rage, Jennifer jumped up and grabbed at Frank through the bars, but he easily stepped back. “Careful woman. I hold your life in my hands right now.”

“I’ll escape somehow! I will! Fuck you!”

“Is that right? Well then, we’ll have to use extra precautions when securing you for travel then.” Pulling his taser out, he shot her, landing a hit on her left breast, instantly sending 50,000 volts into her. She fell over, clutching at her breast and twitching.

“Goodbye mommy-bitch. I did enjoy our time together. Perhaps I will come and visit you in prison, who knows.”

Turning his back on her, Frank opened the door to let in the 5 guards who promptly rushed into her cage. Holding her down, a rag was shoved into her mouth, followed by a tightly buckled ball gag. A black eye mask was secured on her head, subjecting her to total darkness. She was rolled over onto her front, squashing her heavy milk-laden breasts into the dusty concrete floor as one man sat on her shoulders. Quickly he cuffed her wrists behind her, as well as her elbows together.

Pulling her up by her hair, she wobbles on shaky feet as one guard pulls back and punches her in her stomach, knocking the wind from her. The grip on her hair prevents her from crumpling, and as she is wheezing through her nose she is forced into a bright orange jumpsuit. Gripping her tightly, the five men escort her out of the building, to the black windowless van awaiting her.


Throwing the van doors open, Jennifer is thrown into the empty cargo area, being caught by the 2 guards in the back waiting to pick her up. The doors are promptly closed, and the van immediately begins driving. They rip her orange jumpsuit from her body, prepping her for her travel attire. She kicks at them, so they quickly shackle her ankles to two eyebolts in the cold diamond plate metal floor, forcing her to spread her legs extremely wide, her ass dropping down towards the floor. Black, strapped heels are forced onto her feet, giving her calves some extra definition.

One guard holds her still from behind as the other helps her get properly dressed. Leaving her cuffs, eye mask, and gag on, he first cinches a black belt tightly around her waist. Taking a large, vibrating black dildo with an eyebolt at the base, he quickly pushes it into her fear-tightened cunt. Jennifer squeals as the 2 inch wide ribbed toy sinks deeply up her sore tube, still healing from her recent ‘cavity search,’ until just the eyebolt is barely visible. A thin strap is run from the front of her waist belt to the back, passing between her legs through the vibrator’s eyebolt, holding it in place and wedging it tightly against her cervix. The strap is tightened until you can barely see it passing through her cuntlips. Truly a pussy splitter, her breath hitches as it kicks into life.

Her arms and wrists are uncuffed and wrestled above her head, and she is leant forwards until her heavy mammaries hang down towards the floor. Her wrists are shackled to anchors mounted on the wall, and this combined with her widely spread legs prevents her from changing into a more comfortable position.

Putting on the final touches, the guard picks up her discarded handcuffs, a small length of chain running between them. He grabs one breast tightly around the base and pulls down hard, ballooning the reddening boob. With the other hand he tightens one cuff around the base, squeezing it closed as hard as he is able. Releasing her tit, he repeats the process on the other, leaving Jennifer with two throbbing, dark red breasts, connected by a short chain.

“Hey man, the doc said to be careful with her tits. I guess she needs to be milked as soon as possible.”

“Whatever. Let medical figure it out once she’s processed. She’ll be alright”

Ignoring the warning, he picks up a heavy 80 pound cylindrical weight with a hook on it. Maneuvering it between her hanging udders, he hooks it to the chain joining her two breast cuffs and lets go. Immediately Jennifer’s back arches painfully, as her tits are pulled down towards the floor, stretching from her chest wall. Before she knows what is happening, a second 80 pound weight joins the first, raising the total load on her chest to 160 pounds! Jennifer’s eyes bulged under her eye mask, a constant groan emanating from her gagged throat.

“What do you think she weighs man, 130 pounds? That’s got to hurt.”

“It’s what she deserves. This bitch is a terrorist. You’ve got a three hour drive ahead of you bitch. You hear me? You’re in for one hell of a roadtrip.”

Her throttled globes are turning a deep red, almost purple, as they are strangled by the weight. Milk droplets start forming at her nipples, so the guard takes the bulldog binder clips off her paperwork and deftly clips them to her teats. The milk-engorged bosom swells under the pressure, and the punishing weights lightly clank and sway with the van as it bounces down the road, the hard pulling and stretching overwhelming her brain. As the ribbed vibrator hummed away merrily inside her, tears started to flow around her eye mask to drip off her chin. If this was how it was to be transported, what would the actual prison be like?


Jennifer had lost track of time – lost in the darkness of her blindfold, and the silence imposed by her ear plugs, time slowed to a crawl. The van was nearing the conclusion of its 4 hour drive to the coastline, making a beeline to the port, where a government sanctioned prison ship would haul her away southward.

The gentle clanking of her breast weights swinging into to each other accompanied the conversation of her captors, sitting comfortably in their chairs drinking cold beers, trying to pass the time. They weren’t technically permitted to harass their prisoner in transit, but occasionally one would avail himself of her charms, groping her heart shaped ass and running their hands over her strap-split pussy lips.

The particularly sadistic guard who had clipped her nipples would periodically remove the painful clamps, pinching the blood back into the abused lust-nuggets to restore her sensation. It was a brief respite, if you could call it that, as the clamps would be promptly replaced to the accompanying groans from the wretched woman. All the while she slowly built up to another orgasm, the vibrator in her cunt occasionally wresting a cum from her poor, overstimulated pussy.

Finally, at about 9pm, the van quietly pulled into one of many large warehouses lining the seaport. The large, metal overhead door closed behind them, as the van shut off its headlights. “Captain” Anderson briskly walked towards the van accompanied by three other guards, expecting his new charge. He was a member of Vigilant Securities, a private security contractor unofficially employed by the government to operate St. Damian island’s prison compound. Strictly speaking, the facility didn’t exist, its inmates made up entirely of females guilty of treason, terrorism, and other high crimes.

Flinging the van doors open, one of the TSA guards accompanying Jennifer stepped forwards, handing the captain a stack of documents.

“Here she is sir, Jennifer Carter, apprehended just a few hours ago.”

Flipping through her paperwork, Captain Anderson stopped at a note from Doctor Peterson, his eyebrow raising.

“Hmm. Her medical file says she is lactating and must be milked before transport. Apparently, and I quote, it’s dangerous to go so long unexpressed. What an interesting requisite.” Jennifer shifted uncomfortably, unable to hear their conversation but aware of the stillness of the van. Crouching down, eyeing the straining globes, the captain lifted first one, then the other weighted cylinder, removing them from her breast cuffs.

Jennifer moaned into her gag, the relief washing over her. Her titties still ached horribly, but at least they weren’t being dragged down anymore. “Peters” snapped the captain “we will take care of this here. Go find a bucket and bring it here.”

The guard briskly set off to his task, and the captain continued prepping her. Pulling off the bulldog binder clips affixed to her swollen teats, droplets of milk immediately formed at their tips. He flicked these a few times, enamored with the hard points, and rolled them between his fingers. Restraining himself, he then removed her breast cuffs, letting her heavy boobs finally hang unencumbered for the first time in hours. Gently cupping them, he could feel a slight hardness to them, the bluish veins just visible beneath the skin made more prominent by the over-full milk ducts within.

Jennifer visibly recoiled at the intimate touch, squirming and trying to wiggle her dangling globes from his hands “Make a note in her file, one demerit for non-compliance” spoke the captain softly.

Moments later, with an old empty 5 gallon bucket placed under her dangling teats, her much needed milking began. Gripping her nipples roughly, he gave them a few warm up pinches before beginning to milk her like a cow, alternating pulling down on her nipples, left and then right. Immediately a fine spray of milk shot forth into the bucket. Jennifer immediately blushed all the way to her neck, humiliated that a stranger was treating her like a farm animal. Besides, this milk was for her baby, something precious between a mother and child. She was outraged something so beautiful could be used against her like this.

No matter how Jennifer personally felt about the matter, her milky mammaries did start to feel better, as the inexorable pressure in them lessened. Anderson smiled, enjoying the past time, comically wondering if he should go into ranching.

As her stream began to lessen somewhat, he released her nipples and gripped her heavy boobs in an ironlike grip. Gasping at the sudden pain, the young mommy found her boobs being yanked down and up roughly, the tendons in Anderson’s arms visible as he did his best to wring the last of her motherly bounty from her. Her perfectly shaped ass wiggled sexily as she tried to cope, giving everyone present a tantalizing show.

“I’ll hold her Captain” the guard named Peters volunteered helpfully. Pushing the tight strap running between her legs aside, he jammed his thick thumb up her ass while gripping one full cheek in his hand. Unsurprisingly, this did not actually help to stop her wiggling, and the vibrator, still buzzing in her fuckbox, started to push her closer to yet another orgasm.

Moaning into her gag, Jennifer wanted to die from humiliation as she started to clamp down on the vibrator, her brain confusingly mixing the signals of pain from her forced milking and the pleasure between her legs.

*Whistle “I think the bitch is cumming captain!”

Scowling, Anderson yanked down on both titties hard and held them there, twisting his hands and flexing his fingers to get the last of her milk. She sobbed as the tremors wracked her nubile body. “Add that to her demerits.”

The captain released her breasts and stood up, wiping the bit of milk he got on his hands in her hair. “That’s about all I can get by hand. Let’s get her processed and loaded. First though, the slut looks thirsty.” He reached down and unbuckled her gag, pulling out the rag in her mouth in the process.

“..-who do you think you are? I’m innocent, please I’m being framed!”

Suddenly finding her hands released from the wall of the van, she was pulled upright while her head was yanked backwards. One of the guards stepped forwards and pinched her nipples with jagged fingernails.

“ouch! Ow -!MMM!”

As soon as her mouth opened, a funnel was jammed between her pink lips, her soft mouth forming a near-perfect O on the shaft as she struggled against her captors.

Upturning her milk bucket over the funnel, she immediately started coughing and spluttering as she immediately deduced what was being poured into her mouth. Forced to swallow a large amount of her own milk so that she could breathe, the overflow in the funnel spilled over her face and ran down her chest and stomach to drip onto the floor messily.

*gasp *cough “stop…how dare – mm!” Her chest rapidly rose and fell as she caught her breath, only to have her rag and ball gag shoved back in. Only her rag tasted different now, it being used to wipe up her milk off the dirty floor.

“Let’s get her aboard, boys. And note another demerit for disrespect.”


Designation: Prison Ship MV Deering
Size: 250 feet
Destination: Tropical Island Prison of St. Damian

The ironclad MS Deering crested another wave, flinging the foamy spray into the air as it chugged along southward. Property of Vigilant Securities, the transport was a repurposed merchant vessel, and was used to move prisoners and cargo to and from St. Damian Isle.

In the non-air conditioned cargo hold, the difference between prisoners and cargo was not so clear, Jennifer soon discovered. Not given the space to stand, she sat on her knees in the corner of her too small cage, one of fifty occupied by women in various stages of undress. All of them were deafened by ear plugs and blindfolded, Vigilant Securities seeing no benefit to giving them clues as to their destination. The entire operation, even the prison facility itself, were officially denied existence by the government, making it nearly impossible to locate someone once they disappeared here.

The trip was a five day journey, and the prisoners were currently being assigned their identification numbers. Jennifer could not see her surroundings, but was just glad her vibrator had been removed. Unfortunately the thin black strap splitting her protesting love lips apart remained, as did her black strap-on heels. That was the only ‘clothing’ she was afforded, her bare, sweaty torso glistening in the light of the overhead lamps.

With the gentle swaying of the ship and the smell of the sea back at port, she guessed she was on a ship. ‘Where are they taking me?’ she wondered. ‘Is it still in the country?’

Suddenly being pulled from her cage, she was held firmly in place by her elbow and wrist-cuffed arms.

Yanking her earplugs out, the guards addressed her.

“Jennifer Carter, arrested terrorist, apprehended yesterday. Your new identification is Prisoner 174. Nod if you understand.”

Hesitating, but deciding not to provoke them while so helpless, she nodded.

“Good. You are in transit to a more secure facility, and you will have a greater degree of mobility once we arrive. Until then, you will be kept partially restrained and are expected to behave.”

Glancing at a clipboard, he continued.

“Oh my. It seems you’ve already received three demerits from our officers.” He gently tapped the clipboard with his pen, a small smile forming in the corner of his mouth.

“mm! Ammm mmm emmgrr!” Jennifer tried to protest her innocence through her gag, failing utterly.

“Yes, I see your point” the man mocked. “A few of your fellow prisoners already have demerits as well, but no one else has three. You will serve bow-side duty nightly for the remainder of the trip.” He pushed her earplugs back in, finished speaking with her.

Still being held firmly in place, she didn’t even see the red hot brand coming. Pushing it into the side of her neck, her flesh sizzled as she screamed, fighting against the guards holding her with all her might. The burly guards were simply too strong, outmuscling her convulsions. A moment later, the brand was removed, revealing a bright red burn, emblazoning the number 174 on her body forever.

Crying and weeping into her gag, she was shoved back into her tiny cage. Jennifer pulled her knees up to her chest, the closest she could get to hugging her knees. This wasn’t a ship, this was a ferry to the gates of hell.

Moving along to the next cage, a pretty redhead was pulled out. Continuing their dreadful duties, she too ended up branded, crying, and re-caged. In all over 25 women were processed, all ready and waiting to join the population of St. Damian’s prison.

Evening fell and Jennifer really, really had to pee. She had discovered a waste bucket in her cell, but refused to use it. Besides, how was she supposed to pee with this damn strap running between her legs, rubbing her most intimate flesh raw.

Her neck still hurt from her branding, but it was slowly giving way to a painful tingling. As long as nothing touched it, she could bear it.

It was time to feed the prisoners for the night, so the guards visited their charges again, pulling the gags from their mouths through the cages. A cacophony of yelling and crying assaulted their ears as the prisoners found they could now voice their outrage, but it made little difference. They couldn’t hear each other through their earplugs anyway, so talking was pointless. Most eventually gave up their shouting.

Two bowls were pushed into each cage; one of clam chowder soup, the other of water. Not having the use of their hands, the prisoners had to lap at their bowls like dogs, making a mess of their faces and the floor.

Some refused to eat, and they were not forced. Jennifer was very hungry, and decided it was pointless to not eat. The only one to suffer would be her.

Leaning over her bowl of soup, she tried to suck it up into her mouth, the creamy liquid running around her chin. It tasted awful, she could tell it was clam chowder but it was the worst chowder she had ever had. It had a weird bland taste to it, and the consistency was almost slimy. She didn’t know the ship’s cook had mixed in nearly a pint of refrigerated horse semen into the large stock pot.

Swallowing as much as she could, she lapped up some more with her tongue and gave up getting the rest. Moving to the water, she drank thirstily, even though she already had to pee. Her parched throat thanked her, washing the remnants of the soup down her throat. Her stomach turned, unhappy with her meal, but she willed herself to keep it down. She would undoubtedly need her strength.

The allotted hour for dinner passed, and the guards once again stuffed their mouths with their ball gags. When two guards arrived at Jennifer’s cage, though, they pulled her from her tiny enclosure. One of the guards, a gruff looking man, was graying at the temples, and the other was much younger with a shaved head.

“Who’s there? Please, I’m sorry for any demerits, I didn’t mean to cause trouble…” she began. She couldn’t hear if they answered her or not, but she had to try. She was deathly afraid of what they might do to her, any hope she had of gentle treatment dashed by the branding she received earlier.

Baldy shoved her ball gag back into her mouth, her words ignored. And so, helpless and filled with dread, she was drug to the stairwell leading up to the ship’s deck, one guard holding her on each side, as she tried to keep up in her heels.

“Look at the tits on this slut… Just perfect. How big you reckon she is?” asked the older guard.
“Big enough. Captain said earlier they had to milk her before hauling her aboard.”
“No shit? Heh, that had to be a sight. I bet some brat somewhere is missing lunchtime with mommy.”

The graying guard squeezed her right tit as they walked, watching her flinch in discomfort.

“Almost a shame what’s going to happen to these beauties.”
“They’ll be alright, a little sore maybe, but she’ll heal. Won’t even be able to tell what happened in a week or two.”

Finally leaving the oppressive heat of the cargo hold, Jennifer almost sighed when she felt the cool night air on the deck. If her heart hadn’t been about to beat out of her chest, it would almost be calming. Marching her up to the front of the ship, the pair prepped her for remedial punishment.

Baldy held her from behind while the older guard worked. Taking a length of thin white rope, he first bound her ankles together, and her thighs, just above her knees. He threaded the ankle ropes through an iron ring that lay between her feet, on the backside of her legs. He left her elbows and wrists shackled together behind her, but also jointly wrapped her upper arms with more rope. Again, the rope was threaded through an iron ring, which rest squarely between her shoulder blades.

“Now the fun part.” Taking thin white twine, the guard starting wrapping the base of her left breast 1, 2…8 times. Tying it off, the titty bulged and turned a light pink, Prisoner 174 shaking her chest trying to elude him. Reaching for the right breast, he again wrapped it 8 times, making sure there wasn’t any loose slack. Satisfied they were under sufficient pressure, he again started with the twine – this time wrapping it around her entire torso, splitting her breasts horizontally in half, right across her nipples and around her back.

Her breasts already ached from the twine binding them at the base, and this latest restraint pushed Jennifer over the edge. She moaned into her gag in distress, as the sadistic guard cinched her chest tighter and tighter. 10 wraps of thin twine later, Jennifer felt like a steel band had been crimped around her bountiful chest, the twine barely visible as her milkbags tried to swallow it up. Her nipples poked against the thread futilely, crushed back against her chest wall.

As punishing as this was, there was more to come. Pulling a case from his pocket, the guard produced four very fine, thin stainless steel needles, each 8 inches long, their sharpened points gleaming in the moonlight.

“Hold’er tight now. She’s gonna squirm.”
“I’ve got her.” said Baldy, tightening his grip on the squirming woman.

Trussed up and firmly held, Jennifer’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she felt the first needle slowly start sinking into her compressed breast. Opting for an X pattern, he pushed the needle in diagonally from the top right to bottom left. Jennifer jerked and fought, sure they were permanently maiming her, but the restraining ropes and the iron grip of Baldy kept her in place.

“mmg!!! AAMGMHHH!!!”

The needle exited the top half of her divided breast, crossed the crease where the twine divided it, and entered the bottom half. Eventually it exited through her underboob, the woman breathing hysterically through her nose.

“One down, three to go.”

This time, he fed the needle from the bottom up, the sharp point entering through her tender underboob on the right, crossing the division, and exiting out the top left, one large X formed on her punctured breast. Enjoying his work, he moved on to the other breast, appreciating the resiliency of her girlflesh as the ultra thin steel sank deeply into her, her whimpers accompanying each infernal needle.

“You think she’s learned her lesson?”
“Let’s hope not.” They both laugh, and admire the double Xs adorning her sizeable painsacks.

Now that she was dressed for the part, her new role as ship’s figurehead was about to begin. Two locking clevis hooks sat on the deck near the bow, attached to cables that ran over the edge to the front of the ship into small square openings. Locking these clevis hooks onto the iron rings her bindings threaded through, the guards threw the unfortunate woman straight overboard over the front of the ship!

The panicking Jennifer plummeted to the salty waters below, landing with a splash and getting pinned underwater to the bow of the ship. Using a remote, the old guard activated the electric winches that started retracting the cables Jennifer was secured to, pulling her out of the water, dangling and wheezing in disorientation.

As the cables retracted, the top cable leading to the ring set between her shoulders pulled her upper back flush against the bow of the ship. Her ankles were drawn back in a similar fashion, pulling her legs against the ship as the slack was taken out, her thighs still tightly bound together.

Jennifer simply hung in panic and misery, a live version of a ship’s figurehead. Instead of a mermaid or carving of Poseidon, the crew of the MV Deering preferred to mount a flesh and blood woman.

Her head hanging forwards, Jennifer’s face was soaked with the cold sea spray, the waves partially, sometimes completely, submerging her. Her blonde locks were wetly plastered to her body, her blindfold soaked through. The salt water stung when it seeped into the needle punctures in her milkbags, and she wasn’t sure what it felt like anymore for her breasts to not be hurting.

Seeing their charge was still breathing, the two guards turned and returned to their duties.

As she road the waves through the night, she rubbed her thighs together as the tight pussy strap continued to split her labia. Salt water worked its way up into her, abrading under the strap and up into her tunnel. She still hadn’t peed, and finally just couldn’t hold it anymore. Letting it loose, her urine ran around the splitting strap, down her leg, and dripped from her black heels into the ocean below. At least no one witnessed her humiliation.

Freezing, with throbbing tits and an abraded, sensitive kitty, she did her best to drift off to semi-sleep, never getting more than 3 minutes at a time before a cold wave brought her back to consciousness.

Within the ship, her fellow prisoners fitfully slept, thinking they had the worst luck possible, ignorant of Jennifer’s fate. Some of the guards, drinking and playing cards together, tired of their diversions and made their way to the cargo hold. Many of the women found themselves with their legs forced wide apart, as man after man plumbed her innermost depths for some much needed relief. After all, running a prison ship was hard, stressful work, and it was the least these prisoners could do.

As the comely redhead next to Jennifer’s cage deepthroated him, under threat of having her teeth pulled out if she bit him, Baldy turned his head to the old guard, who was jackhammering a raven haired beauty, holding her ankles next to her head.

“You think 174 is still alive?”
“What? Of course she’s alive, now shut up I’m busy.”

Shrugging, Baldy put both hands on the slut’s head and shoved his entire length into her face, balls slapping her chin. He was determined to put his load down her retching throat, it’s all these criminal bitches were good for.

Debased and demoralized, the redhead wondered the same thing as she suckled the spunk from a man she didn’t even know the name of.


In the morning Jennifer was retrieved from the bow of the ship, the guards lowering a pole down and hooking her shoulder-mounted ring. Pulling her up, they dumped her on the deck, where she lay shivering and sleep-deprived.

She awakened from her lethargy as they started pulling the needles from her tits, and cut the twine binding her soft globes. Throwing her back into her tiny cage in the cargo hold, she quickly warmed up in the oppressive heat, and fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

Life aboard the ship during the day way pretty monotonous. The prisoners were more or less left alone, gulping down their questionable soups and water, and relieving themselves awkwardly as they squatted above their waste buckets. During the nights, however, the guards would always hand pick a few women for their own entertainment, selecting those they had not yet enjoyed the night previously.

Poor Jennifer spent each night affixed to the bow of the ship, a guiding beacon to the crew, leading them to their infernal island destination. Her pin cushioned tits received 2 needles apiece each night, mounted in a new location. The second night they formed a T shape, the third they skewered her tits horizontally, the fourth night vertically. Each morning, she was hauled up, released from her bondage, and thrown into her cell. Luckily for her, the ship cruised along into the island harbor on day 5, before she could learn what the next needle position would be.


Jennifer, aka Prisoner 174, squinted into the sunlight beating into her gagged face, as she made her way down the loading ramp of the prison ship MV Deering. She was trying to make out the features of the island through the glare, her blonde hair blowing into her face, when she was yanked forward another step by the woman she was chained to in front of her.

Unfairly framed for terrorism solely for her attractiveness and perfect, fuckable body, the dejected young mother had spent the last few days chained to the ship’s bow, her tits bound and skewered by thin needles, a tight crotch strap splitting her labia, as her suffering girlflesh led the way to St. Damian’s high security prison. It was a small tropical island managed by the Vigilant Securities company, a secret location where women accused of ‘high crimes’ were sent to disappear.

Above the noise of the birds and cicadas, Jennifer could barely make out the sound of hammering, and a woman crying out far away. Wonder and panic gripped her heart, but she didn’t have too much time to dwell on it; as the redheaded woman in front of her was unshackled and led away, Jennifer found herself face to face with a fat officer sitting at a desk set up at the end of the loading ramp, flanked by guards.

“Wait, there’s been a mistake! This can’t be happe-…” the redhead’s voice grew quieter and quieter as she was led into a cinderblock building behind the desk, being drug down the hall by her escort.

Drawing on a fat cigar, the man eyed Jennifer’s naked figure up and down, and peered at the small number 174 branded on her neck.

“174, let’s see here…ah, so you were the charming woman I saw hanging on the ship when it came in. I can see why you were chosen, you certainly have…abundant qualifications for such a position.” His eyes glinted as he stared at her abused breastflesh, still sore and reddened. Jennifer felt her anger rising.

“We are not a luxury hotel here. You lot are guilty of the worst crimes possible, and will work every day for your keep. Today you will be processed through our medical facility, and when given a clean bill of health will be escorted to your cell. Take her.”

Two guards stepped forward, and harshly pulled her gag from her mouth. Moving her aching jaw, she decided to remain silent for the moment, not relishing the idea of losing her ability to speak again. She was unchained from the woman behind her, and marched by the two guards into the large, imposing cinderblock building she saw earlier.

Hobbling down the dark hall in only a pair of heels, Jennifer was already sweating from the combination of humidity and fear. Lining the hall were heavy looking steel doors. She would later learn these dozens of rooms were where guards could bring ‘misbehaving’ inmates for corrective instruction. Voices could be heard as she passed a few of them.

“..No! No no please! I’ll work harder! I’ll work- *CRACK Ahh!!!” *CRACK
Was that a whip? Jennifer’s face blanched.

More voices and gagging noises “That’s it bitch, suck harder!”
*Gasp “Please, let me rest! I’m so tired…”*slap
The door was left wide open, and Jennifer could see the backside of a filthy, bruised woman on her knees as a large, black guard pistoned in and out of her overworked throat, holding her hair tightly in his hand. There was a line of at least 10 men behind him.

Coming up to a set of double doors on her left, Jennifer and her escort finally arrived at medical. A doctor in a long white coat glanced up at her, and gestured towards the gynecological chair. Her two captors manhandled her into the stirrups, locking her down.

Not saying a word, Doctor Ray sat down on the stool between her legs with a clipboard.

“Um…” she began. “what are you going to do?”

Totally ignoring her, the doctor peered at her cunt, a few days of stubble visible since her shaving at the airport. Making a few notes, he set down his clipboard and picked up a stainless speculum.

Roughly pushing it into her pink hole, he cranked it open. Jennifer shut her eyes and breathed as she felt her dry walls opening up. It became uncomfortable, but not painful, as she was spread open for his view.

“ugh! God damn it… why the fuck do you need to see there…” Jennifer muttered quietly, embarrassed. She was still afraid of being gagged again, so she kept her voice low as she complained to herself.

Shining a penlight up into her, the doctor peered up her tight little tube. Returning to his clipboard, he notated her healthy coloration and lack of any signs of abnormalities or diseases.

Taking a long swab, he collected a pap smear from her cervix, sealing it away in a small bag, before closing the speculum and withdrawing it from her. Standing up, he roughly pushes on her abdomen, feeling her stomach and uterus, then pushes his thumbs down over where her ovaries lay. Digging in deeper, Jennifer inhaled in pain, until he finally stopped and made more notes.

“Are you done now?” she asked him, getting fed up with all the abuse she had been made to suffer lately.

He looked her in the face, emotionless, then suddenly slapped her hard, her head snapping to the left. “AH! Fuck!” *SLAP. He battered her face the other direction. Nodding at the guards, one of them stepped forward and slammed his nightstick into her sore, upthrust tits, Jennifer’s cry accompanying the sick *thud as it sank into her bosom.

Message received, Jennifer shut her mouth and stopped talking, a trickle of blood leaking from the corner of her lips.

The doctor picked up a large, empty syringe, and inserted the sharp point into a vein in Jennifer’s arm as she watched him fearfully. He slowly filled the entire syringe with her crimson blood, then withdrew it. Labeling it with the date and “174,” he set it aside for screening later.

Hefting her punished mammaries in his cold, latex-clad hands, he looked closely at the small puncture wounds inflicted by the thin needles that skewered her each night from her time on the MV Deering. With a sanitation pad he wiped away the small amount of blood leaking anew from the tiny holes, coaxed out by her recent disciplinary action. Jennifer found it appalling and ridiculous that the man who just ordered her breasts battered with a nightstick would suddenly have concern for their health, but remained silent as she glared at him.

Noting on his clipboard that her wounds were minor and would heal with no markings, he next took a large pair of calipers and began measuring the size of her breasts. All angles were measured and noted, width, length, and height.

“They’re Ds, you could have just asked you know…” she mumbled, not looking the doctor in the eye. The doctor then grabbed her right nipple and pulled up hard, stretching her breast into a cone as far as it would go as Jennifer winced and arched her back. He quickly measured the length from chest wall to nipple tip, then repeated the process on her other breast, tugging roughly to make sure there wasn’t any slack. She exhaled when he finally released her, her hefty tits wobbling back into shape.

Satisfied, he walked to a nearby cabinet and rummaged around in it. When he returned, Jennifer’s eyes widened.

In his hands the doctor held a large, 2.5 inch diameter flexible dildo. Along its entire length on one side were graduations every sixteenth of an inch; a monster of a dildo meant to measure her depth!

Sitting between her shapely thighs once again, the cold, but at least lubricated, dildo began to be pushed into her narrow little box. The tapered end was manageably sized at an inch, but the head quickly flared wider and wider until it hit the full 2.5 inch width.

Jennifer grunted and ground her teeth, as she felt her entrance widening around the smooth monster. She could survive this, the big guard’s fist at the airport was bigger after all.

Such thoughts however did not do much to comfort her. As first one, then two inches sank into her, Jennifer moaned as her tight pussy stretched around the full girth, the diameter of the dildo the same as a coke can. She could feel the little bumps from the graduations marking the measurements, as the slippery artificial cock wormed its way even further into her, the doctor’s hand pushing with a constant, steady pressure.

Not giving her time to adjust, 3, then 4 inches were inside of her. “Ohhh….too fast. NGH!” She jerked as the fifth inch was cruelly shoved up into her in reply, her muscles intimately and wetly wrapping around the cylinder in a squeezing embrace, a drop of lube running down her right labia.

The doctor withdrew the dildo 2 inches, then pushed forward again while twisting it. The fake cock pushed forward in a screw-like motion, while Jennifer’s thighs began to tremble. Stopping at 7 inches, the doctor knew she could take more. It’s amazing how much a woman’s pussy can stretch, especially when aroused (of which she was not). He just needed to work her up to it.

The doctor, however, had many inmates to evaluate today and couldn’t afford to wait for her biology to keep up. With the palm of his hand, he battered the base of the dildo hard, hammering it forward another half inch!

“Ah! UGH! Sto–” *thud *thud “NGH! Ohh…” Jennifer grit her teeth between her yelps, her tender quim straining to meet the demands placed upon it.

Now at a good nine and a half inches, the doctor twists the dildo again so he can see the measurements. Picking up a small rubber mallet, he starts tapping the dildo in with short, firm strokes.

Jennifer’s eyes squint as she bites her lower lip, trying to not cry out too loudly, fearful of the guards’ reprisal. She can feel her cervix pushing upwards, as the entrance to her womb deforms to make way for the coke can sized invader. Finally, the doctor is satisfied he can’t possibly get anymore into her without serious injury.

Jennifer, no, Prisoner 174, lay there feeling the throbbing between her thighs, legs futilely flexing against the stirrups. She felt so full, she would have done anything at that moment to have the aching dildo removed. The barest hint of a smile crossed the doctor’s face as he notated her final measurement: 10-5/8 inches. He had never seen someone get so close to 11 inches before.

“Thank you 174” the doctor began speaking, as he pulled his measuring apparatus from the gasping woman’s sore twat, twisting it to help work it free as her muscles clamped down on it. “We will have more data to record later this week, but that is all we need from you today.”

When her legs and arms are released, Jennifer tries to curl up in a ball for a moment but is instantly hauled to her feet by the two guards, gripping her arms tightly as they handcuff her wrists behind her back. On her way out the door, she is passed by the next inmate to receive her introductory medical evaluation; a very beautiful, very heavily pregnant black-haired woman, with a small number 180 branded on her neck. She must have angered her escort, as three bright red welts decorated her otherwise blemishless baby bump, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes as she sniffled. Other than her apparent heavy pregnancy, she appeared to be quite fit and trim, and Jennifer was sure she surely must have had an hourglass figure before.

The woman’s name was Mikaela, and as she hobbled along in her high heels trying to keep pace with the guards, she briefly caught Jennifer’s doleful gaze. Who knew what atrocities awaited her expectant body at the hands of the doctor?


Jennifer, having finished her medical evaluation, was hauled to another prison compound building. Housed in Block 4, her cell was one of many which shared a common area. When released from their cells in the morning, all the prisoners would be gathered there for their morning duties and receive their daily assignments.

Today was a special schedule as the ship had arrived today with new inmates; a meeting was being gathered right now in Block 4. Jennifer was the last to arrive, and as she was pushed through the circle of guards she was forced to her knees next to a wooden post anchored to the ground. Bolted to this post was a chain leading to a black leather collar, which was tightly buckled around Jennifer’s neck, making it difficult for her to swallow. Nine other posts were spaced in the center of the room, each with a pretty, and stark naked, girl chained to it.

All of them looked tired and utterly defeated.

“Sluts!” barked a stout, angry looking man. “We have 3 new additions to our Block today! As such, I will be going over our rules here at St. Damian’s facility! Consider this a friendly reminder for those of you who have been with us for some time!”

Jennifer did not like where this was going.

“I am Sergeant Callow! I AM Block 4. You worthless pieces of fuckmeat are here because you are the dregs of society! Each of you are guilty of unspeakable crimes. Do NOT bother protesting your innocence to us! I assure you, we have heard it all before. You will not be pardoned. You will not EVER be released.”

“What you will do is work, work and be punished! Society has demanded repercussions for stupid, fucked up bitches like you. The death penalty is too kind for you lot, and this facility isn’t a hotel.”

Jennifer really, really didn’t like where this was going. Her face started to turn white as she realized the hell she was in for.

“Every morning, your handlers will assemble you here, in the common area, for your morning strapping. This is a non-negotiable daily punishment, a way for you to attempt penance for your crimes! You will receive at LEAST 20 strokes to the breasts, and 10 to the cunt! The count, and instrument used, will vary depending on your behavior the day before! So don’t fuck up!”

Most of the women simply looked down, clearly used to such terms. The 3 newcomers, including Jennifer, sat with their mouths agape, disbelief etched on their faces.

“What kind of fucking prison is this? You can’t just – AGHGHH!” Prisoner 177 screamed as a guard tasered her right breast, sending her into convulsions for her outburst. A second man grabbed her cuffed wrists tightly and yanked the brunette’s hair back, as the first guard forcefully laid into her C-cup tits with an open palm, right onto her nipples.


“Shut up, whore!”

“Stop, I can’t…I can’t!..! AH!”
*SLAP! Jennifer could almost feel the blows across the room, the woman’s breasts absorbing the impacts as they wobbled, being alternately slapped left, then right.
“It will stop when you learn to be silent!”

As 177 received the fruits of her backtalk, the Sergeant cleared his throat.

“As I was saying! Don’t fuck up!” *SLAP! “nghh!” *SLAP! “Following your morning punishments, your assignments for the day will be given.” *SLAP! “There is no shortage of work to be done here; hard labor will occupy most of your days! But there are other duties as well. You will perform whatever is required of you or face harsh punishment!”

“Everyday, after work, you will be given dinner and returned here for showers. Any additional duties will be carried out, and sometimes an additional punishment, depending on my mood and if I feel more chastisement would help you in your search for repentance. You will be retired to your cell, awaiting the new dawn and the pleasures it brings! So goodnight, my dear little fucksluts! I look forward to us starting off on the right foot tomorrow morning!”

Sergeant Callow finished his little impromptu speech, and Prisoner 177 was doing her utmost to not let out a squeak, and failing, as her swelling tits continued to receive their beating. The second guard was now standing behind her, holding her boobs up by her nipples as the first slammed his nightstick into the undersides, trying his best to crack a rib through her fat, bashed sacks.

Jennifer and the other girls were released from their collars, and led to their individual cells. She was thrown to the floor, her hands still cuffed behind her, and heels tightly strapped to her feet. She stood up warily and regarded her cell; it was bare and simple, with a concrete floor, bare metal bed with no cushions, blanket, or pillow, and no toilet or other amenities of any kind.

Her stomach growled and she sat on her metal bed, starting to cry and let out all the day’s pent-up sorrows. Her mind wandered to her husband and baby boy, and as she thought of them she listened to the jeering of the guards as Prisoner 177 begged.

“Please! Please leave my breasts alone! I can’t be quiet, not when you’re beating me so hard! Please!” she wheezed.

A loud, resounding whack echoed through Block 4 in response, followed by a sickening crack and a heartrending wail.


Still in the medical lab, Mikaela choked and swallowed as the long, thin cock spurted yet another load in her mouth. Her head was in Doctor Ray’s lap as he sat on a floor cushion, her long raven tresses hiding his crossed legs from view.

She had never been in so much torment in her life. Her upper torso was wrenched back painfully far, almost to the point of damaging her spine, as the doctor’s long cock fed her her dinner while her tits supported her weight on the floor. Two short, heavy duty elastic straps ran from around her shoulders and armpits to a belt around her waist, helping her maintain her severely arched position. Her heavy, pregnant belly was pressed up against the wall, and her ankles secured to mounted wall manacles, spreading her legs wide open 180 degrees to her body.

Doctor Ray had immediately postponed evaluating the new inmates until tomorrow after he saw her, a grin creeping onto his nearly always emotionless face. He had a thing for pregnant women, especially pretty ones, punishing them for their whorish past. Mikaela, or Prisoner 180, would not be getting much sleep tonight. Or in the foreseeable future for that matter.

Promising her he would induce a painful and bloody abortion of her baby before killing her if he so much as suspected she wanted to bite or disobey him, he set about mounting her upside down to his wall in her current predicament, and ordered her to suck his cock.

Aside from the tight straps arching her unnaturally backwards, he had various other tools and toys wreaking havoc on her nubile, fertile body. Her heavy knockers, sore by default from her pregnancy and currently supporting her body weight on the floor, had two wired, bare copper rings tightened around their bases. Two copper plates were mounted to the floor underneath her crushed nipples, and he had a constant, 120 volt low amperage current flowing from the rings to the plates, electrifying the whore’s mammaries just below the point of electrical burn.

He had just come into her mouth for the second time as she sucked him off, and she coughed and moaned in pain into his softening cock. He would simply keep it there in her mouth, until her pain and suckling got him hard again, and he could try to blow yet another load into her hot fuckmouth. In the meantime, he gazed upwards at the beautiful artwork he had achieved.

A simple, but effective 6 inch wide leather strap wrapped around the girls lower back, and anchored her to the wall. Reaching up, he tightened the strap further, and Mikaela groaned into his cock, weeping, as yet more pressure pushed her large, pregnant stomach into the stone wall even harder. The pressure in her womb grew, and through the shooting pains she felt her baby kick in annoyance.

Farther up the wall, a large, inflatable dildo was mounted on a piston, a piston which was currently pumping down into her splayed twat with forceful thrusts. A heavy springed, toothed clamp bit fiercely into each labia, with twine running from the clamps to tie around her spread thighs, pulling the gates of her pussy open, the labia blanched white from the strain. He took another little blue pill and, satisfied she was taking the 2.5 inch dildo rather well, he punched a button on his remote and heard the little air pump kick to life, expanding her artificial lover up to 2.75 inches.

A tear rolled down the expectant mother’s cheek as she felt the bulbous dildo grow even more, punching down into her cervix, as if knocking on the baby’s door. She couldn’t tell what hurt more, her wrenched back, the infernal strap crushing her abdomen to the wall, or the stretching, biting pain in her pussy.

She wasn’t even really sure how she got here. She was actually an important business woman for a wealthy company, used to a life of luxury, and about to start a family with her husband. All that changed though when she flat out refused the CEO’s advances, insulting the man right to his face and humiliating him. She was kidnapped in the middle of the night by paid thugs, who drugged her, and she woke up on the MV Deering prison ship, in-bound to St. Damian’s island, condemned on false charges.

She snapped out of her reverie, the dildo growing another quarter inch, her pussy squelching wetly as it took the massive 3 inch wide dildo. She squealed and cried into his hardening cock, and knew if he kept it up she would be torn.

The doctor knew that too. He was a doctor after all. He would keep the little bitch at 3 inches for a few hours, but wouldn’t stretch her anymore. She could probably go to nearly 3.75 inches if he was careful, but no need to ruin her cunt so early yet, he just got her. He smiled as he watched her tight, suffering pussy grasp at the invader, her lips pulled even wider than the rest of her slutty fucktube.

“I believe you’re supposed to be doing something with that mouth, you stupid slut. Or did you forget our arrangement?”

Steeling herself, she again started working her mouth, running her tongue along the bottom of his shaft, gagging as the cock grew and finally touched the back of her throat. God her breasts ached horribly…she could barely think straight, the current relentlessly flowing through her titflesh. The tendons in her thighs screamed at her too, threatening to dislocate her hips if she continued to ignore them.

Finally, late in the night, the evil little man leant back and fell asleep on the floor, keeping his soft cock in her warm mouth. As she cried and breathed on his cock, still hung up in her painful bondage as she was relentlessly fucked, he dreamt of the things he would do to her tomorrow.


A loud, clarion call rang through Block 4. Before Jennifer could even rub her eyes, her cell door bust open, and her two handlers were standing over her. Each grabbing a breast in a strong grip, they hauled her to her feet and drug her to her post in the common area.

“Morning sluts” greeted Sergeant Callow, as all the women were promptly put into position, their chained collars clicking around their necks, tethering them to the posts. Their hands cuffed behind their backs thrust their breasts out nicely.

Even Prisoner 177, the woman beaten yesterday for backtalk, was present, Jennifer noticing with dismay her swollen, bruised purple tits. The guards had used a nightstick to tenderize her titties to the point of cracking one of her ribs – and not even she would be spared the morning strapping, the additional torment a further motivation to stay in line. She sobbed quietly, awaiting the coming pain.

The handlers lined up next to their charges, each holding a supple 1.5 inch wide thick leather strap. They dripped with oil and looked heavy in their hands. Then, a simple command.



Ten thunderous thwacks echoed throughout the room, as 10 bare-breasted women grunted and groaned. The thick straps struck heavily, leaving a deep red mark behind. Prisoner 177 actually screamed with each blow, unable to contain herself.

Jennifer gasped and twisted miserably in her bondage as blow after blow rained down on her boobs. Left boob, right boob, top, bottom, both nipples, the handlers showed no mercy to her tits. They were obligated to get 20 lashes from the strap each morning, and 20 lashes they would receive.

*THWACK! “Ungh”
*THWACK! “ngh.”
*THWACK! “….fuck!”
*THWACK! “Ngh!”

As the steady beat of the breast drums continued, Jennifer’s sore titties danced and jiggled across her chest, absorbing countless pounds of kinetic energy. She couldn’t help but moan.

Finally all 20 blows had been given. A modest number of strokes. Less than 2 seconds after the final stinging blow to her funbags, Jennifer was spun around to face the post and *Splat! the strap whipped up harshly between her slightly spread thighs, kissing her cunt with a fiery kiss that left her breathless!
*Splat! “!? *gasp!”
*Splat! “Ungh!!!”
*Splat! “ohhh ohh..”
*Splat! *Splat! *Splat!

“You’d best keep ’em spread ladies, or it will be hell to pay later!” declared the Sergeant, eyeing his charges carefully. Prisoner 177 actually looked relieved during her cunt whipping, pleased her tortured painsacks weren’t being subjected to further abuse.

*Splat! “ugh!” Jennifer couldn’t believe the pain between her legs, it was all she could do to stay conscious. Just two more…
*Splat! “Nnnnnngh!!!” One more. One more. One m-
*SPLAT! “NNGH God ow owww owwww” the guard had given her the final stroke with a flourish, sending a particularly strong armed swing straight up to envelop her cunt. Jennifer hopped around in place, her legs snapping together now that the strapping was over.

“Better than I expected, sluts! Maybe I need to tell my men to stop being so soft with you! Your handlers have your assignments, and you have 1 minute to use the bathroom, I suggest you all hurry.”

With that, Jennifer was abruptly unchained from her collar, and hauled off by her two handlers to Block 4’s community bathroom. Freeing their hands, the veteran women practically ran to the toilets, not having been able to relieve themselves since yesterday afternoon.

Jennifer sat on a toilet and did her business, while her two handlers stood in front of her, watching her every move. She blushed deeply as she dabbed her pussy with the toilet paper, not sure why she still got so embarrassed when these people had just violently strapped her pussy and breasts.

Standing at the sink to wash her hands, Jennifer suddenly felt her legs kicked apart as her torso was shoved down, a hand spreading her labia from behind. Suddenly she squealed, as one of her handlers had shoved a shiny urethral plug straight up her tiny, burning peehole, the little handle poking out.

“You will not be permitted to remove that plug until this evening. If you do, we will hurt you. A lot.” said the grinning guard.

“What? Why? No one else has one!” the blonde protested indignantly, as the second guard cuffed her hands again behind her.

“Because I say you have to, that’s why!” the guard was no longer grinning. Pinching her nipples in both his hands, he twisted them until Jennifer’s eyes started to well up, a little white droplet forming at the tips. He smirked. “We know you’re full of milk, it was in your file. Some of these girls start the day cooking in the kitchens, some clean the bathrooms or offices, and some go straight to hard labor outside.” As he talked, he kept tweaking her hard nubbins as she winced.

“Your first task each day, cow, will be to report to the kitchens for milking. Your milk will be used in the preparation of our meals. After your milking, we will take you outside. You are going to work the gravel carts until we tell you to stop.”


The heat in the kitchens was unbearable. Not only was the room not air conditioned, on a tropical island near the equator, but huge cooking hearths flared up and burned as naked prisoners rushed to and fro, working hard to meet their quotas and feed the island’s population.

Sweat dripped off of Jennifer’s teat tips, and her whole body glistened in the heat. She was secured on top of a wooden ‘horse’, a long, sharp edged pyramid-like mount that bit into her sex. She was one among another 30 women, all lined up in rows and unable to speak, their mouths stuffed with ball gags. Her legs were doubled up and shackled to the sides of the horse, forcing her to put all her weight on her sore cunt, and she did her best not to move too much. Her neck was also collared and shackled to the top of the horse with a short chain, forcing her to lean forwards deeply, each of her breasts hanging downwards heavily on each side of the device, the sharp edge passing between her cleavage. Her hands, cuffed behind her, were chained to the ceiling, pulling her face and torso even farther downward and helping to stabilize her, though her shoulders did not approve.

Her pussy felt raw and chafed, not even afforded the meager protection of panties. Having all her weight pushing down on a sharp edge running between her labia was not her idea of a good time.

Jennifer’s blonde hair clung wetly to her back and face, rivulets of sweat running down her body. Attendants were quickly making the rounds, connecting the milking apparatus to each of the ‘cows.’

“Oh, a new girl. I’m so sorry” muttered a bashful looking blonde, as she took Jennifer’s right breast gently in her hand.

“Prisoners will not talk to each other! One demerit to Prisoner 76!” barked one of the guards, glaring in the pair’s direction. Jennifer looked at the only person to show a hint of kindness to her since she arrived, and just smiled weakly. The woman looked flustered, upset she had incurred a punishment, and wouldn’t meet Jennifer’s gaze as she rubbed an oily grease like substance around her nipples. This was actually butter made from the milk of the inmates.

It actually felt kind of nice. Jennifer’s teats started hardening and swelling despite herself, and she kind of wanted the milking to start. Even though she didn’t. It was so confusing! She had been too fearful and stressed to get much of any sleep lately and her foggy brain just couldn’t make sense of things, but she was being reminded of breastfeeding her child and that brought her some comfort.

Pulling up clear plastic tubing from a small opening in the floor, 76 gently fed Jennifer’s nipples into the suctioning cups attached to the end. Jennifer exhaled as her nipples elongated into the strongly suckling cups, stretching a bit but not too uncomfortably. She would almost be able to relax if she wasn’t riding this ridiculous wooden horse in this ridiculous heat! Yielding her cream in little white jets, her nipples rhythmically stretched and contracted as the pump simulated a suckling baby. Satisfied that she was properly rigged, Prisoner 76 moved on to the next woman.

As Jennifer lay there, trying her best not to move too much lest her sensitive kitty reap the reward, she felt her motherly let down building up. Her clit throbbed as the sharp edge pushed into it and onto the peehole plug she wore, and as the let down hit her milk started flowing in greater quantities.

The machine below, programmed to react to this sudden increase, suddenly tripled its suction, startling Jennifer and causing her to squirm on the horse as her bosom started to ache under the vacuum’s insistence. Rubbing forward painfully, the unfortunate woman impaled a jagged splinter into her inner left labia, and cried out, quaking on her dreadful mount, trying not to wiggle her hips any further.

Jennifer cursed herself for thinking she might have found a task at this forsaken prison that wasn’t completely horrible. Then again, her tired brain reminded her, if she had only remained still, she might have fared better…

The milking went on and on, her bountiful bust finally surrendering the last of its motherly cream. Jennifer was glad it was over, waiting for the young girl to come and release her.

And she waited. And waited.

No one would come and get her! The machine still sucked relentlessly on her sensitive nipples, pulling on empty milk ducts and causing Jennifer’s aching milkbags to throb and tingle all the way to their centers. The prisoners would be released from their milking after half an hour, and not a minute before, regardless of their current state of lactation.

After another 15 minutes, while Jennifer wiggled uncomfortably and tried to ignore the intense sucking on her nipples, her handlers finally walked up to her.

“How was it whore? Are your milky titbags drained, or do we need to leave you for another round?”

“No! They are drained, really! Please take me off this damn thing! It gave me a splinter in my…well, down there.”

“Hmm, really? Oh dear that is terrible” mocked the second handler. Kneeling down, he started punching her right breast with short, strong jabs, bashing it into the side of the wooden horse, while Jennifer whimpered and fussed about, as women are want to do, unsure of what she did to provoke this.

Moving to the other side, he started punching it as well. “Well, I guess they really are empty.”

“Yes! Ah! Yes they are! Please, you can *ah stop now!”
“Are you telling me what to do, slut?” He starts grinding his knuckles.

“No! *ah! No just mgh letting you know theYY ARE empty *ngh!!” She was rapidly losing the fight to control her voice, and she feared what would happen if she got too loud.

Accepting her answer, he stood up and both her handlers released her restraints. Pushing her off sideways, she flailed as she crashed to the floor, and before she knew what was happening her legs were being held open by the ankles by one man, and the other leaned towards her pussy. Pulling her sex lips apart, he firmly grasped the little splinter poking out of her inner labia, and yanked it straight out. Jennifer howled and and clutched between her legs, her hands cupping her sensitive sex, before being hauled up by the hair and drug towards the door. There was a schedule to keep.


“It’s time to earn your keep slut! All prisoners here must work. Today you will haul carts.”

Jennifer peered around as she was taken outside, stumbling and trying to keep pace with her handlers in her heels. She wished they’d let her take these off!

Women and supervising guards were everywhere, and the sound of construction, crying, gasping, and laughing hit her ears. Some women were pushing old hand-powered mills, grinding the island’s crops into usable feed. A group of ten were shoveling coal non-stop into a furnace below a large boiler, powering a large steam turbine that electrified part of the prison. Their faces and bodies were black with soot and their hair tied back out of their faces.

Farther along a new prison block was under construction, women building walls, running pipes, nailing boards, all while being yelled at and harassed by their handlers. She saw one cute brunette with her hair tied up attractively under a small hard hat while she nailed a piece of wood overhead, only for the woman to suddenly collapse, clutching her sex as the guard behind her had whipped her from behind up between her legs, screaming at her to work faster. Jennifer’s eyes widened, and she noted very few women were entrusted with tools, and those that were looked so deathly afraid she was sure they were cowards, with six handlers apiece surrounding and harassing them non-stop. Security no doubt.

“Hard hats huh. Are their high heels steel toe too?” Jennifer sarcastically asked her escort.
He raised an eyebrow and looked at her sideways. “You bitches are lucky we provide them to you. Who knows how many of you dumb cunts would be accidentally killing yourselves.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. “So you boys have a name? I take it we’re stuck with each other for a while.”
Her handler behind her suddenly swept his leg forward, knocking her feet out from under her and Jennifer went crashing to the ground on her back. Kneeling down, he slapped her face.

“I don’t like your attitude whore. *slap We are not ‘stuck with you’ you stupid slut.” *Slap “We are your handlers for today. You will have new handlers tomorrow. *slap it’s *slap a *slap rotation.” *slap

“Ouch! Okay” *slap “Okay!! I get it!”
“Our names don’t matter to you. Everyone here is your master. You will call us sir!” *slap “Do you understand?”

“Yes sir!” *slap “I get it sir! I’m sorry sirs!”
“Sorry for what?” *slap “Speak” *Slap “up!” *slap!
“I’m s-sorry for asking *Slap “S-STUPID QUESTIONS SIR I’M SORRY!” Jennifer started crying.
“Better. Get your useless ass up.”

She got to her feet wobbly and sniffling, and yelped when she was pushed forwards.

Finally they got to gravel production, where a chaingang of 15 women swung sledgehammers, breaking up rocks into gravel for use in concrete. They were chained to each other by their tits, tight handcuffs encircling the bases of their boobs, and the chains jangled and clanked as they awkwardly swung their hammers.

A small cart stood nearby, almost like a rickshaw, with what looked like a harness laying in it. Jennifer eyed it warily.

“Your job, Prisoner 174, is to pull the cart to each prisoner so they can shovel a load of gravel into it. You will then pull the cart to concrete processing, dump its contents, and return here. You will do this until the work shift is over, which is to say, when we say you can stop. You will be given water periodically.”

“Um…Sir…about that.” she began nervously. The guard stared at her. “It’s just that, um, you put this thing inside me this morning Sir, and I really have to pee.”

Chuckling, he reached between her legs and twisted the little peehole plug, enjoying her squirms of discomfort. “That is the point bitch. You will be allowed to pee later, right now this is your punishment. You are a prisoner after all, you deserve hardship. Is that not true?”

“I…Yes Sir.” He tweaked her plug again, smirking.

They pulled her over to the cart and started fitting her pulling harness on her. A pair of shoulder straps ran down the V of her neck and combined into one, running down between her cleavage, before attaching to a waist belt which they cinched extra tight around her abdomen, pushing on her bladder and making Jennifer squirm. The shoulder straps also ran down her back to this belt, crossing back and forth over each other in a weave. A bit gag, not unlike that of a horse, had been shoved into her mouth and strapped tightly around her head, her blonde locks pulled back into a ponytail, her arms cuffed together behind her back.

A single crotch strap hung open between her legs, not yet fastened. One of her handlers reached into his bag and pulled out a shiny black vibrator, with small rough bumps over the entire surface.

It was exactly 10-5/8 inches long. This was a custom vibrator made for her from the measurements the doctor took!

“This is your work vibrator. You will wear it when working at the discretion of your handlers, barring any necessary exceptions. It has been fitted to your exact dimensions. You will feel full slut, as you should. You’ll come to find it’s the natural state to which you belong.”

She looked at him through half lidded eyes. Did this idiot really believe that? She hated everything being done to her, she’d never feel natural like this. She started thinking about how natural it would be to gouge his eyes out with her fingernails. She smirked to herself.

Seeing the fire in her eyes return, the handler had knelt between her legs and abruptly started shoving the vibe up her narrow fuckpipe. Just like before, she was too tight for a smooth insertion, and besides this vibe was slightly thicker than the measurement dildo, coming in at 2.75 inches in diameter. About 4 inches stuck into her, another 6 hanging out.

He had no interest in a smooth insertion though. Standing up, he pulled back and kicked the vibe with all his might, the vibrator immediately shooting up her spasming cunt.”NG! FKHH UHUNNGG” Jennifer howled incoherently into her gag as her legs bowed inward, and fell onto her knees.

Handler 1 pushed her face into the dirt, and held her head down with his boot. Leaning over her upturned ass, he reached between her legs to the front and grabbed the crotch strap. Using both hands, her face smashed into the dirt, he pulled as hard as he could and set the strap, locking it to the back of her waist belt. The thin strap split her labia, and her cervix was roughly pushed upwards as she was filled to her complete limit. He switched it on using the remote in his pocket, and finally let her up.


Jennifer panted and breathed heavily around her bit gag, leaning forwards as her high heels dug into the earth, pulling the heavy cart anchored to her waist with all her strength up the small hill. Her heavy bust swung freely left and right, unencumbered by her harness but uncomfortably flopping on her chest, specks of sweat flinging off her nipples, a single nipple clamp biting deeply into her right teat. The reddening inner flaps of her fuckbox rubbed and pinched against the tightly buckled crotch strap, and her pussy lining abraded itself on the rough surface of the big vibrator wedged deeply inside her.

This was her 8th trip up the hill. Each time, she would pause at each girl so they could shovel their small broken rock pile into her cart, and start the trek back up the hill to where concrete was processed. The whole time her overstuffed pussy clamped down on her work vibrator, as it wrested another cum from her tired body. At this point she had cum so much it just hurt, and it made her legs weaker and weaker.

If she was too slow, they hurt her. She had already been switched on her boobs, between her legs, and on her back. Her bladder was near to bursting, and she was sure she would have peed herself already if her urethra hadn’t been stopped up with a plug. It was only made worse when they pulled her bit gag from her mouth and shoved a water bottle between her lips, forcefully squirting the liquid into her mouth, making her swallow or suffocate.

Chest flopping freely, face looking pale and overheated, she finally reached the unloading pad. One of the overseeing guards slapped her dangling tits roughly to keep her occupied, bending her forward with the short bridle strap leading from her gag. Tilting her cart back, two prisoners dumped her load into a pile, then spanked her ass to send her on her way back down.

She tried to enjoy the brief respite of the trek downhill, but it went all too quickly and she had no idea how long she would have to be out here. Her handlers would always torment her when she arrived too, moving the toothed clamp from one nipple to the other, ensuring they didn’t go numb and remained sufficiently sensitive.

Walking up to the first girl, she stopped pulling while she began shoveling into her cart, and her handler strolled over…


She had finally made it back to Block 4. Chained to her collar at her post in the common area, she gingerly knelt on the floor waiting for Sergeant Callow and a few of the other prisoners to arrive. Her hips were squirming a little as she knelt, her bladder about to burst. Just a little longer…

Her ass and legs were on fire, no doubt getting the biggest workout of their life today. Well, she wouldn’t have to ever worry about fitness again. She had no idea how she would be able to move tomorrow, her muscles would no doubt be sore beyond belief.

And not just her muscles. Her pussy ached terribly and screamed to the touch, having been vibrated and overstimulated for over 10 hours. It hurt just to walk, the sensitivity of her labia brushing against each other too much for her. Her heavy tits were sore too, having flopped unsupported through her labors, rising up only to slam back down on her chest again and again and again…

“I’m told today’s work was acceptable. That’s good to hear.” Sergeant Callow had strolled into the room. “You may all shower, then reconvene here for dinner and lights out. Dismissed.”

As soon as the Sergeant stopped speaking, one of her handlers grabbed her by her ponytail and roughly undid her collar. He started dragging the flailing woman to the showers, excited. He had been waiting all day for this moment, the end of day showers were his favorite.

Finding an empty shower head along the wall, he turned on the freezing cold water. Hanging on the wall was a bar of soap, car sponge, and a thin plastic rod. Shoving her under the icy spray, he watched her frigid nipples harden in protest as he himself ripped off his shirt.

*Slap! *Slap!
He slapped and backhanded her meaty funbags, watching with fascination as they shimmied for his entertainment under the cascading water.

“Oh…please don’t, I’m so sore.”

*Slap! *SLAP! “oh!…damn it!”
He repeated the slaps, really giving it to her on the backhand.
“I read your file.” Pinching her left nipple, he started twisting it using both hands. Her hands instantly shot up to clutch at his wrists, pleading with her eyes.
“The Captain at the airport you were apprehended at noted that you have very sensitive nipples.” Her breastmeat was now contorted into a twisted spiral, like he wanted to wring the water from a towel.

“Ah!! Please, don’t! I’ve been hur-“
“What, you’ve been hurting all day? Yes, I can’t imagine how sore you must be after all *twist you’ve *twist been through!” *twist
“ooohh why are you doing this to me? I shouldn’t even be here! *ah!”
He released her breast and grabbed the pink nipple of the other, roughly shaking her breast by it as he watched it jiggle. “Yeah yeah. Everyone says that. Guess what, I don’t care. If I want to hurt your fuckbags -” Clutching her breast, he sinks his fingers deeply into the tender boobflesh with an iron grip, while she pried desperately at his hands. “-Then I’m going to hurt your fuckbags!”
“Ah! Ahhh! You…you’re a monster!”
“We’re all monsters you dumb bitch. We don’t have all day, so we’d better hurry up and get you cleaned up. No one likes a filthy whore.”

Grinning, he reaches over and grabs the bar of green soap in his hand. The other prisoners had filed in by now and were taking their own showers, with help from their handlers of course. Jennifer was so preoccupied with hers though that she didn’t even notice.
“Sit down and spread your legs 174.”
“I can clean myself!”
“174, are you trying to piss me off? Do you really want a punishment session tonight? Do you remember what happened to 177 yesterday?”
The sound of 177 wailing as her ribs cracked as they beat her breasts flashed through her mind.

“I…no I mean yes I remember! F-fine.”
Jennifer sat down gingerly and spread her legs shoulder width apart.

The man was not amused. “Wider. Pull yourself open for me” Deadpan face, no humor.
Blushing, she raised her knees up and back, and reached down around her legs with both of her dainty hands, pulling her wet sex lips apart as the cold water continued to beat down on her. She shivered as it ran down over her exposed pink, sending chills up her spine.

“P-please be gentle, that awful thing was inside me all day today a-and I’m really sore!”
Reaching down, he grabs the little peehole plug he pushed into her earlier and yanks it out in one go.

“nnngh OHH noo!” She couldn’t help it, the backpressure in her bladder had been huge and she immediately started pissing, the yellow liquid running down the drain as the shower rinsed her off. She covered her pussy as the piss continued to flow past her hands, the pain radiating from her abused peehole as her legs snapped shut.

“Stop that! Hands off, spread yourself!” he shouted at her, grabbing at her nipples to pull straight up, lifting her ass a few inches off the floor as her tits stretched straight up towards the ceiling.

“ohh! Ouch oww owww!”

Hands shaking, she spread her legs again, and with both hands once again pulled her lips apart, exposing her tender pink interior. He abruptly let go of her nipples, and she landed with a wet thud on her ass.

Taking the soap, he begins lathering up a soapy foam onto his hands, and starts rubbing her pussy up and down, between her spread lips, enjoying her flinching.

“Ohh ouch. Softly please.” She looks at him anxiously, knowing he will probably hurt her again.

Turning his hand, he slides two fingers up inside of her, and she tenses as her irritated tissues sting in response. Normally it shouldn’t bother her this bad, but her poor fuckbox had been vibrated and abused for hours today and was just too tender.

Her handler didn’t care at all. His job right now was to thoroughly clean out this woman, and he always did his job.

Retracting his fingers, he grabbed the bar of soap and started pushing the whole bar into her tired cunt.

“W-why do you n-need to do that?” Jennifer was freezing cold and scared of this man, she knew he could and would hurt her worse if he wanted.

Using both his thumbs, he slides the bar up her aching twat, and rubs his fingers up and down the entrance. Jennifer was having trouble keeping her grip on her soapy, slippery labia, and her left lip slipped free.

She quickly grabbed it and pulled it back into position, but her handler was not amused. With a loud *SPLAT! He spanked her squarely on her pussy!

“NG! Ohhh OUCH! Ohhhhh” she inhaled through her teeth, eyes squinted.

“I suggest you don’t do that again.” She desperately tightened her grip on her petals, digging her fingernails into them sharply to keep them in place.

He pushes a few fingers into her along the bar, and she feels her walls stretching further. Gripping the bar, he pulls it back halfway,then starts to push forward again.

“This really isn’t *ugh necessary….” she mumbles, looking off into the corner.
He doesn’t answer, but pushes harder, sinking his 2 fingers in alongside the bar of soap up to his knuckles.

“You caaan’t doo thaaat!” she moans, the aching stretch shooting up her spine. He rotates and works his hand back and forth, making sure she had a nice sudsy lather all the way up inside her.

“You need to be cleaned out!” he barked at her, as Jennifer moaned, her head turned sideways as he fucked her with the soap. Her fingers clutched at her labia, tugging fiercely, trying to open herself for him, whether she wanted to or not.

He pulls his 2 fingers out, leaving the soap up inside her. Taking the small plastic rod that was hanging on the wall, he starts pushing the soap bar in directly, deeply jamming it up inside her. He had to really shove to get it to finally bottom out.

“God Damn you’re tight!”
“P-p-pleaaase doooon’t! ooohh!!” He pulls the rod out and slapped her pussy again, her fingers miraculously not losing their death grip on her labia as her back arches.
“Push it out. Push the soap out whore!”

She can’t believe he is doing this to her. She was stuffed so full with that monster vibrator, and now this guy went and filled her with a fat bar of soap. She moaned piteously, her inflamed tissues hurting as she bore down. How did she end up in this place? It wasn’t fair.

As the bar just started to peek out at him, he roughly jams it back inside with the rod.
“Keep pushing whore, squeeze that slutty fuckbox tight.”

“Ngh!” Again she bears down, the slippery soap wedged up against her cervix. Slowly it starts to slide down her squeezing sex tube, the green end just starting to emerge. “Ugh!” The little rod is jammed between her legs yet again, the bar rapidly ascending up inside her, crashing into the gates of her womb. He grinds the rod for a moment, then stands up, the soap still jammed inside her.

“On your feet. Get up!” She releases her slippery pussy lips and they snap shut, indentations from her fingernails visible on the flesh. As she starts to rise up on shaky legs, he grabs her nipples and pulls her upright, her hands jumping to grab his wrists but stopping halfway, afraid of him. She rises up on tip toe, and he twists her nipples then releases them.

“Grab that sponge on the wall and start washing. Keep pushing on that soap! Squeeze!” He slaps her cunt as she yelps, and she starts bearing down on the soap again. She reaches over and takes the car sponge from the wall, wetting the big yellow square of foam in the cold spray.

The green soap pokes out again between her parted legs, and this time he lets it shoot out to the floor. Picking it up, he lathers up her hair and the sponge in her hands before giving it back to her, the scent of herself in the soap. Tentatively she starts washing herself, and the man knelt back down, once again pushing the soap bar straight up inside of her, poking her hard with the rod.

“Oh, ouch!” her hips squirm as she shifts her weight, clearly uncomfortable as the sudsy bar bottoms out inside her.

“Make sure you clean yourself good. When you’re done we’re going to see how much of that thing we can cram into you.”

Her eyes widen. This sponge is huge! And it’s so rough! Alarmed, she gingerly starts gently sponging around her sore boobs, then her navel and backside, and her face reddens as she tries to bear down on the soap bar up inside her. It just doesn’t want to slide out this time, it had been slowly getting smaller and smaller as it rubbed against her walls and her tired pussy couldn’t get as good a grip on it.

This was part of her handler’s plan. The more she tightened and bore down, the tighter her muscles would be when he started shoving that fat sponge into her.

“I don’t see a soap bar, slut. Push!”

“I-I am! R-really! It doesn’t want to come out!”
“I don’t want excuses! You pushed it out before, fucking squeeze that stupid fucking twat! Come on!”
She pushed and pushed, her cunt clenching uselessly, trying to wrap around the cock that wasn’t there.

He roughly spins her around and stands to her side, the sponge dropping to the floor, and bends her over, her arms extended against the wall, head arched back and pushed down painfully as he pulls on her hair.

“Spread those legs! Push damn it! WIDER!” Her legs spread wide, her little pussy on full display between her thighs
*Smack! “Ungh!”
*Smack! *gasp

He starts spanking her pussy, giving her more motivation to squeeze harder.
“Push!”*Smack! “That” *Smack! “FUCKING”*SMACK! “SOAP OUT!” *SMACK!!

“Ungh! Ohhhh NGH! I-I’m trying! *Smack! *Gasp!”
Gritting her teeth and bearing down for all she was worth, she thought she might have felt it move a little.
*Smack! *Smack! *Smack!
Her cuntlips were rapidly reddening, the brute smacking the fuck out of the very center of her femininity.
*Smack! “I-I-” *Smack! “I think I-” *Smack! “Ungh! I think it’s coming out!” *Smack! *Smack!

The slimmed down skinny soap bar poked out of her, slipping out and falling to the floor. Jennifer gasped, her sore cunt worn out, spanked, and very unhappy.

And then he unwrapped a new bar, and shoved it in.


“Ah! Pleas-oh! That’s e-enough!”

Completely ignoring her sad whimpers, the handler kept applying pressure with his fingers, shoving more and more of the rough sudsy car sponge into her aching, squeaky clean cunt.

Jennifer was laying on her shoulders and upper back, face upwards into the cold stream of water, ass straight up in the air leaning on her handlers standing legs. She was hugging her closed knees back towards her chest, feet extended over her head, exposing her abused fuckhole for his ‘cleaning’ methods. She was forced into this position when she had finished sponging the rest of her body off, suddenly being flung ass up as she wetly squeezed the soap bar out of her tired cunt for the last time. Unfortunately it was replaced with the huge car sponge.

She prayed it would be over soon. Having crammed half of the rough dark yellow sponge inside her, he started twisting it, sudsy water squeezing out and running down her ass, back, and chest.

“I’m being extra thorough today because you have guard servicing duty tonight.” He dropped that bombshell on her as if it was nothing.

“I have…what? What does that *ngh! mean?”

Screwing the sponge around a complete 360 degrees, her pussy tube squeaking happily, he answers. “It means what is sounds like. The inmates of each prison block are required to service the guards, with a rotating duty each night. Tonight is Prisoner 174. That is to say, you. Don’t worry, your new handlers tomorrow morning will come and get you for work.”

“I’m not a whore! You can’t just-agh!” *splutter
Pulling the sponge from her cunt, he wrung it out over her face, shutting her up, the soap stinging her eyes and running into her mouth. Soaping it up again, he starts compacting it back into her overworked sex with the small plastic rod.

“I’d work on my jokes if I were you.” he said gruffly as he stuffed her. “For a minute there I thought you might have been trying to piss me off again.” Twisting and pushing the stick hard, he gets 3/4 of the sponge tightly packed into her, and starts twisting it in place, scouring her delicate pink.

“Ungh! S-sorry Sir, no I wa- *ngh! wasn’t!” God that thing felt fat inside her.
“Good to hear.” Roughly pulling the sponge out, he gives her pussy a final, open handed slap.
*Splat! “Ah!” “Your whorish cunt is as clean as it’s gonna get.” He pushes her over on her side, and she sits up, hugging her knees.

She was so tired. How could she be expected to ‘service’ the guards? And how many would come? She would have given anything to just rest, though she wasn’t sure she could have with all her stress.

Rolling his neck and exhaling, he threw a waxing kit at her feet.”Here, use this. Let’s get that cunt baby smooth again and then we can get moving.”


Mikaela grunted like an animal, her vocal cords hoarse and no longer functioning well. The doctor had been abusing her pregnant body since she arrived, and she just didn’t know how much more she could take and remain sane.

Was she sane? This couldn’t be reality after all.

A large St. Bernard was mounting her from behind, the dog’s massive cock fully knotted in her, her love tunnel completely stuffed with cock. He rutted with her roughly, harder than she had ever been fucked before, and it felt like her teeth would shake out of her skull.

Her whole body shook and moved with his movements, lunging forwards and backwards in time with his energetic, forcible thrusts. This was really unfortunate for Mikaela; two large, 6 inch nails were nailed straight down through the tops of her tits to the wooden floor below, her cheek resting on the floor. She was thrown over a short portable rail at her waist, like a track hurdle, and strapped to it by a belt. This left her pregnant belly swaying and shaking in time with the dog’s thrusts, afflicting more pain on her distressed body. It also, of course, meant that the only thing holding her body and the rail in place was the heavy nails piercing her weighty fucksacks.

“W….wh…why?” she rasped for the upteenth time, looking at the doctor miserably. Walking around behind her, Doctor Ray watched as the dog’s watery cum flowed in rivers from her overworked twat down her thighs, as he flooded her birthing tube with his unsuitable seed. A little puddle was pooling between her legs, since her sex was completely saturated with his cum and it simply had no where else to go.

“Because I’m your doctor my dear! Our friend’s semen here has many proteins and a surprising amount of nutrients, both of which a young expectant mother like yourself needs!” he quipped cheerfully.

Suddenly excited, the dog sped up quickly for a moment, and started humping at an irregular frenzied pace.

“I…ugh!!!… what is he doing? Nnngh!” the dog was getting so forceful, his knot was occasionally popping out of her cunt, breaking the seal, only to be slammed back in mere milliseconds later. It was like a baseball was being pulled from her cunt and immediately slammed back in, except the baseball was on the back end of a bat. Her painglobes lit up in renewed torment, the nails not letting the busty slut slide far.

A constant low groan emanated from her lips, her fingers clawing uselessly at her back, feet flexing.

“Anyway, as I was saying” he continued over the noise she was making. ” Important vitamins and proteins. Right now I’m hoping some get absorbed through that cervix of yours to help the baby develop, and maybe some will get absorbed by you as well.”

She opened her eyes again and looked at him hatefully, her mouth slightly agape as she gasped and slightly drooled. This was the fourth dog to fuck her today. How many damn dogs were at this prison?

A lot.

“Really though” said the doctor, looking thoughtful “we will need to develop a better system to ensure nutrient delivery to the mother.”

Mikaela didn’t know what that meant, but she was positive now. There was no way she was still sane.

The doctor returned to his desk, trying to get some work in this evening before retiring. He was fairly confident he could throw a nutrient delivery system together with minimal expenditure and effort. He sat clicking and typing at his laptop, listening to Mikaela’s pussy wetly squelching behind him, her gasping increasing and decreasing in volume depending on how hard the St. Bernard was working her sweaty, nubile body. She could spend the night right where she was, he had made arrangements with the kennel master to keep her occupied all night. He’d hose her off in the morning.


That night, Jennifer found herself in the center of a dark cell, a single hanging incandescent light illuminating her nearly bare surroundings. She was chained like a bitch with a collar around her neck to a metal stake in the floor, two empty bowls set next to it. Heavy sprung clamps bit into both her teats, as well as her girlish labia below, and her wrists were cuffed behind her. A low wooden bench and a locked cabinet were also in the room.

A fat, red bearded man in a white cooks garb threw the door open. Sweating and carrying two pails, he gruffly filled up her empty dog bowls, one with dirty looking water, and the other with some sort of slop. Through the door, Jennifer can see two women with heavy yokes on their shoulders, two large steaming stock pots apiece swinging heavily from the ends.

“Soup time princess. Here’s yer dinner fer tonight” he snorted. Grabbing her loose tresses in his meaty hand, he pulls her head back and spits a wad of scum in her face before leaving.”Have fun with tha lads.”

Jennifer was starving after today’s work, and she knew she would eat the gruel. She was rapidly learning dignity was not for her, not if she was to survive this place. Gingerly she scooted forwards and looked at the slop warily, it looked thick with a yellowish brown color to it. She couldn’t really tell what it was.

It might be better she didn’t know. Most of the stews made for the inmates were the cut off fats, expired scraps, and undesirable bits from the superior foods prepared for the officers. Bugs, lizards, and the occasional rat would be thrown in, as the larder was hardly clean and no one bothered to improve it. They were always laced with a mild aphrodisiac and medication for birth control – any pregnancies had to be authorized beforehand at St. Damian’s. After the ingredients were boiled down to an overcooked sludge, the chef poured in his secret ingredient – fresh horse cum from the stables, gathered by dutiful inmates during the day, of course.

Sometimes special meals were prepared, but one could generally expect the standard slop ration here. Jennifer was on guard servicing duty tonight, so she was taking her slop in this cell, but most inmates were sitting in their respective cell block common areas for their meals, their handlers making sure they swallowed every drop.

The bowls were low to the ground and she didn’t have the use of her hands; the best she could do was lay flat on her stomach, flattening her clamped tits into the cold floor, wiggling forwards, her stomach churning as the aroma assaulted her nose. Poking her pink tongue out cautiously, she stuck it in the steaming hot muck and lapped up a small morsel of….something chewy.

It tasted awful. Like burnt, rubbery spam with a bitter aftertaste. The fluid that seeped out of the meat made her retch, so she quickly just swallowed it to avoid chewing. Dipping her mouth into the dirty water, she drank to try to cleanse her palate. Again she tried to eat, sucking up a mouthful of stew and swallowing, her stomach churning and roiling. Breathing through her nose, she stopped eating, desperately trying to keep it down, before sticking her tongue out again for another helping. She ate about half a cup of stew before her door burst open again, loud voices and laughter echoing down the hallway.

“What’s this bitch, getting a wee snack in before work eh?” jeered a large man in uniform, entering with 2 other guys behind him. He quickly swigged down the rest of his beer.

She looked up at them from the floor, her chin covered in the disgusting stew. “She can finish when we’re done” said one of the guys in the back, a wiry looking black guy with yellow fingernails. Kneeling down, he shoves her face into her water bowl, washing the slop from her face with a splash, and throws her backwards by the hair while the other men pulled their trousers open.

“W-wait! I’ll d-do what you say, please don’t be so rough!” she scrambled back to her knees, and eyed fearfully the large cocks bobbing in front of her.

“Damn straight you will slut. If you don’t we’ll whip the hide right off you. On your feet, squat down with your legs spread, now!”

“Wider! Push your tits out!” Jennifer swallowed fearfully, doing her best to scramble into position, balancing precariously on her high heels with her legs spread wide.

“I said tits out!” the large man barked, and he kicked her between her legs, the rough boot ripping the clamps from her labia. Crying out, Jennifer falls over sideways, and a boot came crashing down on the side of her tit, pinning her to the floor.

“Owwww oww owww! I’m sorry, l-let me try again! Ahhh!” She tries to get up, but can’t pull her crushed breastmeat free. He let’s her squirm a bit then releases her trapped boob, and she scrambles back into position, legs wide, showing her blushing, kicked cunt. She rolls her shoulders back as much as she can and arches her back, pushing her soft, beatable mammaries into greater prominence.

“Better” the largest of the men walks up to her, his cock smacking her face. “Open your whore mouth.”

He had the biggest set of balls she’d ever seen on a man, it almost looked like bees had stung him and swollen them up. She might have laughed if she wasn’t so afraid he’d beat her senseless.

Tentatively, she opens her lips slightly, her stomach still churning from her questionable dinner. As soon as her lips part, the man grabs her hair in a tight grip and slams his 6 inch cock all the way back, punching into the entrance of her throat briefly before pulling out slightly to rest in her mouth.

“Mmnngh! Rrgh” Jennifer coughs and splutters on his meat, trying to control her gag reflex. She can’t imagine the pain they would put her through if she threw up on him.

“Come on whore, suck!” he pulls her head back by the hair, just the tip of his hard cock in her mouth, and slaps her face. She blinks and starts working her mouth, sucking on the head and trying to please him.

“That’s it….oh yeah” he pushes her back down his length, enjoying the wet silky heat, her tongue running on the underside of his dick as she inexpertly tried to bring him off. He slowly bobbed her head up and down, in no hurry to cum.

While the sound of her cock sucking wetly filled the room, the other 2 guys went into action, eager to get a piece of the woman. One of them laid down behind her and scooted underneath, clamping his mouth onto her pussy as she shuddered, his tongue exploring her slippery labia, splitting her lips apart. The thin black guard stood over him to reach down to her tits, hefting her substantial bust in his hands as he squeezed and manhandled her sore breastflesh, twisting and tweaking her hard nipples.

She moaned into the cock in her mouth as the guard beneath her started tonguing her clit, her toes curling inside her shoes. She was getting so used to pain, that a little pleasure went a long way for her. Her moaning vibrated into the mans cock in her mouth, and he stepped up the pace, getting a better grip on her blonde hair as he pushed in deeper and harder.

She started to splutter and gag as the head punched just into the entrance of her throat, repeatedly popping out and punching back in. Grunting with effort, he was rapidly turning the cocksucking session into a facefuck as her lips smacked into him, his entire length fed down her fuckmouth.

*slap *slap *slap *slap her head was dragged back and forth, and Jennifer did her best to keep sucking. Maybe she could finish him off and they’d leave.

*slap*slap “Oh yeah, that’s good…”*slap*slap “You know bitch, I do feel bad about interrupting your dinner.”*slap*slap*slap “Let me make it up to you and give you a little snack.”*slap!*slap!*SLAP!

Smashing her face into his groin, his huge balls twitched and pressed up against her chin. As she looked up at him, eyes watering, he started cumming. Quickly pulling back to just inside her mouth, he hosed it down with his spunk, painting the inside of her cheeks white with a huge, never ending load. Jennifer felt like she had a shotglass worth of cum in her mouth.

“That’s it bitch, I know you like the taste, don’t you fucking dare spit. Just hold it there.” When the last spurt shot from his balls, he pulled himself out of her mouth as she knelt, his load washing over her taste buds. She moaned as she was still being tongued below, the man behind her jerking her tits out sideways into cones.

“Swish it around in your mouth. Savor it.” Humiliated, she did as she was told, running the bitter, disgusting liquid all over her tongue, teeth, tonsils…she could almost feel the taste through her nostrils as it permeated her senses. She hated it.

“Gargle.” She just looked at him. *Slap! He struck her face with an open palm, leaving his handprint on her cheek. “Gargle the fucking load!” She tilts her head back and opens her mouth, gargling the disgusting man cream, white bubbles frothing up and popping just past her lips.

“Alright boys, it’s your turn, I need a minute. Keep gargling whore.” The man beneath her who had been licking her pussy extricated himself, deciding she had had enough pleasure. It was his turn.

His cock was longer and thicker than the last, standing out at 8 inches. Jennifer, head tilted back, eyed it warily through half lidded eyes, the white cum still bubbling near her lips. “Ok bitch. Swallow. Swallow every fucking drop!” She closed her lips and gulped, nearly losing her cookies as the viscous fluid slimed its way down her throat.

*cough *cough she gasped and spluttered, and had just inhaled when 8 inches of fresh cock was shoved between her pink lips. Her mouth formed a comical near perfect O, the thick girth traveling down her throat, and pulling back out again. Her eyes watering, she tried to suck, but this one didn’t seem to care as much as he merely kept punching forward, preferring the tight constriction of her throat to the suctioning of her mouth.

“Hey man, I’m not waiting no more!” the black guy complained, releasing her tits. He slide underneath her spread thighs, still kneeling in her squat, and lined up his skinny long dick with her pussy.

*slap! *slap! *slap! *slap! Jennifer’s throat was being roughly used above, and as she retched and choked she suddenly felt her pussymeat being speared on a long, hard cock. He wasn’t too thick, she thanked her lucky stars for that, but her cunt was still sore and it was not pleasurable for her.

The man below started bouncing up with his thrusts as she rode him reverse cow girl, trying to keep her balance in her heels, her pussy wetly wrapping around the hard meat. Meanwhile, throat fucker had jammed his cock all the way in and was holding it there, a clear bulge visible in her throat where the head rested.

Jennifer looked up at him despondently, tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, her nose runny. He just smiled and gripped her neck in his hand, squeezing down on the bulge in her throat as he started sliding slightly back and forth, reveling in her tightness.

Picking up the pace, he fucked her in earnest, his 8 inches glistening as he worked her fuckmouth for all it was worth. Pulling out suddenly, he let the tip rest on her lower lip as she gasped for air. She gasped deeply and took in a blessed lungful, and he slammed her head back down his length before she could get a second.

He seemed to last forever, her tired jaw aching and her throat burning. The skinny man beneath her had finally come, grasping her hips from below as he shot her up with his seed. She just needed to finish off this fucking guy in her mouth! She gasped in another breath, before being quickly plugged again, looking up at him as the taste of his cock overwhelmed her.

“Here man, let me help you out.” The first guy to fuck her walked behind the struggling woman, and started tightening her collar. Her vision started to blur a little, and she could feel her pulse in her head. “Oh yeah, she tightened up reaaaal good now!” grunted the man, enjoying the smaller opening of her throat, as Jennifer was slowly strangled.

“Take…nnnn….this!” he grunted, slamming all 8 inches back and holding her there, shooting his load directly down her convulsing throat. ‘At least I don’t have to swallow’ she thought, her oxygen starved brain almost feeling happy with this revelation. With a loud pop! the officer pulled from her throat, a string of cum and saliva running from his cock to her lips. Jennifer limply leant forwards into his legs, feeling weak and degraded.

He reached down and loosened her collar back to its original tightness.

*gasp *cough “ohh…*splutter you…you bastards *cough” Gripping her hair again, he pulls her head back, her mouth parted, and each man spits directly into her steaming fuckmouth, the scum coating her tonsils and slowly running down her gullet.

They drop her face first into her bowl of slop so she can finish eating, and the men get dressed and head out the door. A long line of guards stood just outside waiting their turn.


She was ridden hard all night. Most guards preferred to come in alone, but there were some that fucked her in groups, drenching her in cum, sweat, and tears. She had been jackhammered doggy style, driving her bloated titbags into the ground. She had been tied face up to the bench, being spitroasted on one end in the ass, the other choking her with his cock. A few fucked her in a tame missionary style, but they were a minority.

A lot of the guards had a sadistic side to them, and would pinch and hurt her breasts, beat her with straps, and one made her hold her legs open while he beat her sex with a bamboo cane. She had made so much noise other officers had entered the room and stopped the man, fearing he would damage her before they got to her. Those same men that ‘rescued her’ spent the next half hour fisting her, her convulsing cunt tightly squeezing around their huge hands.

Eventually the guards stop coming, and in all she had serviced roughly 75 men that night. She had never felt more degraded and used. She was so tired, and when the last man had left she fell asleep right where she collapsed on the floor, with her swollen, bruised titbags smashed into the edge of the bench, her head limply resting on the surface.

She slept fitfully for a mere 2 hours, having nightmares of rape and pain and torture, and was out cold. She didn’t wake up when her door opened, and her two new handlers for the day entered the cell. She did wake up when each man grabbed an ankle, and drug her face down out of the room, her tits dragging on the floor up to her chin while she yelped.

“Morning whore, glad you survived the night.”
“Ouch! Let me go! I can walk god damn it! Ouch!” He right boob had just painfully slid over a rock on the floor. The guards ignored her and kept dragging her as she twisted futilely. Stopping just outside the building at a hose, they roughly sprayed her down, jamming the nozzle up her cunt and ass and letting the high water pressure clean her out.

They brought her all the way back to Block 4 – just because she had servicing duty last night didn’t mean she was off the hook for the morning strapping after all. Kneeling and pushing her tits out in the required presentation pose, Jennifer gasped as the first well oiled, wide leather strap impacted her shuddering bosom, her two muscular handlers standing to either side of her, alternating strokes.

*SLAP! “ngh!!”
“What was that bitch?” *SLAP! “Was that a ‘one’ I heard?”
*SLAP! “ugh! W-what do you-“*SLAP! “ngh! mean Sir?”
“We require you *SLAP! to count the strokes, slut.” *SLAP! “The count will start when you begin.”

*SLAP!”Ouch! Ohh One!” she announced.
*SLAP!”One what, slut? *SLAP! Try again!”
*SLAP! “Ohhh! One, Sir!” “Better. Again!”
*SLAP! “Two, Sir!”
*SLAP! “Th-three Sir!”

Jennifer gasped out the numbers, somehow only on stroke three even though she had been strapped twelve times already. These two handlers were even harsher than yesterday’s, swinging their punishing weighty straps into her tender bags with strong sidearm swings, and making her keep track of the count!

*SLAP!”Fuck! Four Sir!”
“Wrong slut!” *SLAP! “Anything other than the count *SLAP! will not be tolerated!” *SLAP!
“Begin again!”

*SLAP!”One Sir!” she frustratingly cried out.
*SLAP! “Two Sir!!” *SLAP! “Three Sir!”
She breathed desperately through her nose, trying to cope with the pain. The handler on her left motioned to the other, silently telling him to take over the strapping while he went to a cabinet in the corner. The other wailing women in the room looked at Jennifer pityingly.

*SLAP! “S-sssseven Sir!” *SLAP! “Eight Sir!!!”

*SLAP! “Nine Sir!” Eleven more to go. Her mind couldn’t comprehend such a huge number.
*SLAP! “Ten Sir!”

Her other handler returned, two heavy teak paddles in his hands. Tossing one to the other guard, they set aside their oiled straps and eyed her proud lust nuggets, poking out in the cold air from her reddened, beaten mammaries beneath them. Jennifer desperately wanted to beg for mercy, but was deathly afraid of starting the count over. Her face blanched white in panic.

*WHOMP! “Ayyhhhh elevennn Sir!” she cried, the first paddle crashing into her breast powerfully.
*WHOMP! “*gasp TWEEEEELVE SIR” she screamed.

Jennifer sobbed between blows, her hefty painsacks glowing red in absolute delight. They were compressed like thin pancakes with every strike, and Jennifer could barely stay upright as they hammered away, one after the other. As the beating went on, milk began to leak from her tortured nipples, her motherly cream being beaten out of her.

*WHOMP! “Ungh Seventeen Sir!” A small droplet of milk dripped from the heavy paddle.
*WHOMP! “NNGHG Eighteen Sir!” *WHOMP! “Nineteen SIIIR!”

The handler hesitated for the briefest of seconds, wanting to savor the final blow. *WHOMP! “T-tt-twenty Sir!” Jennifer sobbed out, weeping openly. Her poor breasts had never been beaten so thoroughly, the throbbing radiating through her womanly chest. She hadn’t even done anything wrong!

All in all she had taken no less than 36 strokes this morning to her burning, shuddering titbags, ten of which had been from the heavy paddles. And to think a week ago she led a simple life as a caring mother and devoted wife.

She was nearly finished. Her handlers picked up a thinner pair of leather straps and unchained her collar, bringing her to a table.

“Climb up and get on your back, and spread those legs whore! And remember to count!”
“I-I, b-but you c-can’t!” Jennifer cried as she slowly climbed up and parted her thighs. The juncture between her legs was exposed to the evil men.”Please, we’ve done enough haven’t we? Please!”

“Not my decision. At least twenty to the breasts, ten to the cunt, no exceptions.”

*Splat! The leather swung down, crashing into her sex lips with a loud crack.
“O-one Sir!”
*Splat! “Two Sir!”
*Splat! “Threeee sir!” *Splat! “Four Sir!”

Her lips took on a rosy hue, and her breath hitched when a particularly nasty swing landed just right, splitting her lips apart and kissing her clit beneath. After the 7th swing, her legs started to quake.

“Pull yourself open slut! Spread those lips! NOW!”
Trembling, her shaking fingers reached around her legs and pulled herself open, her delicate pink on exhibition.

*Splat! “Ungh! Eight Sir!” *Splat! “Ohhhhh nine Sir!”
“Last one cunt. Don’t fuck up.” Pulling back, he flung the strap into her wide open pussy as hard as he could.
*SPLAT! “*gasp T-t-ten Sir! Ohhhh ohh” Her legs snapped closed after the last swing, scissoring her thighs together as her teeth clenched.

“Not too bad 174. You were a little slow to figure out the count, but maybe you can adapt to life here after all.”


Jennifer was being escorted outside by her handlers, another new work day coming with the new dawn. They had taken her to be milked again in the kitchens, sucking her dry and storing her milk for culinary use. After gulping down her bitter morning gruel for breakfast, wondering when the last time was her breasts weren’t sore, her handlers informed her she would be working the stables today.

“I guess that’s not so bad.” she said quietly. She always did like horses, though she didn’t know a thing about caring for them. Her two handlers looked at each other and smirked.

Coming up on the stables, Jennifer could see a fenced off field full of grazing horses, and a large barn and stable off to the right. As soon as she walked through the stable doors, her jaw dropped open. Eight horses stood in their stalls, lining both sides of the building, and each had a prisoner in the stall with it. All except the last one, that one was for Jennifer.

Each woman knelt underneath their stallion, sucking on the bulbous head of a massive, hard horsecock. Their small hands wrapped around the length of the shafts, wetly sliding back and forth, as they milked their charges of their loads. A steel bucket sat on the ground next to them, waiting to transfer the horse cum to the kitchens for use in the inmates’ slop.

“Wha… what is this?!” cried Jennifer, trying to turn and run out the building, the strong hands of her handlers on her arms preventing her escape. “You can’t be serious!”

“If you like we can try to make it easier for you.” Grinning, they drag her to a table and throw her facedown on it, the heavy-set man sitting on her upperback, crushing her to the surface, while holding her legs. The other guard prepares a syringe, squirting a small amount into the air, and pushes the sharp needle into her perineum.

“Ouch! What is that!?”
She gasps as it sinks in the flesh between her asshole and pussy, and the man depresses the plunger.

“That’s a powerful aphrodisiac. Maybe it will help distract you.” Already she can feel her nipples hardening, her cunt starting to moisten.

“But I don’t-” before she can protest, she’s pulled upright and winces as the big man grasps her nipples, hauling her to her stall. Embarrassed at being led by the tits, her handlers push down on her shoulders, forcing her to kneel next to the large brown horse, his cock hanging limply down in front of her face. She turns her head away.

“Hmm, well. I guess we can just bring you back for another paddling or three” said the man to her left, reaching down and twisting her nipple.

“N-no, you can’t. Please, can’t we-“

“And then, after beating you black and blue, we can try that new electrotherapy unit the doctor provided.” he continued, taking his taser off his belt. “Would you like some idea what it’s like?”

He jammed his taser up between her legs and pulled the trigger, and Jennifer howled and doubled over as the voltage punched through her cunt. Grabbing her hair, he pulls her upright again.

“Of course it’s much stronger than that. I imagine we could leave you there most of the day, 10 hours or so. Hell, we can ask the Sergeant to let you pull an all-nighter if we’re getting good results.”

“No, please, that’s not necessary. I’ll cooperate, please.” Jennifer hated the idea of sucking a horse off, but she didn’t want to be tortured. At least if she was sucking cocks all day her poor body could try to start healing.

Releasing her hair, her handler straightened back up. “I knew you’d come around, 174. It’s kind of cute how you thought you had any sort of choice anyway. Well. Get to it.”

Looking at the cock bobbing gently, she tentatively raised her right hand. The aphrodisiac was wreaking havoc in her system, and her nipples could cut glass. She would never admit it, but being so horny and looking at that big cock, made her wish she could just fuck something. Anything.

But that wasn’t her task. Her task was to suck the horse off. Sighing, and closing her eyes briefly, she grasps the shaft and starts running her hand back and forth.

“Use your tongue fool. Lick him!” barked the man. ‘There’s no going back now…’ she thought, and slowly ran her wet pink tongue all along the underside, to the bulbous tip. The cock flexed and the horse shuffled his feat, starting to arouse. One of her handlers patted his neck and held his reins, calming him down, and Jennifer started working her hand down the newly wettened shaft.

She tried different hand pressures, not wanting to squeeze too hard, and started tonguing the slit, kissing the head.

“Use both hands. And when he cums, make sure you get it in the bucket! If that bucket isn’t full by the end of the day, there’s a special punishment for you.”

Red faced, she got to work, the now completely stiff cock growing bigger in her hands. Pushing on the back of her head, the man behind her forces 3 inches of horsecock into her mouth, holding her there. He lets go and she pops off.

“…gah! Okay, okay…” she mumbles, the taste of cock filling her mouth, the strong scent causing her wet pussy to involuntarily clench. God she was so horny, she hated that bastard for injecting her.

“oh, almost forgot your work vibrator. Keep sucking slut.”

Retrieving the 10-3/4 inch monster vibrator and a pair of gloves, he walks to the next stall over, ignoring the slurping woman within. He dips the vibrator in the bucket of cum, lubricating it for Jennifer.

He returns and kneels behind her as the sound of her sucking fills the stall. “I bet you’re going crazy with that aphrodisiac right now. You’d love for this to be up your dirty cunt, wouldn’t you whore?”

“Mgh!” Jennifer protested around the cock in her mouth, working 4 inches in and out between her lips. She wasn’t a whore, they were making her do these things!

“So that’s not where it’s going to go.” Putting the wet, slimy end against her asshole, he suddenly shoves in 3 inches and Jennifer squeals into the cock, her ass widening painfully. *NNGH! Momentarily holding still and not sucking, the horse gets agitated and shuffles around.

“Suck, whore!” reprimanded her handler, and he whacks the back of the toy with his hand, the slippery vibrator sinking another 4 inches up her too-tight butt! 7 inches of bumpy plastic up her backside, Jennifer groans and breathes deeply around the horse, sucking hard and trying to distract herself from the burning between her cheeks.

Three inches still stuck out from her ass, and that gave him enough to get a good grip on the vibrator. He started slowly fucking her with it, enjoying how she shuddered, her stretched asshole barely swallowing the thing without ripping – all while she got more and more sexually frustrated, her pussy aching to be touched, her thighs squeezing together tightly as she attended to the stallion in front of her.

*Thwump *Thwump *Thwump *Thwump *Thwump
The clapping of her stinging butt fucking became her rhythm as she focused on the cock in her mouth. She worked her lips up and down the first four inches, sucking softly then harder as her tongue flickered on the underside. She stopped with the first inch in her mouth, and ran her tongue along the head, before sucking it back in down to 4 inches. Behind her, the vibrator had been shoved deeply into her and was being rotated back and forth, as her insides felt too full and ached in protest, before it was suddenly yanked backwards and her pounding began anew.

It turns out Jennifer wasn’t very good at being able to tell when a horse was about to cum. Suddenly she felt a forceful splash in her mouth, and, startled, she swallowed a mouthful of cum as the cock started to shoot off like a hose, cum shooting up out of her nose.

*gasp *cough “ugh god” she spit the ejaculating cock out and aims it at the bucket, as what seemed like pints of horse cum came forth. She kept stroking his length with both her hands as he came, the cum getting on her hands and greasing her palms to glide wetly over the hard flesh.

The smell of his cum powerfully assaulted her senses, her entire mouth and nasal passage wet with the stuff. Blinking and coughing up phlegm and cum, she sat stroking his cock, unsure of what to do next as the last drops fell from the tip. Her breath hitched as her handler behind her kept pounding her ass.

“Get sucking again whore!” The second man knelt down and slapped her cum covered face, her red eyes blinking back tears. “Each horse gets to cum twice. And don’t even think about throwing up, or it’s electrotherapy for you.”

Opening her pink lips wide again, she leans forward and swallows 4 inches of cock, working her tongue over the sticky skin. Behind her, the handler fucking her ass spanks her hard and pulls the vibrator out with a pop, looking with disdain at the brown streaks coating it. He wipes it off with a rag and shuffles over to her cum bucket.

He re-dips the vibrator in the cum, covering it with a fresh batch of lube, and drives it into her shuddering ass once again. Her hips wiggled as she tried to pull her asshole away from the disgusting punishing toy, but he is insistent. Soon her cheeks are clapping against his hand again as he roughly brutalizes her butt, her tits jiggling and swinging from the impacts. He flicks the vibrator on and it comes alive, sending waves of sensation up her ass while she clenches on it.

Amidst the wet sounds of her mouth being violated, the horse starts to whinny and snort. Chuckling, her second handler grabs her head and shoves her forward as hard as he can.

“MnngH! FhGHMM!!!” Jennifer convulses as the hard meat spears down her throat, 15 inches of cock disappearing down her face! She’s less than halfway down the thing but that’s more than enough for a human, her welling eyes staring up at his belly, the fat cock making a huge bulge appear all the way down her neck.

She thought she was going to die, it felt like she had swallowed a summer sausage. She could painfully feel the head resting somewhere around her collar bone, the fucktube that used to be her throat aching and spasming uncontrollably. The horse started shooting his cum, a powerful jet splashing down directly into her stomach. She felt like she was going to be sick.

Pushing with both her hands on his stomach, she extricated herself from his cock, it coming free with a loud, wet *Pop!

She aimed it with one hand at the bucket, the other supporting herself on the floor while her head hung low, coughing and gagging. Less than half of what made up the last load ended up in the bucket, the rest already down in her stomach.

“*Gasp! ugh…..*gasp…why…*cough why d-did…*retch” she tried to splutter some words out, but her hoarse throat was having none of it. Cum mixed with snot ran from her nose and mouth and landed on her tits, and she started crying. She was desperately trying not to vomit as her stomach heaved.

Leaving her vibrator wedged up between her ass cheeks, the handler behind her stood up and rolled his neck. While she tried to recover, they led the horse away out into the field.

…and promptly led in a fresh new one.


Gagging and spluttering on another load of cum, she finished off her 13th horse of the day, her tired jaw feeling like it was about to be dislocated. Her soft hands cupped the massive, wrinkled balls as she gently massaged as much cum as she could from them, letting the cock spurt into her bucket. She was freezing cold, her handlers getting more and more disgusted with her as she was covered with ever increasing amounts of cum, and had taken to hosing her off between horses, leaving her soaking wet and shivering.

On the third horse they had the cruel idea of forcing her to cover one nostril then the other, making her inhale and snort as hard as she could after each horse came. The horse cum would almost always inevitably shoot up her nose when the forceful jets first started, so by snorting it in she started packing her sinuses with the thick stuff. Now if she spoke she sounded like she had a cold.

Ever her companion during this ordeal, her vibrator buzzed away happily between her ass cheeks, her sore asshole having given up on expelling the invader. They had given her periodic ‘booster’ shots of aphrodisiac throughout the day, but the effects had never really worn off from the first, so she was just unbearably more and more horny.

Her thighs scissored together almost constantly, trying to find some sort of relief, but she was forbidden from touching herself. She finished milking the cock into the bucket, and sat back on her knees, steeling herself for the next horse to be brought in. Her stomach roiled and complained, feeling overly full, like she had eaten a huge dinner.

“Time’s up fuckslut. That’s all the horsecock you get to swallow today.”

Panic hit Jennifer, and she looked at her bucket despairingly. It was only 3/4 full!

“Can I have one more?” her cracked voice squeezed out the pitiful request. “Please, just…just one more!” She was close to tears, how could she go through all this and still end up getting punished?

“Sorry bitch. It doesn’t matter how cock-hungry you are, rules are rules.”

They stood her up and pulled her vibrator from her ass, her asshole gaping and twitching, unsure of its newfound freedom, the ‘lubricant’ they used dripping out of it. Turning her around, she saw the other inmates pushing in a hollow wooden model of a horse, life sized with a closed hatch on the side. There were large holes drilled where its genitals should have been.

“Failure to fill the bucket means you get an hour of mating.” drawled the big man to her right.

“M-mate…with….the horses…” Jennifer muttered quietly, eyes wide. Her mind was racing. She remembered what it felt like when she was shoved onto the horsecock, 15 inches spearing down her aching throat. That was only half the cock!

She would be killed. It just wasn’t anatomically possible for her to be fucked by a horse, she would die.

While the attendants were anchoring the fake horse in the center of the stable, her exhausted mind made a decision. She wasn’t going to die. She was going to have to run for it! She didn’t know where on the island she would go or how she would survive, but she would not die here!

“No, please, please don’t do this. You can’t do this!” she started begging as they grasped her arms, pulling her towards the contraption.

Gritting her teeth, she suddenly twists violently, her left arm breaking free from one of her handlers. Spinning towards the other, she kicks him as hard as she can with her high heeled foot, missing his groin but causing him to take a step back. Cursing, they reach for their tasers, but Jennifer is already booking it for the door, sprinting as best she can on shaky legs out the stable doors.

Running in high heels is damn near impossible, especially in outdoor terrain, which is one of the reasons inmates were required to wear the shoes. Jennifer rounded the corner and jumped the fence awkwardly, tits flopping and swaying, heading into the big open fields with all the grazing horses, many of which she had just sucked dry.

Behind her the second set of stable doors burst open, and her handlers galloped after her, mounted on horseback. One of the horses was the one she had just finished off, his cock still partially erected and swinging comically as it chased after her.

Poor Jennifer ran as hard as she could, but there was no way a weak, abused woman in heels could outrun a horse. They rapidly were gaining on her, and her eyes darted around desperately looking for anything that could help her.

That was when she fell. One of her heels had landed on a large rock and she had totally lost her footing, and she went crashing to the ground. She fell flat on her face, crushing her boobs beneath her, and felt dazed. Blinking and trying to clear her head, she rolls over onto her back, and felt a sharp, piercing pain in her left breast.

Looking down, she panics as she sees a rattlesnake biting into her breast, it’s long fangs sinking into her boobflesh, pumping her full of its venom. She starts screaming for help as her handlers ride up to her.

“Help me! Please help me I’ve been bitten by a snake! Help me!”
“Fuck! This stupid fucking bitch!” curses her handler, jumping down from his mount, looking in the saddle bag for the emergency kit. His partner runs up to Jennifer, and quickly cuffs her wrists behind her, then her ankles together, hobbling her. He had flipped her over to cuff her wrists, and the snake, not liking being crushed underneath her at all, bit her breast a second and third time while Jennifer wailed. Finally the man grabbed the snake and flung it away, ripping it from her wounded mammary.

Running up to the distressed girl with a first aid kit, he takes out a tourniquet and starts tightly wrapping the base of her left boob.

“You stupid, fucking cunt! What the fuck were you thinking?”

“I…I…I had to get away!” Jennifer was crying, the pressure in her boob growing exponentially with each wrap. “I would have died! Oww!”

Twisting the windlass, the little stick on a tourniquet that really cranks the pressure up, he yells at her.
“You *twist dumb *twist fucking *twist whore!”

“ahh! Ahh please! What are you doing? *twist -ungh!”

“I’m stopping the venom from entering your bloodstream!”

Her strangled globe felt like it was about to burst, and shone a bright red as the blood was trapped within. Satisfied the immediate danger passed, the man exhaled.

“You wouldn’t have died you stupid fucking bitch, but I promise you you will wish you had after this. You would have been secured within the horse farther up into the belly, only the end of that dick would have reached you!”

“I…I’m sorry I didn’t know! I was afraid! Please, Sirs, please don’t tell anyone, don’t let me be punished!”

He looked at her coldly, taking a second tourniquet from his bag. “Of course you will be punished. We’ll deal with that once we get back.”

He starts wrapping the second tourniquet around her right breast, which was completely uninjured.

“Uh…sir? Sir? Ouch.” He starts twisting the windlass.
“ugh! Sir, I didn’t get *twist ah! bitten on that one, it’s just *twist ngh! the left one!”

Glaring at her, he starts twisting the windlasses on both tourniquets at the same time, one in each hand.
“I hate *twist when stupid sluts *twist run!” *twist *twist *twist

“Oooo ouch! Ouch!!” she groans in pain, both throttled funbags rapidly turning purple under the tight squeeze, the blood flow completely stopped. Giving each mushroomed tit a hard punch in annoyance, he throws the terrified woman over the back of his horse like a sack of potatoes, and starts galloping for the medical building, his partner following close behind.


“I’m very disappointed in you, Prisoner 174” admonished the doctor, his face as emotionless as ever. He filled a syringe with rattlesnake antivenom…mixed with bee venom. The irony. “You are lucky our men are so well trained.”

“I…yes, doctor. Please hurry sir” Jennifer answered meekly, unable to do anything else. She was strapped down to a tilt table, currently reclining backwards at 30 degrees, just enough for the bright lights above to shine down into her face. Both her handlers were present, standing on either side of her, refusing to leave in case she tried to escape again. Tight straps held her to the table, across her ankles, upper thighs, and above and below her dark purple breasts.

Still being strangled by the tourniquets, her fatsacks had gone numb, though she could still feel a light throbbing from deep within. “Um…doctor. Please, could you take off the right tourniquet? Only my left breast was bitten…” Ignoring her, the doctor approached her with the syringe in hand.

Lining the long, 3 inch needle up with her left nipple, he slowly pushed the syringe straight down the center. Jennifer was glad her chest had been numbed, she was sure that would have hurt awfully. She felt a twinge of pain, but it was manageable. Pulling the syringe out, he refilled it and injected her right breast as well, making sure the needle was fully seated as deeply as possible, depressing the plunger the entire 3 inches as he pulled it from her.

‘She will feel that later for sure’ mused the doctor. By the handlers reports, her trussed up titties had been bound up for just over 5 minutes now. Any longer would be dangerous. With a practiced hand he quickly unbound each tourniquet, freeing each strangled globe, and the blood rapidly starting flowing back into her oxygen starved tissues.

Jennifer moaned quietly as her tits started to tingle, and they seemed to burn right in the centers like something was terribly wrong. It must just be because of that long needle.

In a moment she would be screaming as the pain of blueish purple tits having their circulation restored would hit her. He spoke to her handlers. “She is healthy enough for punishment, you may begin. But leave her here, I have more data to collect from 174 and today is as good a day as any.”

She stared as the doctor walked through the side door, closing it behind him. Jennifer’s heart dropped. They were going to start punishment on her now? Her poor breasts were starting to burn and-


The heavy teak paddles both walloped into her tits at the same time, the same paddles they had used to devastating effect on her this morning!

“We can help restore your circulation, cunt!” *WHOMP “ahhh!”

“No, please they need to heal, don’t-*WHOMP Argh!”

Setting once again into an alternating rhythm, the pair resumed one of their favorite past times. As more and more of the old blood was barbarically pounded out of her titbags and new, oxygen rich blood rushed to fill its place, Jennifer’s tits ached more and more horribly, the initial deep tingling replaced with a radiating soreness, then agony. The bee venom she didn’t even know was inside her flared and spread out under the thrashing blows, her tits rapidly swelling even more.

“nnnngh! No, no-“*WHOMP “Ungh!” *WHOMP “ahhh!”

“Who the FUCK” *WHOMP “ungh!” “do you think you are?” *WHOMP

“You think you can run away?” *WHOMP “uhh! N-no sir. No I-“

*WHOMP “You think you will escape this facility?!” *WHOMP *WHOMP

“I-I’m sorry! Please, not so hard! Not so-*WHOMP ahhhh!”


“And to think we were going easy on you!” *WHOMP *WHOMP
*WHOMP*WHOMP “You WILL reap your rewards, I promise you!” *WHOMP

Her heavy milkbags, no longer dark purple but a deep, angry red, danced on her chest, flattening into pancakes before springing back for the next blow. They were anything but numb now, and when she wasn’t crying out she was constantly groaning. How could these monsters paddle her tits twice in one day?!

Almost like keeping a beat, they smashed her swollen globes hard and forcefully. When she was paddled this morning it was just the daily morning routine, with a bit of added flair. This, however, was punishment.

Jennifer felt the difference. Spinning the paddles around in their hands, the pair started smacking into her fatsacks with the sides of the paddles, the much smaller surface area completely crushing her milkbags where they struck, dividing her tits in half with each blow. Jennifer wheezed, the breath whooshing out of her lungs, and gasped over and over, her ribs starting to ache below her totally, bruisingly crushed meatsacks.

*WHOMP*WHOMP*WHOMP*WHOMP “*gasp nnngH! I can’t…*WHOMP*WHOMP I can’t do this-!! *WHOMP*WHOMP *Gasp Please stop!” *WHOMP*WHOMP*WHOMP*WHOMP

Satisfied with their progression, the pair set down their paddles. Taking a break, one of the handlers lit up a cigarette and sat down, peering intently at her tear-streaming, hyperventilating face, while the other stood directly in front of her. Her knockers were a deep red, and you could see deep bruises forming all over them. Except for one part.

Taking a pair of toothed clamps, he clips one to her right nipple, right on the small hole where the doctor had inserted his syringe. Taking out a small screwdriver, he started tightening the set screw, making it bite harder and harder into her nipple flesh.

“Owww. You’ve got to be kidding me” she complained. Moaning, she shook her chest as it got tighter and tighter, trying to escape the infernal biting pain. He attached the clamp’s partner to the other nipple, and cranked it down drum tight as well. Running a piece of twine from one clamp, up behind her neck, and down to the other, he pulled the twine tight and tied it off, exposing the sensitive undersides of her titbags, also red but decidedly less dinged up than the rest of her boobflesh. Her nipples strained upward tightly, pulled at least an inch from her breasts, the twine much tighter than necessary.

He left her there, eyes open wide, as he walked to the table and put on a pair of fingerless leather gloves. Cracking his knuckles, he stood in front of her again, and spit in her face.

“Maybe this will encourage you to behave yourself from now on.” *Thud! *Thud! Violently he punched into her painsacks, first the right, then the left, his knuckles crashing and sinking into the soft flesh of her mostly unblemished underboobs. Striking her again, and again, he was determined that the fleshy undersides would be as marked and hurt as the rest.

*Thud! “Ugh! God… *Thud! P-please!” *sobbing

Escape attempts never looked good on a guard’s record. He angrily started beating her harder.

Her wailing echoed throughout the room, her chest suffering marvelously as the small amount of healing she achieved while sucking off the horses was set back. Sweat was beading on the handler’s forehead as his boxing workout took its toll on him.

35 punches in, Jennifer’s brutalized flesh was finally starting to look a little more appropriate for a woman in her position. She had given up voicing any words, and simply groaned and cried, reduced to animalistic responses. Satisfied with their progression, he gripped both mammaries and gave them a ruthless, tight squeeze. Jennifer, seeing red as her voiced cracked and whimpered, finally passed out, her tenderized bags sending just too much ache and pain to her tired brain. He returned his gloves to the drawer.

Leaving her with her nipples still drawn up tight by the twine, her handlers retired for the evening, heading down to see who had guard servicing duty tonight. The good doctor would see to Jennifer’s feeding, as he had more tests he wanted to perform on her this evening.


When Jennifer came to, she had been moved from the medical lab to the doctor’s large, but still clinically freezing, adjacent testing room. Finding her hanging limply on the tilt table, unconscious with deeply red and swollen tits, he pieced together that she was unable to handle the ire of her handlers.

Loosening her straps and letting her drop to the floor in a crumpled heap, he quickly checked to make sure her wrists were still secured behind her back, and checked her ankle cuffs. Unable to help himself, he sunk his long, skinny fingers deeply into her abused fucksacks, still drawn up tightly by the twine, and started dragging her through the side door into the testing room, her face twitching as she moaned in her unconscious stupor.

It was still early evening, and he could get started on some of his tests right away. He didn’t mind working late sometimes, especially if the work was enjoyable. Besides, Prisoner 180 was becoming his pet project, and he would be up tending to her for a few more hours anyway.

Jennifer’s eyes started to flutter open, and she immediately felt the throbbing deeply coursing through her castigated mammaries. “Ohhhh…..”

As she became more aware of her surroundings, she found she couldn’t move much. She was strapped into the gynecological chair she sat in when first processed, her legs spread wide and secured in the stirrups, hands still cuffed behind her, a heavy strap running below her battered breasts, holding her torso down. The twine running behind her neck was still tied tightly to her nipple clamps, pulling her globes up painfully, showing off the sensitive, heavily beaten undersides.

She didn’t have time to worry about it. When she saw what was going on across the room, her mind froze in appalled fear.

Prisoner 180, Mikaela, the poor pregnant woman Jennifer glimpsed being drug into medical immediately after her those few days ago, hung suspended from a ceiling beam by her wrists and ankles via long chains. Her head hung limply back, long black hair sweeping just a foot off the floor.

Two thick, clear hoses ran into her body. One was 1.5 inches thick and threaded through the ring gag strapped around her head, the nozzle pushed down deeply into her throat. The other 2 inch hose was shoved up her ass, two large inflatable rings on both sides of her asshole forming a liquid tight seal. Oxygen tubes were threaded up through her nostrils, letting her breathe, and a catheter was shoved up her peehole. Her boobs, sloping sideways slightly on her upturned chest, had suction cups sealed around the nipples, ready to milk, but it was currently shut off.

She looked both miserable and…asleep? Her face was clearly contorted uncomfortably, but she was breathing slowly and deeply, as if unconscious.

Attached to the other end of her feeding tube a large machine was gently pumping a yellowish tinged liquid through the clear hoses. Concerned for her health and lauding the benefits of the dog cum he had soaked her womb with, the doctor had designed this machine to deliver a constant stream of nutrients her body could use during her pregnancy.

The fluid was a mixture of carbohydrates, vitamins, and sugars. It was specially formulated to contain everything she needed to survive. Proteins were delivered via the mixed in dog and horse cum, and her dripping catheter fed around back into the feeding vat, adding her own waste to the mix. He himself had taken to pissing into the vat throughout the day for his own amusement, and when her hefty motherly titties would fill up again, he’d run the milking pump on her, her own dairy pumping into her feeding vat.

The small pump never stopped running. The liquid was constantly, very very slowly forced down her throat and into her full to bursting stomach. From there it was forced into her intestines, which swelled like stuffed sausages, and ran out of her ass tube to another collection vat. The aperture of her ass tube had been adjusted to allow just enough fluid out to build up a terrible pressure within her. The used but still nutrient rich leftovers were then pumped to the kitchens, to be used in the slop as needed.

The doctor stood near her upturned pregnant belly, lightly rubbing oil on her tight skin. She looked huge, her overstuffed stomach and bowels pushing her baby bump out even farther. Already heavily pregnant, she looked like she was going to pop at any moment, as if her skin itself was creaking under the strain.

“Wh…what are you doing to her?” Jennifer felt chills running down her spine.

“Ah, 174. You’re back with us I see.”

“Is…is she dead?”

“Heavens no” laughed the doctor. “She’s asleep. The human brain can only go so long without sleep, I’m afraid, before it forces itself to shut down. She can be woken with enough stimulus though.”

*Swish *Thwap!
He picked up a flexible, whippy cane and slammed it down hard on her upthrust stomach. A long, angry red weal crossed her navel, and Mikaela’s eyes popped open miserably. Squirming, she groaned and turned her head towards the doctor, blinking up at him sadly.

*Swish *Thwap!
*Swish *Thwap!

“Stop! Sir, please, just…leave her alone.” cried out Jennifer. If she could somehow find rest, then she should be allowed to have it. Looking at Mikaela with dead eyes, he pressed a few buttons on the machine, and the pump barely whirred a little faster, increasing the pressure in her bloated belly; Jennifer swore she could see it swell just a tiny bit more. A tear ran down Mikaela’s hanging face and into her hair.

He knelt down. “It seems you’ve made a friend, 180” he whispered with his characteristic emotionless voice. He gently slapped her check, then stood and strolled across the room to Jennifer.

He still had a few tests and evaluations to run on Jennifer, being one of the new inmates. He was already planning on working late today on Prisoner 180, so when 174 was brought to him for treatment he opted to squeeze her into his schedule tonight as well.

“Um, sir. What are you planning to do to me?” Jennifer asked cautiously, looking at him between her spread legs.

The doctor didn’t answer, but simply pulled on a pair of white latex gloves and fumbled around in a drawer.
“It’s…It’s just that, sir, I’m so sore already. They hurt me so much today. Please don’t hurt me too.” her voice cracked, the emotion briefly rising into her voice. She wanted to ask him to release her tenderized nipples from the crushing clamps, but was too afraid to do so.

Still not speaking to her, he takes out 3 differently sized buttplugs, each with a hollow hole in the base. Sitting between her legs, he lubes up the smallest, and starts working it up into her ass.

“S-sir, do you r-really need to do that?” she asked, her shapely butt still smarting from housing her work vibrator all day.
He twists the plug around and then pulls it out with a pop, her ass briefly gaping at him before starting to close up. He quickly shoved the medium sized plug into her, finding a little resistance, but ultimately forcing it in before she can become accustomed to it.

“Ouch!” She wiggles her hips. “What’s this for sir?” She tried to sound respectful. She was all too aware of the pain that could come her way if she wasn’t.

“I’m sizing you” he finally spoke, noting her tightness but elasticity to himself. “I think the large will be suitable for you.”
“Ugh! But, what’s it for sir?” groaned Jennifer, her ass burning as he popped the fat plug from between her cheeks. Picking up the large, its oversized head gleaming wetly with lube, he starts pushing it up her tender butt, twisting and using both hands to drive it home.

“Ngh! Ohhh goddd” she groans as her ass starts to swallow it up, the tight ring slipping over the flared head, wetly sliding over the widest part. Finally it sank in completely, her asshole shrinking down tight, locking it in place.

He grips the base of the buried plug and wiggles it side to side a bit, testing it. Satisfied it wasn’t going anywhere, he goes and rolls over an enema kit, multiple one quart bags of saline hanging from it on standby.

“We will determine your fluid capacity, as well as some other measurements of interest.” stated the doctor, feeding the tube from the first hanging enema bag through the hole in the base of her buttplug.

“O-okay Sir, I….I understand.” Jennifer resigned herself to make it through the exam without incident or reason to be punished tomorrow. Don’t fight him, don’t fight him, don’t fight him…

He adjusted her gyno chair, tilting her head back and raising her lower body up in the air at a 45 degree angle, so that the enema could flow down into her more deeply and easily. Opening the valve, the first quart started flowing into her at a moderate rate, feeling uncomfortable and awkward, but not painful. It just felt like she really, really had to take a crap.

She exhaled and tried to relax, not sure how much he intended to fill her with. She was sure it would be too much, after seeing what he was doing to that poor woman hanging from the rafters.

The second quart started flowing into her, and Jennifer started to feel too full. Her lower body ached and she could feel the liquid start to pressurize deep inside her.

The doctor stopped to press on her stomach, while Jennifer bit her lower lip. Humming to himself, he loaded the third quart of saline.

“Uhhh” Jennifer moaned, her belly filling with more fluid. A small bump could be seen on her lower abdomen, and the doctor noted the bag stopped draining after 3/4 of it had flowed inside her. He squeezed the bag, forcing the rest in past the one way valve in her plug.

Jennifer felt way too full. “I think that’s all I can take doctor” she voiced meekly, shifting uncomfortably in her restraint, the blood pounding in her head from hanging inclined upside down too long.

Then the doctor loaded the fourth quart.

Squeezing the bag with both hands, he slowly forced more and more fluid into her, her belly swelling.
“ungh doctor! I can’t take any more!” she groaned, intense cramps assaulting her intestines. Squeezing more and more into her, the bag slowly, but surely, emptied, leaving Jennifer looking like she was 1 month pregnant.

“Excellent, you took all 4 quarts.” he noted it on his clipboard.
“Y-yes sir” Jennifer desperately needed the toilet, and squirmed as she waited on the doctor.

The electric motors on her gyno chair whirred to life, and she was tilted up to a sitting position again, then at an angle, her butt right over a drain pipe in the floor. Without a word, the doctor suddenly pulled out the fat buttplug sealing her ass.

“Oooh” Jennifer blushed red, humiliated, as the enema forcefully squirted out of her, the brown water rushing down the drain. Doctor Ray opened the valve on the nearby hose and rinsed her butt off, making sure all of her enema rinsed away.

“Um…Sir. Does that mean we are finished?” she asked hopefully. In response her chair was already moving her backwards again, once again raising her butt into the air.

Again he shoved the buttplug up her ass, Jennifer squealing at the rough insertion.
“Again Sir? B-but, why-AH ahh!” the muscles in her colon started tightly contracting, as the freezing ice water filled her. Since he knew what she could take at a base level now, he did not give her much time between quarts. More and more kept flowing into her bowels, and Jennifer started shivering.

3 quarts in he paused and felt her stomach, pushing down roughly.
“Ngh! It’s s-s-s-o cold!” she complained. More water started flowing into her again, and she felt tighter, more full than last time. The doctor was trying to squeeze 4 quarts into her, but the last half just didn’t want to go.

He would make it go. Rolling the bag up from the top down, he slowly forced it inside her.

“Ugh! Doctor it’s…it’s too much!” Jennifer shivered and trembled, her insides freezing but also paradoxically burning under the stretching, cramping pain.

All 4 quarts finally where they belong, the doctor made a note on his clipboard. It was possible to get her to take frigid water to capacity, it just took a little bit of effort.

He maneuvered her upright again, and once again Jennifer found herself voiding her bowels in front of the doctor as he hosed her off. At least the water was clear this time.


A few minutes later Jennifer was once again inverted in the gyno chair, her legs still secured in the stirrups, splaying her out, her raised butt being pumped full of saline.

Saline that was piping hot! She groaned miserably, positive that her insides were being burned to some degree, as the doctor pumped in her fourth quart. Sweat poured off of her skin, her hair soaking wet with it. Her nipples never had been released from the twine pulling them towards her chin, and sweat ran down her tits to drip from her clamped teats into her face.

“Unnngh! It’s too hot doctor! It’s burning me! Please” Jennifer cried out as she suffered, the doctor pushing on her belly, making it gurgle.

“I think you can take some more…” the doctor said quietly, as he readied another hot quart!
“N-no! Sir please, 4 quarts is all I can do! Something will burst!” Jennifer begged him to reconsider.
“I-I’ll do anything you want! Just please, don’t put that inside me!”

The hot water again started flowing, and Jennifer tensed up, her belly swelling even more. After seeing her tense up with the ice water, which affected her ability to take 4 quarts, he suspected that hot water would yield better results. As the 5th quart filled her, he massaged her belly with his hand, pushing down and rolling it in circles.

“Ungh! Sir, stop! That hurts! It hurts!”
The water filled all the nooks and crannies of her bowels, as he massaged it deeply into her. As the final drops were squeezed into the groaning woman, she looked nearly 2 months pregnant.

This was her capacity. Taking his clipboard, he made the note.

She lay there, inverted and full to the brim, trying to blink the sweat out of her eyes. She was so hot, and the cramps were awful! No matter how hard she pushed, the buttplug’s one way valve would not let her expel any water.

Doctor Ray had only one more test for her tonight. When Jennifer was first processed after arriving on the island, he had measured her vaginal depth with his fat, coke can wide graduated dildo. Now he wanted to measure if her depth capacity had changed when her ass was filled to the limit.

Jennifer jumped when she felt the fat probe start to slip into her cunt. The tapered head started out only an inch thick, but rapidly widened to 2.5 inches. He slowly started pushing and twisting, her cunt swallowing up 3, then 4, then 5 inches of plastic cock.

“Uh! Uh! God it’s so big..ngh!” steadily the doctor worked more and more into her, twisting the dildo around so he could read the measurements marked on the side. She had taken 10.75 inches before. Now she was taking a little over 7, her tightened insides just squeezing too hard to let it pass further.

“Not good enough.” He again grabbed the dildo, and worked her sore twat harder. Back and forth he fucked her with it, her pussy getting wetter and wetter as it did its best to swallow as much plastic cock as possible. She could feel the hot water inside her wallowing around, displaced by her expanded fucktube.

Pushing with both hands, he leans into her body, putting nearly all his body weight on the dildo. It slowly sank into her, the 2.5 inch diameter stretching nearly the whole length of her tight cunt.
“Nghh! Ooooh” Jennifer bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, breathing deeply to try and cope with the sensation. Her stomach felt so full, making her ache deeply inside.

He stopped pushing and made a fist, beating down on the dildo with his hand. The poor woman made a lot of noise, but the dildo just wouldn’t go any deeper. Looking at the graduations, he could see she had taken 9 inches. So that was 1.75 inches less than when her ass was empty. Not too bad.

“That’s all we have time for today 174.” said the doctor, rubbing his eyes tiredly after notating the measurement. He whirred her upright in her chair again. “Unngh. Y-yes sir. Um sir, will I be fed tonight?”

Looking annoyed, he shoves a funnel into her mouth, and tells her to hold it while she gagged on the nozzle poking her throat. Taking a small bucket full of the nutritious mix being pumped through Prisoner 180, he slowly pours the contents into the funnel while Jennifer swallows as fast as she can, disgusted but also starving. Her stomach gurgles and churns, but she manages to keep it all down. With the 5 quart enema and dildo still inside her, she felt like she was about to blow. It actually hurt when she forced down those last few swallows.

And then the doctor started walking to the door! She spit the funnel out.

“Sir! Wait! Please, are you going to let the water out? Please!”
Totally ignoring her, he shuts the lights off, leaving her in total darkness, her pussy still stuffed and her ass bursting with water.

She closed her eyes, laying there in her chair, trying her best to will her body to fall asleep. Failing utterly, she just listened to the gentle whir of the machine pumping Mikaela’s dreadful cum and nutrient solution through her swollen body. She wondered if her sleep-deprived brain had knocked her out again. That poor woman. At least Jennifer hadn’t ended up like her.


*Slap! *Slap! *Slap! *Slap!
“Uh uh uh ungh!”

Sergeant Callow’s long, fat cock plowed into Jennifer’s tight twat, his thick girth making the breathless woman bite her index finger. A small stream of cum and pussy juice ran down her inner thigh. The sergeant was one of many to abuse her so far today, the sound of their lewdly slapping flesh filling the room. It was already 2:30, and she had been getting fucked since dawn, immediately after her morning strapping, guards filing in for a piece of her during their breaks.

Two weeks had gone by since Jennifer had found herself at the mercy of Doctor Ray. So sore and hurting, and scared she was going to be permanently injured, she had tried really hard to not incur any more punishment sessions, fucking and sucking whoever and whatever was required of her with minimal complaint, and doing her best to finish any tasks given her. She did not always succeed, but her poor mistreated body was finally at least somewhat healing, the bruises and welts not nearly as pronounced as they were two weeks ago.

She still hated it all, and her handlers could see the fire in her eyes. They would try their best to beat it out of her.

Now she was chained, like a bitch in heat, by her collar to her post in the guards’ rec room, face and tits on the floor, ass up. Since she had been behaving better lately, Sergeant Callow decided she had it too easy with her lack of severe punishment, and assigned her a triple shift of servicing duty. She would be tending to the guards all day, all night, and tomorrow morning.

Prying her perfect ass cheeks apart while he fucked her, the sergeant looked down at her winking asshole and spat on it.

*slap *slap *slap *slap
“Uh uh nhh w-what are ungh!” He pushed both his fat thumbs into her ass, her firm shapely cheeks filling his hands. His cock tingled pleasurably in her hot confines, her pussy shuddering around him as his hands pried her open. His thumbs pulled her asshole into an oblong oval, the tight ring fighting him as he revealed the pink within.

Clearing his throat, he hocks another wad of scum at her, landing it directly inside her spread ass. Gripping her tightly, he fucks into the embarrassed woman’s wet pussy harder.

*slap *slap *slap
“Does your ass feel empty whore?”
*slap *slap “S-sir? Ngh! What do you ahh mean?”
*slap *slap *slap
“I’m asking if you like to have your tight little butt stuffed, 174!” he barked at her, pounding into her oversexed fuckbox faster and faster.
“I-I ugh! Ah ah! I d-don’t oh! Sir n-no no I don’t! oh oh”
“You don’t what, 174?”
“I-I d-don’t like to unh! Unh! t-to have m-my ungh! Ungh!! b-butt stuffed sir!!”

Releasing her cheeks, her asshole snapping shut around the phlegm he spit, he gripped her hips and slammed into her as hard as he could over and over. Holding her tight, he pounds her one last time as he cums, adding his DNA to the slutty cesspool that is her womb, tilting her hips to let it drain deeply into her before letting her drop to the floor.

Jennifer lay gasping on the ground, one of her hands grasping her hair, so close to cumming but not quite there. Walking over to the table, tucking his cock back into his pants, the sergeant picks up his beer bottle and drains it, getting another fresh one from the small iced down cooler.

“Well, that’s just too bad for you, isn’t it?” mocks the sergeant.

Jennifer squealed when she felt the ice cold beer bottle shove up her ass, the fat end of the bottle sinking 2 inches up her protesting backside. Aided by the sergeant’s spit, the slippery bottle twisted roughly back and forth.

“Ooh that ngh! That hurts s-sir!”
“Not as much as it’s gonna!”

Stepping on her back between her shoulder blades, smashing her fucksacks, he grabs her cunt and pulls her ass into the air, her slippery sex lips pinching together under his grasp. Grasping the neck of the bottle he pushes and twists, working the hard, cold glass deeper and deeper into her rectum, the paper label starting to peel off.

“Owww d-damn it! *ungh!”
Not paying attention to her grunting and groaning, he strong arms the icy bottle deeper into her depths, until just an inch of the neck pokes out. Releasing the beer, he slaps her ass.

“You’re lucky I don’t drink wine, slut. Don’t squeeze too hard, if that bottle lodges up your butt I’m afraid only our good doctor could retrieve it.”

“Y-yes sir.” Jennifer was deathly afraid of the doctor. She saw what he did to that poor pregnant woman… The less she saw of him the better.

The sergeant checked his watch – almost 3:00. The next group of guards would be coming in at 5:00, 2 hours from now.

“I’m afraid I must leave you 174.” Looking satisfied and sated, he picked up his radio.
“This is Callow, go ahead and bring it in.”

Sitting on her legs sideways so as to not sit on the bottle up her ass, Jennifer looked at the sergeant tiredly, hoping he’d leave so she could get some rest before more guards arrived.. Maybe she could pull this damn beer bottle out if no one was around.

The double doors burst open and 4 prisoners, their handlers walking behind them, carried in a heavy looking machine, a black rubber dildo jutting ominously from the front.

Setting the heavy contraption down next to her, the women turned Jennifer around into a doggy position and started fitting her ankles into the heavy cuffs attached to the machine. They looked at Jennifer with kind eyes, seemingly as if to apologize.

Two bars swung up and over the machine, then down framing Jennifer’s hips, locking in place. Feeding a belt through the ends, the prisoners tightly secured it around her waist, forcing her to keep her cunt lined up with the dildo. Quietly they stood and left room, their handlers closing the doors behind them.

“Please Sir. I was hoping I could rest a little bit…” Jennifer said, her voice dropping dejectedly. When day shift ended, countless men would be fucking her tight holes all night long, all the way until noon tomorrow. She hated having to beg the man who assigned her triple duty in the first place.

Callow laughed at her, and shook his head.
“Amusing 174.” Rummaging in a drawer and picking up a heavy sprung clamp, he walks up behind her.
“Inmates can’t be idle for 2 hours. Pull your lips open.”

Sighing sadly, she reaches behind herself and grasps her slick pussy lips, using her nails to keep her soft wet folds from slipping out of her grip. She pulls them to the side, feeling the room’s cold air run along her dampened, unprotected pink.

“Do NOT let those fuckflaps go, or I will have your ass fisted all week with chili powder. Understand?”

“I w-won’t let go sir! ” her fingers tighten, the sharp nails digging deeply into her smarting sexflesh while her face winced.

His fingers straining to hold the clamp open, he brings it over her pouting clit, reddened from all the pounding she’s received today. He abruptly releases it, the little teeth nearly piercing her.

*gasp “nngh!! Owww! Ohh ohh…” Jennifer’s eyes instantly tear up as the crushing pain shoots up her clit. She bows her knees inwards as her thighs squirm, but she desperately keeps her grip on her labia. Viciously pinching herself, her abused petals turn white as the blood is pinched out of them, her nails disappearing into the soft flesh.

“G-god! Please Sir! Ahhh! Take it off!!”
Lining the dildo up with her opened cunt, he switches the machine on. Slowly, with a steady pressure, all 8 inches sink into the moaning girl, her cum soaked sextube wrapping around the rubber invader.

Adjusting the settings on the machine, a small air compressor whirs to life and the dildo starts expanding, growing to a fat, filling girth. The speed is slow but forceful as the oversized sex toy ruthlessly plows into her, her resisting pussy wetly squelching while she still pulls herself open.

Splat! “Ungh!” Splat! ” Ungh! ” Splat! “Ngh! I-” Splat! “I can’t-!” Splat! “Ngh!” Splat!
Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat!

Smiling, Sergeant Callow stood directly over the struggling woman, the beer bottle still slightly poking out of her ass. Bashing his boot down on her back again, he rolls her crushed milkbags in small circles.
“I’m leaving it programmed to randomize speed and size. Oh and if you let those dirty fuckflaps go, I’ll know. There’s a camera recording everything. Have fun 174.”


Doctor Ray, normally a man with very little emotion on his face, grinned ear to ear. Starting his day early, he went to check on his favorite inmate, Prisoner 180, Mikaela. Well into her 9th month of pregnancy, he had hooked her up again last night to her nutrient delivery system, and was delighted to discover before dawn this morning that her water had broken, a puddle on the floor between her legs. He had ratcheted up the pressure of her nutrient system last night, and could only hope that he had some part to play in jump starting this beautiful process.

Knowing time was of the essence, he acted quickly. Births at St. Damian’s prison were a public event, and he immediately got on the phone to inform the supervisors and have some helping hands sent his way.

Now it was just a matter of time until the bitch squeezed the baby out. Sitting in a comfortable lawn chair with a fan blowing on him, ice cold drink in hand, he watched Mikaela gently sway back and forth in the oppressive tropical heat, right in the middle of the outdoor courtyard of the prison, in view of everyone going about their day. A high pressure hose was kept nearby to hose off the blood, shit, and piss from her as needed, as well as a small vacuum.

Using multiple wraps of thin white rope, she had been suspended upside down between two close set trees. Her dainty feet, ever strapped into her heels, had been tied by the ankles to the trunks of the trees, pulling her legs out at a complete 180 degrees. Around her upper legs, right in the crease where ass meets thigh, multiple wraps of rope ran up to the branches above, supporting the majority of her gently swaying weight. Her hips flexed and popped under the intense strain, the stretched muscles and tendons visible just under her skin.

Four strong, small clamps were affixed to her pussy lips, two to each labia, screwed down excruciatingly tight with a small nut driver to apply maximum pressure. From these clamps two extremely short, thick black rubber tie down straps stretched thinly from the top clamps, around her leg, and back towards the bottom clamps, pulling the mouth of her aching sex wide open in an unnatural square shape. Her pussy seemed to try and voice its own discomfort, opening and closing slightly within as her contractions wracked her body.

Moving downwards, past her large baby bump, her black hair had been tied into a knot in another length of white rope that was pulled tight, running to a large balled ass hook wedged up her tight butt. The ball was so large, they had to whack it in with a hammer, completely dry of course. The rope yanked her head and upper back backwards painfully by her long locks of hair, her weeping eyes dripping tears off her face while her lips stretched tightly around a red ball gag that stifled her screams, moans, and sobs. A rag stuffed behind it, soaked with her own milk, filled her mouth.

The doctor appreciated artistic symbolism, so her arms were bound tightly into a reverse prayer behind her back, seemingly beseeching the gods for a safe delivery. This of course pushed her heavy motherly milkbags out from her chest, extra sore and sensitive from her pregnancy. The nipples pointed straight down, her tender underboobs exposed and visible, as two heavy clamps sunk their teeth into them.

These clamps were insidious, as in addition to their biting teeth, a small hole was drilled into the jaws, through which a heavy gauge needle pierced each nipple for extra grip, small nuts keeping them from sliding out. Attached to these clamps were large, foot long heavy cylindrical weights, gleaming and shining with a polished copper finish, each weighing 30 pounds apiece. Her aching titbags stretched into long cones, her nipples pointing away from the taut breastmeat, as the weights swung and swayed a mere 2 inches above the ground.

She had been hanging there in labor for about 3 hours now. The inmates and personnel came and went throughout the courtyard, staring and taking in the spectacle. Many guards were smiling and taking their breaks outside today, watching the red faced woman struggle as each contraction wracked her body, her brutally spread cunt spasming in misery.

The doctor had been assigned a handler as an assistant, a bulky, strong armed man. He had been given three implements; a wide, oiled leather strap, a thin, light flexible switch, and a length of heavy duty black rubber hose. In order to remind her to push harder and keep breathing, he had a little timer in his pocket that would vibrate once every minute, whereupon he would whack her full strength across her bloated stomach with the leather strap. After another minute had passed, he would whack her with the switch, and so on. Every five minutes her full, stretched out sacks would receive 5 strokes from the rubber hose.

It had just been another five minutes.

Picking up the black, thick hose he stands to her side, and with a low, hard swing brought it crashing into her vulnerable underboobs.

*THUD! “…unnnnnnnnghhhh….” Right tit.
*THUD!”…..uuhhhh!….” Across both.
*THUD!”mmmmmngggh!…” Both again.

The heavy flesh jiggled but didn’t go far, the excessive weights pulling down on her nipples helping to anchor her sore, milky painbags. Her moans could barely be heard over the rag and tight ball gag stuffing her mouth.

*THUD! “uhhhmnnn!”
*THUD! “unnn!!!”

Her shuddering boobflesh absorbed all the punishment meted out to it, and she went back to swaying gently for an all too short, agonizing minute.

Mikaela wished she could somehow pass out from all the pain that assaulted her, but the doctor had injected her with powerful stimulants to keep her conscious. She felt her contractions getting stronger, another one hitting her as she tensed up all through her abdomen. She desperately tried to fight it off, to prolong the birth, not wanting to give her baby into the hands of these monsters. Her neck, belly, legs, everything tensed up tightly as the contraction rolled over her, her strongest yet. Pain shot through her womb as her cervix tried to stretch open a little more, and she started hyperventilating.

*WHACK! “Nnnnnnnggghh! Unnnnm!”

The assistant smacked her full to bursting stomach with a strong sidearm swing, the leather leaving a burning red imprint on the wide canvas that was her belly.

Crying, her wrenched backwards neck killing her, she couldn’t help but bear down even harder as the pain assailed her. Her fucktube fluttered and flexed uselessly, the mouth stretched wide open in that damn square shape, and her cervix stretched open a little wider, trying its best to force the baby’s head out against gravity.

Soon another minute passed, and though no contraction had hit her again yet, Mikaela was still being spurned to try harder as she heard the telltale whistle of a switch through the air..

*SWISH! *THWACK! “nnnnghhhh!” Leaving a long, thin, angry welt across her belly, the switch did not break the skin but it burned terribly. Mikaela just groaned and wiggled in discomfort, the motion putting added strain on her throbbing hips. How the hell would she make it through the whole labor?


It was now hour 6. Mikaela had been struggling, upside down, to give birth for over six hours; struggling to cope with a whipped belly, flogged tits, throbbing womb and abundant, painful contractions.

Doctor Ray stood from his comfortable chair, and went to go check on her in more detail. She could give birth at any moment now really, so he supposed he should take a look to see what was going on inside of her.


His dutiful assistant was flogging her fat meatsacks again as he approached, following the 5 minute schedule. Mikaela hardly moaned at all anymore, her stifling gag drowning out her weakened, tired voice.


First he knelt down behind her to look into her face. Her very red, watery eyes peered back at him, darting around in panic and trying to blink away the tears, which dripped off her face to the ground below.

Standing up, he looks down into her cunt, her bare lips fighting and losing their tug of war with the heavy duty rubber tie downs wrenching her sexlips apart. He sees a small pool of blood gathered into her cunt, and can’t really see her cervix.

“Well that’s natural, of course.” He picks up the nearby water hose and turns it on full pressure, spraying it down into her cunt full blast while she squirms. Flipping on the small vacuum, he then sucks up the water inside her. Cleared of liquids, he can see she is dilated at the full 10cm, the baby’s head already starting to work its way forward out of her womb.

“Hmm, I was really hoping your labor would last longer my dear, this is too brief. This simply will not do.” he admonishes her.

*Whack! His assistant smacked her hard across her belly with the leather strap, and the doctor can see her cervix flex as she writhes in place, the little baby’s head sliding up a little more.

‘If she gets another strong contraction that little bastard will be leaving the womb.’ he thinks to himself. ‘I can’t let that happen yet.’

Going back to his chair, he grabs the little bag he brought with him and pulls out what looks like a reverse strap on, a fat, 3.5 inch dildo facing inward into the straps. Two small straps form a v and thread into the dildo’s base, before running back up to a wider waist strap.

He lines the head up with her splayed out cunt, and starts driving it down into her, brutally shoving all 9 inches down her birthing tube.

“mmmmnnngh!!….” she manages to strengthen her voice again and he can hear her moan quietly again. I guess the little fuckslut felt that. Buckling the strap around her waist, he pulls the small straps tight, anchoring the dildo firmly as the beginnings of another contraction pulse inside her.

*Swish! *Thwack!

Mikaela can feel another strong contraction coming as she is heartlessly switched across her belly again for who knows how many times. God no…please!

“mmmmMM!!! NNG!” She’s extra loud this time, screaming her lungs off but merely moaning loudly to them, as her body starts to contort in on itself, trying to expel the child from her womb. The baby would have started traveling down, or rather up, her fuckbox on this squeeze; instead it just uselessly pushed against the dildo, not making any progress whatsoever. Her body pushed and pushed, the contraction not wanting to pass, as she shook like a leaf.

*Whack! The strap again slapped across her belly. ‘How the fuck am I supposed to try harder when you’ve stuffed me with a dildo?!’ her suffering mind has a moment of furious clarity.

One minute later, the swish of the switch sang through the air.


Hour 8. Doctor Ray supposed it was time to pull the dildo out of her sore, stuffed twat.


Approaching the expectant mother, he unbuckles the tight straps, traces of blood leaking from around them, and pulls the massive fake cock from her with a loud, wet slurp. Turning on the hose, he sprays her down internally and vacuums up the excess.

The baby’s head is right where he left it, ready to begin its ascent out of her stretched wide cervix.

“All right then, cunt. You may now give birth.” the doctor charitably tells her.

Standing and looking at her expectantly, nothing happens. Feeling impatient, he starts spanking her directly on her wide open, aching pussymeat.

*Slap! “I said-” *Slap! “you may now-” *Slap! “GIVE BIRTH!” *Slap!


The assistant starts smacking the fuck out of her red, beaten funbags again with the hose, his five minute schedule not caring about what the doctor is currently doing.


Hyperventilating, the despairing woman tries to push with all her might, wanting to end this horrible process one way or another. She strains and pushes, the muscles in her neck showing, abdomen flexing, and she starts to feel another contraction building up.


Her whole body tenses, and the baby starts sliding slowly, inexorably up her tormented fucktube, and the doctor stops spanking her cunt to watch.

“That’s it 180. Push. Push harder!”

Picking up the strap, he starts beating her stomach with it.

*Whack!*Whack!*Whack! “UnnngH!”
*Whack!*Whack!*Whack! “mmMNHH!!!”
*Whack!*Whack!*Whack! “UNNNH”
*Whack!*Whack!*Whack! “UUHHNNN”

The head starts to barely crown, and the doctor shoves his fingers in alongside it, stretching her aching cunthole even more. Grasping the head gently, he starts to pull, as the ugly, bloody little thing finally worms its way out of her as she squeezes mightily. Mikaela is gasping into her gag, her cunt spasming, and the doctor hands the baby to the assistant. He quickly cuts the umbilical cord, and tells him to bring the baby to Sergeant Callow at once. It will be put up for adoption.

Making a fist with his gloved hand, he roughly punches it back into her sloppy, wet cunt, Mikaela in complete disbelief. Yelling at her to push as he worms his fingers into her still dilated womb, he scrapes the placenta out of her while her legs shake and eyes bulge. Turning on the high pressure hose, he jams it up inside of her and washes her out.

Disgusted with how sloppy she got at the end, he pulls his wet gloves off and shoves them up her fuckpipe.


Giving her a congratulatory, parting spank on her cunt, he heads inside to shower. The bitch could hang there the rest of the day.