Daughter’s Sex Lessons 5

It was six months since Scott and her Uncle Bill had been fucking Jenna, she loved to suck her daddy’s and Uncle’s cocks, between Scott and his brother Bill they had turned Scott’s daughter Jenna into a pro cock-sucking slut, and she loved to swallow every drip of cum that they ejaculated down her throat. Jenna’s mother not suspecting a thing Scott frequently took Jenna with him to her Uncle Bill’s apartment for a visit. It was not uncommon for Jenna to give Scott a blow job as he was driving to his brother Bill’s apartment.

Scott and Jenna walked into Bill’s place Scott Bill approached them and Scott got behind Jenna and wrapped his arms around her bringing down his arms down to the hem of her short skirt and raised her skirt all the way to her waist. Jenna wasn’t wearing panties, she knew she was not going to need any, she knew that for the next two or three hours she was going to be totally naked anyway because her daddy and Uncle Bill were going to fuck her all over the apartment. Scott picked her by her legs and spread them wide showing all her pussy to her Uncle Bill. Scott says out loud, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, USE HER YOUNG HOT PUSSY!

Bill stepped forward with a huge erection and got between her legs, he told Scott, I got her legs, let her go, they positioned her face up between them like a bridge. Scott started driving his cock in her mouth and Bill started driving his cock in her pussy, Jenna was slurping at Scott’s cock, SLURP, SLURP, while also moaning as Bill was driving his thick cock in her young pussy, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOH. Jenna knew her father and uncle had trained her well, she loved to fuck and suck their cocks, especially swallowing all their cum, she loved the taste of hot cum. Jenna took Scott’s cock out her mouth and told Scott, please daddy, give me all your hot cum, I love to swallow all your hot cum, it tastes so good. When Scott heard her say that, he turned into a maniac driving his cock deep in her mouth deep down her throat. Scott yelled out, I’M GOING TO GIVE THIS LITTLE SLUT ALL THE CUM SHE WANTS, and suddenly he drove his cock down her throat and held it down her throat as she gagged while he began using her mouth as his cum dump. Jenna’s eyes watered as she gagged, finally Scott pulled his cock out and let her catch her breath, then suddenly he drove his huge cock back down her throat and resumed dumping more cum down her throat. Bill saw what Scott was doing and said out loud, MAN CAN THIS GIRL SUCK COCK! LOOK AT HER SWALLOW ALL YOUR SPUNK! Scott looked down at Jenna and told her lick my cock and as Jenna was licking Scott’s cock, he asked her, you like being daddy’s little slut? Jenna answered, OOOH YES DADDY, I LOVE EVERYTING YOU AND UNCLE BILL DO TO ME, IT FEELS SO HOT AND SO GOOD.

Scott took a breather sitting on a chair, while Bill with his cock impaled up Jenna’s young pussy walked over to the couch and sat down, Jenna began riding wildly Bill’s thick cock. Scott had a clear shot of Bill repeatedly raising and lowering Jenna’s small frame body fully impaling his very thick cock in her young pussy. Scott was in awe at times because Bill was even raising her totally of his cock and then would slam her back hard ensuring his thick cock went in all the way up her cunt. Every time he brought her down on his cock, Jenna was screaming, OOOOOOOOOOH UNCLE BILL OOOOOOOOOOOH. Bill asked her out loud, YOU LIKE MY THICK COCK YOU LITTLE SLUT? She was quick to answer, OOOOOOOH YEEEESSS UNCLE BILL, IT’S SO THICK AND FEELS SO HOT AND GOOD! Suddenly Bill stiffened up and brought her down hard on his thick rod holding her tight, he began dumping loads and loads of spunk deep in her young cunt. Jenna said out loud, YOUR CUM FEELS SO HOT AND SO GOOD IN MY PUSSY, PLEASE KEEP COMING IN ME, I LOVE YOUR CUM IN ME UNCLE BILL. Bill looked at Jenna’s green eyes as she was grinding her cunt very hard on his cock and he asked her, you really like that thick cock, don’t you? She responded, ooooh yeeess, daddy’s is a little bit longer, but your cock is so thick it drives crazy, I just want to keep fucking it. When she made this statement, Bill got an idea that he would have to discuss with Scott. Bill finally pulled off his cock and told her to lick his rod clean, she quickly obediently started going up and down his shaft and licking his balls.

When Jenna was done, she said she was going to take a shower and left. Bill said out loud, SCOTTIE BOY, YOU DON’T HAVE A DAUGHTER, YOU HAVE A YOUNG HOT FUCKING LITTLE WHORE, ONLY SHE DOESN’T KNOW SHE’S WHORE YET, BUT SHE’S WELL ON HER WAY! Scott replied sssshhh, not so loud, I don’t want the word to hear. Bill said, I’ve been wanting to ask you about Sara. Scott said, what’s that? Bill asked, does Sara fuck? I wouldn’t mind putting my cock up that fine ass of hers, how about tag teaming Jenna and Sara on one bed, just totally fuck the shit out of both them together, that would be a hot scene, don’t you think big bro? I don’t if I could get Sara to do anything like that, but I agree, if it would happen, it definitely would be a hot scene. Bill said, well its Friday evening call her over and let’s give her few drinks and see what happens. Scott said, sure why not, I’ve been wanting to see her fucked by other men anyway, I guess it’s time to make it happen.

Jenna was still in the bathroom when Sara arrived. Jenna looked out the guest bedroom and said, hi mom, uncle Bill can I hear your music? Bill replied sure knock yourself out. Jenna said, OK, thanks, and closed the door. Bill offered some drinks and Sara was on her fourth rum and coke and feeling no pain. Sara and Scott were sitting on the couch, Bill was sitting on a chair next to the couch. They were making light conversation and laughing. Bill turned the talk to sex by saying, Sara, I always thought my brother Scott did exceptionally well when he got you to be his wife, before she could answer, he went on, I have told Scott many times how jealous I am of him, because you are a very attractive and very sexy looking woman. When Bill made this statement, he quickly moved and sat on the other side of Sara. Sara turned to Scott and said, you never told me that, meanwhile, Bill gave Sara her fifth rum and coke. Scott replied, well I didn’t know how you would take that, so I didn’t mention it, but my brother has always thought you were a hot sexy lady, and you really are, I’ve told you before. Scott leaned over and kissed lightly on the lips, moving his lips to her ear lobe as he put his left hand on her visible milky white thighs. Sara took Scott’s hand and stopped from exploring up higher, she said, with a slight slurry voice, hold it tiger, not here. She turned to Bill, again but now with a more slurring voice said, well thank you Bill, a woman feels good that other men think they are attractive and sexy other than your husband sometimes. Bill got up and came back with another drink for all, Sara said, I am drinking too much, this is the last drink for me, she was now really slurring her voice. Bill said, you guys can crash in the guest bedroom, if you don’t want to drive home. Scott and Sara agreed, so Bill said, since your staying over, look what I’ve got, Bill pulled out two grass joints, he lit one up took a huge hit and gave it to Sara, she said, I’ll pass, Scott took a huge hit and gave back to Sara, this time Sara did not realize it but she took a big hit and suddenly was flying high. Scott and Bill knew it was just a matter of maybe a half or an hour they were going to be banging the shit of Sara, she was going to become their slut, just like her daughter, Jenna was.

Sara was so high she did not even realize that Scott had started kissing her ear lobe and her neck. As Scott French kissed her, she was responding, and she stuck her tongue back in his mouth. Sara had on a short- flared black dress that showed plenty of cleavage. Scott went down kissing her neck and chest down to her cleavage. Sara turned to Scott and said in a very low almost whispering voice, this is so wrong, but it feels so good, laying her head straight back, closed her eyes, appeared to fall asleep. Scott with his left hand started raising the hem of her dress, he finally raised her dress up until her tiny sheer pink panties were visible revealing a wet spot on her panty crotch. Scott took Bill’s hand and placed it on her crotch and Bill wasted no time pulling her crotch to one side and started inserting a finger in Sara’s pussy, as Bill slowly went in and out of her pussy, Sara was starting to moan in a low tone, ooooooh, oooooooh, and her hips were slowly moving meeting Bill’s fingers. Bill now knew, in few minutes, he was going to be fucking the hell out Sara, his plan was to fuck Sarah and her daughter at the same time, he was going to make it happen. Scott was busy kissing Sara’s neck and cleavage, he began to unbutton the three big buttons at the top of her dress, until he fully exposed Sara’s beautiful naked breasts.

Bill started sucking and kissing one breast while Scott did the same to the other breast. Bill now had three fingers in Sara’s hot cunt, and she was now bucking quite hard against his fingers. Scott raised Sara’s skirt all around her waist and Bill peeled down her panties all the way. Bill was now inserting four fingers in Sara’s pussy and Sara was bucking hard to meet his fingers. Scott got up and got behind the couch and pulled Sara’s legs up and wide apart making her pussy and ass point straight up in the air giving Bill full access to whatever he wanted. Bill waited not time he put his very thick cock head in her vagina and one swift thrust he pushed in his very thick cock deep into Sara’s hot cunt until he hit rock bottom. Bill yelled out, OH YEAH, I’M GOING TO ENJOY FUCKING THIS SLUT FROM NOW ON, IS THAT OK SCOTTIE? Scott replied, FROM NOW ON BRO JENNA’S AND SARA’S PUSSIES IS ALL YOURS WHEN EVERY YOU WANT THEM, LET’S MAKE THEM THE WHORES THEY REALLY ARE.

Bill started fucking Sara hard, his huge balls were slapping on her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Sara, began screaming, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, SUCH A BIG COCK! Bill yelled out, I’M GLAD YOU LIKE IT SLUT, JENNA LOVES MY THICK COCK TOO! YOUR LITTLE WHORE 16-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER LOVES FOR ME TO RAM MY THICK COCK DEEP IN HER CUNT AND DUMP LOADS OF CUM, JUST LIKE I’M GOING TO DUMP MY CUM DEEP IN YOUR HOT CUNT. Jenna walked out of the guest room as Bill was giving it hard to her mother, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, Sara was screaming, OH, OH, OH, IT’S SO BIG AND THICK, Bill yelled out, THAT’S IT SLUT TAKE IT ALL, I’M GOING TO DRILL YOUR CUNT UNTIL YOUR TIGHT PUSSY FITS AROUND MY COCK LIKE A GLOVE, and he begin laughing with Scott out loud, high fiving each other. Jenna was in wrapped in towel that Bill pulled off and said, COME ON SCOTT FUCK THAT SLUT DAUGTHER OF YOURS, SHOW YOUR SLUT WIFE HOW MUCH HER SLUT DAUGTHER LOVES TO FUCK AND SUCK COCK. Scott came around and quickly sat Jenna on the couch and lifted her legs and just in one swift thrust Scott buried all his cock deep in Jenna’s young cunt. Scott wasted no time he was driving in and out of pussy hard, Jenna began screaming, OOOOOOOH DAAAADDY, OOOOOOOH DAAAADDY, IT FEELS SO GOOD, Sara was also screaming, AAAAAAAAAH, IT’S SO BIG, IT’S SO BIG, Bill yelled out, THAT’S RIGHT SLUT, TAKE IT ALL DEEP, I’M GOING TO BE FUCKING THIS PUSSY A WHOLE LOT JUST LIKE I FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER’S, WATCH. Suddenly Scott and Bill switched off and Bill was drilling Jenna’s pussy real deep, she was going crazy. Bill said out loud, HEY SARA, LOOK AT YOUR LITTLE WHORE DAUGHTER GO, Bill said, YOU LIKE YOUR UNCLES COCK YOU LITTLE SLUT, Jenna replied, OH YES, UNCLE BILL, YOU CAN FUCK ALL YOU WANT.

Bill said, SEE SCOTT, YOUR DAUGHTER AND HER MOTHER ARE BOTH SLUTS. Bill and Scott switched again and he sat Sarah up and he started jamming his huge cock in her mouth, Sara began gagging and Bill said, COME ON SLUT TAKE THAT THICK COCK DOWN YOUR THROAT JUST LIKE YOUR DAUGHTER LIKES TO DO, I WANT TO DUMP ALL MY CUM AND HAVE YOU SWALLOW IT ALL JUST LIKE JENNA DOES. In no time Bill was ramming his cock down Sara’s throat. Bill was making her gag and her eyes water, but he didn’t care, he was on a mission that he hadn’t told Scott about. Bill had gotten into trouble with some acquaintances where he lost lots of money gambling and they wanted their money back. Bill had come up with the idea to use Sara and Jenna as whores for George and his gangster buddies to pay off his loan. Sara and Jenna were about to quickly graduate from sluts to whores. Jenna was about to get her final sex lesson along with her mother, they would soon be trained to become whores for BIG BLACK COCK!