The Day I Knew I was Bi – Part 10

I managed to break free for a few days as the lads were on duty and Petra had managed to get Hanner to herself and taken her home with her, so I tried a night club in the old part of town which was supposed to have a bad reputation and I like the sound of that. Showered shaved and plenty of after shave of I went to the Dragon Club, I had no trouble getting in as I had a nice Jacket and trouser combo on with a plain short sleeved shirt. The place was dark with pink subdued lighting and the tables were in alcoves around the side of the dance floor which had a Disco Ball shining coloured light on to the floor and ceiling. I made myself comfortable were I could see all the action but remained in the darkness at the back of the alcove, some girls were dancing together and by the look of it they were from a group as they came to the floor from different tables, all in high spirits. The place was filling up now and my Brandy and coke was making me feel right at home watching the girls dance and start to get a little relaxed in the way they acted towards each other, lots of kissing and one girl to my delight fumbling under her partners skirt, feeling her bottom on more. Yes with girls wearing the mini skirts and drinking plenty became free to observe and enjoy from the dance floor.

The music was good and the drinks served with speed so my night was going well when a young couple came to my table and asked if it were ok to join me, my light hearted mood meant I said yes and moved long the bench seat to allow room for them to sit and the girl slid in beside me, the guy with her put out his hand and said he was Jugen, we shook hands and then the girl did the same giving me a smile and telling me she was Monica. Jugen sat and we got to chatting, I told them I was a soldier and a little about my self and the fact I was from Wembley in London and a new friendship was born very quickly him being keen on football.

The drinks were coming on nicely and we were all very mellow, I danced with Monica as she enjoyed a slow dance and Jugen was not into that sort of dance, well as the number of dances increased Monica was holding me closer and her hand was wondering when we were blocked from the view of her boy friend at the table, I just went with the flow and enjoyed her attention adding a little of my own to her spine as I could to turn her on and oh it worked alright. When we returned to the table I ordered a round and Jugen to my surprised thanked me for dancing with Monica, not my scene he said, so hope I did not mind. Monica’s hand behind me squeezed me lightly and I said it was fine and I had enjoyed it. He smiled and we toasted with our drinks to friendship so all was well. After my next dance with the girl she held a conversation with Jugen that I was not able to hear and all I got was him nodding his head and smiling at her, The word ok came through the noise and he beckoned for me to go with him to the bar, he moved and Monica made room for me to join him and off to the bar we went, when we arrived he ordered two Brandies and asked me if I would like to come home with them for a late supper as we got on so well, I was surprised so took a little time to reply but said yes ok, we don’t live far he said and we have a small flat just up the road. That suited me as I did not wish to go to far off as this weekend I was at the room in the Golden Lamb on my own. Good he said if its ok with you we will make our way now as it is late and Monica wishes to leave, fine I said and we returned to the table, I paid my bill, Jugen sorted his and off we went.

The short walk was nice as the air was fresh and more small talk about me and my life led to Monica asking if I had a girlfriend, well I said. To be honest I have friends not a girl friend as I can never be sure when the Army will move me and I can’t give a promise to be hear for them, she liked that and Jugen nodded to saying how right he thought that was. We arrived at the Flat and they ushered me in to the lounge which was nice and very cosy, I sat on the settee and Jugen sat beside me as Monica excused herself as she wanted to get us some food and drinks, we chatted while she was gone and Jugen asked me things about my life in England and then about my sex life, I told him straight out I was bi and to my delight and surprise he said, good. I asked him why good and he said they had both hoped I was as he like to have fun with men and Monica enjoyed the mixed sexual fun of 2 guy’s and her together, he told me they had done it once before and both got very turned on every time they thought back to it but the guy had since left the area and they were looking for a new friend to enjoy sexual games with. I told Jugen that I was strictly bottom when it came to men, I enjoyed sucking cock and 69 fun but best thrills for me were to be fucked by a nice cock. He laughed, dropped his trousers and said, will this do, wow he had a nice shaved cock, cut and 8″ long, I had to touch it and pulled back his fore skin to expose fully its purple head now starting to expand, I lent down and kissed it then sucked the head into my mouth clamping my lips tight around the crown and putting my tongue to work probing the piss hole for any pre cum I could find. Monica entered the room and Jugen told her she had been right about me, she had told him she thought I might be just what they were looking for and when we had danced she felt my cock against her firm and twitching as she had stroked my back and her fingers explored down to my bottom valley. She put the tray she had bought in down o the table and knelt beside me her tongue joining mine through the side of my mouth to his cock head, that was such a turn on I was hard and it showed. Without taking her face from mine her small hands were at my trousers clasp and zip opening me up, freeing my stiff cock for her hand to explore. From within the sexual delight of what we were doing the voice of Jugen broke through to me, hey, he said, you to stop, he moved and we became freed from his cock, let us first eat and then help each other to undress in a fun way, make the night a real thing for us to savour till the next one ok.

We sat and eat the ham, rolls and cheese Monica had bought in and had a couple of drinks but as we sat at the table, Jugen next to me and Monica the other side her foot came up between my legs and her toes were rubbing my cock, he was not out of the play as his hand was in my crotch to fumbling with my cock to and I was enjoying being the target of this horny exploration. Monica took the crockery from the room and returned in just her panties and bra which was unwired and so see through her pink nipples were pointing out like part of the design. The panties small and also see through showing me she also shaved her pussy like Jugen’s cock, so sexy it felt wonderful when from behind me Jugen started to undress me, first my shirt then my trousers both gathered and thrown on to the arm chair leaving me with my socks which I took off and sent to join the other clothes. My turn now I moved in on Jugen and repeated what he had done to me till I had his whole body exposed to my gaze, they were both owners of lovely bodies firm and trim not a hairy part to be seen, you look after Monica while I look after you he said so I went to her and kissed her hard on the lips my hands moving behind her to release the catch on her bra and then each hand bringing the sides of the strap towards me and up a little allowing the shoulder straps to fall and the bra to release her lovely breasts into my care, my head moved down my tongue now tracing a line to first her left breast and nipple which I sucked needed and teased with lips tongue and teeth till she was breathing hard and trusting her lower body at my cock. Behind me Jugen was on his knees and with light touch had parted my inner thighs and pulled my cock and balls back towards him and began to suck me and stroke my balls making me very horny and step up my exploration of Monica’s body with more purpose. Every time I squeezed her breast hard she shuddered and her legs would shake to, more reason to do it all the harder till to my surprise she moaned and gasped out I’m coming and her panties showed wetness making her honey pot even more clear to my vision. Monica was now in position with her bottom resting on the edge of the table so I told her in a firm voice to lay back and place her bottom just off the inner edge, she did it like a flash her need for more winning over any questions as to what was to follow. Now her back on the table top with her thighs over the edge I bent forward to gain access to the panties that hid the honey pot pussy from my attention, a hand each side the panties were soon down and deposited with my clothes and the armchair not by accident. Her lovely pink lips partly open and shinning with wetness in the subdued light spurred me on to kiss, lick and probe her pussy and gain willing entry to its sexual pleasures, my fingers wanking her clit hood as it hardened under my touch and her pussy became swollen as the pleasure ruled her actions and her bottom came up to meet my actions.

Jugen had my parts firmly in his control and his sucking was making me start to fuck his mouth as I pushed back to thrust my cock down his throat and feel the tightness on my cock crown and the pleasure went through me. He had his finger inside me now and was working it round to open me up for more fingers to enter me. I was so in my sexual bubble I was craving him to make me ready and enter me with his cock and fuck me forcing me deeper into Monica’s pussy with my fingers and sucking lips, now on her clit. She came again and I was able to enjoy every drop none wasted, her juices were just what I needed, the wet pussy was now well open and my finger probes had passed within her making her mad for more inside her so now I formed a fist and with care I pushed and pulled back till the pushing allowed my fist to travel deep inside her and my pumping action to begin driving her to a screaming orgasm which released so much I had her cum on my face. Jugen chose this moment to enter me and now my turn to feel pleasure I could not control as he slowly at first got deeper inside me his pre cum allowing more access for his lovely cock within me, then the thrust’s began and I was making noises as he pumped his cock hard into me and the moment came I had trouble in stopping my climax coming on. I really loved this meeting, she was happy her man was to and I was getting a long needed fuck from a man who enjoyed it to, nothing beets that. Monica came again as my arse being fucked made my fist fly in and out of her pussy and her moans and movements were a wild as a beast her thighs clamped round me driving home the message of her pleasure and sexual enjoyment so I put the fingers of my spare hand up her arse with the help of the overflow her juices had dribbled over it. They had no trouble at all in entry, she had been entered here before of that I had no doubt and was accustomed to its thrills as my probing went deeper now feeling my own fist through the walls of her anal passage and making my hands go together for one last major show of her delight being entered in both holes. I had little time to wait and Jugen joined the party, as she cam a massive orgasm flooding me with her cum he climaxed to and shot his hot seed in my deepest parts which felt so so good I nearly fainted.

I liked cleaning up all the wetness of cum from the crotch of Monica while he licked his cum as it dripped from my arse and he made sure nothing was wasted to, Monica asked him if he was happy with me and he said, yes and if she is ok with it he wanted more. She said, oh yes I have never come like that before and that was without a cock in me, we both have been so lucky. I told them I would like to be special to both of them and we could do more when they are happy to. Monica said to Jugen we need to make sure Jules is not going back with any spare cum left in him so lets take him to bed now and try a double fuck.

The bed was big and wide so Monica on her side and me behind her followed up by Jugen behind me was simple and easy to do, her arse stuck out made it easy for me to enter her still wet pussy from behind and my arse still wet was fine for Jugen to enter without any trouble. I started to fuck her my cock driving deep inside her till her inner grip took over some of the work and she pushed back hard on me, this forced me hard on to his cock giving us all a groaning breathless time pumping all we had into each other till I had no way of holding on and in tune with Monica I came hard and long spurts of my cum inside her blowing my mind as her juices flowed over my cock inside her and at that moment Jugen gave me his cum kiss to, what a night of thrills and pleasure we had, she kissed me and he did to I was so happy to be bi that night.

I said I would meet them the next weekend but would it be ok if my friend Petra was with me, they both said it would be fine and I hoped it would not be the first time Monica had been chatted into bed by a girl and said nothing to give a hint of what could happen.

More soon in part 11 ok, Jules.