New young neighbors with two kids, they all made my night

Invited over to the new neighbors, young 30’s couple with two kids, daughter and son. Turned into a very nice night. A nudist family at that.

The other day while laying in my back yard, taking advantage of some sun for a change, laying there nude the heat from the sun felt so good. I had just moved from being face down to laying on my back. I had fallen asleep, and was awaken by what I thought was talking. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two faces looking toward me, over the low fence between my yard and that of the neighbors, which I thought was unoccupied.

I just laid there, not moving my head to turn and look. I could hardly hear them, they were almost whispering, but I could make out what they were now saying. It was a female and a male, she was telling him to please be quiet, he had almost woke her up. He said he was sorry, but he was so hard from watching that he had just wanted to get it out and rub it on her … I did not know if he wanted to rub it on me or her at that point. He tells her that she has much bigger boobs that she did … oh I was thinking that was the wrong thing to say, but the lady said, yea I love them they look fantastic. Then I heard a loud male voice, and not the guy at the fence. The loud male, said hey folks we are down moving everything in, can you please come in and check it is all in the correct locations. I could not see or hear them anymore and then moved my head to look over where they had been. They were gone. Just on hearing what I had, was enough to get my pussy wet, and I laid there and began to rub myself.

I had gone into the house as the last of the sun had moved away from my back yard. I was thinking of what to do for the night, when there was a knock at the front door. Thinking it was most likely the mail man, as that had been the only person as of late to come knocking at my door, I figured I would make his day and open the door wearing my birthday suit. I swing the door open and say hello .. there standing before me, was I was pretty sure, the couple that had been at the fence watching me and talking about me. They were young, very early 30’s I was thinking, both starring at my boobs. They said they had just moved in next door, they both took a look at each other, and she went on to ask if I would like to come over to a first day house warming. I looked, nodded my head up and down as I said yes that would be fine, and found it funny to ask what the dress for the fine event was and if I should bring anything. The guy, just blurts out, you could come over just as you are! The gal gives him an elbow in his side, then telling me anything I wished, it was nothing big, they only were inviting me, as I was the only close by neighbor, and we were right next door to each other. I asked when? They said anytime, they were going to start up a BBQ and grill some chicken, and maybe have a few beers and that was it. I said I would put something on and head on over. They both just kept standing there looking right at my boobs. I was thinking it was gonna be nice to have them as neighbors, as they both seemed to like my best feature.

The sun had gone down, but it was still somewhat warm out, so I threw on a tank top, shorts and put on a pair of tennis shoes. I did have a cold six pack of beer in the frig, which I grabbed and took with me, the only housewarming gift I could think of on short notice. And I headed on over.

I was met at the door by them, and invited in. I handed them the six pack of beer, he took them and asked if I wanted one of them now, sure sounded good to me I told him. He handed me and then her a can, and took one himself, said he would be right back after putting the other in the frig. She told me they had just started the coals going in the grill and it would be a bit before they were ready. He came walking back into the room, with two young children, one on each side of him. She turned to introduce the young girl as their eleven year old daughter, and the young boy as their ten year son.

We all sat down on the two small sofa’s in the living room. The young mother told me that earlier as the mover finished bringing in their belongs, they had gone out into the back yard, and had seen me over the fence. He says that the view was very nice, now this was said right in front of their kids, I was kinda taken back. She says that he had gotten hard right away, because he a a big boob man, but she likes big boobs too. I just opened my mouth and said OK, and took a drink of my beer.

They asked me if it was cool with me, if they all got undressed and if I would join them, and I was looking at her like they had looked at my boobs before. In answer to my unasked question, she says they are nudists and felt right at home when they saw me in the yard today. I said sure then, no problem nude is just fine. Now I thought I was a quick un-dresser, but they all had me beat. But I was almost neck and neck. It was a very beautiful sight, he was fit with some body hair and was semi erect, a nice looking cock. She was very fine, some nice pert tits, with pointy nipples, and like me was clean shaven with a sweet bald pussy. I was feeling jealous of her firm cute tits and those nipples, compared to my big hanging low boobs with huge nipples that did not point much at all. Then my attention turned to the two younger ones in the room, they were beautiful, the daughter was flat but had her mom’s pointy nipples, and had a smooth bald cute pussy. Her brother was hairless, not taking after his dad just yet, other than sporting a semi-erect sweet looking little cock.

The bold one in the room turned out to be the young boy, he asked if it was ok to touch my boobs. I told him it was just fine, as long as he did not mind if I played with his huge semi hard cock at the same time, and this had some laughter break out in the room. I must say though, that while he moved his fingers over my breasts he became fully hard in my hand, so no joking really needed. I was having fun with his sweet cock, and was thinking it would be a tastie treat to suck on. His mom, on reading my mind, although my open mouth, with tongue hanging out and drool dripping from the corner of my lips was a dead give away, told me to go ahead and take a suck. I leaned forward and sucked his dick into my mouth. Well that was all it took for him, he was shooting his little load into my mouth, oh the taste of sweet young cum.

Guess Dad could not hold back, he had moved over to me, standing next to his son in front of me, he reached down and began to touch my other boob, moving a finger in circles around my large nipple. Dad had a huge rock hard cock pointing right at me, I let the little guys cock pop out of my mouth, and told him he was very good. But I quickly turned my head and leaned forward taking Dad’s cock into my mouth. As I sucked away on him, his son started to suck on my tit, and I love that feeling. My pussy was so wet, it felt like I was dripping. I started to stroke Dad’s shaft with my left hand and finger my pussy with my right. That was the cue for Mom, she told her daughter to “do your thing”, and the sweet young thing got up and came over, getting down on her knees between her Dad and brother, she leaned forward and planted her face right into my pussy. Now this cute little thing knew just what she was doing, and it was for sure not her first rodeo.

Now I got some good side vision, and all this sweet action was so, so great, but out of the corner of my eye I could see Mom fingering the fuck outa her pussy as she sat off to my side. That was all it took for me, I came hard, and most likely let the sweet thing between my legs get a mouth full of pussy juice. My body jerks, I am sure was the last thing Dad needed, as he shot a huge load of cum into my mouth, and I took it all, as I have always been a lover of cum and could swallow it all day long.

As they all took a seat, I went forward, crawling over to the Mom on my hands and knees, aiming my face right into her pussy she was fingering away at. Just from the body size, I knew it was Dad behind me, his still very hard cock plowing into my wet pussy as his hands gripped my hips. This family has had some training, for the next thing to happen was each kid was on their back on the floor below me, one on each side, with each taking a boob nipple into the mouth and sucking away. Oh, I was now in total heaven.

(I need a break, my pussy is so wet I am afraid I am gonna wet my chair. So this now is part ONE, with part TWO later after I take care of things)