Repost of me and my cousin

This happened not to long ago I was 15 and my nephew is 12 me and my sister are far in age so that’s why he’s so close to my age.

I’m Back Again I’m trying to make a new group chat on telegram. Add me on telegram and I’ll add you. I have my own content but that’s not the main point get more info when u add me.

I never really looked at his as a nephew accept when he gets on my nerves.

It was a regular Saturday no school I woke up late and got on the game for a few hours then watched tv. Around 7pm came and my sister dropped my nephew off everything was normal he wanted to get on my game of course I had my phone so I let him he kept losing so I was trash talking and we started play fighting. He grabbed my penis a few times but I thought it was a mistake I started getting tired he got back on the game and keep in mind I woke up late but I was still tired so I was gonna take a nap. I got in bed turned on a YouTube videos with my earphones in and feel to sleep. I was under the covers and laying on my back. I woke up and I felt my pants down and dick (about 6.5 inches at the time) was out but I didn’t was still half sleep but I guess he stopped because I moved. But then before I could fully go back to sleep he started again and I woke right up he was under the covers so he couldn’t see my face. He was slurping my dick up and it felt great but I was confused because I knew this couldn’t be his first time sucking a dick but I closed my eyes again and just let him do it. I felt his saliva dripping down my balls onto the bed he was deep throating and it’s like he had no gag reflexes which kinda confirmed it for me I really want to find out who’s dick he was sucking or maybe he had only been sucking me all this time. Anyway he kept sucking me and he started to get comfortable like he didn’t care if I woke up rubbing my stomach and chest grabbing my hips and deep throating fast I let out a couple of moans but I moaned kinda loud when he started deep throating at a constant pace and that made me nut in his throat I was really surprised when he just swallowed it but he kept going thing is after I came I realized what I just did and I didn’t really like the thought of cuming in my nephews throat so i started to get soft and just waited until he stopped.

I have lots of experiences so there’s more to come add me on telegram JaydenUnknown2 so I can know what y’all wanna read more I don’t do forced abuse tho.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅