Depraved Family – Part 1

Jeff woke with a rock-hard cock, just as he did every morning. At 22 years old, he was still as horny as he was at 12. He got up from his bed, completely naked as he didn’t like to wear anything while sleeping, and made his way down the stairs without even trying to hide his erect 8-inch cock.

Linda, Jeff’s mom, was at the kitchen sink washing some dishes as she had just prepared breakfast for the whole family, and she didn’t realize her son had entered the room until he came up behind her and reached both hands around, grabbing her two big tits.

“Good morning mom,” Jeff said, hugging his mother from behind while at the same time kneading her fat titties and kissing her on the neck.

As he did this, Linda could feel his cock pressing into her big ass, instantly causing her pussy to get wet.

“Hi baby,” she replied, placing her hands over his. “Would you like some breakfast?” “I made sausage and eggs just as you like.” The horny woman pushed her ass back against her son’s cock as she spoke to him.

“I’ll eat after I fuck you.” Jeff said. Keeping her pinned up against the sink, he let go of her tits and moved his hand down her body, all the while kissing her neck and cheeks as his hands slowly moved down her hips. He then grabbed the bottom of her nightdress and raised it up to expose her ass. Linda rarely wore panties around the house, and so as soon as Jeff lifted her nightgown up around her hips, his hard cock was touching her bare ass, and she could feel his precum dripping from his dick onto her ass cheeks.

Her son continued to lift up her nightgown, and she raised her arms so that he could take it off completely, leaving the 38-year-old woman totally naked and exposed and at her boy’s mercy.

“What a hot bitch,” Jeff thought as he began groping his mother’s bare tits once again, while at the same time grinding his cock against her ass.

And indeed, Linda was a hot bitch. She was petite, had shoulder-length blonde hair, big blue eyes, and a smile to die for. Large tits and a fat ass. She went for a jog every single day keeping her body tight and firm and to look at her one wouldn’t guess she was 38 years old and had three kids.

Moving one of his hands down to her cunt, Jeff rubbed her pussy lips before pushing two fingers into her soaking wet hole. The horny bitch let out a sign and began to push her cunt down, trying to get more of his fingers up inside of her snatch.

“Urrrrgh,” she moaned as her eldest son slid his fingers in and out of her pussy. “That’s it, baby, but just hurry up and fuck me as mommy needs to go pee.”

Jeff didn’t need much encouragement, and taking his fingers out of her, he grabbed his rock-hard cock and placed it at the opening of her cunt, then just shoved it in as hard as he could.

“Fuuuuck,” he cried out as he shoved his dick into her balls deep. “You have such a wet pussy mom.”

As her son started fucking in and out of her, Linda bent forward. It felt so good to have a young man’s cock her up first thing in the morning, and she wanted him to fuck the life out of her; however, she really did need to pee and so she was hoping her son wouldn’t take too long.

“Fuck mommy’s whore hole,” she sneered, looking back at him and throwing her hips back to meet his trusts. “Give me your big cock baby just like I need.” The hot mom knew how much men loved dirty talk, and she knew that the more filthy she talked, the quicker he would cum. “You’re stretching me with your big fat cock baby; it’s even bigger than your father’s.” “Ohhh fuck yeah.”

Jeff started fucking his mom harder and harder while he grunted and moaned. He was so horny and didn’t think he could last long.

“Harder, you fucking pervert,” she coaxed him to “smash my fucking cunt up.” She reached her own hand down and started rubbing her clit as hard as she could. “You can fuck me any time you want, baby; I’m your dirty whore.” “Hell if I ever refuse you, then just rape me.”

“Oh fuck mom,” the boy exclaimed as he pounded her cunt, “Your going to make me cum with all that dirty talk. You’re such a nasty fucking whore. Oh fuck yeah.”

Jeff was sweating now from the pounding he was giving the slut, and he could feel his balls begin to tighten, so he knew he would come soon.

“Yeah, I am a nasty whore, the nastiest whore you will ever meet.” “Now shoot you cum up your mommy, you sick fucker,” she urged as she banged back against him, “do it, you motherfucking bastard. Shoot it up me”

It was too much for the young man. “Arrrrrgh fuck, I’m cumming,” he moaned as he started to shoot load after load into his mother’s womb. He held the bitch tight by her hips and kept fucking into her, cumming with every trust. Linda gripped her pussy muscles as her son came inside her, milking his cock of every drop of sperm.

After he had his way, Jeff just stood behind his mom, breathing heavily with his quickly softening dick still inside her.

“OK baby, off you get,” she said, gently reaching back and playfully slapping him. “Mommy needs to use the bathroom.”

Linda hadn’t even come yet, but she desperately needed to pee now, and after she did that, she thought she could finger herself to an orgasm.

After a few seconds, she felt her son’s wilted cock slip out of her cunt, followed a trail of his sperm as he stepped away from her.

She started to stand up to go use the bathroom but was suddenly pushed back down roughly, and another dick was forcefully jammed up her pussy.

“Not so quick, you nasty cow,” her husband said as he shoved his cock into her used fuck hole.

Mike had been standing at the door for the past several minutes, jerking off and watching his hot wife getting fucked over the kitchen counter by his eldest son. Now he started fucking the shit out of her himself.

“Take that, you filthy whore,” he said as he plowed her soaking wet pussy with his hard cock. “I’m going to add another load to your cunt, you bitch.”

“Urrrrrgh fuck,” the slut moaned as her husband pounded her pussy. She loved being fucked by her husband and being his whore, but if he didn’t stop, she was sure she would pee herself. She pushed her hands back and tried to push Mike away while pleading with him. “Please, baby, just stop for a few minutes. I need to use the bathroom. And when I am done, you can do as you want with me.”

“No chance, bitch,” he replied as he continued fucking her as hard as he could. “You’re not getting up until I finish cumming. So either hold it in or piss yourself right here. I don’t give a fuck which you choose.”

“Bastard” Linda shouted. She closed her eyes and tried to hold herself, but with Mike’s pounding at her fuckhole it was just impossible, and after a minute or so she could not hold it anymore, so she just relaxed her muscles and let her piss flow out.

As Mike felt the first trickle of piss pour out of his nasty wife, he stopped his fucking and pulled his cock out of her cunt. He slapped her hard on her ass, causing her to scream, then said, “Let it go, you whore.” “Piss yourself like a filthy animal.”

Ashamed, Linda just totally released herself, and the urine started flowing out of her pussy, making a yellow puddle on the kitchen floor directly below her. Mike was rubbing his dick under her cunt and getting his cock soaked with her pee. “Look at your whore mother pissing herself, boy,” he commented to Jeff, who had sat down at the table and started eating breakfast. Jeff laughed out loud and called her a piss whore, adding to his mother’s humiliation.

As soon as she had finished relieving herself, Mike once again plunged his cock back into her filthy slut hole and started slamming into her once again. “That was fucking hot, bitch,” he exclaimed, “you should do it more often, you piss whore.”

“Yeah,” the horny woman replied, “whatever you say, baby. Just keep fucking my pussy; I’m almost about to cum. Ooh fuck….”. She had moved her hand back to her pussy and was rubbing her clit like a bitch in heat.

Mike also wasn’t far from cumming as he fucked her nasty cunt. “Nothing beats sloppy seconds first thing in the morning,” he joked as he fucked his wife’s hole. “I’m going to dump another load of spunk in you right now, you whore.”

Mike grabbed one of his wife’s tits as he continued fucking her. The slut’s pussy was a sloppy mess from her own juices, piss, and her son’s spunk. “You’re so fucking wet you’re stretched out like a 5 dollar whore,” he continued. “Take that cock, you depraved cunt.”

Linda just loved being treated like a cheap whore, but it became too much, and suddenly she felt her cunt contract, and she began to have a massive orgasm. “Urrrrrrrgh. Oh, god, yes, that’s it. I’m a fucking incestuous piss whore!” She screamed as her whole body tensed up as she started cumming

As she orgasmed, her cunt muscles started to contract, which also sent Mike over the edge, and he screamed in pleasure as his cock began to shoot a load of sperm into his wife’s used pussy.
“Fuck yeah, that’s it,” he yelled. “Take that spunk, you nasty cum bucket. This is all your good for you cheap whore.”

The couple moaned and grunted, and they mated in front of their son without any shame. Eventually their orgasms subsided, and Mike pulled his cock out of his wife, who was still bent over the counter, panting and sweating, causing a stream of sperm to run out of her cunt and down her thigh.

“I’m going to go have some breakfast,” he said, slapping her hard on her ass and causing her to scream yetagain. “Hurry up and clean up this mess, you dirty bitch; you have pissed all over my floor.”

With that, he went and sat naked beside his son, and both men tucked into their food as Linda got some towels and started cleaning her mess.

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