Preacher’s wife

I grew up going to church I was friends with the Preacher’s son. The preacher’s wife name was Wendy and she was a very nice lady. She took me and her son to our baseball practice. Picked us up after school. She always wore a dress. Wasn’t until I was in high school I started noticing how pretty she was. She didn’t wear makeup. And always had her hair pulled up. I was at their house studying for a test with her son and she had just gotten out of shower she had just slipped on her pjs and this was first time I saw her without a dress. Her hair was down and I hadn’t seen that she was drying it was she walked by the room we were in and she stopped and asked if we were hungry. Her hair was all frizzy and it went halfway down her back. When she turned and walked away I noticed how round her butt was.

Wendy was 38 now but still had kept in shape.

I was 17 and her son had just turned 18. So summer came Her husband left for a mission trip and took their son with him. I had many fantasies about her by now. After seeing her with her hair down I couldn’t get her out of my mind. So they had been gone about a week. It was Saturday and I was given the job to mow their lawn. I stopped by and she answered the door. It was early she had her hair down and looked to have just gotten out of shower her hair was wet. I told her I came to mow. She invited me in and I followed her through house. She said she was about to eat breakfast if I wanted to join her. I could resist being around her dressed this way. We sat and was eating I kept glancing at her tits. Not small not big but you could see them through her too just the outline and her nipples poking out.

She never dressed this way in public. I guess I was like a member of family I was around so much. She took my empty plate and smile said I had quit the appetite. She went to sink I got up to go and she asked? Do you know how to fix this? I look her sink was not having much pressure. So I show her as I unscrewed the screen on end to clean out. Ours does same thing with well water. She was unnervingly close to me watching. We were inches apart I could smell her fresh scent from shampoo in her hair. My cock was already responding to the warmth I felt with the closeness to her. Her hand touched my arm thanking me. She was happy. It’s been like that for weeks and hugged me. I hugged her back and just kissed the top of her head. And didn’t stop hugging. My mind was not thinking I leaned down and kiss her neck her hair falling to the side. I think she was naiver at the time of my motives. She hugged me tighter and said you must a needed a hug today. I took advantage of being close and had my nose buried in her hair by her neck.

I raise my head and kissed her ear and up to her forehead she never said a word my arms lowered to the curve of her back just above her ass. She felt so good. I had never been this close to a woman. I was at full attention in my jeans. I lean down to kiss her and she went to give me a peck and I kissed her full-on lips. She resisted now and I had blown my cover and kept going I move to her cheek and back down to her neck. She said okay I think it’s time for you to go mow the yard.
I said yea in a minute. I kissed her neck and moved down to her shoulder. I don’t know what I was thinking at time. My body was wanting one thing.

She said, okay Dave you can go now. I didn’t want her to talk so I moved my lips back to hers. I hold her with one arm and my right arm move down inside her pjs bottoms and they slip off her hips. She had no panties on. She pulled her butt away trying to get my hand out her hands pushed at my arm now. She mumbled something into my lips I backed her against counter. I felt her bottoms loosely fall on off the back of my hand ass I squeezed her ass and slide on down her legs past her knees. Her butt was firm witch fuel me even more I picked her 130lbs up and sat her on counter. She broke away from my kiss and was trying to say calmly David you can’t do this. I kiss the front of her neck looking down seeing her flat stomach and bare hips. I pull her closer and move against counter forcing her legs on either side of me. She said please in my ear in a crying voice as I held her tight and with one hand loosened my pants and let them fall off my waist. I was so hard I could of poked through steel. I lowered my hips and held my cock feeling for her entrance. She tried moving her hips away from me I held her lower back with my left arm and my cock with my right hand. She fell back trying to pull away she was looking down at my cock. She could of grabbed it pulled it away but I think she was afraid and she had her hands on counter trying to pull herself out of my grip as I rubbed my cock up and down her crack she kept saying no no no no no. I was stronger than her and I held her feeling her wetness and worked my tip in and thrusting my hip forward pulled her tightly against me I held her tight with both arms now and started fucking her. She gives up the no no and just lowered her head to my chest. Her fighting stopped and slowly I felt her raise her legs and her feet behind my back. Her face still in my chest looking down I am breathing into the top of her head my nose buried in her hair as I grunt with each thrust. Her feet were against my ass pulled me into her with each thrust. I was about to cum and she knew it and she said please not in me she lowered her legs as to get down and I let her she had a change of heart and said catching her breath we need to stop. My cock was throbbing before her and she thought I could just stop? I kiss her she resisted and then parted her lips. I set back in kitchen chair and pull her down on me still kissing her. She was soaked and my cock found it’s mark as I pulled her down on me she let out a grunt into my mouth. I started pulling her ass with both hands and she started rocking her hips and I started coming without warning. She said nooo into our kiss and leans back looking at me wide eyed. And her eyes closed partly and she jerked letting out a moan and said oh my god!!!! Oh oh ahhhh and she came I felt her juices ruining down my balls onto the chair. She thrusting her hips aggressively hugging me tightly her head buried in my neck and she built up another and the another multiple orgasm on my lap. She went in for what seemed forever was probably 5 minutes if a hard aggressive orgasm it felt like she was peeing all over me. I learned later she was probably squirting cause my belly was soaked and the chair. When she finally goes limp on me. Catching her breath she started saying she was sorry. Over and over. I held her as she cried on my shoulder going soft in her was she straddling me hugging me tightly on my lap. She went to get up and my shirt was soaked. I smelled like se the chair had a puddle on it which when I stood up it ran off onto floor. My pants were at my ankles and wet. She looked at me and said get out of those I will get you my sons close to west while you shower. I watch her walk away down hall her perfect ass bare to me. God she was sexy. She looks back and said hurry get in shower.
I did and she brought in cloths while I was getting in. She looked upset worried flustered.

I said you need a shower also. She said after you. I pull her towards me and said nonsense we can shower together. We got in and she wouldn’t look up at me. I wash her back and move around and rub between her legs she jerked a little at my touch and I take and put my hand on her chin and raise her head to look at me. Her hair flowing over her shoulders I lean down and kiss. She said Dave we need to as I locked lips and she kissed me back. She said we can’t you are my son’s age. I am married! I said no one will know or ever suspect anything. And you were my first I will cherish you forever. She said ohh I am sorry. Don’t be sorry just don’t let this be our only time.