Years ago when I was 24 and foolish, I hooked up with footballer. Not a national league just our local. I started having regular sex with him, then I found that he had secretly filmed us having sex. He had shown all his team mates and I didn’t know what to do. I had friend who was very smart and was studying to be a pharmacist. He was always picked on at school, they called a nerd and worse. But when he home from university, I asked him what could I do. He said I could report my now ex boyfriend to the police, but that would mean everybody finding out about it. I said They all probably know already, or I could just get even. How I asked, itching powder is the best way he said. I know a recipe that will drive them all nuts and you can’t wash it off with water, as it reacts with water and increases it’s power. By the way its also turn bright yellow incontact with skin but costs a bit to make, he added. I asked could he get me some, I will make you some and you treat their jock straps with it as it is colorless. But do it on tuesday before their practice, so they have recovered before the game on the weekend. How much will it cost I asked, about a hundred dollars he answered. But if you will go out with me a couple of times I will make for you at no cost. I agreed to go with him while was home from university, I sprayed their jock straps on tuesday afternoon before they came for practice. I came back just before practice was due to start, they came out on the field and started training. Nothing was happening and my friend joined me, a couple of minutes after they came out onto the field. I asked What’s wrong nothing happening I asked. It takes a little while, they have to start sweatting first he replied. Soon some started to rub their crotches and then they were all doing it and started to remove their pants and then their jock straps. Some tried to hose their bright yellow crotches but that only made it worse, my friend filmed it. After about twenty minutes we left and went to a movie together. He told me That the itching would stop in about an hour, but the yellow color would fade in a couple of weeks. I had another date with him on the Thursday and we had sex. He also told me that he sent a copy to the other team they were playing on the weekend. It was seen by every team they played that season and they got the nickname yellowballs. My friend and I married 3 years later, I sometimes send a photo to my ex boyfriend anonymously, showing him with a bright yellow crotch. He’s our local Mayor now, best revenge ever.