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Candace backed away from the fridge I still had my hand between her ass cheeks finger her ass hole. I slid my finger a little way into her ass she resisted pulling away a little bit. She looked down at my cock and said I do not think you quite ready for another session, I smiled at her and said that would be better to have a limp cock explore her ass then a stiff cock. She bit her lip and looked at me. She said that Dan had tried a couple of times to get her to have anal sex, but it had hurt, and she was not interested. I pulled her close to me and looked deeply into her eyes and said that her pussy and her mouth were exactly what I needed if she did not want to try anal that was okay.
I open the fridge and find a cheese tray that had been left over from one Barbara was here. I brought it out and we sat at the island eating cheese and crackers. As we had our snack, I could not help but stare at her breasts. She looked over at me and asked what I was looking at, I said that her breasts were absolutely beautiful, and I like wanted to suck her tits. Candace raised an eyebrow and said you are one horny mother fuck, she said that Barbara must be really lucky to have a sexual partner that is always ready to go. I said that Barbara performs her duties as a wife in bed, never straying from missionary sex.

As on cue, my phone started ringing I checked call display and saw that it was my wife’s older sister Janet calling. I thought some may have happened when Barbara was on holidays, so I quickly picked up the phone. Janet and I had a brief conversation before she asked to talk with Barbara, I was really confused, and said that Barbara said that she was going to be with her on holidays. Janet quickly changed the subject and disconnected as soon as she could. I thought the phone call was extremely weird, and immediately called Barbara. When she answered I told her that her sister Janet had called and was looking for her, she was quiet for a second then said all that she was out shopping in Barbara was trying to get a hold of her.

Afterwards I was talking with Candace, and I remembered that Barbara had never given me her flight information, I know she had told me that I was supposed to pick her up at the airport on Sunday, but she had never given me her flight number. When I spoke with Janet, it seemed to me that she was surprised that Barbara was supposed to be visiting her.

As Candace and I sat and ate the cheese tray snack, my focus was totally on her nipples. I wanted to reach over and suck them into my mouth. Candace reached under the table and started fondling my cock in nuts, she smiled at me and said I said I had put that thing out of service, but it looks like it once at least one more round. I said that I wanted to fuck her right there and then. Candace said that you she was a little sore but that she would fuck if I was able to. I looked across the island at her and said let us do it, my cock was already semi firm as I looked across the kitchen island at her tits. Candace stood up and walked around the island, her tits bouncing as she walked. I sucked one of her fits into my mouth and she put my hand against her pussy. We headed to towards the spare bedroom, but I stopped and pulled her down onto the floor in the living room. I helped her leg onto her back, I climbed between her legs and lifted her legs onto my shoulders, sliding my cock into her wet cunt and started driving my cock deep into her cunt. I fuck her for 10 minutes before my cock, exploded with a strong stream of sperm. When the spasms subsided, I sucked on her tits, kissing and caressing each tip until it was firm. When I was done, I was sexually exhausted I do not think I could have gotten a hard cock if my life dependent on it. I whispered in the Candace’s ear that I was sure that my wife was cheating. Candace rubs my shoulders as I expended the last of my energy into her cunt. She said what do you think you are doing?

We went to the master bedroom to shower; I rubbed every inch of Candace’s body with body wash scrubbing her tits and her cunt. When we were finished, I dried off every inch of her body before sucking on her left breast I am not sure why, but Candace is left breast always seemed to be more lively than the right. Her left tit felt better in my mouth that her right, so I tended to suck more on the left then her right. As I dried her off, I slid my hand between her legs and inserted my finger into her cunt. I told her that I wanted to fuck her again and again and then I wanted the break-in her virgin ass hole. She said that she was exhausted and that she should head for home. I said my wife is fucking around on me. Candace looked deeply into my eyes and said that I should let it go and that she would be my fuck friend whenever I needed it. I said that I needed to fuck out all of my energy, I needed to totally expend my cock. Candace said that she would fuck me dry, sucked every ounce of cum out my body.

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