Letting my sons friend fuck my wife. Pt. 2

Justin gets another round and more.

Three weeks passed since I let my sons friend Justin fuck my drunk wife. Still to this day I Jack off about him fucking her. It was so hot I loved especially when he came in her sweet pussy. Well three days after I let Justin fuck Caroline (my wife) me and her were taking about how we should try filming us having sex to see what it’s like to be filmed. We first started by taking naked photos of each other and I made sure to get some nice pussy shots. Then I set up my cell phone and pointed it at the bed. Me and Caroline had sex and when we watched the video we both loved it. And that same night Justin came over to spend the weekend with James. And I thought maybe Justin would like some photos of Caroline’s nice pussy and send him our video to see if he like it.

That night when we were done eating dinner Caroline went upstairs to shower and James was in in the basement getting his laundry sorted. Justin was sitting in the living room waiting for James when I went to sit next to him.

“Hey Justin”

“Hello Jack”

“How have you been?”


“That’s good. Hey Justin remember I let you have a celebration gift”

“Yes I do”

“Well I have a second part to it for you “

“Second part?”

“Yes, you see me and Caroline were trying some new stuff and all and I have some pictures of her nice pussy and a video of us fucking and I would like to know if you want them?”

“Are you serious!?”

“Yes I am”

“Fuck yes I would love them”

I pull out my phone and send the pictures and video to Justin. I see he had a big smile on his phone.

“Now remember don’t tell Caroline and Justin about the celebration gift and now this”

“I promise I won’t say a word”

“Okay good”

“So speaking of celebrations got any more planned for you guys”

“*laughing* No we don’t but if we do I will let you know “

“Okay cool”

Then we hear James coming up from the basement and I get up and walk to the kitchen. I turn and I see them go upstairs to James’s room and as me and Justin makes eye contact we smile and wink at each other. Then they come back down and James said he has to take Justin home real quick because he forget his clothes. I watch them leave and pull out of the drive way and then I go back in the living room and sit on the couch and think about Justin. I think about letting him fuck Caroline and now sending him the photos and our sex video. I sit on the couch and I start to get hard. And then I remember that now it’s just me and Caroline and since it’s just us she might be in the mood. I quickly get and run upstairs and go to our room and there she was in the room already naked. She just got out of the shower. She sees me smiling and says


“Nothing, you know it’s just me and you right?”

“Oh now I see why you are smiling”

Caroline drops her towel and lays on the bed on her back and spreads her legs open

“Come and get it “

I quickly take off my clothes and get on the bed and have sex with Caroline. As soon as we finish we hear the boys pull in the drive way. We quickly get dressed and go downstairs. We all watch a movie and then we call it a night. And during the night I think of a plan to let Justin get another round. I think about putting some sleeping pills in Caroline’s drink and then let Justin get some. The next morning I go to the store while everyone is out and buy some pills. I put the pills where no one will find them. And then I realize I will have to wait until James work a late shift and then I realize it’s in three days.

For three days I anxiously wait. The day finally comes and I am happy. I plan everything out accordingly. Caroline is at work until 6 and James and Justin are in his room hanging out. I leave my door open to wait for an opportunity to tell Justin my plans. I then see James go to the bathroom. I quickly get up and walk to his room.

“*whispering* Hey Justin want some pussy tonight?”


“Yes, but you have to wait until after 10 tonight when James is gone for work, okay”


“Wait for my text tonight for the all clear”

“Okay I will”

I then quickly walk back to my room. And close my door. I am all happy and excited about my plan. Later on Justin leaves for home and then around 6:30 Caroline comes home. She immediately goes upstairs to take a shower. After about 45 minutes she comes downstairs to eat a light dinner. Then around 9:00 she said she’s tired and she went upstairs to lay down. I immediately think of putting the pills in her drink. I go to the kitchen and start making her some tea. Around 9:30 I hear James upstairs saying bye to his mom and then he comes downstairs to the kitchen and tell me good bye and he will see me in the morning after his graveyard shift. I tell him god bye. I see James pull out of the drive way and I immediately get out two sleeping pills and crush them up and mix it with her tea. I walk it upstairs to her and I see her starting to drink it. I say I have to finish cleaning my mess downstairs so I’ll be back up in a bit. I go downstairs and I text Justin.

“Okay Justin, start heading over “

“Alright I’m on my way be there in like a half an hour”


I quickly hide away the extra sleeping pills in my spot and then I head back upstairs. I go in and check on Caroline and when I walk in the room she is passed out and I mean passed out. She even dropped her tea on the floor. I walk over to her and call her name. I start shaking her very hard over and over and I smile hard knowing my plan worked. I then start to undress her. I start by taking off her top and then her pants and underwear. She is now laying completely naked and ready for Justin. Then after a few more minutes he texts me that he is here. I go downstairs to let him in.

“Hey Justin”

“Hey Jack”

“Are you for another round?”

“Yes I am”

“Good, now let’s go upstairs”

We both head upstairs and straight to my room. I open the door and Justin sees her completely naked passes out on the bed.

“How did you do it?

“I put a couple hardcore sleeping pills in her tea”


“Well I’m going to sit here and watch you have your second round”


Justin then starts to get undressed. He takes off all of his clothes in front of me and I get to see how fit and muscular he is and I also see his nice ass and get to see his nice dick again. Justin then climbs on the bed and he climbs on Caroline and he starts sucking in her tits. I get up and take off my clothes as well. I am so hard watching him. Then Justin goes down to Caroline’s pussy and he starts eating her pussy out. He puts his ass up in the air while he is eating her out and I just look at his nice ass. I have a nice view of his hole and I see his balls hanging down. I lick my lips and say to him

“You have a nice add, mind if I eat you out too”

He looks back at me with a smile

“Yes sir go right ahead”

I get and slap his ass and I start eating his ass out. And it is amazing.

“Oh fuck yeah sir that feels amazing” Justin moans out

He then starts to eat Caroline’s pussy again and I am rock hard to I start jacking off. I am having a great time doing this and enjoying every bit of it. I then reach up and grab Justin’s nice hard dick and start to stroke it. He starts to moan even louder and it turns me on even more. Eating him out and him eating out Caroline is so hot and it is making me crazy hard. I then stop kids his ass cheek and then slap his ass. I sit back down and finish watching him. He then gets up and says

“Alright now I’m going to fuck this nice pussy”

“Yeah let me see you fuck that pussy”

Justin then puts his dick on top of her pussy and rubs it back and forth. Then I see him slide it in nice and slow

“Oh fuck yeah this pussy feels so fucking good”

Justin then starts fucking Caroline’s nice and hard. I watch as his dick goes in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck yeah Justin fuck that pussy up”

I keep sitting there watching him fuck her pussy so good I enjoy all of it seeing his dick go in and out is so hot and seeing Justin fuck her nice and hard and at a nice pace is so hot to watch

Then after a few minutes Justin yells out

“Oh fuck I’m about to cum oh fuck”

“Yeah I want you to cum deep in that pussy again “

“Are you sure”

“Fuck yeah cum deep”

Justin then goes faster and faster and he yells out “fuck, oh fuck …….oh fuck yeah”

He pushed his dick all the way while he came deep in Caroline’s pussy. I get up and watch him pull his dick out nice and slow and I see his cum start to drip out.

“Oh fuck yeah” I say

Justin gets off the bed and I climb on. I get right by Caroline’s pussy to get a closer look. And with out hesitation I start to eat Justin’s cum out of her pussy.

“Oh fucks yeah sir, that’s so hot” Justin says

Justin gets behind me and starts to kiss my legs and move down to my ass. And just like him I put my ass up in the air exposing it to Justin. He then starts to eat my ass out. I feel his tongue all over my hole and it feels amazing.

“Oh fuck yeah Justin just like that”

Feeling his tongue on my ass is amazing. I finish cleaning up Caroline’s pussy and sit on the end of the bed. Justin I’m standing in front of me naked and he still has a big smile.I stand up and Justin gives me a hug.

“Thank you again Jack”

“No problem bud”

“It was so fucking awesome, her pussy felt so amazing and seeing you eat my cum out was so hot”

“Haha it was hot, and just remember not a work to her or James”

“I promise not a word”


Justin then gets dressed and I walk him down stairs still naked. I see him out and I head back up stairs to take a nice long hot shower. I stand there thinking about how I let Justin again fuck my wife and how hot it was. I get out of the shower and dry off and put Caroline under the covers and I cuddle with her and go to bed.

Pt. 3 soon