My wife’s best friend

My wife Lynn and had started dating at 16 and that’s when I first met her 13yo best friend Sherry who hung out with us a lot and occasionally even went on dates with us. It was funny because Lynn had a 9:00 curfew where Sherry could stay out until 11:00. But I’d always taken Sherry home first until one night we’d been out drinking and lost track of time so I had to take Lynn home right away to meet her curfew. Lynn didn’t know that earlier that night when I had my arm around her in the car my hand had accidentally pressed against one of Sherry’s big tits and I’d pretended I didn’t realize it. But after several minutes with Sherry not saying anything I started moving my hand around and squeezing her tit. She didn’t say a word but when I looked over at her she was smiling obviously enjoying it.

After dropping Lynn off I was heading towards Sherry’s house when she reminded me she didn’t have to be home for 2 more hours. It blew my mind when I asked if she wanted to ride around some more, but she suggested go somewhere and park and then suggested pickup where I’d left off. I didn’t want to assume and asked what did I stop? Without hesitation she said playing with my tits, then said and not to worry she wouldn’t tell Lynn. Being a normal teenage guy who had a nice buzz I jumped at her offer. I went to a spot I’d taken Lynn and other girls to make out and more. I got to really check out those big tits when in no time she’d taken off her top and bra. I couldn’t believe she was only 13. Lynn had a nice set of 34DD tits but they were small compared to Sherry’s. As I started sucking on her tits she moaned and started telling me how Lynn had told her how good it felt when I sucked her tits, about that time she grabbed my hard cock through my pants and said Lynn had also told her what a big cock I had.

Soon she pulled my cock out and pushed me away from sucking on those huge boobs of hers and leaned over & started sucking my cock, something I’d fantasized about while jerking off a few times. She wasn’t as good at sucking cock as Lynn but she didn’t have as much practice. But it still felt great and as I groped those big tits it evened things out. Suddenly she looked up and asked if I had any condoms. I assured her I always had condoms. She started taking off the rest of her clothes. I pulled off my pants and soon found myself fucking the hell out of that hot little 13 yo with huge tits. This soon was a regular thing whenever she went out with Lynn and I we’d drop Lynn off first and tell her we were going to ride around. Telling her if she kept going home early her parents might start expecting it. Lynn being very trusting went along with it. So night it was just Lynn and I I’d fuck Lynn and nights it was the three of us I’d fuck sherry. Even after Sherry got a boyfriend she’d go out with us so I could fuck her. And she wasn’t fucking her BF just sucking him off sometimes.

A couple of years later Lynn and I got engaged and I’d rented an apartment. The night before our wedding Lynn had a lot to do so we didn’t go out. But around 8:00 my doorbell rang and it was Sherry. She’d just left Lynn’s and came over so I could fuck her one last time as a single guy. I fucked the hell out of her thinking it was my last time being with her. But would learn it was far from the last time. The next day at the wedding I found myself getting an erection at the alter as I saw Lynn in her low cut wedding dress and Sherry right beside her with those big tits spilling out of her bridesmaid dress. I figured it was over between Sherry and I until Lynn suggested Sherry for a position with my company. She would call at night trying to sit up appointments for our salespeople and I was the sales manager so was there in case any of the salespeople had any questions. So it was just Sherry and I at the office alone every night. Her first night there I went into her office to see how things were going and she turned her chair around toward me and she’d pulled her top up exposing her tits to me. She’d suck my cock or I’d fuck her every other night right there in the office.

She and Lynn were still best of friends and sometimes we even double dated with Sherry’s new boyfriend who was sometimes fucking her when she’d get off work after I’d fucked her. And she got a kick out of kissing him knowing she’d sucked my dick just a couple of hours earlier taking my load in her mouth. Lynn and I had gotten into the swinger lifestyle soon after getting married but I’d never told her I was fucking her now 15 yo friend. But one night I got a big surprise when Sherry and her boyfriend had come over. We were going to play cards like we’d done many times before and all of a sudden Sherry suggests playing strip poker. By the look on Lynn’s face when she agreed I knew they’d planned this. I could tell Jeff ( Sherry’s BF ) was surprised but was all in on the idea. Which I’d seen him checking out Lynn several times. We started playing and once we were all almost naked Sherry leaned over and asked Jeff something that caused him to look shocked at first and then after looking over at my mostly naked wife he smiled and said OK to Sherry. Then Sherry asked what we’d think about swapping partners? I knew Lynn had known about this so I didn’t hesitate in saying it was fine with me. We rushed to finish the game and with us all naked headed to the bedroom.

Lynn was sucking Jeff off while Sherry went down on me. I was the first time we’d swapped with a couple where the other girl was a redhead like Lynn and it was a turn on. But knowing all the times Sherry had sucked my dick and I’d fucked her starting when she’d just turned 13 really turned me on. I got Sherry on her knees on the bed and started fucking her from behind as I reached around and groped her huge tits as Jeff was eating Lynn’s pussy. Lynn was looking at me fucking her friend and grinning from ear to ear. We fucked both girls in several different positions and Jeff shot off in Lynn’s pussy but I couldn’t resist shooting off on Sherry’s big tits when she suggested it. Then she looked over at Lynn and said Jeff had said he’d like to see a girl licking cum off her tits after seeing pictures of girls doing that in a magazine. Then asked if she’d like to show him what it was like in real life? I knew they had planned all of this and as expected Lynn started to lick & suck her friends big tits. She licked up every drop of cum before Sherry started sucking Lynn’s tits.

They kissed and ran their hands over each others bodies. Then Lynn moved down and started eating her friends pussy. After getting Sherry off they swapped places and Sherry ate Lynn. I couldn’t resist moving behind Sherry and fucking her while she ate my wife’s pussy. And after a while pulling my cock out of her pussy and started fucking that sweet 15-year old’s ass. When I was ready to cum I pulled out and shot off on Lynn’s tits and watched Sherry lick her clean. It was the only time we swapped partners with them because though Jeff got off seeing the girls together and fucking Lynn he didn’t like watching me fuck his girlfriend. But we had lots of very hot threesomes with Sherry. And it was the end of summer vacation so Sherry had to quit her job because of school but this meant I still got to fuck her with Lynn’s approval. I learned Sherry had told Lynn I had been fucking her at work when she tried working out the experience with Lynn for Jeff to see and us swapping partners. But it turned out Lynn would have only been surprised to hear we weren’t fucking. I also learned Lynn and Sherry had been hooking up for about a year.