Playground Buttfuck

One time I got buttfucked at the playground…

One time I got buttfucked at the playground… Hard…

It all started at recess in 3rd grade, when I wanted to go down this big tube slide but an older 5th grade boy was inside the entrance and wouldn’t let me pass, not unless I came inside the slide and took off my shorts and underwear. I asked him why, but he told me “just do it or you wont get to ride the slide” so I did what he said and went inside the slide while reluctantly sliding my shorts and underwear off.

As soon as I got inside, the older boy grabbed me very rough and pinned me to the floor and told me that I had a tiny baby dick, and because of that he was gonna buttfuck me very hard. I was scared and embarrassed but asked him “what does buttfuck mean?”, then he said “Let me show you” and with that he shoved his whole 5th grader dick up my butt and started buttfucking me.

I screamed out like a girl, but the other kids on the playground thought we were just playfighting, so nobody came to help. Even when I started crying, the only ones who showed up were 1st and 2nd graders who just giggled at the babyish sight of an older kid crying while not wearing any underwear.

After he was done fucking my butt, the boy asked me if now I knew what buttfucking meant and I nodded as tears ran down my cheeks and cum spilled out of my ass. He said “good”, then smacked my ass and told me to clean up and never tell anyone what happened or else he’d beat me up and buttfuck me even harder next time. Feeling the soreness in my ass, I knew better than to disobey him, and agreed to keep my mouth shut.