Turning the Paige 2

I am 14. Paige is 8 and her friend Amy is 8.

I woke up the next morning and my kid sister Paige was in bed with me. “Hey sleepy head!”, she kissed my nose.

“Paige.”, I said all groggy, “What are you doing?”

She reached down and grabbed my hard dick. I had morning wood. “Hey uh you are naked.”, I said, “What if mom and dad catch you?”

She put her finger to my lips. “They are across the street relax. Plus my nightgown is right there.”, she said.

She pushed me on my back and got up and straddled my face. I licked her pussy and she giggled. “Feel like I am riding a horse.”, she said. She started making galloping sounds and bouncing on my face. I slid out underneath her and grabbed her. I picked her up and I slammed her on the bed. “That all you got tough guy?”, she asked. She bent her knees to her chest and was kicking. I rubbed her pussy. “Ew! Nice move!”, she said.

“Do you wanna suck my dick?”, I asked

She smiled and giggled, shaking her head no. Meaning yes but I was going to have to fight for it. She liked to fight me. I moved her up so she was partially reclined on the headboard and she was kicking and fighting making a poor attempt at getting away. She could’ve if she really wanted to. I held her in place. She tried to turn her head away but I held it straight. “Suck!”, I said

She gave a closed mouth “NO”

I pushed it hard against her lips. She was beating my legs softly now. I held her nose and she finally gave in. She looked up at me with those adorable loving eyes. “Good girl.”, I said. I ran my fingers through her hair. She forgot her role of unwilling victim and started jacking my dick with both hands. Her tongue was swirling on my cock head and then she engulfed it.

“Come on let me get on bottom and you and do that and I will return the favor.”, I said

“Are we going to fight again?”, she asked excitedly.

“Later!”, I said. She sighed.

She clicked her tongue and said “Uh Lame”, she said in a valley girl tone. I spanked her butt when she rolled over. She punched me in the leg playfully.

I laid on my back and she went back to work. She was doing good jacking me off and sucking on my head.

“Hello!”, she said, “Uhh! Well are you going to do anything?”, she said all sassy. I spanked her ass. “Well it is not there to stare at!”, she said.

I shoved a thumb in her and rubbed her clit with my index finger. I spanked her ass repeatedly. “Is that how you are going to talk to me eh?”, I spanked her hard. She went down on me and sucked as hard as she could. Still jacking me with one hand. The harder I spanked her the more she did this. I was jamming and rubbing her hard in appreciation. “Is this what you like dirty girl? Is this what you dream about? My fingers rubbing your pussy? Bad girl!”, I spanked her hard. Her ass cheeks tightened so I kicked up the dirty talk and the spanking knowing her orgasm was near. Rubbing her hard as possible.

She moaned. “Phil! Oh Phil!” She said as her legs locked up. “Mmmmmm errrrrr”, she said and sucked hard as she could going into her orgasm.

I felt my nut coming on with that last hard suck. She went down as sucked as hard as she could. “There you go Paige. Awesome. Awesome. Aw you fucking dirty girl.” I said and gave her one last spank as I shot my load into her mouth. She took every last drop. She took it out of her mouth and swallowed. Went down and cleaned the rest off. She examined it making sure it was clean. She was so cute.

She got up and laid down on my chest. “Like my wake up call?”, she asked.

“Of course I did sweetheart.” I said as I kissed her head.

“I like it when we play fight. I like when you spank me. I like when you talk dirty too.”, she said

“So do I. I love all that stuff.”, I said

She made a cat sound and scratched ar me. She bit my chin playfully. I laughed. I rubbed her pussy some more.

“Get up and shower before mom and dad get back. Dad said to wake your lazy ass up.”, she said.

“Yes Ma’am”, I said and she spanked my ass. I beat her butt again to her laughter. “Why do you like that?”, I asked.

“I don’t know why do you have to touch my butt a million times a day?”, she smiled and asked.

“It is so cute!”, I said

“Well so are you! I don’t know it is fun and it feels good.”, she said

I showered and she came in when I was done. Admiring my manhood as I shaved and got ready.

“You hanging out with your friend today?”, I asked. She nodded.

“Ok maybe we can do something later.”, I said

I did some stuff with our dad. We went fishing and out on the boat. He and Mom went out to dinner that night and left me in charge of Paige. I was excited. A night full of sex but she decided to bring her friend over to spend the night killing my plans.

“Oh what we can do that anytime.”, she said.

Her friend Amy who was also 8. She was a sweetheart. She was kind of more reserved. Where Paige was more spontaneous.

They went into Paige’s room and were giggling. Amy told of what her and her uncle did before he passed away. “Oh yeah we do that.”, Paige said.

I sprawled out on the couch watching the game. Both girls came out to watch it with me. I sat up. Paige sat next to me on one side and Amy on the other.

Amy went to the bathroom at commercial break. “Hey her and her uncle did what we do.”, Paige said, “and she thinks you are cute.”

“Ok? And you are cool with me touching another girl?”, she said

“You are my brother. I just want to see you happy.”, she said

When Amy got back Paige excused herself to the bathroom. I sprawled out on the couch and asked Amy to lie with me. She nodded and quickly came over. She put her head on my chest and I stroked her hair.

“You are like my sister. You got a cute butt. Can I touch it?”, I asked. She smiled and nodded. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it gently. Her hand moved over my dick. She was feeling it up over my shorts. I moved my hand inside her pajamas and felt her soft ass. Her hand went inside my basketball shorts and fished for my dick. She moved down the couch and took my dick out. Paige came back and sat in the recliner watching this unfold.

“Oh sorry. Do you mind?”, she asked sarcastically. She felt up my dick. “You got a nice dick.”, she said. “I like sucking dick. My best time was 3 minutes with my Uncle. Can I?”

I smiled and shook my head no. I took my dick and smacked in the head with it. “Aw you are a jerk!”, Amy said. Paige laughed and came to her aid. She pulled down her pants and got on my chest.

“Just do it!”, Paige said, “That is just the way he is. He is just playing.”. I spanked Paige’s soft little ass. She giggled and made out with me.

Our tongues danced together as Amy licked my head. I kept spanking Paige and her kissing became more intense. Paige giggled.

“You two are weird!”, Amy said.

Paige laughed. Paige turned around and helped Amy suck my dick. Her beautiful puffy folds before me looked so delicious. I licked her clitoris and thumb fucked her. Paige moaned as her and Amy took turns sucking my dick.

“Whoever’s mouth he comes in is the winner.”, Amy said

Amy and Paige were going down and sucking hard on the way back up. I felt my nut coming on. It was about to be Paige’s turn but she was distracted by her own orgasm. “Oh yeah Phil keep doing that.”, she said as her ass cheeks tightened and she dug her nails into my hips. “Dang!”, she said as her orgasm peaked and she collapsed on my stomach. Amy just sucked hard and slow and I clenched up. “Fuck Amy you are great! Awwww fuck! Fuck!”, I said and blew my load into her mouth. She bent her arms with her fists clenched cum drooling out the sides of her mouth. She was posing like a bodybuilder in victory. I high-fived her for the win.

My sister laughed. “She didn’t win. That was fan interference!”, she said