My aunt’s confession

Hi! My name is moon I am 21 years old living with my family. I am graduating this year and my family was so proud of me. One day I was coming back from my friends wedding, it was late 1:00 am I went to my room and realised someone is sleeping there. I asked my mom she said your aunt and her childrens came to visit and decided to stay at night. We were in your room talking and she fell asleep there. I didn’t wanted to interrupt her sleep so didn’t wake her up. She is sleeping on the bed’s other side if you want I can sleep with her and you can sleep her in my room with your dad.? I said no because have my things in the room so I said I’ll manage and sleep on the floor for some hours because I wake up early in the morning. She said ok if you say so. I went to my room turn on the lights and saw she was sleeping to tight I changed my clothes as usual in the light and feel that someone’s staring at me when I looked back there was nothing and she was sleeping. Then I lay down on the floor but didn’t get any sleep because I’m not used to it. I get up and saw she’s in deep sleep so decided to lay on the other side of the bed. Then I turn off the lights and go to sleep. After some time I felt a hand on my chest I didn’t understand at first then and side the side of mine this was my aunt’s hand. She was approximately 30 years old big big breast tight figure she has 2 twins after marriage and they came to the house after a long time. I thought she’s doing this in sleep and gently I grabbed her hand and pushed it away. After sometime later again I feel her hand on my stomach. This time hand was waving on it. I thought she’s assuming me with someone else. It was nice since I was Virgin and didn’t had a girlfriend so the touch of a fine chubby womans was not a bad thing to feel so I decided not to react and stay still. Her hand stopped moving and I thought this is it and I was right now it’s the time for goodnight sleep but suddenly I feel the hand slipped down at my pants I got shocked suddenly feeling her hand up on my pants and her eyes was closed. I was blanked and thought she’s doing it on inadvertently. But her warm hand game excitement to the lower part of mine and my thing started growing. My huge cock mde a tent inside my pants I didn’t realise when my hand get up on her hand and started twisting my cock inside my pants. My eyes was closed I suddenly opened my eyes and see my aunt was all awaken and her eyes were on my hand inside her hand with a lustful smile she said i didn’t know you were this pig ufff. I shocked and put her hand away with saying aunt I’m I’m so sorry I thought were sleeping and your hand was on my pants I just grabbed it and it felt like heaven and ….. She set her finger on lips and said. Shuu shuush. Calm down I’m not mad I’m just glad you felt the same way. I was like whattttt are you talking about. It it for real are actually saying what is just heart. She said I always wanted to make love to you even when I was not married you were little but so cute and I used to shower you in the bathroom and when I rub your cock with my hand it grew up in my hands and I was 19 that time had urges, I masturbate while holding you dick in my hands remember when I used to kiss you down there as a joke.? I started to think and remember she kissesed me down there saying aunt’s love you. I said not properly but yeah I remember. She said I used to kiss your hard cock sometimes swallow it sucked it wrap my tongue around the tip and one time when I was doing that I put my one finger in your ass and when I did that your cock became double erect. Yeah! I remember I said you said I’m sick and this is for my better health. Awww you were you naive and cute you believe everything I just told you to get the pleasure out of you. She opened my pants button zipped it down grabed my cock with her soft and warm hands. When I came to meet you it flashed in front of my eyes all the memories with you is the past she said and started stroking my dick. She looked at me and said just tell me if you don’t want it all stop. I said if I didn’t wanted it I’ll tell you very sooner. She smiled and move her head close to my dick and started smelling it. Ufffff she said I missed it so much. She licked the tip wrap her soft lips around it and start swallowing it I can not believe my own aunt is giving me blow job I was so close I grabbed her hair pushed it down and my dick was deep in her mouth. I told her I’m about to cum she said came in my mouth. And started sucking my cock faster. I was so close aaaah it’s coming it’s coming. She was like ummmmmm. Her mouth filled with the cum she looked at me and opened her mouth I can clearly see the whole cum in her mouth and all of sudden drank all the cum in her mouth. That was so intense she swallowed my cum. My aunt sucked me and swallow all the cum. I said that was great she said the fun has just begun I always wanted you but never tried when you were little thought that could be crime to do but your adult and also wanted it. I think my baby could be yours. I was like seriously, are you talking about fuckin like and the real fuck you and me. Cock and vagina. She laughed and said yes yes you heated it right. Are you ok with it I said more than anything in the world. suddenly I heard a noise and we rushed back from each other I flip from bed to floor and she put blanket on closed the eyes and I turned off the lights. That was so scary. My hard-on went away. I thought they are staying for some days so there is no need to be rushed for it.