Losing My Virginity. Part 1

My first time was a long time ago for me now. I was at the end of my freshman year and dating a senior. I had just decided to trim my pubic hair. I didn’t want to have it shaved completely due to it growing only a few years before. It would have felt like I was a little girl again. I felt free going into summer and had started to date my boyfriend in secret just over the previous winter. My mom would never have approved of an older boy like that. My parents knew him but had no clue we were dating.  He was the son of family friends and played baseball. Very handsome if I do say so. I loved the feeling of having a boyfriend.

I wasn’t completely ignorant of sex. We had fooled around a bit; I’d stroke his cock and he would play with my boobs and slip a finger or two in me when we were alone. Even when he got me into my bra and panties he would pull out his cock and dry hump me, finishing on my stomach and chest. I know I wanted to have sex but just wasn’t sure of what to expect. I even used my mom’s dildo when we had phone sex, something I’m very horrified thinking of now that I’m older.

One weekend my parents left on a trip to visit my older sister in college out of state so I would have the house to myself for the weekend. Knowing that my boyfriend would be heading off this fall I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t break up and resolved to let him sleep with me. I took off work that weekend, went to Victoria’s Secret, and picked out a new bra and panties, as well as a silk nighty. If my mom had seen what I bought she would have killed me. It was getting warm out so that Friday night I put on my new matching set of underwear under a tank top and denim mini skirt. I did my hair and makeup, making sure to use lip gloss to keep my lips silky smooth. Keep in mind I was an A-cup at best but I couldn’t help but admire how sexy I looked.

It was about 7pm when he came over. I was as nervous as I had ever been! I think he could tell because he kept smiling at me. We sat on the couch and made out while watching TV. As his hands explored my body I could feel myself get more and more wet.  I no longer just wanted him to have me, I NEEDED him to take me. I was pinned against the arm of the couch when I broke his kiss and suggested we go up to my room. I grabbed his hand and pulled him behind me as I ran to my bedroom. I closed the door behind us and we made out as he pushed me against the door. My breathing was deeper now, and I could sense everything.

I let out a little yelp when his hands slid up my skirt and gripped my ass tightly. I pulled his shirt off and started to kiss his chest. Oh my god, his smooth chest with those muscles made me wild. He pulled my tank top off and tossed it to the ground. I jumped up and wrapped my arms and legs around him.  I don’t know what came over me but I needed it right at that moment.

He placed me on the bed and stood up looking at me. I felt so vulnerable with him there, looking down on me with those muscles. When he started to unbutton his pants I couldn’t help but smile and my heart skipped a beat. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, tossing it to the floor. I arched my back as much as I could to push out my small boobs. As he slid his pants down, my eyes became fixed on his crotch. It felt like an eternity waiting to see his cock come out. Never actually having seen a cock, or touching one made me want to see it that much more.

As what felt like a slow-motion reel, his cock finally started to come into view. I couldn’t help but be taken back by how it sprang free. The thick head that released so much white mess on my body was bigger than I expected. The veins looked to be pulsing with desire for me. I raised my hands by my head and asked what he was waiting for. He smirked and pulled my legs apart. Then unbuttoned my skirt and with one jerk pulled it off. He climbed on top of me, kissing me as he did. I felt his hard member slide up my leg and I began to think what would happen now. I wanted this so badly and now it was going to happen.

His cock-head probed the fabric of my panties. I wondered if he had forgotten that I still had my panties on. I moaned with anticipation. Then he pulled the fabric to the side and I felt his head slip into me. I felt the pressure come from inside me. Slipping his tongue inside my mouth he pinned my hands down and slowly thrust into me. I felt trapped but didn’t want it to stop.  The pressure was immense as my legs started to squirm. It wasn’t a terrible pain but an expansion inside that felt almost too much.


Slowly he started to move in and out of me. I started to feel good and soon let out moans of excitement. He stopped kissing me, released my arms, started to play with my boobs and bite my neck, giving me goosebumps on my arms.  His pace started to quicken and thrust harder. My legs bent up and my feet were set flat on the bed as I could feel an amazing sensation come over my body I was now moaning loudly, with no control.  Feeling my first orgasm building, all I needed was a few more thrusts, but he said he was going to cum and pulled out.

He hovered over me with his cock in hand, and with a few jerks, his cum started to splash on my body. I felt the warmth land from my neck to my belly. I was covered in his cum. I could smell the salty scent that he had just released on me. He took the head of his cock and rubbed it on my panties and rolled over next to me. It hadn’t even occurred to me he had not used protection when we started. I thank god he had the foresight to at least pull out.

I lay there with his seed sticking to my body. I felt proud that I was the one he chose to sleep with, like love was all I ever needed. I asked him to grab a towel from the bathroom, and as he did I took my panties off and tossed them to the floor. I wouldn’t need them this weekend now anyway. I looked over at the clock. It was only 8.30pm and I was a little worried that the sex was too short for him, not even thinking that I had yet to finish.

When he returned with the towel, he stopped in the doorway and looked at my naked body. I felt so exposed and a little embarrassed about it, but I welcomed it. Looking at his cock I could see it was already getting hard again. I thought there was still hope for tonight after all. I had seen porno and knew that women were supposed to have amazing orgasms and I wanted to experience that for sure.  I opened my legs up and smiled biting my nail. I motioned for him to come here. He tossed me the towel and I started to clean myself up from his seed that was now in danger of dripping onto my grey comforter.

Just then I felt his hands on my knees and a sharp sensation on my clit. Instinctively I arched my back and let out a moan. As I looked down I could see his face between my legs. It felt so amazing how he willingly decided to go down on me. I reached out and gripped my bedding as the tongue-lashing continued. My hips bucked and soon I was about to experience my first-ever orgasm from a guy! His hands came to my crotch and he opened my labia more pushing his tongue deeper inside me as his nose pushed on my clit. In one sharp moment of pleasure, my whole body went stiff as I tried to scream in pleasure. All that came out was silence. I found myself with my hands in his hair pushing him into my pussy harder as my butt left the bed. Finally, after what felt like a pause in time my mind came back to me as my body went limp.

Looking down at my boyfriend, I could see the biggest grin on his face. Out of breath I just patted the bed next to me, and he came to lie next to me. I played with his cock for a bit. Stroking it and tickling his balls, as he played with my nipples. Eventually, I rolled on my side lay my head on his chest, and fell asleep.