Myrna – Chapter 3 -Alicia’s Revenge

Ever since Alicia told Kathy to take a long walk down a dirt road, she has been a different woman.  She seems happier and much calmer.  Even her sexuality was more intense.  The animosity seemed to be resolved.  I was so happy for her.

A month passed.  I came home from work and Alicia was looking very pensive, or maybe I should say contemplative. 

“I saw Margaret at the vegetable stand on the way home.  We chatted a bit, told me her mom was out of the hospital.  Broken hip.  She did mention the high-money guy Kathy was sponging off of dropped her right in the middle of the first glass of wine.  They were at Traders.  Not your run-of-the-mill burger joint.”

“Traders!  Damn, that’s a take-your-paycheck restaurant.  We both know everything flows one way with Kathy – her way.  Did that give you that feeling?  Kathy will just sink her claws into some other poor bum as she did me.”

“I know, Baby.  But it’s just something in the way Margaret said it.  You know I get goofy sometimes.  Would you pour me a glass of wine, please?”

We drank our wine and proceeded to empty the bottle.  Kathy had her head on my shoulder, and I was brushing her hair with my hand.  She looked so sweet and loving.  I bent over to kiss her, and she responded by kissing me.  She rolled over and pushed her head into my crotch.

She was nibbling me through my shorts, and what she was after was responding rapidly.  I pushed my hand down her shorts and started playing with the part between her cheeks.  Alicia pulled her shorts down and kicked them off.  I slid my finger into her and as usual, she was wet and ready. 

She lifted her head just enough for me to remove my shorts.  My stiffening cock went straight into her mouth.  Alicia’s oral expertise is amazing.  She knew what I liked, and she made good use of her knowledge.  I fingered her sweetness, her response was a quiet mew, and pushing herself onto my finger.  I inserted a second and Alicia let out a long moan.  It felt like she had a mini climax.  She reached back and grabbed my hand.  She put my finger on her tighter opening and gave it a small push.  I knew what she wanted. 

I slid toward the end of the couch, and she swallowed my shaft.  I wet my finger and gently inserted it into her bottom.  She approved with a long moan and pushed up onto my finger.  She was sucking me long and hard.  It was like being in a vacuum.  She reached behind her and moved another finger to her bottom.  I slid my finger into pussy to get it wet, and then pushed it past the finger that was occupying her bottom. 

Her response was bobbing up and down faster on my erection while her firm, round bottom pumped up and down on my fingers.  I slid my ring finger into her wet pussy, and she sucked and licked on the head of my cock and pulled on my balls.  I pumped my fingers in and out of her demanding openings while she continued to suck my cock head.  Almost without warning, we both climaxed.  I shot my load of hot sperm into her mouth, and she bathed my hand with her love juice. 

Alicia got up and cuddled close to me.  I had my hand around her shoulder, she snuggled her head against my neck.  Neither of us moved for some time.  We were enjoying the love and tenderness we shared and needed.  Alicia and I have one heart and one love.

She got up to get our drinks, and my phone rang.  Alicia handed me a glass and answered the phone.

“Hello.  Yes, this is Alicia Jacobs.  Yes, Charlie is here, hold on.  Do you know a Greg Andrews?”

“Greg Andrews?  Holy crap I haven’t heard from that nut in months.  Greg, how are you?  Did you have to get bail, or did you escape?”

Greg and I talked for about an hour.  Reliving the mornings of recovery and the other stupid things we did with the other four guys in college.  I asked Alicia if he could come for dinner the following evening.  She was more than agreeable.  She told me to ask him what he would like for dinner.  I told her he will say, burgers, fries, and beer, and that’s exactly what he said.

“Burger, fries, and beer, huh?  Is that what you lived on in college?  Or was it mostly beer?”

“I am pleading the Fifth Amendment.”

“Do you want me to go to Margaret’s while you two catch up?  I understand there are things you may not want your wife to hear.”

“Alicia.  The vows we made for each other included never lying or hiding anything from each other.  There is no reason for you to go to Margaret’s unless you want to.  I want you to meet Greg.”

Greg came in the door like he always did, full throttle.  He was as much fun as he was in college.  Alicia and Greg hit it off immediately.  Alicia had made enough burgers, fries, and beer for the Seventh Calvary.  We were having a ball.  Alicia’s eyes were red from laughing.  But it had to happen.  The elephant in the room.  The conversation turned to Kathy.

“Charlie, I hate to be an asshole, but we could never figure out why you married Kathy.  Shit, I should keep my mouth shut, I am sorry Alicia.”

“Well, Greg.  It isn’t a problem any longer.  Charlie has made me crazy happy, and I think I have done the same for him.”

“You have that’s easy to see.  I have never forgotten how Kathy shunned you at the wedding and reception.  You were not in the bridal party or any of the pictures.  We hated her for that.  The gang from college has talked about it a few times.  Eddie said on many occasions that he would love to see her embarrassed about the way she dumped on you.  Eddie said he wouldn’t change her tire if she was in the middle of nowhere naked.  He had such a way with words since he was an English major.”

We had a good laugh over that.  Greg looked at Alicia and then looked at me.  I looked at Alicia, and Oh OH.  She had that look of hers that she gets when she has something up her sleeve.

“Alicia, what are you thinking?  Come on, out with it.  I know that look.  Greg, be very, very afraid.”

Greg, if you had the chance to embarrass her would you help me get back at Kathy for the embarrassment, she has caused me?  If you don’t want to, just say no.” 

“Y E S!!  I hope I didn’t disturb the neighbors.  If we could pull this off, the guys would be celebrating for a week.”

“Greg,” I said, “think before you agree.  This sweet, demure, innocent face can be deceiving.  The girl has a mean vein in her that only shows up when she is so pissed she can’t talk.  Are you all right, Honey?”   Alicia only nodded.

Alicia went to the fridge and brought another round of beer.  Just enough time for her to finalize her plan.  And she had, I could tell by that smile on her face.  She sat down and looked Greg dead in his eyes.  The plan was about to be revealed.

“Greg, if Charlie and I paid all of the expenses, would you date Kathy for a couple or three weeks?  It would depend on how long it would take before she tried to put her claws into you.  Time enough for her to show her true bitching, rude self.”

“Alicia, can I ask a couple of questions before I agree, which I probably will?”

“Sure, fire away.”

“Would you mind if I call the guys and ask them for contributions, which will be many, and when do we start?”

“Why do I see Margaret coming into the picture?  You two are very close and I’m sure she will help in any way and keep it quiet.”  I asked her.

“Margaret works in the same building as Kathy.  She sees her coming and going every day.  “She”, said Kathy, “ has lunch at The Rendezvous Café almost every day.  If Greg happened to be at the Rendezvous and “run into” Kathy, that would be enough to start her vile blood running.  Her yellow ragtop sports car would be parked in front.  Pay her tab, and you would be halfway into her pants.  Not that you would want to go there, your choice.  Ask her out a few more times, and my guess is by the end of the second week you will see the Kathy we all know and hate. 

“When did you come up with this plan?”

“About twenty minutes ago.”

“Greg, I warned you.”

We sat in the “war room” plotting and planning against the overthrow of the “Queen”.  Then Greg picked up his phone, and the party began.  Greg got the guys on a conference call and told them the plan.  There were cheers and hooting and screaming from the phone.  When the call was over, the crazy guys from college had pledged one hundred fifty dollars to the “war effort”.

The next day found Greg at the Rendezvous Cafe dressed to the hilt and ready to put the plan into action.  When he walked in, he spotted Kathy right away.  He found a table not far from her.  As he ordered and ate, he would look over at her and would catch her eye a couple of times.  The fourth time, he smiled and nodded to Kathy.  She perked up like a peacock.  The trap was set.

Over the next week and a half, Greg wined and dined with the Queen.  There were a couple of times she thought she would be kissed for letting him enjoy her company, but it never happened.  Greg said that seemed to annoy her.  He called up and said he had found subtle ways to annoy her.  Not enough to piss her off.  Greg reported he thought by next week, Saturday, the trap could be sprung on Kathy.

On Wednesday evening, Alicia and I stopped at Justin’s.  A very intimate restaurant with low lights, linen tablecloths, and servers in black vests and bow ties.  I knew Justin by accident.  He was at a bar on a Monday afternoon, and they struck up a conversation.  Alicia and I had dinner there occasionally.  We were lucky, business was slow.  I asked to speak to Justin.

“Justin, how are you?  It is good to see you.”

“The pleasure is mine.  I have many customers, but I am in the presence of my favorites.  How can I be of service? 

Alicia laid out the scenario for Justin.  He had seen Kathy in his establishment a few times with her, what shall I say, benefactor.  He admitted he was fond of the revenue, not her.  We laughed at his answer.  I asked Justin to call me if there any problems occurred.


Saturday took forever to arrive.  I called Greg to make sure Kathy hadn’t pulled one of her half-ass stunts and left us in the lurch.  He assured me everything was a go and had Kathy just about to show her true colors during the week.  Alicia was overjoyed with the progress report.  It was all up to Greg now.

It was four-thirty and Alicia poured herself a glass of wine and brought me a beer.  She had that look on her face that could mean anything.  She sat next to me and would chuckle when she sipped her wine.  Alicia enjoyed this, a lot.

“Charlie, I want it.”

Alicia stood up and started a seductive strip tease.  She would get just close enough to me and then back away.  She was in a wild mood.  She was down to her shorts when she reached for my tee shirt and damn near ripped it from me.  She smiled and clenched the shirt in her teeth.  She was swaying her hips back and forth and holding her breasts.  She dropped the shirt and straddled my lap.  Her left hand grabbed my head, and her right hand shoved her breast in my mouth. I started sucking immediately.

Alicia was on her knees straddling my lap and rocking back and forth as though she had me inside of her grinding her pelvis against mine.  She grabbed my head and pushed it against her breasts and I sucked and nibbled on her hard nipples.  After a few minutes, she got off me and continued her strip tease.

Alicia was slowly pushing her shorts down from her hips and she continued her bump and grind.  When she began to take off her panties, her sweet ass was inches from me.  She made damn sure I had to wait for the complete unveiling of her tight ass and wet pussy.  My cock raged with anticipation.  I wanted to shove it into her and was not particular about which opening. 

Alicia backed up to me spreading her cheeks to give me complete access to wherever I wanted to release my aching hard-on.  In a split second, she spun around and yanked my shorts from me.  Alicia glared at my raging cock like she was sex-starved.  She pushed me down on the sofa and jumped on top of me. The next thing I knew, I had her full breast in my mouth and she was rubbing her wet pussy on my cock. 

Alicia got up, turned, and lowered her sweet wet opening on my mouth.  When I began licking her vaginal lips, she started swallowing my blood-engorged cock.  I slid two of my fingers into her and continued to lick and suck her lips.  Her assault on my cock was relentless. 

With my two wet fingers, I gently pushed them into her tight bottom.  Halfway in, Alicia pushed back and my fingers were in her.  My fingers were sliding in and out of her stretched bottom and my tongue found its target on her hard clit.  With my tongue and fingers incessantly pushing her to her climax, Alicia grabbed my cock and let out a groan like that of a woman in her complete sexual explosion.

 Alicia lay on top of me panting and trying to regain her composure.  It was a few minutes, but the feeling of her on top of me was wonderful.  She finally got up and turned to look at me.  Her face was flushed, her forehead was coated with sweat and her hair was very disheveled. 

She was still breathing heavily when she said, “My man deserves everything I can give him.  Everything, body, and soul, even my life.”

With that, Alicia looked at me with the most seductive look I had ever seen from her.  She wrapped her fingers around my fully erect shaft and stroked it gently.  After a few strokes, she bent over and licked and sucked the head and slowly sucked up and down my cock.  She stopped, looked up at me, and smiled.

Alicia straddled me and guided me into her demanding pussy.  She slid up and down on me just enough to keep me from going crazy.  Then she stopped.  She removed my cock from her warmth and aimed it at her tight bottom.  As she lowered herself onto my throbbing cock, she closed her eyes and quietly moan in satisfaction. 

She had slid my cock completely into her bottom.  She sat there rocking back and forth on it.  Her eyes were closed, and she moaned as though she was in a trance.  Alicia continued rocking on my shaft for quite some time.  I was losing my mind.  Finally, she opened her eyes and had a devilish smile on her face.  Her cheeks were flushed from sex and her breathing was erratic.  She stared at me with that grin and began to massage her breasts.  After a while, she began pulling her nipples and rocking back and forth on me.

“Baby, I want you to have every part of me. Forever, whenever you want it.”

 Alicia pulled my cock from her pussy and guided me into her hot tight bottom.  The rocking back and forth began again, slowly sliding up and down my shaft.  That was all I could take.  The seductive smile, her fondling her breasts, pulling her nipples, gliding up and down on my cock, and shoving it into her until she was sitting on my pelvis.  I grabbed Alicia, pulled her down on my chest, grabbed her firm ass cheeks, and began pumping her with every bit of energy I had.

It didn’t take long before my hot lava was spraying every part of her vagina.  With each explosion, Alicia cooed and said, “Yes.”  I was exhausted.  She had taken me farther than I had ever been before.  Even as my shrinking cock was trying to leave, her tight muscles refused his release. 

Alicia got up and went to the bathroom, which did not surprise me.  But she came back with a warm washcloth and towel.  She gently washed and dried me.  I sat up and she sat next to me. I have never felt so in love in my life.

“Alicia, you are one hell of a woman.”

She brought a beer for me and had a glass of wine for herself.  We sat cuddled up on the couch enjoying the wonderful love we just had.  She had brought some crackers, and we just nibbled.  She wanted another wine, so I got up and brought it for her and another beer for me.  We were just feeling so wonderful, content, and fulfilled.

My phone broke the romantic sensual mood.  It was Greg.  Alicia could hear him laughing and I was about five feet from her.  I was trying to get him to calm down.  He was in hysterics.

“Greg, damn it.  Simmer down, what happened?”

“Wait, man.  Hey, guys you on?  Ready then, everyone is in attendance.  Glasses raised?  Mission accomplished.”  You could hear the applause.

“Damn it, Greg, spill it.”

OK, we get there and everything is set.  The waiter brought the wine, hers, was maybe a nineteen-ninety-nine at the grocery store. She caused a fuss.  She didn’t like that, she sent it back.  They brought her a glass that must have been from Teddy’s bathtub.  She all but spit It out.  She was getting pissed.  I told her mine was fine.  She ordered a Caesar salad with vinaigrette; they brought that as she ordered.  We ordered steak.  I ordered the porterhouse she ordered the filet mignon, imagine that.  They brought the steaks and when hers was well done, she came unglued.  I told her I would go to talk to the manager. 

About ten, maybe fifteen minutes later Justin comes up to the table.  He asks her if everything was to her satisfaction and if there will be anything else.  Well, Kathy went on a five-minute tirade that was heard throughout the entire restaurant.

“Just wait until my date gets back from the men’s room.  He will straighten this and you out.”

“Excuse me, Ma’am.  But the gentleman left fifteen minutes ago.  And there is the check to be satisfied.”

“Guys, this was an astronomical moment.  She didn’t know if she should shit or go blind.  

Kathy sat there for a moment dumbfounded, and then the string of verbal abuse began.  She let out a string of profanities that would outdo the dad in that story about the kid wanting a BB gun. It was fucking outstanding.  I fricking loved every second of this.”

“Greg, I don’t know how we can ever repay you.  You have vindicated my wife and you have dumped on that bitch as she has dumped on everyone in her life.”

“Brother Charlie, I would have gladly paid the tab for this one.  This was one of our best pranks ever even in college.  Oh, by the way, Justin asked for you two to stop by the restaurant day after tomorrow.  He wants to talk to you.”

“Hey Brothers, I owe each one of you.  Thanks for your support.”

We went down to see Justin as we were asked.  I knew it was to pay for the fiasco, but it would be well worth it.  Alicia was all smiles.  We talked about the whole thing.  She told me, no one but me would have gone with such an insane plan. 

Justin met us at our table and brought a glass of wine and a beer.  He wanted us to meet a friend of his, Joe.

“I don’t know how you came up with this crazy plan, but I loved it.  I know she is your sister, but she has interrupted my clients on a few occasions.  It was a pleasure to assist in her retribution.  Now, the reason I want you to come to see me.  Two things, Joe, will you join us?  Excellent.  First of all, your tab is zero.  It was my pleasure to see her embarrassed as she has embarrassed my clients.  Second, Joe if you please.  Joe is a professional videographer.  A dear friend of mine.  He did videography for my daughter’s wedding.  Joe.”

“I love catching people unaware.  When Justin told me of your plan, I asked if I could tape it.  He didn’t see a reason not to, so.  Here is a copy of the entire evening.  From the Hostess showing them to their table.  And everything to the very end, including Kathy completely losing her composure and being escorted from the premises.  I thought she was going to shit when Justin suggested she wash dishes to satisfy the check.”

Justin said, “Now, I would like you both, to enjoy my gyro with feta and a salad with Greek dressing, with a nice Greek white wine to make your meal perfect.  Eat well.

“Baby, I wonder what part of the evening you enjoyed more.  Finding out Kathy was shit on or what we were doing while we were waiting for the news.”

Alicia said, “Honey just wait until we get home for the answer.  We won’t watch the video until tomorrow.  Greek food is supposed to be good for building up – ah – mm – she’s gonna be hungry when we get home.