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I was at a female she always loved the I deal of me being completely hairless and smooth permanently except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair on my head. Well she talked me into letting her paint my finger nails and toes. I even l let her do so eye shadow and mascara and eyeliner and lipstick on me and she talked me into putting on a micro bikini. Well her parents were very religious and came home. I had to go out the back door fast like I was.
I decided that I would go to the old camper in the woods . When I was getting close to wear it was someone grabbed me from behind. Putting hand over my mouth saying that he had been watching for the last year. He said that I smelled so good and looked so sexy and delicious. He kissed my neck then he grabbed my hair forcing my head back. He put his lips on my lipstick forcing his tongue in my mouth. After that he took me to the camper. Since I had not been there in a while he must have been staying there. He opened the door had me go in first. It was dark in since boarded the windows up. He lite up a candle and then padlocked the door. Then he told me to get on the bed completely. I did as he said.
He blew out the candle and it was dark only could see a outline of him. He said to me that since I was hairless and smooth and nails paint makeup and lipstick and in a micro bikini that I must be a sissy . Then he came over to the bed he pulled my sandals off and bikini bottoms off the untied the top by feel. He had me naked now. Then he got on top of pinning my arms and hands down to the bed above my head. I could tell that he was completely nude when he bent down kissing me hard. This time I opened my mouth letting his tongue an my tongue intertwined together. He let go of my arms so I put around his neck as we kissed. I started feeling his back even opened my legs wrapping around him. Then he said to me that he wanted me to suck his dick.
He rolled off me and I kissed his cock and balls and licking it all over before I took it between my lips in mouth. I sucked him slowly from the tip to his balls. He said that I was so great at it. Having no gag reflex I had know problem deep throating him every time. He was holding up my hair as I was sucking him. He said you love the taste and sucking on a dick I can tell. After a few more minutes he started to tense up and then shot his hot load down my throat and in my mouth. I swallowed every single delicious drop of it. I came up and he said that I was born natural at it. I said yes I am.
He sat up and had me sit with my back against his chest between his legs. He was rubbing me . He felt my smooth cock and balls and rubbed my boy pussy. He rubbed around it then rubbing on it directly. I softly moaned. He whispered in my ear asking me if I was going to let him fuck with out a problem. I said you wanna fuck me now as I pushed his fingers in my boy pussy. I felt his dick was very hard now. He got some lube rubbing it on my hole and squirting some inside of me. Then he grabbed the back of my legs lifting them up pulled me up and sliding me up and down on his cock. He held my legs up as he slowly fucked me my head on his shoulder as I moaned in pleasure. He kissed me as he fucked me and kissed my neck. Then he started sucking gently on my neck. I said suck on it harder he did . He was fucking me so good after about thirty minutes he thirsted deep inside of me and unloading his seed deep inside of me. He held me there for a few minutes till his cock slipped out me.
I laid there beside him for a while with my head on his chest. Then he got up unlocked the door and lighting the candle saying that I better go. But before I leave one last kiss. He kissed me passionately and said that I should go before I make him horny again. I whispered in his ear telling him that he should keep a couple of days and use me. He didn’t say anything an looked at me. Then he said that he wanted me to put the bikini on for now. He got dressed and told me to stay inside. He was gone for a few minutes. Then he came back in and kiss me then said that he wanted me to go outside and walk down the trail. I said ok I put on my sandals and went out. I walked down the trail a little ways. When I was grabbed from behind. Then drugged me off the trail forcing me face down onto a blanket. He grabbed my long hair pulling my head back then pulled down the bottom of the bikini. He shoved his cock in my boy pussy. He was fucking me hard an said to me you sissy faggot you want to act like a girl I’m going to fuck you like a girl and treat you like one. After he fucked me that way and cum in me. I was week in my legs so he picked me up and caring me back to the camper. Where he fucked me for the next couple of days.