Show me how

My girlfriend and I were in our late teens, living with our parents and quite reserved; at least outwardly. We had been limited to desperate under-the-clothes fondling in cars after dark, and I often drove home after dropping her off with my cock straining and balls aching from unfulfilled desire.

We had finally managed to arrange being by ourselves at my parents’ farm one day, and walked together out to a nearby patch of bush. We didn’t express what we wanted with words, but I could feel my pulse racing as we walked hand in hand and talked about anything other than what was most on our minds.

As we entered the shady area under the trees we became bolder. I ran my hands down over her jeans as we walked. She wiggled her arse, and ran giggling on ahead to a small grassy clearing looking out across the bush-clad valley.

As I followed her up she stopped and turned. Without a word she lifted her shirt and pulled it slowly up over her head. I stood stunned but recovered quickly enough to get my shirt off too as she un-hooked her bra and freed her breasts into the sunlight. I was speechless and open mouthed, as (apart from brief glimpses at night in my car) this was the first time I had seen her gorgeous tits – full and firm with delicious looking pointy pink nipples.

She turned away and I stared at her beautiful back and the round sides of her breasts teasingly silhouetted in the sun. She undid her jeans and slid them down her thighs. Her fantastic pale arse was hypnotising; this striptease was killing me! Then she turned to face me: finally, gloriously, completely naked in front of me. She lifted her hands from her mound up above her head and showed herself – displaying her beautiful body utterly naked, with a patch of curly strawberry blond hair between her thighs.

I took down my shorts then, conscious of my naked awkwardness. My rock hard penis sprung free and pointed directly, unashamedly directly at her. She stared at me with the same rapaciousness as I was staring at her, and then we were against each other, running our hands over each other, our mouths joined in a frantic kiss.

She turned and stretched as I kissed her neck as we stood, legs trembling with her back to me so that my penis was jammed up against the cleavage of her buttocks.


I guided her down so that we were sitting together on the grass facing out in the same direction over the valley. I had my legs spread open so I formed a chair for her to lean back into, with her back pressed up against my cock and stomach. I laid her hands over mine and let her guide them over her body, showing me how she wanted to be touched. She slid my hands up over her fabulous tits, squeezing and kneading harder than I would have known, running down over her stomach and out over her smooth thighs. Her legs were pressed together at first, but then she opened them and ran my hands down over the inside of her thighs.

Her neck was flushed pink, any last remnants of shyness were gone, and she was uninhibited, given over only to desire. She ran my hands down to her mound, and took a single finger to slide down through her pubic hair and into her slippery warm slit. She shuddered and moaned at this and I took her cue, sliding my finger up and down, over and around her little protruding nub. She was slick and hot and soft, her juicy pussy giving off a faint delicious aroma that made me dizzy with desire.

My cock was hard up against her back, sliding against her warm skin. She reached around with her hand, and her fingers, smaller than mine, curled around my cock making it look huge. I rocked my hips now, thrusting into her so that my cock slid between her hand and back.

Then her breathing got ragged, and stopped. Her legs twitched and her body spasmed. I kept stroking her clit and squeezed her breasts, holding her tight as she jerked in orgasm. This sent me over the edge and I came in spurts over her fingers and back, pumping hot sticky sperm all over her and me.

Then she curled up in my lap, and we kissed and kissed. I thought of all the things I wanted to do with her: to slide my cock between her breasts and be sucked into her beautiful mouth. I wanted to taste her, to slide my tongue inside her, to fuck her, and to watch her orgasm again and again and again