Trailer park fun 3

Chapter – 3

George got off the school bus the next day and dashed into the house. He rushed through his snack because he knew his mother would sit there as long as he was eating. He finished and Joan did her usual stretch and yawn bit and said she was going to take a nap. This was George’s signal to head for the tree platform. His prick was hard in anticipation of what he was going to see. He rushed out the kitchen door, and made a dash around the corner of the house to take his post on the tree platform. He was brought to a screeching halt. A late model pickup hauling a large recreation trailer drove into the parking area. There was a man, a woman, and a boy his own age in the pickup. George was annoyed to see the trailer drive in, particularly one that had a kid. He would have to act as host and he probably wouldn’t get much chance to watch at his mother’s window until these people left. If he knew what his mother’s plans were and how this would interfere with them, he’d have been even more disgusted with the situation.

The man and the boy got out and waited for David to approach them. He fervently hoped they only wanted to ask for directions. A lot of people did stop there when they lost their way, the grounds were on a road that barely showed on a map.

The boy examined George critically as he approached them and said something to the man. The man smiled and nodded then asked George if they had space for his trailer for the next week or so. If they liked the area they might even stay longer.

George reluctantly told the man they had an open space and went to get his mother. The two of them got them settled in one of the farther trailer lots. Both George and Joan wanted them as far away from the house as possible. Joan was as upset as George was that they chose this week to check in. She was all set to seduce George this week and these people would get in the way.

Joan realized her son’s isolation and up till now was glad when a boy her son’s age came to the camp. It gave him a chance to interact with one of his peers. This time she was annoyed, George probably wouldn’t be able to sneak on to his tree platform and watch her all the time they were here. The boy would probably monopolize most of George’s time. She wouldn’t be able to seduce him until these people left. She hoped they wouldn’t stay very long.

In the last year George had become responsible for the entertainment of young visitors and generally liked the duty. He was sociable by nature and rather enjoyed the company of new people. Now he felt he had to be hospitable to this visitor even when there were other things he would rather be doing. He hoped this kid would be nice. Some of them were nasty, very demanding, and hard to get along with.

The boy introduced himself to George. He was David Simon, his parents were Milt and Sally. He had a dog, Princess which he led out of the trailer. George took a dislike to David and it wasn’t just because of what he would be missing. He wore glasses and talked a lot. He was a brain. He talked like the brains at school who knew everything and made you feel as if you didn’t know anything.

George was courteous to David and to his parents who seemed like nice people. David’s mother was a good looking woman with a figure that was even better than his mother’s. George thought it would be fun to watch her do the things his mother did.

There was no sense thinking about that, there was absolutely no chance it would ever happen. She probably didn’t even do them because she had a husband and George was sure that married people fucked, they didn’t jerk off. George suspected that if his father was still alive his mother wouldn’t finger fuck herself either.

The boy asked to be shown where to walk the dog. Sally was afraid David might get lost so she asked George to go with him. George would be a good host no matter how he felt about it. These people paid his mother good money and at this season of the year it was money found. If they weren’t here the space would just be empty.

He wished that it had been some other week that they’d come. Things were very interesting here right now and he wanted to make the most of them. They rarely had any trailers in this time of the year and George could watch his mother every day. In another four to six weeks the camp would start to fill up. His mother wouldn’t nap anymore and he wouldn’t get a chance to watch what she was doing.

All through the walk away from the house David talked a blue streak. He told George about how much ahead of his class in school he was. He said they could take a vacation for most of the spring because he could take the finals and pass them without having to attend school. This kid was going to be a pain in the ass.

It seemed that David was going to want to be around him all the time so George knew he wouldn’t ever be able to watch his mother in the afternoon while these people stayed in the trailer camp. He hoped they would take a lot of side trips and leave him alone to pursue what had become his normal afternoon activities.

After the first critical examination David decided that George might be the friend he was looking for. He made it obvious that he was glad to meet George. He said that he hadn’t met a boy his own age since they had started their trip about two weeks ago. He might have been a brain but David was lonely and he wanted someone to talk to. In order to fill his job as official junior host George had learned how to be a good listener.

Once David felt acquainted with George and no longer was a little shy he slowed down the steady stream of chatter about how smart he was. George was glad when the conversation turned to the same things that the boys at school talked about and that David allowed George to get a word in edgewise. As with most boys their age the most important subject was sex.

George found out that talking with a brain had some big advantages. David had read some medical books on the subject of sex and he told George a lot of things that neither George nor the boys at school knew.

George made the best of a bad deal, he had lots of questions about sex to ask David, and David seemed to have most of the answers. One of the things that impressed George was that David sometimes said he didn’t know. That made the rest of what David said about sex and both male and female sex organs more credible.

Their conversation started on a scientific level and David was full of clinical information about how boys and girls were made. George did find out about some of his glands and what they did. That explained why some things felt good when he did them. It also explained why his mother did some of the things she did.

George had always been a bit reticent about revealing personal things even to the boys at school. He had never admitted that he shot cum yet or that he jerked off. He wouldn’t even think of telling any of them about spying on his mother and what he had seen. He felt that it was nobody’s business but his own.

He listened carefully to what the other boys said they did but they were kids in the same situation he was and he was sure that none of them had ever fucked a girl like they said they did. When they talked about having their cock sucked and lapping cunts he was sure they were talking through their hats. Nobody did anything that nasty.

David was impressed by George’s acquired skill as a listener. David was an intelligent boy and appreciated George’s attention. He asked George some questions and realized that George was reticent when it came to revealing personal information. He was looking for a confident and thought George could be the one that he could talk to. He was extremely interested in finding out if George thought and acted the same way he did.

There was one way he could get George to talk about his personal experiences. He would have to reveal what he did and he thought that maybe George would reciprocate. David was having some interesting experiences and he needed someone to confide in.

George seemed like a nice kid, someone he could get along with, and who could keep a secret. The way he clamed up when David got personal was good. David decided to take George into his confidence. David had been telling George all about the prostate gland and how that was what made a male shoot off when he stopped walking and turned to George.

“- So that’s what makes you shoot off. Do you shoot cum yet? I started about six months ago.”

This wasn’t the sort of question you normally ran into in the course of polite conversation with someone whom you just met. At first George was offended and almost ignored the question as the best way to keep from being embarrassed. He thought about it for a while then decided that if David was willing to give him personal details as well as ask about them he might be able to learn something if he exchanging information with David.

In spite of the fact that this boy was a pill, he seemed to be telling the truth about himself, not like the kids at school. David hadn’t claimed he’d fucked a girl or had a girl suck his cock like some of them did.

He decided to answer this one question and see where it led. He could back out and refuse to answer more questions any time he wanted to. David stood there waiting for an answer. After a considerable pause George decided to try it out.

“Yeh, I started about three months ago and it feels real neat.”

David was still informative.

“It sure does. I started to jerk off after my first wet dream. Boy that really makes your prick feel good. Do you jerk off?”

This was even more personal but David had volunteered information before requesting information from George. George felt he wasn’t giving very much away. All boys jerked off, if he said he didn’t he wasn’t telling the truth. Besides, like David, he’d never had a confident. It was good to have someone that you could talk to about some of these things.

“Sure, I can’t keep from doing it. Uh, sometimes I think I jerk off too much but it feels too good to stop.”

George had gone farther then just answering the question, he’d revealed his personal feelings. There was a pause while David considered his response.

“I still jerk off sometimes, but I do some things I like better now.”

Was David going to start making up stories the boys at school?

“Gee, what is it? I haven’t found anything better.”

David paused again, looked at George, started to say something, then thought better of it and looked at George again.

“Uh, – it’s real private like, I’ll tell you later.”

George figured David wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place if he wasn’t going to tell eventually. He felt that David was feeling him out about something and that George wouldn’t find out what it was until David was ready. It probably wouldn’t do any good to ask questions so George decided to wait David out. Sometimes you could get someone to talk by not seeming too eager. He did the one thing that would make David want to reveal more. He continued to walk and shrugged.

“Okay, whenever you’re ready.”

David hesitated again, looked at George for a full minute, then he shrugged his shoulders as if he’d made an important decision, and stopped and looked around. He looked at George in a funny way and grinned.

“Gee, I have to take a piss.”

George was let down. All that decision making to decide whether to take a piss. Maybe this kid wasn’t as smart as he seemed. David pulled his prick out of his fly and squirted a stream of piss up against a tree.

There was nothing unusual about this. All the boys did it when they were in the woods. George had done it with his school friends any number of times, but they always modestly turned their back when they did it.

It didn’t bother David that George was watching him. George took the opportunity to examine David’s prick. Soft, it was the same size as his. He wondered how big David’s prick was when it was hard.

David looked at George in a strange way as Princess came over and licked the last drops of piss off of David’s prick. George found out how big it was when it was hard. George’s mouth hanging open as Princess kept licking David’s prick. It was about the same size as his was when it was hard, about three inches long.

Princess licked all around the head of David’s prick then along the shaft. David held his prick steady while princess licked it. David’s hips jerked and spurt, spurt, spurt, the cum flew out of the tip of his prick and landed on the grass. Dribble, dribble, dribble, more cum leaked down over his hand. Princess stayed there and licked all the cum off his prick and hand then, when his prick got soft, he put his prick back in his pants and grinned at George.

Princess sniffed around and licked the up the cum that had shot out onto the grass. That was the first time George ever saw another boy shoot off and he was surprised and a little shocked that David let him see such a private activity.

Up to that moment George had been sure that he’d never let anyone see him do something like that, it would be much too embarrassing. He stood there with his eyes popping out of his head. David studied George’s reaction and grinned at him again.

“She does that every time I take my prick out and it really feels neat. That’s part of what’s better than jerking off. Do you want her to do you? If you do, just take out your prick and take a piss. She won’t let you get your prick back in your pants until you let her lick it. If all you’ve done is jerk off you ought to try it and see how neat it feels. I’ve never had it done but I guess that’s what it would feel like if a girl were to suck your cock.”

George couldn’t miss a chance like this. He didn’t like David watching him but, after a first blush, David hadn’t seemed to mind that George watched while he shot off. He thought it was very generous of David to offer to share his dog with him. He sure would like to feel what it was like to have Princess lick his prick. He wanted to make sure that David didn’t mind.

“You don’t mind if your dog licks my prick and makes me shoot my cum?”

David had no problem with that at all. He wanted to share some of his experiences and feelings with George so that they could compare notes. He was a very lonely boy and he was glad he’d found someone he liked to be with.

“Gees, no. It won’t stop her from licking my prick the next time. She licks my prick as long as I let her. She never stops until I pull it away from her and put it back in my pants. Sometimes I let her lick me till I get hard again and then shoot off again. If I let her she makes me come until my balls ache.”

George was embarrassed and blushed but he wasn’t going to miss a chance like this. He pulled his prick out and pissed up against the same tree. He noticed that David was interested in his prick too. He wasn’t sure that he liked another boy examining his prick either and started to turn away but David hadn’t minded when George had inspected his.

He guessed he would have to let David see his prick and watch while Princess licked him until he shot off. His prick got hard in anticipation even before Princes moved in on it. As soon as he finished Princess came over and licked the end of his prick. Wow! That was awesome! It sure was a lot better than trying to shake the last drops off. He never felt anything like it before. David was right, having Princess lick your prick was a lot better than jerking off.

George followed David’s actions and held his prick steady so that Princess could lick all around the head. It felt real good, better than any jerk off job George had ever given himself. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Princess coaxed the cum out of his prick with her tongue.

After getting the results she wanted, Princess cleaned all the excess cum off his prick and that felt good too. He let Princess lick his prick until it was soft then zipped it back into his pants.

David watched this whole operation and grinned at George when it was over. It was interesting watching Princess lick another boy’s prick until he shot off. He was like George in that this was the first time he’d ever seen another boy shoot off too. In spite of the fact he had just come, his own prick started to harden as he watched Princess make George come. He was glad he’d decided to let George in on his fun and games. Maybe it would be fun if they did some other things together.

“I’ve owned Princess for over a year now and she always slept with me. The night I had my first wet dream I was expecting it to happen. I pulled down the covers to see what had happened. Princess was sleeping with me and she licked all the cum up from the sheet. I wondered if she would lick my prick and she sure did go for it. She licked me until I got hard and shot off again. I’ve had her licking my prick until I come ever since.”

David hesitated again and then seemed to make up his mind.

“Tonight I’ll show you what else she’ll do.”

George watched Princess lick up the drops of cum he had shot out onto the grass. He was beginning to get over his dislike of David. It had been generous of David to let him have Princess lick his prick. As they continued walking the dog and the conversation took another interesting turn.

“Have you ever seen a grown woman without any clothes on?”

George wasn’t going to admit that he spied on his mother but the way this conversation was going maybe he could get some information in return.

“Uh, – well, – Yeh, I guess so. Have you?”

“Well, sort of. But sometimes I see something even better than that.”

“Gees, what could be better than seeing a naked woman?”

David like George wasn’t yet willing to open up fully.

“Uh, – well, – maybe I’ll tell you tonight.”

George wondered what David was trying to lead up to. After what had already happened it had to be real private. He guessed he’d find out eventually. It hadn’t taken him very long before he’d let George watch Princess lick him off, and he’d let Princess do the same thing to him right away. George shrugged again and decided he could wait.

When they were almost back to the trailer David stopped again and looked at George as if he was making up his mind about something again. George looked at David and waited for him to say something. After a minute or two David took a deep breath and grinned at George.

“Uh, I have to walk Princess again tonight. Do you want to join me about eight?”

George was willing to help David walk Princess any time he asked. Maybe Princess would lick his prick till he shot off again. He couldn’t make up his mind if he liked that or watching his mother better.

“Sure I’ll be there.”

George puzzled over it and couldn’t figure out what all that hesitation was about.