My Neighbor My Lover

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It didn’t take long after I moved in to find out I was not my neighbor’s type. A woman in her late 30’s, Monica was five foot nothing, thick legs, big beautiful round ass, little bitty waist, and firm tits that defied gravity. Great personality, cheerful, friendly and madly in love with butch lesbian women. Oh well, every one has their type but we still became good friends. On the other hand the consolation price was her son George. At 12 years of age Georgie was the spitting image of his mother. Shorter, same thick legs, round plump bubble butt, a little thick around the middle and the cutest femboy face I had ever seen. It was clear to see pussy was not going to be in that boy’s future. She was a doting mother which babied him to no end and treated him as a little girl.

As time passed Georgie developed a crush on me which his mother encouraged. She asked me to indulge him, it was part of discovering who he was and it was natural to have those feelings. I guess she noticed how my eyes had berated me around him. How he often sat on my lap and I would hug him without a second thought. Her keen eyes caught on our mutual flirting and the times I would cup a feel of his plump fluffy ass. She could smell my intensions, and the skeletons in my closet. As a teen my attention was always focused on pre-teen girls, when those were not available boys would do just fine. Yes I am queer and young is my preference. Now at 28 how could I pass up that opportunity, it was tailor-made for me. As long as I was gentle and gave him positive experiences she would allow our relationship. My mind was going a mile a minute, thoughts of lustful fantasies flooded in. Without noticing I began to rub my now hard cock as I though of Georgie‘s plump ass. I hear Monica laugh and I was snapped back into reality. She said “that overwhelmed you didn’t it, you are already fantasizing about my baby’s ass”. Still unaware of my action I continued to fondle my self until I realize what I was doing and where I was.

I was having brunch at their place, eating a late breakfast in the back porch. We were sitting across from each other, her eyes now fixed on my hard cock. She then said “I am assuming by the size of that you are interested in dating my baby”. All I could respond to that was “I am, and you can be sure I would never hurt him”. She knew I was against a corner with no way to deny my growing lust. Way to obvious to just laugh it up as a misunderstanding. I instinctively rubbed my cock as soon as he walked pass me on his way to the kitchen, why deny it if she was all for it. Georgie came back out to the porch, still wearing PJs like his mother. Form fitting terrycloth shorts just big enough to cover his plump bubble butt but leaving some cheek exposed and a tank top of the same material. I lust over that ass and how it giggled. Thin soft material now wedged between his cheeks, clear for all to see he wasn‘t wearing anything under them. Monica stretched her arms and called him over, she asked for a kiss as he sat on her lap and complied. To my surprise that was no simple peck on the cheek. A full on lips on lips passionate kiss unfolded as she caressed his legs and squeezed that beautiful butt for me to to enjoy. My hand moved back on my cock as I was treated to that amazing sight. She stopped the kiss to say “Oh my baby is growing up, but no matter hold old she will always be my baby” with that said she exposes her right breast and he latched onto it like a hungry infant. All of the sudden his right hand slit between her legs and what I can only imagine her pussy. With her left hand she pulled down his shorts clean off exposing his glorious plump bubble butt to me.

Was I dreaming, was that really happening, was I in another lust driven fantasy? My hand now inside my shorts stroking my rock hard pre-cum dripping cock. That was no dream, that was a deliberate invitation to join, right, was it? Monica continues to rub Georgie’s butt, caressing and squeezing every inch. I could see her fingers rubbing up and down his crack, touching his most intimate of places. I couldn’t take that any more, I had to take a closer look, maybe then I would be invited to join. I moved a chair inches from the object of my obsession as he opens his legs to give mommy better access. Perfect timing as I am about to see his little rosebud. My hand back in my shorts pumping my cock as lust consumed me, nothing subtle about it. I looked up and locked eyes with Monica, she was looking at me and gauging my intentions. She smiled, looked down at my cock and gave me a head nod. There it was, the invitation I was looking for. Not wanting to disappoint I lift up the chair and dropped my shots; which were all I was wearing, down to my ankles and kicked them off. She gives me a wicked smile of approval and resumed her proving between my soon to be lover’s legs. Oh god, I wanted to reach out an touch him, kiss and lick that butt, burry my face between those cheeks and lick my way down to his boy pussy.

Knowing exactly what she was doing, she was purposely covering that area with her hand. Locking eyes with me she moved her hand reveling a shinny object. My eyes now fixed on it she spoke “oh good girl, my baby is using her binky” as she proceeded to push on it a muffle moan escapes Georgie’s mouth. Oh god I couldn’t believe it, I froze as I saw her pull the anal plug out and my eyes gained the first look of that beautiful asshole. There for the taking inches away, she saw my reaction and proceeded to push the plug back in. Then repeat the process of slowly pulling it out so I could see the gapping hole. Then reinserting it as the hole began to close, repeating the process over and over again. She continued increasing the speed as she fucked her son’s hole wile I followed the same rhythm jerking my self to orgasm. He began to moan as he released the tit he had been sucking on, his eyes closed he began to say mommy, mommy, mommy his pleasure began to build. Still on her lap she rolls him onto his back, he instinctively opened and raised his legs to give mommy the room she needed. Her eyes locked onto mine then looked down with a smile. There for the first time I saw his cock., beautiful, smooth, hairless hard little pleasure wand dripping with pre-cum. His breathing was fast and shallow, she knew exactly what she was doing as she increased the pace and alternated from fast short to long and slow strokes.

She knew his orgasm was building up as he raised and opened his legs wide. She motioned “here now” and I quickly repositioned myself between those beautiful thighs as instructed. There I had a perfect view of his boy pussy being pleasured by his own mother. There I continued jacking my cock as my limit was about to be reached. I can vividly recall his thighs, that plump round ass, his little hard cock as it bounced to the rhythm drenched in precum. So deliciously my mouth watered with desire and the best view of all his the little pink portal to heavenly pleasures. She took the plug out and threw it aside, swatted my hand off my cock and grabbed it. She pulled me forward and I took hold of his hips as I began to loose my balance. She lined my cock to enter her son, our flesh touched for the first time and that feeling was euphoric. An unexpected turn of events to say the least from what I had imagined that morning. Instinct, passion, lust all took over as I moved my hips forwards and penetrated him for the first time. I felt resistance, my cock thicker than the plug, his pussy needed to adjust. A moan escaped him as an unfamiliar feeling caused him to arched his back. That was all it took, I released wave after wave of cum into him and with a tight grip on his hips pushed deeper and deeper with ever spasm. Monica grabbed the back of my neck and brought my head down to his little cock. Nothing subtle about it, she was demanding I suck it, to service her son with my mouth and I was more than happy and willing to comply.

Taking his cock into my egger mouth I began to bob my head the length of it. Licked the shaft and twirled my tough around the head collecting ever drop of his sweet pre-cum. Startled by that feeling and as that new secession overwhelmed him, his eyes opened and looked down to see me sucking his cock. We locked eye, not wanting to miss that opportunity I teased, licked and sucked him good. His hands grabbed my head keeping me in place as his eye rolled back and his mouth let out a lustful moan. His body trembled and spasm as wave after way of cum filled my mouth. Spurt after spurt I swallowed all I was given, as he pumped all he had to give. His hands released their grip as the last drop was spent. My mouth remained on him as I gently sucked, licked and kiss his beautiful cock clean. Our eyes met once more and he stretched his arms for me. I began to kiss my way up his body lifting his top and stopping to kiss and lick each nipple. Then finally our lips touched for the first time and slow gentle kisses were exchanged. There as we kissed he wrapped his arms and legs around me. It was then that I felt a familiar feeling, something proving me and unexpectedly entering my asshole. As a pleasure moan escaped me my cock harden and twitch inside my lover. He responded with a moan of his own and tighten his grip around me.

As we continued to kiss my cock harden and my hips with a mind of their own instinctively began to move. We were brought back to reality when Monica cleared her throat and said “excuse me, slapping my ass for good measure, you two are too heavy to be on my lap, can you please get off of me!” My lover and I shared a laugh as I kissed his lips once more and proceeded to separate from him. In response he tighten his grip making it known I wouldn’t be let go that easy. Not wanting to disappoint I wrapped my arms around him and proceeded to get up keeping my cock right were it was. Once standing to support his weight
my hands dropped down to his butt. Oh that glorious incredibly soft bubble butt, how I have dreamt of that moment. My fantasy had finally become reality, my hands on that butt and cock in him. I though of sitting down and pushing deeper into him. Instead I looked straight into his eyes and said “I have something to tell you, your mommy gave me permission to go out with you”. His eye lit up and I felt his pussy squeeze my cock with excitement. Behind us we heard Monica laugh as she said “Go out! I think I just gave you permission to do allot more that just go out. So wile you discuss it go inside before the neighbors see you”. Not wanting this day to end I walked in and went streate to his room. There our discussion continued.

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