My Grandfather

The year of Titanic I was 14 or 15 and I was in my grandfather’s home We just see the new movie Titanic together with him. We both love art and I always help him with his art sometimes as a model and sometimes with other’s thinks.

I know I was looking good and boys were crazy about me. But I don’t care much about it my breast was big and I was exploring myself too. I am a tall slim girl but I get my mother’s breasts or Boobs as guys say.

After the cinema, we come home to my grandfather’s home. We talk a lot and I was sleeping over at his home. I stop him and say can you paint me tonight? He looks at me and says sure let us go down and start.

Something sea like the Titanic theme yes I say and we run down and as he starts to get ready I start to take off my cloth. He has not seen me naked for a long time. I sat down on the couch and laid down as she did in the movie.

Grandfather looks at me and says, Bella. Yes, I want to be like the girl and get my memory forever. He comes closer to me sitting on a stool with wheels on it.

He rolled over to the couch and started looking at me and moving my hair his thumb moved down over my breast and he squeezed my breast and continued down to my stomach and his finger ended on my pussy. It slides in a bit in my pussy.

Bella, Bella Yes Grandpa, His finger slid deeper inside me and slowly move in and out he was thinking I see it in his face and he stop and he pulls off his shirt and I look at his hairy body.

Granma was in Haven for many years now, He was all alone now. I know what was about to happen we both know. I open something that we do not plan to happen. I see him unbutton his jeans and take them off him and his boxer shorts.

I do not see him naked for many years, but now he was naked. His big cock was growing he move the stool closer to my head and put his hand in my hair and he started to make my head come closer to his cock. I don’t know much about this more than if you put it in and you get the pregnant thing you know.

He pushes me closer to his cock and says Bella I want you to kiss on my cock. I kiss it one time and he pull down the skin and he say on the red top and I did and he say one more time but longer and I did.

But he surprised me and he push my head down so his cock slide into my mouth and he says relax Bella suck now on my cock. I didn’t know what to do but I did my best. I suck his cock and he helps a bit and moves my head up and down.

He plays with my breast a bit and he put his finger inside my pussy and my pussy start to be wet. He comes in my mouth and says Bella you must swallow my sperm. I look at him and I swallow and he let my head go.

He tells me to suck again and I reluctantly did his cock start to grow as he play with my breasts at the same time. I let his cock go and I look at him scared to make him come again.

He stands up and moves my legs and opens them up and he sits down between them. He put his cock against my pussy and he pushes and again and it happens it slide into my pussy. He pushes and pushed until it was all inside.

He starts to move his cock in and out. He was fucking me it hurt a bit his cock was so big. But soon it gets better for me but he fucks me harder and harder and he comes into my pussy.

I feel his warm sperm fill my pussy as he lay down on top of me. He kisses me in a new way. I feel his cock start to be strong again and he kisses me as he starts to fuck me again. I know it was wrong but I love my Grandpa so I didn’t care.

I know some girls that sleep with their dads and no one talks about it. It just happens to some girls, Also, as the teachers did with us girls. We all know about it and we do what we need to do to get the right grades.

Sorry, Bella he stops and he says again, Sorry Bella. But I kiss him and say it’s okay I love you Grandpa you can do it as many times as you want, just tell me and I will let it happen.


You know I have been lonely after Grandmom dies. So, you are sure you can give me love from time to time. Yes Grandpa I am sure I didn’t know you wanted me if I know I try to be yours much early tonight I sleep in your bed and you can tell me what a girl does in bed and what you like to do.

I never go Grandpa all the way with a boy and I know I soon will sleep with a older man. I tell Grandpa I think I want to upgrade my grades and one option is to be with him for an hour. I know a girl that just did that and it work for her.

I laugh and say is not a big thing now when I know what it feels like. He is a good man and nice to me. So, don’t be angry Grandpa. Wrong or right it happens in a girl’s life. It’s a choice you cannot protect me from life but I love you because you care about me.

So, he kisses me again and he says you think we can go to my bed, Bella? Yes sure but you don’t want to start with the painting? No, but we can do it tomorrow. Sure, I follow my Grandpa up to his room.

It was a strange feeling to go up in his bed naked. That night we try many different styles in his bed. I learn to suck his cock and swallow sperm. I learn a lot after I was a Grandpa Girl. He died 5 years ago and he gave me his house. I have a secret room with nude paintings and photos of me doing things with him.

I have a daughter that is his. It is my life’s secrets The dad run away is my cover story. He writes a letter for every important year to her it starts with From Heaven and his feelings and important stuff a bit of money in the bank a trust fund.

This was one of my stories maybe one day I can send you more and you can add to your collection hear Bella

Dark Dreams