Riyah wants a baby pt2

‘Hey daddy can you help me with my homework please?” I hear a voice ask behind me as I’m cutti up vegetables for dinner. “I’m helping mom with dinner right now Hun” I say as her mom gives me a sly grin having just been creampied. “Go ahead and help her babe I got dinner covered.” She says as she scoops the veggies into a bowl. “Alright I’ll be up there in a second Riy” I say as I head for the bathroom to take a quick piss. When I get to her room I’m greeted by the sight of her with her feet tucked behind her head as she pounds her self with one of her mom’s bigger toys. “Oh fuck oh FUCK” she cries out as she squirts all over the toy and the bed convulsing like she just got struck by lightning. “You know you shouldn’t be playing with mom”s toys I say as I lock the door. She just smiles wide and deepthroats the 9” dildo to the base then says “the test I took came back negative you have to try again” I take a moment to realize what she means and then I whisper ‘are you crazy your mom is right down stairs” She just rolls her eyes and whispers back that’s why I’m going to bite into my teddy” she nods her head towards her teddy bear she’s had since she was little” “I’m not going to fuck you while your mom is home” I whisper yell as I start to get up. She says in a normal voice”We were 69ing while you were at work I don’t think she’ll care” I just stare at her confused. “Ugh here….look I even made a video” she says as she struggles a bit to get her feet from behind her head and pulls up a video on her laptop. There on the screen was her and mom climaxing at the same time on Riyahs bed. “See like I said she probably won’t care and if she says anything I’ll just bring up our little video” she says shutting the laptop and getting back into the previous position. “Now hurry up and drain ur balls in me before dinner is ready.’ she commands slowly rubbing her clit. I strip and slowly slide deep into her making her squirt as our hips touch. “Dang already?” I ask as I slowly start moving my hips. “You….oh my god .. you’re hitting my … FUUUUUUUCK…my g spot everytime you…oh shit in cummming…..”she breathlessly blurts out as as writhes on the bed dousing me and the sheets even more.” “Oh really now what if I….” I say smugly as I start pounding her. “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD DAAAADDY!! She cries loudly causing me to shove her bear in her mouth and tell her to stfu. She says something but it’s muffled then she sits up and screams as she gushes over and over. “Yeah take it like a good little slut” I say as I spank her and pound her harder. She screams into the bear several times squirting like a fountain then passes out as her pussy squeezes so tight I can’t move. I cum hard as fuck coating her cervix in cum as she squeezes my cock a flood erupting from her as shakes and moans on the bed ‘Riyah?? Are you ok honey?? Iask growing a bit concerned. She nods yes after a minute or so then a knock at the door followed by “dinners ready you two clean up and come down stairs” oh shit did she hear? I think to myself as I look at Riyah as she giggles hysterically part 3 soon…..