Gloryhole Mother In Law

I first met my mother in law when my wife and i started dating in high school. She had gotten pregnant with my wife at the young age of fifteen so was only thirty at the time and was still smoking hot. Even now when i think about it 25 years later, its always to the soundtrack of Stacy’s Mom. Her and my wife look very much alike, the only difference at the time was my mother in law had that mature milf body that comes with life. All the curves in the right places, big DD tits, and those sexy lucious lips that i used think about while her daughter was sucking my cock. Fast forward five years, my wife and i are married and expecting our first child. My wife had become selfconcious about her body and our sex life had come to a complete halt. I started cruising craigslist posts with no intention of hooking up, just gatherimg what spank bank material that i could. I came across a post that was looking for NSA hookups in the area and there were a few photos showing some skin but nothing real. What caught my eye was a tattoo on her waistline that i had seen in the pool many times. I thought to my self, holy shit this is my chance to finally see her naked. I knew i could never meet up with her because there was no way she woukd fuck her daughters husband or keep quiet about it but maybe, just maybe i could catfish a few pictures out of her. I responded to her post with a few pictures i found on someone elses post that i knew she would be interested in. This is back before every phone had a camera on it so it was pretty easy to get her to believe i was who i was claiming to be. After chatting for a few days i got the courage to ask for the pics and she did not disappoint. Finally i got to see every inch of the body i had lusted over for years. We kept chatting for about a month and i kept coming up with reasons i couldnt meet up, all the while she was sending me new updated photos that she had taken. Then i asked her if she happened to have any pics of her have sex and what followed blew my mind. She sent me a few photos that someone had taken of her sucking a thick cock in a glory hole room. I immediately pressed her for info on the place because i didnt know they really existed. Come to find out that it was in an adult theatre she would go to quite often that was only three blocks from where i worked. I couldnt believe it. I had just found a way to get my cock in my mother in laws mouth without anyone knowing. It took two weeks of driving by the place before i saw her car parked out front. I pulled my hat down low just incase she was somewhere that she could see me. I paid my way to get in and walked back to where the viewing rooms were and there were screens showing the girls that were in the rooms and what they were doing. I almost came instantly. There she was with her ass pressed against the wall while someone on the other side was plunging his cock into her through a hole. I watched as he got close and she pulled off to finish him with her mouth. When i was done he just walked out as i watched her licking the rest of his cum off her lips. I walked in to the room shaking, i couldnt believe this was happening. I heard her call to me to show her what i brought for her. I quickly pulled my cock out and slid it through the hole. I was so hard and worked up that as soon as i fwlt her hand wrap around it i started cumming. I couldnt belive it. I bkew my chance at getting in her mouth. I heard her laugh and say not to worry it happens all the time and since there was no one else waiting i could go again if i was able. My cock was still hard as ever so i shoved it back through the hole. I felt her grab it again and then i felt the warmth of her mouth as she expertly sucked my cock. I was in heaven until she pulled off. I heard through the hole again saying my pussy is a little sore from the last guy, would you be ok with fucking my ass instead. I did my best to diguise my voice as nearly squealled yes. I felt her lube my cock with something slick then line me up to her ass. She pushed back slowly at first until the head popped through then in one fell swoop she pushed back until i was balls deep in her. She sat there for a minute just squeezing my dick with her ass, then she started to move. Once she started moving all i could do was hold on to the handles mounted to the wall. I heard her starting to cum and it was pushing me over the top. Then just like the guy before me she pulled off and spun around to finish me off in her mouth. Knowing that she just went ass to mouth was to much and i came for the second time in 20 minutes. After that i was hooked. I found out that she was getting paid by the owner to run a room twice a month. For the next 2 years i had the owner call me everytime she was there. It nearly ruined my marriage. I finally got caught because i left a receipt for the theatre in my pocket and my wife found it. She told her mother about it and she went to stay with her for a couple days. I went over to plead with her to come back, not knowing that she had shown the recept to my mother in law. She wouldnt see me and told me her mother would be by later to grab a few things for her. When she showed up at the house the first thing sge did was ask me what i was doing at the theatre. I said all i did was watch some porn hoping she would buy it but i could see by her face that she didnt. She said you didnt go into the back where the little rooms are? I nervously asked how she knew about the rooms? She showed me the receipt and pointed at the date and i knew i was busted. She buried her face in her hands and asked how long i knew she was working there. I told her i knew for the last two years. She asked have you and i ever…? I told her yes. I have been your one o’clock twice a month for the last two years. What the fuck. Are you fucking kidding me. This cant be real. How could i have been fucking my daughters husband for two years and not know it. I said well thats kind of the point. She said what sucks even more about it is you were my favorite of the day and now i dont get that anymore because i have to quit so she never finds out we were there together. I said ill make you a deal. You never say anything about it and ill never say anything about it and she will never find out that im fucking you on a weekly basis. She said what do you mean. I said id love to finally be able to hold on to you while we fuck instad of the handles on the wall amd since you arent going to be getting fucked at the theatre anymore i can take the place of all the dick you will be missing out on. I saw her mind working it out as she thought it over. As she dropped to her knees she said my daughter can never find out. I started to respond but was cut short by watching those big lips wrap around my cock.