My Friend’s family private farm

My Friend’s family private farm

By Dina Petro

Lately, I have met a new friend, Jasmine, who happens to be a real rich kid, we got a long together really well and real fast too, she seems to have the same habits and same thinking as me, we happen to be both wide open minded, we got very close to each other so fast.

Jasmine and I are both bisexual and we started enjoying sex together, not only with each other, but involving other friends as well, males and females, I would say we have almost shared everything in life including men and women in bed.

Jasmine’s family had a very nice farm with a lovely farm house and a swimming pool and all the comfort needed, it was in the country outside our city, less than an hour drive from our city, her family would go there on their free times to enjoy life to the fullest, she had taken me there a few times and it was a pure fun for a full relaxation time in fact.

Jasmine was about the same age as me we were both in our late twenties, she lived with her parents who were warm people with good hearts, and nice looks, very active family, she had a sister and a brother, she was the eldest, her sister was about two years younger and her youngest brother was eighteen years old by then.

When the events of this story had started, I had only met her parents and her younger sister, but have not met her younger brother yet, maybe he had seen me from a distance once or twice, but we never met yet.

I had a couple of days off work and I was under so much stress by then, I complained to her, she had suggested that we could spend a couple of days at her parents farm, which would be a total relaxing time allowing me to relax and forget all the stress I had over my shoulders, she only had one condition that she would not be able to take time off her work due to high season, but she would accompany me, we spend the night and in the morning she could drive to work and come back when done in the evening.

I said we could try it, we went and I found it to be a super relaxing place with all the needed things for a comfortable life, the weather was super beautiful, nice sunny days, not too hot, but nice and warm, great for good sun tanning which I had wanted to do for a while.

The farm was totally safe and fully secured by a very high fence with a lockable main gate, only her family members had keys to get in, her mother was out of town for a few days, her father and other family members were all busy in the city, she told me I could relax and have a complete privacy freedom over there, being alone while she was gone to work.

We got there in the evening after she had finished working, we had spent a super lovely night the first night, we talked, hugged, kissed and had sex ending up sleeping comfortably fully nude between each other arms till the morning, she got up early, took a shower and went to work showing me my way around, I had everything available, including a full open satellite TV, internet and Wi-Fi.

After having my breakfast, I took a nice walk in the farm which had the lovely greens and a lovely sunny day too, went back took a shower, put on a real nice yellow summer dress, which was very comfortable, sexy and lose, I had nothing under it to be able to get rid of it to get some sun tan, I hate sun tan lines on the body, that Is why I wanted to sun tan my whole body including my private parts since I was the only person in that area.

I got me a blanket over the lovely soft greens, sat over it and started peeling my tits out of the dress first one after the other while massaging my body, applying some sun protection oil over it, then I pulled my dress down slowly, finally I wanted it completely off so I got on my hands and knees (doggy position) pulling my dress down after it was mid-thigh.

Then came as a of a sudden an “Oops” or what I would call a “sudden crises” it turned out to be I was being watched throughout the whole act by Jasmine’s younger brother who was hiding behind a little wall there looking over the edge at me without me noticing him or seeing him at all, the major problem as he told me later on, he thought I saw him and I was performing the strip tease show for him, which turned him on, making his cock so hard, he was stripping his clothes off piece by piece, all of that without me noticing or seeing him, honest.

At the last moment, when I was on my all fours trying to pull the dress off out of my legs, with my back facing him, he must have been determined I was showing him my pussy and ass, taking my time getting rid of the dress, that was as he admitted later on, which had encouraged him to walk to me without me noticing, he got on his knees right behind me, took the dress from my hand and started pulling it down and out.

I was totally shocked and surprised of course, but being a cool fully experienced woman, and knowing no one could get into the farm except Jasmine’s family members, looking at the boy, checking him out, up and down, I was totally sure he was mark, her youngest brother, I did not scream or shake or anything of those women acts during a surprise like that, especially that I was fully nude, and so was he to my own shock.

I stayed as is where is, checked him out smiling at him and saying “you must be Mark, jasmine’s younger brother?”

He nodded saying “yes, I am and I know you are Debbie, her close friend”

During that, I had noticed something unbelievable, that young boy had an extremely huge, long and fat cock hanging to his crotch area pointing at me, rock hard, it must have been 10+ or even 11 inches long, very thick too, totally strange compared to his slim, young body, besides, he was one of the cutest and most handsome boys I had ever met, up to that point, his cock had a line of pre-cum out of its head.

I was much older and more experienced than he was, as mentioned earlier I acted cool, stayed as is, with my eyes fixated over his body and his cock with my head looking aside or over my shoulders, by then he had stopped talking and started feeling my ass, rubbing my pussy between my legs, I did not reject him or even tried to stop him, I just giggled when he was wetting his fingers with his labia from his mouth, rubbing it over my pussy hole, preparing it to a accommodate his cock, in other words he was about to fuck me without any prior notice, but again, he thought I saw him and I knew he was going to fuck me, he thought I was performing a sexy strip-tease show for him, while I did not, and I did not know a thing about that, but I truly acted like he was absolutely right.

He held his cock in hand, pointed its head to my pussy and started teasing my pussy by rubbing his cockhead to my pussy, I have to admit, I would have been real stupid refusing such an offer to be fucked by that boy, although I shouldn’t have, simply because he was my friend’s younger brother, but I didn’t force him to it, he jumped all over me without my knowledge, but by then, I wanted him so bad, I wanted him more than he wanted to fuck me, I was so horny already.

Once he felt I was wet enough he started pushing his cock into my wet cunt, I said “easy boy, take it easy please”

He said “I am sorry, do you think you could take it, I Know I am so big”

I giggled saying “yes babe, of course I could, just go easy till it is in me, then do whatever you please”

He was a good listener, not a rushing boy, although he seemed so young and strong too, he started pushing his cock in me inch after another, while I was moaning, taking it like a piece of cake till he was balls deep in my pussy, he stopped moving and started feeling my ass cheeks, my thighs, pushing his hands under me feeling and rubbing my hanging big pair of tits, pinching my nipples which was working so fast in making me hornier than I already was.

As of a sudden I said “now fuck me Mark and show me how much of a man you are, I want you to satisfy my pussy”

Without any answer he started pulling his cock out of me slowly till half way then back in, the next time he pulled further then back in faster, soon enough he was slamming his steel hard rod in and out of my pussy like a rocket, I am a loud woman when fucked and I was literally asking him to fuck me more, harder and deeper while moaning and he sure was doing one hell of a great job, he made me cum before he started breathing hard and I had expected his first orgasm to be fast, but I did not intend to make it the only one.

He pulled out of me just before he was ready to shoot his cum load, I turned around so fast took his cock in my mouth and started sucking on it pushing it deeper and deeper into my mouth till it was totally disappearing inside my throat, he closed his eyes and I felt his cum load shooting into my mouth one shot after another, I was milking his dick till the last drop, taking it all in my mouth, then I started chewing on it, looking him in the eyes like a real slut while swallowing his cum.

Although he had just cum in my mouth, shooting a huge load of cum, but his cock did not soften at all, it was as hard as it was when he first came to me, I got up, took him between my arms, we hugged and kissed on the lips for a few minutes before I asked him “are you happy? Satisfied?”

He giggled saying “happy, yes very happy, but satisfied? No, I need a lot more of that pleasure to be satisfied”

I giggled loud loving what I heard from him, to be honest, I happen to be one hell of a cock loving whore, I would never be satisfied easily with one fuck, I would always want more and more of a cock in me, that is why I told him openly “honey, I know you are so young, but I promise to give you all you want and need till you say enough, if I could ever get you to say it, simply because I would never say it”

He loved what he had just heard, he got down on me and started licking my pussy, shocked me by the way he was doing it, he seemed to know lots about sex at that age, but that was pleasure to me, I loved him the way he was, I was on my back with my legs up and wide spread for him, he was licking my pussy taking some of the juices moving it to my ass hole and trying to push his tongue and sometimes a finger or two in there, I knew what he was aiming at, but I loved it, I love anal sex, but I did not tell him, I wanted him to discover it himself.

He was holding his dick in hand pushing its head to my pussy making it wet enough then trying to rub my asshole with it, I was constantly smiling while looking him in the eyes, I did not stop him even when he was trying to push his cock head further in my ass.

I said “you seem to want to fuck me again Mark?”

He smiled saying “you are a real gorgeous woman Debbie, whoever sees that lovely hot body of yours would never ever go soft, he would want to fuck you more and more, I would love to fuck you again, but I have on mind other places this time”

I smiled saying “Thanks for your sweet words Mr. greedy boy, I am not stupid, I know what you are aiming at”

He said “but I am afraid to hurt you, I would never forgive myself harming an angle like you with my stupid big cock, fucking you in your ass”

Pushing my hand under my thigh with my legs held up by him, I held his cock in my hand, massaged it a little saying “don’t you ever call it a stupid big cock; it is a piece of art that I would love to take into each and every hole of my body”

I pushed his cockhead to my ass hole and started rubbing it to my hole saying “go ahead mark, give me that piece of art, I want to feel each and every single inch of it up my ass”

As if he was waiting for my approval, he started pushing it carefully and slowly till his cock head popped into my rear fuck-hole, he bent over me, started kissing me on the lips while pushing his dick inch after another in me, of course it was sliding in me as it wasn’t the first time I got fucked in the ass, and of course I had had much bigger cocks than his in there before.

I would say about three hours of continuous, nonstop fucking actions were taken between both of us till I felt all of my fuck holes were sore by then, we relaxed and started talking, getting to know each other, neither of us had come to mention Jasmine which I was so worried about her knowing I had fucked her youngest brother, but we both kept quiet about it, he told me he came by a coincidence, trying to pick something he had left at the farm house and had to go back to his friends, but he was shocked to see me in there and what happened had happened pleasing both of us of course.

He disappeared and I took a nap, did not wake up till Jasmine woke me up to have dinner with her, I did not mention anything about it to her, and when she asked me how was my day, I told her it was the best ever, making me feel fully relaxed which made her so happy to hear it, we had spent the next night as happy as we did the first.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]