Unexpected Encounter – Office Part 1

Well, unexpected things happen all the time every place every time, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.. Here is a story which happened recently and I suggest if you want to learn anything of it is be open for all possibilities.

Having recently graduated, I was looking for a job every where, but at the same time, I was actively hunting for some man pussies on various chat apps. To tell you a bit about myself I am 21 years of age, 5’9″ and a whole lot of thick at the man meat part, not that I didn’t like girls, but I had a great deal of interest in boys and men of all age especially the bottom ones.. Always loved a guy who was willing to take my entire shaft in his boipussy and give me a good time.. I am a dominant top for all things relative to M2M sex.. And I have fucked guys varying from all ages.. From the newly curious ones widening their holes to as mature as 60+ aged grandpas who had need of a major dong down their butt… And everything in between including some dentists, working professionals… Cops.. I have had experiences everywhere right from doing guys in their own bedroom while their entire family was out to guys taking me to their farmhouses where they could get fucked senselessly to heavens… And parking lots, clinics, open vacant spaces and offices everything in between…

So coming to story, I got a call from a firm whose sales and services centre was newly opened near my locality. I definitely applied and was called for an interview.. To give a context it was a small establishment comprised of two adjoining shops.. And the business park was at a distance of not more than 300 metres from where I lived. I went there decked for the interview.. As soon as I left home I got a message on the gay chat app that I frequently used..

I started chatting with him till I reached the business park location. He told me about him that he was a chubby guy 40 years of age, and wants to have fun.. He asked me if I have place and I told him that not right now, because I was heading for the interview, one thing that I noticed was that as I was approaching the business park the location of the the person I was chatting with seemed to draw lesser and lesser, so one thing was for sure that the guy was present at the business park.. I was happy that at least I’ll get to have some fun.. Knowing the business park was not all occupied and we could find some nook or corner space where I could have fun with this guy..

I asked this guy for his pic and he was reluctant to send his.. I too cautiously didn’t send him my face pic but to entice him sent him my dick pic, his replies we’re more frequent after that and he asked for more pics so that he could be sure that they were my pics..

As I reached the interview location, his replies started to slow down and come in intervals as such, however one thing I noticed was that the location from the other person read 0 metres, so I checked around.. It could be from someone from the offices above or probably in same room…

Looking at the pattern of his replies, I was willing to bet it was the interviewer in the room… But just to be sure I insisted that he sends the pic.. I asked him for the same on chat.. And voila.. He did reply with his pic.. I asked for his nudes and if he had place.. He mentioned he didn’t have any nudes and place was not possible…

As I could see from the set up it was still work in progress and since it was a small set up, there we’re no CCTV or anything as such, it was all but a small unit warehouse with all equipment and computers lying around..

I went to have a closer look at the interviewer through the glass pane.. With an excuse of drinking water.. It was just few candidate and the interviewer.. Simply us only.. Suddenly he came out of the cabin and that’s when I saw him, he was a plump guy, fat at all places.. A guy like him should be.. He gave me a smile as he headed towards his washroom.. I pulled out my chat app and started texting him.. Asking him what he is doing.. Surprisingly he texted back and we chatted for quite some time.. Knowing he was in washroom.. He was definitely interested.. He mentioned he wanted me to fuck him good and hard.. I asked him for place again, which he mentioned he didn’t have as of now…

As he was on his way back to cabin I purposely texted him just to be double sure and he opened the app, I could see the graphics on it and it was confirmed that it was him..

I was the last guy to be interviewed.. And I decided that I would be fucking him good and nice in the same office..

As I went in, he greeted me… I too shook his hand in all masculinity..

The interview began.. He asked me a few questions here and there…

His final question was “why do you want to join us”

My hormones had the better of me.. I responded casually saying “because I want to fuck you daily”

“What?” He was astonished..

I went near him and kissed him and grabbed him up..

“You wanted me to fuck you hard and good right.. That’s what you just wrote to me”

He was astonished…

“It’s you.. I could never imagine it was you.. Omg” .. And we kissed…

I unbuckled him and pulled his pants down..

“No we can’t do it here.. Not here..” He replied trying to pull his pants up..

“We are doing it here.. There is no better place than this.. No cctv, all establishment just for you, me.. No one to watch us..”

He thought for a second..

“But what about the doors?” He questioned…

I went and pulled the shutters down and latched it from inside.. He too closed the window shutters on the other end..

“See now it’s just you and me”

We hugged, I got him rid of his clothes as he got rid of mine.. He went down sucking on my dick.. He couldn’t believe it.. That it was happening… Like in the office itself..

“Do you believe your luck you are fucking the centre head of India region?” He quickly added between his gasps as I was thrusting his ass..

“Do you believe your luck that you getting banged right on the first day of the office” I quickly added and thrusted him even harder..

He laughed between the shrieks.. As I continued pounding him..

We fucked on his desk… The machine table.. On the mini stairs. The floor, the couch everywhere..

He was very impressed by my stamina.. As I was pounding his butt for quite some time now.. My hands explored his entire body right from his man tits to his little man clit which was bouncing with every thrust I made.. The room was filled with sounds of my balls slapping against his butt…

I fucked him at my will.. And he took it like a bitch in heat… As I was about to cum he went down religiously on his knees and mouth open tongue out as I sprayed his face and his torso with my cum.. As a good bottom, he licked it all, swallowed and sucked my dick clean…

He was spent and tired with all the pounding in his butt.. He inspected it with his fingers.. As he sat on couch with his legs spread..

“Man you widened my hole.. Such a strong fucker”

“Yes Centre Head..” .. He laughed..

He went to washroom with his naked self and jiggly butt swaying left and right..

We both dressed up.. He hugged me again.. And kissed me..

He handed me a paper.. It was my offer letter..

“Congratulations.. You are hired” .. He said licking his lips..

I thanked him and we both kissed again..