Reading Memories – Part 9

I was home alone which is a rarity these days. I was thinking about what I had been doing. And the thought of the encounter between Barb and her dad. We were over last weekend for Easter. I could see the nervousness Barb had around him. I had went into her head to see she was embarrassed and ashamed it had happened. But I had just fucked Laura that morning when Barb was in shower and my head needs to be in mood to play with thoughts that way. Her dad on other hand was a-little ashamed but more thoughts were on how good it felt and he would glance at her tight little ass when no one was looking. Barb’s mom was a strong Christian, she was so happy the family was together and she had no sexual thoughts at all in her mind. I am going to need to prob her past memories when she was younger to see what she was like.

I lay back on recliner close my eyes. Barb’s mom name was Missy. She was a plan lady. Looked like a older version of Barn in her eyes. You can see she was cute when she was younger. She had narrow hips and a skinnier ass than Barb. At 54 she was young for her age. I had no sexual attraction towards her. Probably why I never tried probed her thoughts and memories.

I lay with my eyes close and think about her trying to connect. I do she was home alone doing laundry humming. I go in to her memories. I put the thought in her head about her little brother. This gets her thinking about her childhood makes it easier for me to see. I get her memories of her dad. He was a good man and good to her as far as I could find. Her mom was a little different. I never knew her. I see Missy and her mom going to store. I see them stopping at someone’s house. Missy is confused they were going shopping. Her mom said I want you to meet someone. It has to be our secret. You like secrets don’t you? Missy nodded her head. They go in. This was the guy She left her husband for eventually.
It was a small apartment Her mom went into Bedroom with this guy and left Missy to sit in front room. Missy got bored and walked down hall to find her mom. She peered into bedroom which door was left open. And saw her mom naked on her back and the guy naked on top of her. She watched. This was confusing for her. The man sees her and smiles at her. Fast forward. Missy’s mom moves in with the man months later when she left her dad. While her mom worked she was left alone with him. And he would jerk off and do things with her.

No one ever knew she never told anyone. When Missy was 17 she had never been with a guy but her step dad. She met Barb’s dad. They dated through High School and married young.

Missy has never had an orgasm I find out. She doesn’t know what one is. She thinks man’s pleasure is different and women just serve their Husbands. I pondered her not having an orgasm. How is that possible to be 54 and never enjoyed sex. Never masturbated.

I put the thought of it in her mind. Sure she been aroused but an orgasm always alluded her. I find in her mind someone that she thought was sexy. I get her thinking about him. I think I am going to show Barb’s mom how to give herself an orgasm. I talked her over and go to her room. I have her undress. Seeing her naked looking at her in full length mirror in her master bathroom. I see a woman that is extremely sexy. The clothes she wears you would never of thought. Smooth belly. Small tits butt pointed in a way that we’re inviting.

I have her pinch them making them hard. I feel her body respond. I think how is it possible not for her to ever orgasm. I feel her excitement. I run her hands down and feel herself. I realized she is extremely hairy. I look over and see her razor she shaved her legs with. I get soap and soap herself up. 10 Minutes later she is shaved clean. Her pussy was smooth surprisingly tight. Her clit stuck out like her daughters. She was wet. I could feel her breathing hard. She was extremely aroused. Then I realized she was aroused because I was. I stop her thoughts if masturbating. I was aroused I wanted to be the one to give her her first orgasm personally. I have her slip on just a t shirt. Nothing else. I keep her aroused but got her to start thinking of me in a sexual way. Get her wondering what I look like naked. Get her wanting to actually really touch me.
I was on my way stopping at stop signs working her up making her more horny projecting the thought of fucking me. Stopping her from touching herself. By the time I pulled in her house she was in full lust. Kept trying to touch herself and I kept distracting her with something to stop her.

I knock on door. When she answers I see the lust in her eyes. Sweat on her forehead. Her hands were trembling. She was shocked to see me. I quickly say I came over to get Barb’s jacket she had left yesterday. She let me in wearing just the t shirt. Of course I would have no way of knowing that lol. It went to her knees.
She goes and gets the jacket. I follow her. I ask are you okay you look flushed and sweaty?

She said in a shaky voice. I am fine just been busy doing laundry. I take my hand and feel her forehead. Something that I never would do.

I let my hand slid down her face she closed her eyes. I said are you sure? She took a deep breath and said yes not convincingly. I said you are all tense rubbing her shoulders. She let out a moan. I said did that hurt? She said no it felt wonderful. I keep rubbing stepping closer my other hand going around her waist. Her eyes were closed letting me rub her neck I lean down and kissed her lips. She let me then said in a hoarse voice hardly audible. We can’t I, I, I, can’t. Can’t what I said my lips close to her face. We can’t do this we can’t be doing this. This can’t be happening. I kiss her again she kissed me back more Aggressively.

My hand moved under her shirt pulled it up and I squeezed her ass. Surprisingly firm. We broke the kiss she looked at me her eyes barely open. Her breathing was heavy I had easily seduced her from 10 miles away. I moved her over to couch removing her shirt. I move down and kiss her pointed tits. She pulls my head into her breast holding me there taking in a huge breath.

I was ready to burst I lay her gently on couch and she watched as I undress. My cock throbbing with excitement.

I have to keep focus reminding myself to keep control That Missy has never had a orgasm. I get down spreading her legs. I lean down and lick her from her ass up to her clit. I nibbled on her clit. Her hips buck up into my mouth.

I take her to the edge feeling her Leo’s trembling and her body tightened. I come up looking her in the eye’s and pull her legs up.

I sink into her slowly watching the pleasure wash over her face. I kiss the tip of her nose er forehead Her lips softly as I start pumping in her tight wet pussy. I was on edge. Getting her so aroused got me aroused. I wanted to be in her deep as I could. It was like fucking a 54 year old virgin. She was about to orgasm for the first time. I am rhythmically Grindr into her keeping my cock deep and my buddy rubbing against her clit.
My body was ready to explode I feel Missy hugging me tighter and her legs pulled up around my back I could hardly move doing small strokes into her and she moans out arched her back them jerked thrusting her hips up towards me hold herself thrust fort I was buried deep into her. I started coming moaning out. Missy grinding herself into me getting loader grunting and moaning like an animal. Then begged me not to stop hold me tightly kissing my neck trembling and she let a oh oh oh ahhhhhhhh and sucked in a deep breath holding it now her body like steel locked around me. Then jerking slowly, her hips flexing into me her eyes shut tightly arms wrapped around me squeezing me.
Ahhh Dave oh god it won’t stop as she was having multiple orgasms locked into my body except for her hips grinding ever so slowly she was stiff as a board.

My cock hurt from coming so hard. Missy was milking every drop of cum out of me. I couldn’t of gotten up if I wanted to without her locked in twined with me. She just kept moving her hips slowly holding her breath then letting out a loud grunt as the air escapes her and then she draws a deep breath again and holding it her body still like steel clamp around me. 40 Years of orgasms all coming at once. Her body sweating. Oh Dave oh Dave if and she locks up again I could feel her cunt squeeze my cock with every orgasm. Finally after 30 minutes she lets out a loud grunt and her arms and legs snap like rubber bands and release me her body going soft and seemingly sinking into couch.

She lay catching her breath I set up seeing her lay there. Breathing softly now. I tell her. You husband will be home soon you must get moving and get dressed. She said in an exhausted breath. Idk he can catch us. That was amazing. God I needed that. I said come on standing pulling her to her feet. You don’t want this scandal. She laughed. She said I suppose you are right.

She gets dressed and I hurry out before my father inlaw gets home.