Neurophile (part 2)

Chapter 2: The Best Girls in the World

On the way home, just as I got onto the highway, I noticed that I was very low on gas. I chided myself for giving Bridget the rest of my money and prayed that I had enough to get home. I may have published works, but money on my end has been skimpy lately, barely trickling in. I let out another sigh and flipped on the radio to distract me from my woes. I was unimpressed with the current song and went to change the station, and that was when the car puttered, but didn’t stall yet. “Fuck,” I said as I quickly turned onto the shoulder just in time for it to die. I dropped my head onto the steering wheel as I let out my biggest sigh yet. “Fucking fuck!” The spilt milk was turning sour now, and it begged me to cry over it. The temptation was strong, but I held out and assessed where I was. The mile marker I could see told me that I had another seven miles to walk home, or about ten miles round trip to get gas. I liked neither of the options. I was definitely leaning toward the lesser of two evils, but first, I needed to smoke some weed. I rolled a couple of joints and began walking home. All I wanted was to get home and put this day behind me, but now I had at least another hour of thoughts to myself.

I thought I might cry a few times on the way home, but the weed helped to soften the emotional blows. I had dealt with enough of these types of situations in my life to refrain from asking the dreaded question: How can this get any worse? It was hard to resist. I even refrained from the I-wish-I-could-have statements. I didn’t believe in midlife crises, but I now questioned that philosophy. I was barely halfway home and I was already at the ‘Why me?’ stage, which would soon be followed by suicidal thoughts where I question my worth and value to others. I’ve never attempted suicide, but I’ve seriously considered it too many times. I dreaded the next three miles.

The suicidal thoughts still came, and I managed to insult myself several times before turning onto our street. The thought that home was just a few blocks away distracted me from my sorrows. Like the last few times, the thought of seeing my daughters brought me out of my funk. Carolyn, their mother, was the strict one and my non-chalant behavior quickly made them daddy’s girls. I know she loves them dearly, but she is a busy woman, and because of my fantasies, I am often soft when it comes to punishing them. My deviant mind is usually holding back thoughts of sexual punishments. Something I tend to write a lot of in my erotica. Nothing ever severe like gagging, or anything that would do permanent physical damage. Two miniature versions of their knockout mother, both in their budding stage of pubescence. I don’t think Brianna, the youngest is sexually active yet, but I’ve seen the bleach-like stains in Danielle’s underwear, indicative of aroused vaginal discharge. I’m not the type to sniff their panties, but I often do laundry, and I don’t just dump the clothes in. I check pockets and everything.

I paused at the gate and gazed upon the two-story house. I wondered how many more nights I would be sleeping there. I sighed again and hoped that it was late enough for my wife to be asleep as I opened the gate. I sighed one more time as I solemnly turned the key in the deadbolt. The house was quiet downstairs and I quietly made my way up the stairs. I first turned right to check on our daughters. Despite their ages, they both loved sharing a room. I opened their door enough to let in enough light for me to see both of them sleeping on their bunk beds. Only this time, they were both in the same bed, which wasn’t that uncommon. Their mother didn’t like them coming to our bed, so they would console each other. I chased away my deviant thoughts as Danielle was spooning Brianna. I couldn’t allow myself to think of such things at a time like this. Especially since I was convinced that I may never see them again. I held back the tears as I shut their door.

I looked down the hall at our door and saw that the light was still on. My stomach lurched, knowing that my wife was awake, and that she’d be pissed about the car. Maybe I would wait until the morning to tell her. Still, my nerves reached critical mass as I grabbed the knob and entered. To my chagrine, there she was, resting against the headboard reading one of her real estate magazines. As per usual, I had to wait for her to finish her sentence before she would acknowledge me. I began to disrobe, hoping I could get into the shower before she said anything. As I unbuttoned my shirt, she spoke. “You’re home early.” she stated matter-of-factly. No tone in her voice. Like a robot said it.

I would normally be quick to explain myself, but all I wanted at this point was a nice hot shower. I said, “Yea,” as non-chalantly as possible as I got naked and stepped into the bathroom. I quickly turned on the shower and didn’t wait for it to warm up. I had to get my head under it and let the running water drown out the rest of the world. One of the few things I look forward to each day. Almost like a meditation as I concentrate on the rushing sounds of the water which became soothing once it warmed up. I let it wash away my thoughts from the day so that I can be refreshed before going to bed. I need to be as emotionally and mentally neutral as possible, or else I can’t get to sleep very well. Luckily, my wife understands this, and she knows that I don’t get much writing done when I don’t sleep well, or at least not any decent writing at any rate.

I avoided eye contact as I crept into bed. As per usual, I turned on the TV to catch a late show or two that would put me to sleep, forcing her to turn it off. We had settled on this ritual. Some would say we were in a groove, but it was definitely a rut. The drought of affection in general warranted such a label. I didn’t even bother sitting up to watch, hoping to drift off to sleep quickly. Carolyn kept reading her magazine and I did just that; drifted off.

I couldn’t tell you the dream I had, but I awoke with a raging erection that throbbed hard. I could hear that my wife was still in the shower. Damn it, I thought to myself. I needed to take care of it and my only solace as of late has been my morning shower. Really, the only reason I take a shower in the morning. I threw on a robe and made my way to the bathroom in the hallway. I hoped it would be empty and to my luck, or so I thought, the door was ajar. I rushed in, and to my utter surprise, Brianna was at the sink brushing her teeth completely naked. We both gasped, and the shock caused me to let go of holding my robe closed. Her eyes widened further as we gawked at each other’s nudity. I was bedazzled by her young body. She was just as tall as her older sister, but was more athletic. She’s the best soccer player in her school. I couldn’t avert my eyes from her nearly hairless slit, and the toothbrush fell out of her mouth as she stared at my erect penis. It may have only been a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity before I gathered my thoughts and closed my robe and turned around so she could put on a towel. I heard her giggle as she put it on. “So, uh, we can, uh, you know… pretend this never happened?” I asked, clearing my throat.

I heard her giggle again. “Sure, daddy.”

“At least, uh, don’t tell your mother, okay?”

“I would never.”

I turned to look at her, because she almost sounded insulted. She had a towel on now, but she had an innocent smile on her face. It was even cuter with the toothpaste lining her mouth. I turned to leave.

“Hold on, daddy. I’m almost done.”

I watched as she rinsed off her toothbrush really well and rinsed out her mouth. I wanted to ask her if she brushed her teeth naked often, but I kept it to myself. She gave me a big toothy grin as she walked out and I’m pretty sure I caught her glance at my crotch and giggle before she left. My face must’ve been as red as a lobster. I didn’t think to lock the door before jumping in the shower. I was anxious to relieve my tension, and now I had new material. I put my head under the water and began to stroke my still erect cock. With my eyes closed, I focused on Brianna’s nude body still fresh in my mind. It was then I noticed that the look in her eyes was less about surprise as it was elation in that moment. She was happy to have seen her dad’s cock. I was so focused on the fantasy that I didn’t hear the door open. I stroked faster and faster until I heard a very audible gasp. My eyes shot open and quickly found the source. My other daughter was now gawking at my penis, peeking around the shower curtain. “What the–?”

Her eyes went wide as she looked at my face before closing the curtain. “I’m sorry, dad. I thought you were Brianna.” I heard her say as she scampered off.

In just ten minutes, both of my daughters had now seen me naked, and not just naked, but fully erect. My hand still mindlessly stroked my cock and it suddenly burst, ejaculating hard. Several spurts made it to the shower wall in front of me. So strong in fact, I nearly lost my footing. Much stronger than the one I had had last night. I don’t know if it was the post-orgasm hormones that zombify us men, but I was bewildered. Not only had both of my daughters seen my cock, but neither of them freaked out about it. They both seemed excited about having seen it, and for some reason, I was confident that they would tell no one but each other. I was glad because I lacked the brain power to further analyze the situation.

As I toweled off, I stared blankly at myself in the mirror. It felt like my brain was in safe mode. The only other thing I can liken it to is when I dropped two Zanax once. I felt very floaty and whimsical with my thoughts. Kind of like how I suddenly decided not to shave and settled on brushing my short hair with my hands. I gave myself a confused laugh in the mirror before making sure the knot on my robe was tied well enough. I brushed my teeth and then ran back to my bedroom. Not only to help avoid another incident, but there was a giddiness to my step. It felt strange. I had never been high on bewilderment before. This was a new experience. I dressed as I thought about it, and didn’t pay much attention to what I was putting on. I managed a pair of knee-length gym shorts and an old Nirvana shirt. Normally, and due to the fact that my cock is pretty big, I wear briefs with gym shorts. I paid no attention to this as my mind wondered why Danielle would peek in on Brianna while in the shower. Did they often look at each other naked? I knew better than to keep this train of thought as I went downstairs and into the kitchen to eat breakfast.

Both daughters were at the dinner table, eating cereal. “Where’s your mother?” I asked as I opened the cereal cabinet. All four of us are cereal junkies and have an entire cabinet with several varieties.

“She went to work.” I heard one of them answer.


“She said she had a meeting or something.”

“Huh.” I looked over as I began to pour the milk. Danielle was facing me and had her foot up on the seat with her knee up by her chest. Then I saw it. Her loose shorts revealed a panty-less, hairless pussy. My brain froze and I stared until the milk began to run off of the countertop. “Oh, shit.” I said as I scrambled to get the paper towels.

“What happened, daddy?”

“Oh, I spilled some milk.” Which really was an understatement. I must’ve poured half the gallon out. As I quickly cleaned up the milk, I thought to myself, “What the fuck?” As much as I fantasized about them, which wasn’t that often, I had never once accidentally nor purposefully seen them naked. I finally realized how poor of an idea it was to go commando in gym shorts. My cock was already half hard. I took a deep breath before I stood up to clean the counter. I cleared my mind of lustful thoughts. Luckily, it worked and it went down. I wiped the milk off and put it back and joined them at the table. They both smiled at me as I sat down and opened up the newspaper which one of them had retrieved. “Thank you for getting the paper, girls.”

They both beamed, but said nothing. I smiled back and turned my attention back to the paper. I sometimes get inspirations for stories by reading it. I did my best to concentrate on the article I was reading, but the girls kept giggling. My stomach sank. I hoped they were just being silly girls, but my mind knew what they were giggling about. I cleared my throat and rustled the newspaper rather hard as I turned to the comics. This caused another giggling session. By this time I was annoyed. “What is so funny?”

They both looked at each other and laughed harder. Brianna shyly said, “I think you know, daddy.” They both giggled some more.

I knew my face had flushed, but I ignored it. “Look, girls. We can’t have you behaving like this when your mother is around. You know how suspicious she can get.”

Brianna spoke up, “It’s okay, daddy. We promised never to tell anyone, especially mommy.”

I was relieved to hear that, but I wondered just how long a secret like this would stay just that. “Look, I’m sorry that it happened. You know that it was inappropriate, right?”

“Well, we’re not sorry about it, and… why is it so bad?”

The bewilderment was back. Not sorry about it? Don’t understand why it’s bad? I was certain that Carolyn had had talks with them about this stuff. Like, no one should touch you in certain places and all that. They both acted as though it was an innocent incident not understanding the impact it has on me, or the impact of someone else learning about it. To top it off, I had no idea how much they knew about sex. My brain quickly came to an impasse.

“Daddy? What is so wrong about it? We both liked seeing your peepee, daddy.”

I didn’t realize it, but my cock was growing. It bumped into the table causing me to jump and look down at it with embarrassment. My face flushed even deeper as I heard them giggling. They could see it through our glass-top table. My brain refused to function. It was caught in an awkward limbo.

“C’mon, daddy. Let us see it again. Please?”

“Yea, c’mon, daddy.” Danielle added with a smile.

My eyes must have blinked a thousand times as I looked at both of them in astonishment. I stammered a bit, trying to shake off how much I wanted to show them, and so much more. Their expectant faces didn’t help, but I managed to say something. “Brianna, Danielle. We can’t continue this behavior. I could get into a lot of trouble and you would never see me again. Do you understand?”

They both looked at each other and shyly looked down as they nodded.

I honestly wasn’t sure how further to respond. My mind was conflicted and still not functioning correctly. I was having a hard time believing my luck. Both daughters anxiously agreeing to repeating a sexual act. “You girls should finish up and go get ready for school.”

“Okay, daddy.” Brianna said, speaking for both of them. Her tone was full of defeat. No doubt they both felt that way. Despite their age difference, they acted very much like twins. I was still in awe as I watched them rinse their dishes and giggle as they scampered off to their room.

I shook my head as I finished my now mushy cereal. My mind was reeling to the point that I actually felt a bit light-headed. Maybe it was the fact that I still had a hard-on. “Give me a break.” I told it. I leaned back in my chair and took a deep breath as I blankly stared at my empty cereal bowl. I can’t tell you how long I sat there like that, but I can tell you that numerous questions and what-ifs flooded my mind during. None being answered or brought to conclusion, only interrupted by the sounds of the girls coming back down the stairs. My brain snapped to and I sprang to my feet to get their lunches I had prepared yesterday from the fridge. As I closed the fridge door, they bombarded me, hugging me. Luckily, my hard-on had subsided, but they were both touching it as they hugged me, and I couldn’t help but think that they did that purposefully. “All right now, girls. Here’s your lunches. Don’t miss your bus.”

“Thanks, daddy. We love you.” Brianna said as they broke the hug and took their lunches. They both then closed their eyes and puckered their lips, waiting for me to give them a kiss.

I sighed with a pang of guilt, but this was the ritual. The pang of guilt came from the stirring in my groin. I bent down and gave them each a peck on their lips. They both beamed and ran off, both saying, “Bye, daddy.”

I let out a deep sigh. I couldn’t understand this sudden fascination about my penis. In my present state, I couldn’t even fathom a solution. Why was this happening now? I had to do something to get my mind off of things. That was when I saw the shopping list on the fridge. It was long enough to warrant a trip, and not so long that I couldn’t carry it home. I then remembered that I should call AAA before I go.

As I grabbed my phone from my inside coat pocket, I grabbed the strange man’s business card. I stared at it for a moment, catching a glint from one of the golden corners. A voice from out of nowhere startled me.