Tara’s Fetish, Part 1

Tara’s Fetish, Part One:

My wife Beth comes to me while I’m reading one evening and I see she has a smirky expression on her face. I ask her what’s up with her and she tells me it’s nothing. I know it’s not nothing and poke at her to spill the beans.

“Come on honey. Something has you amused. What’s the deal?”

“I was picking up a little in Tara’s room while she was in school today and I found some things.”

Tara is our thirteen year old daughter. She’s a bright and happy young girl, but has recently become a handful since she entered puberty. She’s got a friend named Jess that on more than one occasion smelled of smoke, so I immediately thought the obvious.

“What.. She’s hiding cigarettes in her room?”

“No, nothing like that. Well I don’t know, maybe that too, but I found a couple of your workout photos from your twenties in there.”

I used to work out at the gym every other day back in my twenties. I was dating Beth then. We had met each other at the gym and we hit it off. I’d have Beth photograph my workout progression of me wearing my workout shorts. So I was pretty ripped in the pictures. I waited for Beth to elaborate.

“They were in her drawer by her bed.”


“She also has a vibrator in there.”

“Um, Tara has a vibrator?”

It took a little bit for it to occur to me. I looked at Beth and read it on her face.

“Oh, OH shit.” I finally got it. “You think she’s getting off to my pictures?”

“It seems pretty obvious, yeah.” Beth starts to grin. “She had to have taken them from your trunk in the attic.”

“Well..” I paused.

I was flattered my daughter thinks the younger me is hot enough to masturbate to. I’m only 38 now and I still workout at home every morning to get the blood flowing and stay active. I was disturbed Tara had a vibrator though. Where the fuck did she get a vibrator? I figured she must have gotten it from a friend.

“I don’t think.. I uh, don’t know how I feel about that. I guess that’s not very healthy.” I remarked.

My wife cracks a noticeable smile, and turns her head away tilting.
“I don’t know. I think it’s cute she got the hots for her daddy’s bod. You are a looker after all.”

Beth laid her arms across me, knocking the book from my hands, and losing my place.

Beth continued and was now going to tease me.”I found her journal too.”

“Oh, Beth, you didn’t!?” I pinched Beth’s stomach. “You didn’t really, did you?”

“What.. After finding that stuff in her bedside table; how could I not take a peek at her recent entries?”

“I can’t believe you.” I scoffed at her.

“Aw c’mon, you would have too. Don’t you want to know what she–“

“Not really.” I cut her off. “She’d freak out if she knew.. I thought that was like girl code or something to not read an others journal.”

Beth thought about it.. “That likely applies to everyone. But I was real careful and set it back exactly as I found it.”

Later that night while I was laying in bed. It ate at me what Tara may have written about me. I figured Beth was full of it because she didn’t press the issue, but the doubt tickled my mind. I wasn’t going to let it go.

The following morning was Wednesday and I waited for Tara to be off to school before I brought it back up with Beth. We were having coffee in the small breakfast area by the window. Sunshine was filling the area and it was warm.

“What are you going to do today?” I asked Beth.

“I have to go grocery shopping, and I need some new running shoes.”

I waited a moment.

“Did you really peek in her journal?”

Beth stopped as she was about to take a sip of her coffee.
“Oh that’s bothering you now, isn’t it?”

“Well, I mean what is.. Is it something I should know?”

“No, it’s nothing.” Beth was feigning being coy and propped herself upright.
She was teasing me, acting like she’s going to dismiss it entirely.

I laughed. “You are vicious this morning.”

“No, you were right. It was unfair of me to look in her journal. She’s a growing young girl. It’s girl stuff and I think it’ll be better if you don’t know.”

I really wanted to know now, especially since Beth knew and didn’t want to tell me. I waited for Beth to leave to go shopping then I headed into Tara’s bedroom and carefully scanned her messy room for a journal. I didn’t even know what I was looking for. I opened my daughter’s bedside table drawer. I pulled it almost all the way out to see the entire contents and in the back was the tail end of the vibrator wrapped in a face cloth, and I also spotted a collection of 6 pictures of me in various poses from when I was more serious with my workouts. I thumbed through them and I can see why a thirteen year old girl would be hot for me, or any woman for that matter. I was a dead sexy stud!

I returned the photos and picked up the vibrator. The obvious thought quickly crossed my mind and I sniffed at the device and the face cloth. It smelled of my daughter’s sex. The smell of thirteen year old fertile pussy is arousing. My cock said it didn’t matter it was my daughter; pussy is pussy. I carefully returned it to it’s place and shut the drawer.

I continued looking around and I felt a book when I ran my hand beneath her pillow. I took note of its orientation and removed it. It was just a basic journal size with no clasp. It had a lot of drawings and various stuff all over it. I thumbed through it and found the last entry. It wasn’t relevant so I started scanning through it backwards, until finally some words jumped out at me.

“I want to catch him somehow without clothes on. I need a good enough reason to use their bathroom when he’s like in the shower or something. I bet he still has his stomach muscles.”

I do indeed. Holy shit, my daughter is totally fixated on me. She wants to see me without my shirt on too. Ha ha.

I jumped back a bit before those sentences, and found this.

“I came so hard. I can’t help it that I’m attracted to him. My dad is fucking hot.”

I didn’t need to read any more. I closed her journal and placed it back beneath her pillow. Perhaps I’ll take a shower tonight, I usually don’t announce something like that, but I’ll be sure to mention it to Beth when we’re all together in the living room or something. I got to fuck with Tara! Ha ha. This will be fun.

I felt an odd excitement about teasing Tara in the coming evening. We were all in the living room and watching television. Tara had her face buried in her phone, but was sitting on the other side of Beth on the couch. Just before Beth was going to begin fixing dinner I told her I was going to take a shower and I got up to leave.

Several minutes into my shower I got excited about whether or not Tara had figured out a way to ambush me yet. My cock got hard and I started stroking to the idea of my daughter masturbating to me. Tara is my daughter, but she’s also growing into a beautiful young woman, and she’s got nice perky tits already. I heard a knock on the door. I was startled by the possibilities. I let go of my cock and called out for whomever to enter.

The door opened and I heard Tara call in at me. Holy shit.


“Yeah.” I raised my voice a bit to carry over the sound of the water.

The sliding glass doors of the shower are that weird blurring glass and you can’t see much but outlines.

“There’s something wrong with my toilet and I really have to pee, can I use yours.”

I almost laughed, but I suppressed it. “That’s fine, dear.”

I continued my shower and let my cock soften, and Tara proceeded to use my toilet. I of course couldn’t hear her on the toilet, but I could see her outline pretty well, as I’m sure she could see mine. I ended my shower the same time she was getting up from the toilet. I then noticed her at the sink and she began to brush her teeth.

I partly opened the door and reached an arm out.
“Can you hand me a towel, darling?”

I sensed her pause and then she moved toward the door and I felt the towel in my hand. I quickly wrapped it around my waist and tucked it in at my left hip as I began to exit. I opened the door all the way and she looked right at me. Her face was flushed red in contrast to the white paste at her lips from brushing. We were just about to eat, there was no logic for her to brush now. This was a reason to be there. She appeared to only be wearing a pink t-shirt that was just long enough to conceal whether or not she was wearing any panties.

I smiled at her briefly and then turned away from her to close the shower door. After I faced her again she was turned back toward the mirror and leaning over the sink. Her posture now allowed the shirt to ride up and I could see that she was wearing pink panties that hugged her shapely ass. I was excited. My cock was plumping into a lump at the front of my towel.

My daughter’s young ass was a tasty sight to take in. She probably saw me looking but I watched Tara’s eyes cut down at my stomach too. The layout of the bathroom places her to my right if I’m facing toward the bathroom door with the shower door behind me. There is a small standing shelf opposite the sink. For me to leave the bathroom, I’d have to shimmy behind her, between her and the shelf. It’s not that tight a squeeze, but I wanted to fuck with her, and give her something to think about.

I walked up closer to her, but not passing her yet, and looked at her in the reflection.

“So what’s wrong with your bathroom?” I said leaning close over her shoulder.

Tara spit into the sink. “The toilet is doing this thing. It’s full of water and won’t flush. I was scared it would overflow if I tried it again.”

“Ah.” I nodded. “I’ll take a look at it.”

“Thanks, daddy.”

She watched me as I began to pass behind her. I placed my right hand on her right hip and sidestepped behind her. Tara got an odd surprised look on her face, but continued brushing. The position looked awkward and felt like I could have mounted her from behind. I let the bulge of my manhood behind the towel brush harshly across my daughter’s ass as I shimmied behind her. I smiled at her as we both knew what that was. I dismissed it as an honest mistake. I reached at the door with my left hand to open it, and I let my right hand drag across the small of Tara’s back against her shirt, then faintly over her left ass cheek as I left. She never took her eyes from me through the reflection. I left the bathroom door open and it enters into the master bedroom. Tara could us the mirror to spy on me if she wanted. I ignored looking in her direction as if she wasn’t even there. I removed my towel prematurely before stepping into my closet and out of sight. There’s a good chance my daughter saw my chiseled ass if she was looking.

I put on a pair of shorts and a band t-shirt (Nine Inch Nails) that I haven’t worn in a while. I then immediately walked out and down the short hall to her bathroom across from her bedroom. There was a shit ton of toilet paper shoved into the toilet, clever girl. The water had mostly drained from it by now. I flushed the toilet and waited for it to fill again, then I plungered and got it flushing properly once more.

I returned to the living room and could smell dinner well under way. Things were normal.

Dinner was great. Tara was acting as she always does, but I could tell Beth was amused by something. Tara retired to her bedroom after dinner and I left also to head to the master bedroom to get on the computer. I placed an ear to Tara’s door as I paused by her bedroom. I could hear her music going, but I could also hear a buzz, though it was faint and mostly drowned by her music. I thought of my daughter masturbating in there. It got me hard. I was horny.

I got on my computer in my room and pulled out my dick. I didn’t even bother to shut my door, but I’d be able to see a shadow of someone on approach so I wasn’t worried about it. I watched some teen porn and very badly wanted to bust a nut immediately, but I figured I’d get Beth in the mood first. I masturbated to a point where I was leaking precum, and then I closed the browser and returned my excited dick to my shorts. I walked to the living room and sat beside Beth. She was watching TV, but I didn’t care. I started kissing her and before she knew it, I had my cock out and put her hand on me.

“You’re already leaking. What have you been doing?” She whispered.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” I teased.

Beth went down on me in the living room and I ejaculated in her mouth after about ten minutes. She came off of me and my cum shot upward into her mouth but she let it drip down inside my shorts all over my balls.

It was a Hell of a mess and she knows I don’t like to feel like that.

“Oh God damn, honey.” We laughed.

I got up and she followed me. We went to our bedroom and closed the door. I removed my shirt but kept my cum-soiled shorts on. I ate Beth’s pussy for about 40 minutes and gave her several orgasms. After I finished her off proper like, we talked a little. I told her what I knew.

“Tara is in her room masturbating.”

“How do you know?”

“She’s got her music on but I still heard the buzzing sound; I expect it’s her vibrator.”

Beth asked, “Did you fix her toilet?”

“Yeah. There was a bunch of toilet paper in the way.”

“So was knowing Tara’s in there buzzing her bean what made you crazy impatient tonight?”

I figured it was pretty safe to be honest, since Beth was also tickled by the idea our daughter has a daddy fetish. I responded with a cleverly amusing line.

“It’s God-awful difficult to find decent incest porn.”

“Ew!” Beth slapped at my arm playfully. “Pervert.”

I laughed at her and attacked her tits with my mouth as I humped against her leg playfully.

I got up and walked out of the room to the kitchen for a drink of water. Tara’s door was still shut and I could hear the music. I walked down the hall and cut into the kitchen. Tara was there with the fridge door open with a half-drank bottle of water in her hand. We notice each other. She’s flushed red and about as surprised as I am. Tara had taken her pants off again after dinner and was just in that shirt and panties. I realize I smelled of semen and probably have Beth’s pussy residue around my mouth. So I tried to keep my distance from her.

I cover my mouth and turn toward the kitchen sink. I speak as I turn on the faucet to wash my face briefly.

“Hey baby, sorry I thought you were in your room.”

Tara didn’t say anything but was surprised at the state of me. It was clear I still had blotches from cum that soaked through around my groin.

“What were you doing?” She asked, clearly talking about the state of me.

But she shut me down before I could answer, which was fine because I didn’t have one.
“Never mind, I don’t want to know.” She threw a hand up between us and closed the fridge door.

Then she complimented me.
“Wow dad, you’re cut. How do you keep fit like that?”

“I work out every morning.”

“Really? Do you think I could work out with you then? I want to get definition like that.”

“It’s probably too early for you, but if you can ever get up early, I don’t mind. I begin around a quarter after 6.”

“Jeez. I uh–“

“I didn’t think so. Ha ha” I interjected.

“No I’ll do that. Can I join you tomorrow?”

I was pretty sure she wasn’t going to be able to do it, but it would have been fine if she could. Morning exercise is a great routine to start and I’m glad she’s taking an interest.


“Where, and does mom exercise with you?”

“Heh, I’d like to get her involved, but she doesn’t do it that early. I just workout in our bedroom, she’s already in the kitchen when I start. You’ll have to get to sleep at an earlier hour if you want to get up and do that. I can show you my whole routine, but you may want a shower afterward before you leave for school.”

“Okay, yeah I’ll sleep good tonight.”

Yes, I bet she will, I thought to myself. I bet Tara had herself a shit ton of orgasms just a bit ago. It’s funny because I almost never see her drink water, but now she has a reason to stay hydrated. Maybe I can set her on more good habits.

Morning came and I rose out of bed. It was about 5:50 am and I had a hard cock that could drive nails. I took a piss and then I changed into my workout shorts which are a pair of blue running shorts that simply covered my groin for modesty. They offer no support or restrictions against my genitals.

I headed into the kitchen and grabbed a jug of water sitting on the counter and I drank probably 12 ounces. Walking around helped me lose the erection, but I still felt a kind of inexplicable mild anxiety or excitement.

Beth went off to the kitchen to do her thing and I was preparing to start exercising. Tara’s door opened up and I heard her go to her bathroom. She then exited and came into the master bedroom. Wow, she was sure as shit ready. Holy shit. I didn’t know she had a pair of whatever she was wearing. She had on a tight tank top that was normal and I’ve seen her wear before, but she also had on a tight-fit pair of yoga pants, that weren’t really pants. They just came down to cover half her thighs. I tried to not make it obvious that I was impressed.

“Is this alright, dad?”

“Yeah, Tara, that’s perfect. I’m surprised you’re up.”

“I told you I can do it. This is exciting. I want to look good like you.” She replied.

I returned a compliment, “Honey, you look great already.”

“Thanks daddy!”

I started by doing exercises with my legs; bending down onto my left knee, then my right. I was thinking about showing her my routine and not so much about myself. But when I watched her start to stretch and copy me, that’s when I started to lose it. I couldn’t help but to notice my little girl was getting a fuckable tightly defined ass on her. My size dwarfed her and I could imagine how big my cock would look slapping across her tushy cheeks. My cock was plumping, and that is not a good thing in these shorts, because it will hang out the bottom if I stretch too far or low.

I decided to immediately stop what I was doing and lie on my back to do sit ups. I usually curl my feet under the weights but now that I have a helper, I let Tara hold or weigh on my ankles and feet.

“Let’s do sit-ups. That’s how I keep these abs anyway.” I slapped at my stomach.

I instructed her how to help me.
“Here, you rest your feet atop mine and weigh them down, or you can hold my ankles. The idea is for me to not pick up my feet when I pull upward.”

“I know how to do this.” She assured me. “We’ve done sit-ups in gym.”

She rested her feet above mine, and kind of squatted, but placed her hands atop my knees. I began doing my sit-ups. Tara was smiling something fierce. She was watching my stomach a lot as I did my set. I do 20 just as a start. It all went to shit though. She cut her eyes down and was noticing my shorts. I realized Tara was starting to pay more attention to my groin. It occurred to me that my cock might was likely visible from her perspective. I was only on # 7 at that point. I should have stopped but I closed my eyes and ignored that my daughter was very likely staring at my hardening cock.

By the time I got to 20, my dick freed itself out a leg hole and was pulsing excitedly toward my daughter. I opened my eyes and saw Tara looking like a doe in headlights. She had her mouth slightly open and eyes cut downward toward her daddy’s erect manhood, watching with a soft pleasant gaze.

“Oh damn, baby, I’m sorry.” I said softly.

I stayed sitting up and placed a hand over my dick.

“I’m sure you’ve had health class already. Getting the blood flowing will often do that.”

She very softly said with a mild broken voice, “That’s okay.”

I whispered to her. “Might not want to tell your mother though.” I chuckled.

I sat there for a moment covering myself while my daughter rested her hands upon my knees. She finally looked up and away with an embarrassed expression that she badly tried to suppress. I used the moment of avoidance to take a look at her crotch; she had gotten wet while I did my set. I felt a pulse of heat shoot from my heart through my body. My daughter wants me. Holy shit. I mean my daughter is actually wet for me, and now I knew too that I was hard for Tara. Oh fuck, what was I doing?

I was conflicted. I was just wanting to fuck with her, but I was having a real emotional passionate reaction to my Tara’s lust for me. She’s my daughter for fuck’s sake..

‘I wonder what that tight wet daughter pussy feels and tastes like.’
The thought was unexpected and shocking. I wouldn’t lose this erection. This is wrong.

I clambered back away from her. “I think this might not have been the best idea.”
I rose to my feet and artfully pulled my shorts downward to conceal my cock head.

“No, dad..” Tara placed a hand at my stomach to stop me. “It doesn’t bother me, really. I know you can’t help it. I know all about that. Mrs. Tennebaum covered that in the first couple days about exercise and blood flow. Boys in gym get hard all the time, and they’ve started giving health class too.”

Of course she’s going to try and tell me it’s okay; Tara wants to see more of my dick for her clit parties. I was horny though, so I accepted her reassurance of the situation and decided to continue with the routine for the time being.

“Okay, well nevertheless, I’m sorry. I’ll try to keep that from happening, but you still shouldn’t mention it to mother. Ha ha”

I walked over to my bedroom door and shut it, then artfully clicked the lever inward to lock it in the same motion. “We might want a little privacy though.”

Tara smiled and was excited to continue. “So what’s next, daddy?”

I explained to her that I like to go through a cycle like an upper body, then a mid, then a legs activity, and repeat. Things were a bit out of sequence at this point, but I told her it’s good to stretch the legs before doing squats with them so we would lay on our backs and fold one leg at a time upward as close to our chest as comfortable.

We laid side by side and she watched me and copied. Needless to say.. My entire genitals busted out between my legs during this exercise and she lost it. Tara was rolling over laughing and it got me laughing too. I made a comment in an attempt to support her reaction with more comedy.

“Oh my God, It’s too big right now to stay hidden. I really need better shorts.”

“Yeah! I can see that dad!” She said, still laughing at seeing my cock.

Knowing that my hot fertile daughter of thirteen years was staring at my erect cock was really exciting me. I let go of my leg and let it return to the floor beside my other. I laid there for a moment as my cock stood straight up as the obnoxious object of our amusement. Half my scrotum was also exposed. Tara stopped laughing and propped herself up to look at it from a better angle. I became very aware of her actions and felt the urge to turn away from her but I didn’t.

“Jesus, dad, what a bother that must be when it happens in public.”

I snickered then responded. “Yeah hitting the beach with your mother is often an interesting affair. We all went to the beach once when you were six or seven and this girl about your age now, maybe a little younger was building a sand castle with her brother several feet away from my feet. It was a hot summer and the beach was crawling with people. Well I was resting and Beth was reading a book and I started to get an erection because I was warm and relaxed. Suddenly A woman comes up and starts berating me, and Beth is like ‘What the fuck?’ because the woman was calling me a pervert. Sure enough, my penis was poking out the bottom of my shorts and that girl was staring at it with a shocked grin as this woman bitched at me.”

“Oh my God.”

“Yeah, but your mother jumped out of her chair and got in her face and let her have it. Well that didn’t make things any better because I was just getting hard before, but after Beth defended me I was pulsing hard like I am now.”

The story re-energized Tara’s attention to my cock. It was big. It was hard. And it was pulsing to my racing heartbeat of the taboo exchange I was now sharing with her.

“That doesn’t seem fair.” Tara said in my defense. “I mean, you can’t help that from happening. What did she expect you were doing?”

“She figured I knew the girl was there, which I did, but I didn’t know my penis was exposed.”

“Your thing gets that way when your aroused, or really whenever it wants.” Tara laughed, and propped herself up on her right elbow more to face me.

I took the opportunity to respond with relevance and look at Tara’s body more.
“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind if I could be more subtle like girls.”

I eyeballed Tara’s chest and spotted her nipples were hard in her tight top. I was seeing Tara more as an intimate sexual person now.. I was entering a dangerous head space with my little girl.

“I mean look at this.” I reached over toward my daughter in a confident manner, casually but very forward. “Your nipples are hardening, no doubt responding to seeing my erection.”

I gently grasped her right nipple and gave a pinch.
“You’re a growing young woman; horny, responsive to touch and stimuli. I’m your father, but a penis is still a penis.”

Tara paused and tried not to react to my touch. I was feeling bold and dangerous.
“And it’s only natural for you to be aroused by my erection. Males are the ones to advertise they are ready to mate, and the women get to choose.”

I was now reading Tara’s body language. She moved her legs and I watched her tongue dart sharply across between her lips. These were subtle responses but she may as well have been announcing it with a loudspeaker; she was helpless to my veteran charm. Tara made a slight sigh of suppressed enjoyment as she was no doubt soaking her yoga pants.

I immediately felt some heavy shame. ‘I can’t do this to her. I’m a shit.’ These are the two phrases that ran through my head, but they didn’t stop me from grasping the shaft of my cock as I slowly massaged one of my daughter’s breasts through her tight top.

I wanted this moment to last. I felt wonderful, and Tara’s reaction of young arousal was legendary. I decided to tell her why she may have such fantasies about me.

“When you were young, we kept you in our room. You were under a year old and in your mother’s arms being breastfed. Your mom is a passionate woman and I’m always aroused around her so she began giving me hand relief. One thing led to another and she laid you down between my legs and your mother began fellating me. You started to cry out for attention because you still wanted to feed. Your mom got playful and wanted to see what would happen if she put my penis near your mouth. It began as just a funny curiosity. I was horny and curious too so I repositioned myself and got up on my knees and rested on my ankles and Beth pushed my cock down to your mouth. Of course you’re just a baby so you started sucking at it wanting it to express milk.”

Tara kept silent and watched me slowly stroking my cock as I told her about our early incest.

“We laughed about it at first, but we let it continue. Finally we stopped laughing because I got noticeably extremely hard in your mouth. Your mother was really getting off on watching you suckle on my erection too. You got frustrated when nothing was coming out, but that changed after I leaked semen into your mouth.”

My cock had a clear thin stream of semen traveling down from my tip. Tara was mesmerized by my 8″ cock pulsing in my hand as I told her about herself.

“It was amusing because you reached up and grasped at my penis behind the head and began squeezing and trying to express more. I remember telling your mother I thought you just got a bit of semen in your mouth. She said that was hot. And that set me off and I told her I was going to cum. I really thought she’d pull you away, but she stroked me faster into your mouth. I couldn’t believe it.”

I was stroking the full length of my cock and watching my daughter watch me. I know Tara wanted to start touching herself, or me, but she was nervous and didn’t.

“So, you should know that when you were not even a year old, you sucked my cock until I climaxed in your mouth. You swallowed a surprising amount of cum, until your mother freaked out and pulled my cock from you. The rest shot all down your front; and you liked that. Started giggling. You had cum spilling out. I watched Beth work my sperm around your body, anointing you with it. No idea why she did that, but it was a pretty crazy day. Afterward we didn’t know if it was bad that you ate cum. Your mom was all over the net trying to figure out if it was okay for baby’s to eat sperm. I told her to relax, because you were fine.”

Tara was enthralled by the account of her childhood, and responded by recalling something occurring later.

“I think I remember something when I was 4. Mom was telling me how to move my hand up and down to massage you, or something..”

I was surprised she remembered that; that was nearly a decade ago. I clarified it for her.

“Wow, you remember that? Yeah, that started with my thighs but it got more serious. Well these experiments we were having progressed from there until just about then, probably up to around the time you started school. And yeah.. I remember a night when we were watching movies. Beth was giving me a handjob and you were with us. You wanted to do what mom was doing and so she showed you how to massage my legs, but that didn’t last long, so she taught you to hold my cock and stroke it up and down. You got pretty good at it, and she would let you make me cum. We did this many times. Mom loved to watch your little hands jerk me off. But we stopped that after you started to go to school because of something you said one day. You had to say something that you liked to do, as was an assignment in class, and you said something like ‘making daddy jizz’. You got that word from your mother of course. Beth used to use a lot of bad language around you.”

Tara dropped her mouth open in embarrassment. I could see she was remembering the incident. I was amused by her reaction. My cock was leaking pretty good now, and I realized that I was probably going to go all the way and cum in front of her; something I hadn’t done for 8+ years.

I continued. “Yeah, you can imagine our shock too. But that was Mr. Brandon; your mother and I thought he was a pervert anyway, but he was a great teacher. He said he didn’t care what it meant, as long as you didn’t use that language in class. We certainly agreed and said we’d take care of it, so we had a talk and stopped talking dirty in front of you, as well as stopped letting you play with me.”

“I don’t remember that like that.” Tara gazed blankly through me, trying to recall. She was still very nervous. She probably thought I was expecting her to do something. I wasn’t. I’m simply happy enough to be jerking in front of her again. I’d wait for her to make the first real move.

We managed to get through my workout routine. Tara didn’t make a move for me because she was nervous. I didn’t push her either. She laughed at me while I embarrassed myself, but I know she was a hot mess about it. After we finished and Tara left the room to clean up, I headed to the kitchen to fuck with Beth which was sitting at the table reading some papers. I was obnoxious and horny so I pulled out my dick and told her that I’d cum pretty quick if she sucked me off right then. That ended happily with Beth getting a mouth full of goop.

End Part One.