Peeping Tom 2

My name is Tom and one day was walking in a forest when I saw a couple groping each other – in a glade below me – so I had behind a bush and watched. – They must have seen me because they put on a show – an exaggerated form of foreplay activity, they masturbated each other while I watched, cock and cunt very clearly seen.

Which I enjoyed and I waved at them – and he waved back when we all had cum.

I have had Wet Dreams every night since then. Enjoyable but sheets need washing more than usual.

Some weeks later as I was again walking in the area – I saw them again so I hid more carefully this time – and watched them – and this time they did not see me –

He was fingering her cunt while she was sucking his cock, – he must have cum, I saw her licking her lips – and tongue showed white and he French kissed her and she licked his lips; – and later they did 69 – cock and cunt sucked together. They seemed to find this very satisfying.

I was greatly excited and started to wank once more.

They then relaxed for a few minutes but she had her legs open and I could study her cunt – open, labia apart, and clit enlarged as well as the rim of her arse. – While he lay on his back holding his slightly flaccid cock ( uncircumcised ) but looking ready.

He then pushed his cock ( erect again ) into her beautiful cunt and slowly fucked her, while still kissing her. Whether he came or not I could not tell but he must have. He then told her to turn over and kneel down – She has a lovely bum, I briefly saw her arsehole as he fingered in a lubricant and anointed his prick, before he fucked her doggie fashion – they both seemed to enjoy that. – I know I did. – And we all came

I was about to go, when she said something, and he lay back and opened his mouth, – She crouched over him, held her cunt open and pissed – He drank it happily and they French kissed afterward, A Golden Shower – and you may think I am kinky –

He must have known that I was there because he gave me a V salute ( Up you – Fuck off ) as they started to dress to go home.

I zipped my flies and also ran home. Out of his view, He is a very rude man – I have never been so insulted – I will never walk that way again – I was only doing my job.

I look forward to my dreams – wet certainly but better than ever.