More with my new friends..

My head was full of mixed messages as Randy continued to give my cock as much pleasure as it had ever felt. Kathy ran her hands through my hair and asked me, “Do you like his mouth? Isin’t he a bad little boy?” I did like his mouth and he was a bad little boy, but what did that make me? Was I bisexual, I guess the rest of the night might tell me that. I continued to suck Kathy’s swolen pussy and tried to put the conversation out of my head. As my tongue pressed into her soft meat, I could feel the wet trickle of her juices begin to flow. Her muscles were contracting and her moans turned into squeaks and squeals. She was going to cum on my face and I could feel it was going to be hard. Her thighs gripped my head so tightly that I could not hear what I was being asked by Randy so I nodded and did my best to say yes. When she shifted her body so I had full access to her puffy clitty, she noticed my nodding and told Randy to go ahead. My breath came back to me as her body moved and her pussy lifted from my mouth. I concentrated my tongue on her clit and felt her hands grip mine with such passion. Our fingers were locked together as her pussy spasmed under the pressure of my tongue on her clit. I parted my lips and began to suck her to orgasm when I felt my leg being lifted straight up into the air. The timing was perfect for Randy as I wasn’t about to move or object. I was bringing his wife off with my tonge which was a total turn on to me and I wasn’t about to move yet. His head nuzzled my groin as his strong hands gripped my calf and pushed harder towards the sky. I felt his firm lips kiss my thigh which was a new experience for me. I had been given head before, but never by someone that liked doing it so much. He kissed back and forth from the inside of my muscular thigh to my puffy sack, lingering soft licks on my flesh. I felt his tongue caress the base of my sack and slowly slide lower. I think I tensed up because I heard him say, “Relax, you are fine.” I lapped up the remainder of her pussy juices as Kathy slowly slid off of my face. As she moved beside me to gain access to the both of us, I could see Randy’s head in my groin for the first time, and I didn’t freak out. In fact it felt quite natural. Kathy leaned in and kissed me deeply, tasting her juices and caressing my nipples. She kissed my neck and kissed down my body. I felt her wet mouth on my nipples as her hands explored my hot flesh. Randy explored further until his tongue found my virgin ass hole. When Kathy pulled Randy’s head up to kiss him, I felt a twinge of dissapointment. His tongue felt so good reaming my ass. They kissed and stroked my hard cock in rhythm. When the kiss broke, their heads both returned to my body. Randy now pushed both of my legs apart and began to probe my body with his tongue. Kathy took the head of my cock into her mouth and began to suck with a purpose. Their instincts were correct, I wanted to cum. They proceeded to work my body and I was in heaven. The attention, wetness and passion drove me over the top and I came hard into the back of Kathy’s throat. Randy had a difficult time removing his tongue from my now open ass hole but with some urging from Kathy, he came up for air. They kissed over my now spent member and commented on how sweet I tasted. After some giggles and some fresh drinks, it appeard we were on for more. Kathy on her knees, pulled me behind her and pulled Randy to her mouth. God they loved to kiss. She caressed my ass while I kissed the back of her neck and around her ears. Randy’s tongue was deep in her mouth as her hand brough his hard on to full strength. She broke their kiss and told him, “Your turn my love.” Kathy guided me to her side as she lay on her back near the edge of the bed. Telling Randy how she wanted him deep, she slid her ass to the edge and put her feet on each side of her now spread body. She took me by the arm and led me to her hard nipples as Randy pushed her slippery pussy apart with the head of his cock. He slowly slid inside her and she purred like a kitten. Pulling my head against her breast, I could feel her hips attempt to meet him thrust for thrust. She began talking to us and directing our moves. “Bite my nipple…..bit it hard. Fuck me Randy…. harder, Yes YES! Rub my clitty Mitch. Yes there…..” Randy was fucking her but I was bring her to orgasm again. I was kissing her neck, sucking her tits and biting her nipples, rubbing her clit. She was sweatting and writhing and loving it. “Suck his nipples Mitch, I want to see. Slow down Randy he is into it.” Randy slowed his thrusts and buried his cock deep into her as my mouth touched a man’s nipple for the first time. It felt like tasting a small breasted woman. Randy didn’t have a hairy chest like I do and I was surprised how much like a woman’s body his felt. I began to squeeze his body and pull him by his back to my mouth. “Yeah baby, work him down”, was the comment from Kathy. My mouth began to work down his musclar body with kisses towards his stomach. I could see out of the corner of my eye, his cock pumping in and out of a very wet pussy. What a turn on, then thoughs came back to my head…. Did I like the sight of his cock or her pussy or both. With my mouth inches from his cock, how far would I take this and on and on the thought ran. Following my instincts, I planted my mouth on her clit again. Randy’s cock was again pounding full in and fulll out of her as his six pack stomach brushed my face with each stroke. They both were moaning gutteral sounds and the three of us were moving like a finely tuned flesh machine. I ventured towards her pussy lips and ‘accidentally’ found the soft skin of Randy’s shaft. I placed my tongue exactly at the spot where Randy’s cock met her pussy. Randy noticed and held my head in the spot. He continued to fuck her while I began to tongue them both. Kathy’s hand found my cock and began to stroke me. Randy pulled fully out and pushed right back in to her, brushing the head of his cock against my tongue. He pulled out and in and with each stroke my tongue found his purple head. I was in forbidden territory and loving every second of it. With a bold choice, I blocked the enterance of her pussy with my mouth and took his cock into it. I sucked him for a second or two and moved so he could fuck her to orgasm. I had crossed the line. I had sucked a dick and didn’t find it repulsive. What would I become? Only time would tell . We continued to pleasure each other for a couple more hours and then fell asleep. I woke in a sticky daze and tried to gather my thoughts. I was torn, feeling dirty but satisfied. I kissed Randy on the forhead, and Kathy on the lips. I was proud that I was still mostly straight. I grabed my clothes and got the hell out of there. The drive home was around sunrise and I knew the new day would bring a new me. I mused on the question if I would like the new me. And I hoped the next few days would show me that I still had my new friends.