Slave to desire

Valerie was only 4ft 11 tall, red head ( dyed to hide the grey ) and full body. Though she had lost alot of weight. Just turned 40 and happily married with two children. Life wasn’t easy, but still good to her, she worked part time as a cleaner. But in her past life she had been engaged to a guy called Paul. Who dumped her for another woman when she was only 19. So when they were having extreme work to the house, it was him who was doing all the electrical work. He smiled at her and was been friendly and asking her all kinds of questions about life. Her trouble was he always set her heart pumping when she saw him. When her husband discovered it was Paul working there he said to her no problem with this, he not given you any trouble is he. No no Valerie said he gets on with his work. It was about this time her husband went away on work trip and her children stayed at her parents because of the mess of house. She stayed to keep an eye on the work. Now Paul was five years older than Valerie and was married but had reputation as a flirt. He started flirting with her and joking. Soon that changed to sexual, like saying you want me to use you or fuck you like a slut. When her husband rang her, she said everything was okay. But Paul was making her feel uneasy. Then one day he grabbed her, she struggled as he tried to kiss her and grope her tits. But finally pushed him off her. No she screamed and when things calmed down, he apologised and said it wouldn’t happen again. Though when he left to go home he kissed her again on the lips. And for some reason she didn’t stop him. That night she couldn’t sleep thinking how groped her and kissed her. Her mind was playing games with her head. The next day Paul arrived and worked away, been friendly and seductive with his remarks. I bet you look great naked or in sexy outfits he said. She laughed no I don’t. Oh I bet you do he said again. He went back to work while Valerie done some housework. It was nearly dinner time Paul having his lunch, when she went into her bedroom and removed her clothes and slipped a pair of hold me up stockings on ( black ), a black bra and pants. Skimpy and see through, and higheels. Her mind was going crazy as she walked into the conservatory and stood at the door, looking at him. Wow he said you look stunning. She said nothing but rubbed her tits and pussy through over her bra and pants then turned and walked away towards the stairs. She glanced to see him following. Though she couldn’t see him, she heard him coming. She unclipped her bra leaving it on the stairs, she took her pants off leaving them hanging on door handle. She lay on the bed waiting. He walked through the door sniffing her pants. With a look of lust at her. Valerie stared at him and opened her legs, showing her well-trimmed pussy. He was naked in seconds and soon beside her sucking her nipple’s and biting them hard his hand was between her legs rubbing her and fingering her already wet pussy. She screamed to an orgasm as he licked juices from her pussy. And begged him to fuck her. He wasn’t gentle with her as he used her body as a toy. He wasn’t gentle with her as he fucked rough and when he fucked her doggy style he pull her hair and slap her bum cheeks to they hurt and Rosey red. He finally shot his cum inside her. Then kissing her he said you’re my whore now. He got washed and went back to work. She lay there satisfied but feeling guilty. She had a shower got dressed in an old top and legging and went down stairs. He was smiling and gloating at getting his way with her. Her pussy was still sore and nipple’s sore from battering they had. She was in kitchen when he was about to leave, when took his cock out and ordered her suck it. Like a slave she got on her knees and sucked him slowing, but he held her face and began fucking her mouth too she nearly choked, he then grabbed her leggings and pulled them off her and forced his cock inside her. Fucking her without mercy to he again shot his load inside her. He got up and said see you tomorrow slut and left. She cried what have I done. The next day he arrived with a mate Tom. He’s here to help with the work, then whispering in her ear we both going to fuck you today no way she said, yes you our he replied. About dinner time he shouted for Valerie to come in conservatory. Get naked show tom your body. She stood there not moving, Paul said I won’t tell you again. With that she slowly stripped. She looked at Paul then turned to Tom and said tom fuck me please. He followed her upstairs. Tom was only about twenty. He caressed her body and gently sucked her nipple’s and was so sensitive with her, making her feel loved and desired and fucked her to they both cum. Then Paul arrived in room, tom do some work, it’s my turn. He mounted like slut and fucked me rough ( though I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. ). When he finished he went back to work. The next day we had threesome, tom inside me as I sucked Paul’s cock. Then while I was riding Tom’s cock, Paul forced his cock in my ass, oh shit I was getting double penetrated. I screamed but they both kept going to fill my holes. When my husband came home my body was well used. He sorted out the money for the work ( little did he know I had paid them with my body ). Even before he left he got me in the toilet and pulled my leggings down and fucked me with his hand over my mouth to stop me screaming to he cum. See you soon my slut. Now we meet once or twice a month to fuck, I’m his slave and tom well he came back for more. Still my husband doesn’t know I’m a slut.