My First Ass to Mouth

Tonight I tried ass to mouth for the first time.

Quick refresh for anyone who hasn’t read my stuff before. I’m an incredibly unhappily married man with a couple of kids. The other side of me is a submissive cross dresser who has an amazing man.

My man is Dave. He’s a pretty successful lawyer and he is 6’2”, slender but toned body. He’s 51, and has black hair with a touch of gray. His mustache and chest hair are the same and they drive me wild!

We’ve secretly been together for a while now and my wife knows Dave but doesn’t remotely suspect that he and I are as close as we are. She just thinks we’re drinking and fishing buddies.

Along with having a sexy body, he also has a thick 8” cock that I just can’t seem to get enough of. Our relationship is everything I could possibly want. Dave and I can be so close and just make love together, or we can get kinky. We’ve invited other guys over to join us, one time I had Dave and 3 of his friends fucking me! I even let them all piss on me! It was one incredible night. We’ve done everything in between as well except one thing that I didn’t think I’d ever do and Dave never asked me to try it, I just did it without thinking about it… ass to mouth.

I went to Dave’s house this evening and we had a nice dinner. I was just wearing a pair of yoga pants Dave had gotten me with a sweatshirt. Underneath I had on a white bra and a black thong. We watched a movie together and when it was over, we started making out and that lead to us exchanging blowjobs. Dave was really good about not masturbating while we weren’t together so when we did have sex he almost always has 5-7 days of cum stored up.

Usually I suck him off and expect nothing in return, I’m just happy to make him happy but tonight he returned the favor.

While I was sucking him off, I was content with just that tonight. I wasn’t planning on any anal sex or anything kinky. I knew he had a long day and I thought it’d be nice to just watch a movie, suck his cock and send him to bed. Once he exploded in my mouth though and I tasted his salty warm cum drain down my throat, it just turned me on. When he stood up and pulled my pants down and started sucking me, I was fully turned on!

“Thanks baby, what was that for?” I asked as we stood up and exchanged kisses

“I gotta keep my girl happy, too, right?” Dave answered with another kiss

Our usual Friday night routine almost always involves dinner, sex, a shower as Dave likes to be clean climbing into bed, and then I’ll go to bed with him, set my alarm for 2am and then go home so my wife doesn’t get suspicious as to why I spent the night with him. It’s quite nice, I get to go to bed with my man.

Dave jumped in the shower and I got into his bed with my soft silky blue nightgown with black lace around the neck. As I laid there though, I became increasingly hornier. I knew Dave was 15 feet away from me, naked and soaping up his manly body and I lost it.

I jumped out of bed, and bolted towards the bathroom. I swung the door open and threw my nightgown on the counter with Dave’s clothes.

“Hey, what’s up?” Dave asked as I popped my head in the shower startling him just a bit.

“I know I said I wasn’t but I want you so bad right now!” I responded while presenting him with our bottle of lube we keep in the bathroom.

“You want me to fuck you?” Dave asked seductively while grabbing my hair

“Mmhmm!” I moaned out

Dave, with a handful of my hair, pulled my head to his soapy chest. I entered the shower and Dave pulled the curtain shut. I began running my fingers through his soapy chest hair and biting his nipple. Dave began stroking his cock and in a matter of seconds he was rock hard again.

We skipped anymore foreplay as once his cock was hard, Dave turned me around, bent me over and pressed my face against the wet shower wall. He squirted some lube on his cock and I felt a small cold spray of lube on my asshole before I heard the thud of the bottle hit the shower floor. Dave pressed his cock against my asshole and pushed himself inside.

“Oh, fuuuuuuck!” I cried out

Dave’s dick is as I said, 8” and it’s thick. As it slid inside me, even with all that lube, it still hurt a bit. Especially since this was so spur of the moment and I didn’t do anything to loosen up down there. I didn’t care though. I wanted his cock inside me and I got what I wanted!

Now, for the part I wasn’t planning on. I had just sucked his cock not 20 minutes earlier. This lead to Dave fucking my ass aggressively for a solid 15 minutes. The longer it went on, the more into it and turned on I get. I just want it to keep going. Truth be told, Dave, in similar situations where I just sucked him off has lasted longer than 15 minutes. One night I blew him in the car ride home and then he fucked my ass for over an hour when we got back to his place.

Something about this night, maybe it was just a one time thing but I tried something new. Something I had never done, planned on doing or realize I had done it until I did it. Ass to mouth.

Dave finally started thrusting as hard and as fast as he could. My cock was rock hard now as well and was dripping pre cum as it swung back and forth slapping against my thighs. Dave let out a loud grunt and thrust deep inside me. I felt his cock pulsing as it squirted cum inside my ass. I squeezed my muscles around it and felt it pulse more and more. Then, for reasons I still don’t know, as Dave slid his cock out of my ass, I turned around and got on my knees. Before he could even stop me or say something, I had his cock in my mouth sucking out every last drop of cum I could get.

“Oh god that feels incredible!” Dave said as his toes curled and body hunched over a bit

That’s when I realized what I was doing…

I’m not going to lie, I did taste ass. That being said, there was a considerable amount of lubricant, sweat, soap and cum that masked it. I kept going while processing the taste because if I pulled away and gagged or something, it’d ruin the moment. We just had some awesome sex and I didn’t want to ruin it. By the time I had processed all of this which was really just about 10 seconds in real time, I wasn’t bothered by the slight taste of ass. It was the lubricant I tasted most and the soap I smelled most.

Dave and I got cleaned up, dried off and crawled into bed together. He, as always was the big spoon and we laid in the dark quietly for a while before I felt his cock getting hard against my ass.

“What’s going on back there?” I whispered with a giggle

“Thinking about that shower. That was really hot!” Dave whispered back.

I backed and grinder my ass against his hard cock. Dave grabbed ahold of my hip and held me in place.

“Do you need some more, baby?” I asked

“Yes!I can’t stop thinking about you!” Dave whispered in my ear, squeezing my hip and pushing his cock against my ass.

I reached in the drawer next to his bed and pulled out our bedroom lube, squirting some in my hand. I reached back and rubbed it all over his hard cock. Dave wasted no time in pushing himself back inside my asshole.

Dave ended up fucking me for another 10 minutes. I didn’t do ass to mouth the second time but I’m definitely not ruling it out for the future.