Treatments from Candace

My wife Barbara decided to visit her sister Jennifer for a couple of weeks. It had been some time since they had spent quality time together and Barbara desperately needed a mid winter break away from the snow and cold. Jennifer and her husband Brian lived in Hawaii, and they had often invited us down for holidays during the winter. I had used up most of my holidays to recoup from a bad fall that I had taken earlier in the summer. I did not have any holiday time left so I could not go with her.

When I was loading luggage into the back of her car I twisted the wrong way, and instantly felt a sharp pain on my side, by the time I got to the airport my back was starting to hurt, I struggle to unload Barbara’s luggage hung around while she checked vin at the airport and then headed home. I had made plans with our next-door neighbour, Dan to go to a hockey game in the evening, but by the time I got home, I could hardly crawl out of the car. I went over and knocked on Brian ‘s door and let him know that I would not be able to go to the hockey game because my back was really hurting. I gave him my ticket and suggested that he could take one of his sons. Dan was annoyed because he likes to go to hockey games and he likes to drink a lot of beer when he is at the games, I am normally the sober driver. He would not be able to get drunk if he took his son.

Dan and his wife, Candace had lived next to us for seven or eight years. We often had barbecues together in the summertime. Occasionally we would get together and go out for dinner and drinks. Barbara and I both enjoyed socializing with them. They were both in their mid 40s Dan was over six feet seriously overweight and suffered from premature baldness. He worked as an engineer for a large manufacturing company. Candace was a physiotherapist. She was blonde with sparkling green eyes, she was 5’ 8 a little overweight but still has a very desirable body. I watched her a couple times when she’s been in around their pool, her tits made my mouth water.

When I gave Dan the tickets, Candace offered to give me a deep tissue massage, something that she said would really help with my back. I politely declined and said that I was going to take some Tylenol and put some heat on my back. A couple of hours later the Tylenol had kicked in, and my back was starting to feel OK, I was checking some emails on it the computer when I noticed Dan and his son leave for the hockey game. About 20 minutes later, I was laying on the couch in the living room, and I heard a knock on the door. Opening the door, Candace standing there, she asked how my back was feeling. I said it was OK and that the Tylenol had done its job. She said that she would like to show me some techniques that should help my back.

I did not want to be rude, so I said sure let us give it a try. I headed towards the couch, but she stopped me and said that it would work a lot better, if I lied flat on the bed. I said OK and headed into our spare bedroom. She asked me to take off my T-shirt and to lay flat on my stomach. She reached into a bag that she was caring and brought up some lotions, and started to rub them on my lower back, immediately I could feel my back warming up and it felt nice. Then she started to work her hands along the back, massaging the area which I had pointed out, I must admit, it felt good. I do not know what it was, but I started to get a hard on, my cock grew very firm.

She stopped working the lotion into my back, I looked over my shoulder and asked if everything was OK, she said that she had forgotten to bring a towel to wipe off the excess lotion. I said that I could grab one from the bathroom as I rolled over, I noticed that she glanced at the bulge in my gym shorts, my cock was like a little tent pole under the material. I straighten my shorts and quickly went to the bathroom, taking a little bit of time so that my cock would simmer down. I went back into the bedroom, passed her the towel, she wiped the lotion off her hands, and then rub off my back.

She told me to lay flat on my back near the edge of the bed, and she grabbed my leg, lifting it up. I always go commando under my gym shorts, so when she lifted my leg, my cock and nuts fell out. I reached down and cover them with my hand, and she laughed saying it was OK. She looked directly into my eyes and said that I had a beautiful cock. The next thing I knew she slid her hand up under my shorts and begin squeezing my cock. I rolled off the bed and stood beside her, helping her remove her tee shirt and bra. She had beautiful firm breasts her nipples were already starting to go erect. I reached out and pulled her close to my chest, the feel of her body made my cock sprang to life reaching its full 9-inch length nice and thick. It started to kiss and nuzzle, the back of her neck, gently nipping on each of her ears before sliding my tongue into her with hot mouth. Candace slid her hands onto the top of my shorts and push them all the way down. As soon as my cock popped out, she grabbed it with her hand and started to squeeze it with one hand while cupping my nuts with her other hand.

I unbutton her jeans and push them down off her hips, before dropping down and kissing her pussy through her panties. I pulled the material away so my tongue could get around the edge and slipped it into her wet hot pussy. Candace gives a little shutter as my tongue entered her. Candice stepped out of her jeans and laid back on the bed. I reached for her and pulled off her panties, exposing her clean-shaven pussy. I climbed onto the bed and started to kiss the inside of her knees, working my way up her thighs until I reached her cunt. I use my fingers to pull her pussy lips aside and started kissing and licking the inside of her pussy, Candace, squirmed with delight putting her hands on the top of my head, and pushing my head deeper into her pussy. I slid my hands up across her stomach and took one of her breasts in each hand, and started to gently massage them, working the nipple until fully they were erect. I moved up and gently suck a nipple into my mouth, kissing, and sucking each breast until the nipples were rock hard. Candace reaches down and grab my cock and guided it into her wet pussy. I slowly work my cock in and out of her pussy before picking up the rhythm to a fast pace. I found her mouth and gave her deep passionate kisses. Candace was moaning wildly and raised up to meet my thrush. I could feel that my nuts were getting ready to release their load, so I pushed deep inside of her until I could feel it explode in her. As I shot my load, Candace gave it a long, satisfying sigh. I started to pick up my cadence again when Candace stopped me and said do not move, keep it right there, I forced, my cock deeper into her hot pussy. I could feel her pussy squeeze and release my cock, after a couple of minutes, Candace let her hands drop, and I pulled out and laid beside her on the bed. She put her head on my chest and started to play with mine shaft, giggling, saying that it was so sticky. She brought her hands up licked off her fingers before sitting up and sucking my cock into her mouth. The feel of her, tongue against my cock and nuts drove me crazy, within seconds, my cock was standing straight up. I asked her if she wanted an encore, she gave me a big smile and said, but not now because we were running out of time. Her husband and son would soon be home. As we got dressed, she told me that it was the best sex that she had in years. She said Dan does not want to make love with her anymore and when they do, he cannot maintain an erection and gets frustrated.

After we got dressed, we sat quietly on the edge of the bed for a couple of minutes. I looked directly into her eyes and asked where we go from here. She gave me a wicked smile and said that I needed many more treatments on my back before it got better. I quickly agreed saying that her techniques were amazing. We exchanged email addresses so that we would be able to stay in contact without our spouses knowing about it. After Candace left, I want to check the spare bedroom and make sure there was no evidence of our lovemaking. My cell phone buzzed, and I looked down and saw a message from Candace. She told me that she thought that she could work in a quick session on Sunday and a longer more in -depth session on Monday morning. I confirmed both sessions and told her that I was really looking forward to having her work on me. She replied and said that she was looking forward to working on her new fuck buddy.