Susan…Part 14

Susan… Part 14

Boys talk and the stories can get exaggerated to the point that at least a few details become confused. For example, remember the incident where my little brother snatched my towel and left me standing in the open under our porch light in my still wet white lace panties but otherwise naked in front of two boys from around the block? Somehow this became a tale of me stripping naked and flashing them after our friends Angie and Benji, Teddy and Betty left for home that night.

Not long after the incident in question both Angie and Betty had been back over to the house and were part of my revenge upon Toby in that he ended up naked for a while in front of them! I also ended up naked and my friend Kylie whom they met that day was nearly so as well since she ended up topless and only wearing a sheer bikini bottom that I had so graciously loaned her for the occasion.

Well, the problem was that both these girls have brothers and they were teased a bit about having missed the supposed grand finally. This led to Angie’s younger brother evidently deciding to spy on her to the point of becoming a nuisance, in an apparent attempt to catch her naked. Boys can get crazy obsessed with curiosity when it comes to seeing a chic naked I guess. Teddy, being older than Betty didn’t bother her, but he did hear about having missed something that evening as well and I understand he was pretty disappointed too, lol.

I won’t say it really concerned me too much but I tried to set the record straight in so much as to make Kevin and Kris admit that I had been wearing my panties and that Toby had snatched my towel, I had not “stripped” but rather I had run inside immediately. They wouldn’t say that they hadn’t seen anything really but I know they couldn’t have seen much right? Well, Teddy was evidently still a bit miffed at having left but he was cool and I guess hopeful to be around in the future.

Benji wasn’t around at the time that we all had this conversation and in spite of being told the truth of the situation he became a bit of a stalker to the point that Angie was just before telling her Dad about him always trying to walk in on her changing or in the bathroom. I suggested she just kick his butt, being a girl I doubted he would hit her really since they were close in size. She insisted that he could likely hurt her and that her folks would not understand them fighting physically… verbally was one thing, but violence was another altogether.

Angie is a nice girl. She is a bit shy and being that she is someone that Toby seems to have had a recent crush on, maybe. Before he met Kylie at least, Hah! I guess I felt a little responsible for the grief she was getting from her little brother. After all I too have a little brother and know very well how curious they can get about seeing a naked girl, even a sister apparently!

It occurred to me that I could maybe talk to him, maybe warn him of getting in trouble for bothering her, even threaten to help her kick his butt or something if he didn’t chill out. After all he’s even younger than Toby and maybe I could scare him by saying my brother and his friends would mess him up if he didn’t give Angie some space.

I didn’t exactly share these thoughts with Angie as I was not sure how she might react but I figured I could play it by ear and see how it went if I could get the two of them alone for a bit one day after school or something.

Angie and Benji live with their Dad. Their parents are still together, I guess, but their mom is away caring for her grandmother who is not well. During the week they are only home for a few hours after school before their dad gets home and I don’t think he does much on the weekends.

I can’t say I really knew much about them or their family until very recently so that’s about all I can say. Again, Angie is in the same grade as Toby so I suppose a few months older or younger than my brother. She has a pretty well developed shape for a younger girl so I think she could be older but I can’t say that I remember if I even knew. Her jerk brother Benji, the pervert, was at least 15-18 months younger and frankly I was a little surprised he was so curious as to risk getting into trouble. Seriously, I thought he would be in dutch big time with his dad if Angie complained.

So, again my plan was to just set him straight and warn him of the possible consequences of his dad or my brothers and the boys in the neighborhood coming down on him for being such a pervert and he would see the light.

Well, a few weeks or so after the incident where all this started, as in our impromptu swim party and my infamous stroll out to the mailbox and back wearing little more than a wet towel, I found myself on the bus from school chatting once again with Angie about her brother Benji. I could hear the frustration and in spite of my advice to just ignore him and let him see her, after all to me it wasn’t that big of a deal personally, right?

Angie sounded so exasperated and as we had just got out of school for the day, I offered to walk over to her house and confront her brother on her behalf. The poor girl was so relieved I even offered to come over as a chaperone or babysitter, like they needed one? That was after all something I needed to find a way to get started doing soon if I wanted to get a car or to have any money this summer.

It was agreed, and so after school I grabbed a cold drink and set out down the street for their house. It hadn’t really occurred to me that the two of them lived nearly a couple of blocks away but in a neighborhood like we lived in now everything seemed so close after having grown up in the country even a mile or two wouldn’t be a big deal to me.

Summer heat is a bear, even if you have dealt with it all of your life and school isn’t even out yet so where we live it is just getting started. I was ready to get inside and chill when I found the address I was looking for. Angie’s dad must do pretty well in his business as their house looked to be one of the largest in the area. The yard too was a bit bigger; maybe they had a double lot? It faced down the street and was on a cul de sac only it seemed farther from the neighbors’ homes than most.

The last name on the box was vaguely familiar but to be honest I was not real sure what Angie and Benji’s last name was. Then too lots of kids have a different name from the folks these days so… I hit the bell by the door and a chime set off that I think might wake my brother Tim. It certainly woke a little dog of some kind who proceeded to alert anyone who hadn’t heard the doorbell that someone was about.

I heard Angie shush the dog and call out to come in but she sounded like she was not close to the door so I waited. I don’t want to enter a home with a dog I don’t know unless the owner is really close by. In a minute or so Angie appeared with a little fur ball in hand, opening the door.
The fur ball in question looked like a tiny lion and I learned he was a Pomeranian. I later looked them up as I was curious and they are pretty expensive dogs.

Angie was wrapped in a towel and looked as if she had just stepped out of a pool. Once again she was wearing a one piece suit very like the one she had on when she and her brother popped in on us at our pool. Come to think of it they had both been dressed in suits that day. The others weren’t wearing swimwear but these two were already dressed to swim. I had assumed they didn’t have a pool but sure enough I was to see that their pool was larger than our own.

Angie led me out back and I only saw a small portion of the house but it was as advertised, these kids were rich compared to the rest of us. Our pool has a small surround of concrete walk but if you want to use a chair at the side you are in the grass. We do have a nice patio at one end where we usually keep everything set up but sometimes if you want sun you need to move.

This pool had an area around it that could easily hold chairs anywhere and then they had more grass around that; a lot of grass. This lot was huge. They even had a hot tub or Jacuzzi.

This is where Benji was sitting when we exited the house. Yep, bubbles and steam in the summer, apparently it’s a year round thing. Who knew?

He brightened up when he saw me with his sister though I was at first confused why. Hadn’t she told him I was coming over? Well it turns out, not so much. I don’t know what he thought I was there for but I could tell he was not much interested in talking.

What was my first clue; probably when he jumped out of the spa or whatever straight into the pool and glided off to the other end. Of course I was not deterred, having two brothers of my own I have learned you sometimes have to let them know when you are serious.

Not knowing they even had a pool, I hadn’t come dressed to swim but I am after all a country girl and have been swimming in all manner of costume, I was wearing shorts and a top that should be ok even when wet. It had buttons down the front and fit a little loose but it was a print that I felt should not go too sheer though at the time I was a little nervous about my bra underneath it.

For added security I undid the bottom few buttons and tied the shirt tails tight around my waist in preparation of getting wet. After all it was looking like we might have to sit on him to get him to be still so we could set a few things straight.

I looked at Angie and shrugged. She looked off at him, exasperated. I could definitely relate; lol.

As determination formed in each others eyes we charged forward. “Let’s get him!”

At the time I really couldn’t have said why we were after him or even less why he fled. Perhaps we looked aggressive when he saw us approaching? My intentions of talking with him and getting him to see reason or perhaps fear of getting in trouble for perving on his sister flew out of my head before the first drop of water hit me and all I really wanted was to embarrass him into submission by the time Angie and I converged on the far end of the pool.

Of course the nimble little perv shimmied out of the water, over the side and was springing from the diving board to glide back down the length of the pool before we had any hope of getting our hands on him. As he emerged from the shallow end of the pool he looked back to find we had split up. Angie had turned in the water and was nearing the shallow end of the pool as I went over land down the east side of the walk poolside. This of course left him the options of taking to the west side or confronting one of us individually.

In an attempt to minimize the effort of chasing him down only to not then know exactly what to do with or rather do to him I tried to engage him. “Why are you running, Benji? Come join us and let’s talk.”

“First tell me why you both just came at me looking like two cats after a mouse?” He asked us.

Angie was nearly to the steps now and was preparing to exit the pool, I had slowed and was hoping she might stop and give us a chance for a bit of dialogue rather than all out pursuit. Benji, seeing her had angled away from the pool and was perhaps considering fleeing indoors but the extensive yard was yet another option. It occurred to me that he could likely evade us for some time.

Turning to her Benji asked, “Why is Susie even here anyway? Doesn’t look like she came to swim and I bet Dad doesn’t know you invited her when no one is home.”

“We’re home, Benji. And you’re right, he doesn’t know. I didn’t tell him cause I thought we should talk without bringing him into it. You know he wouldn’t like you trying to peek at me all the time and you have got to stop before I decide to tell him or maybe Mom.” Angie replied, reasonably.

“Go ahead, tell. It’s you’re word against mine. It’s not my fault you take so long in the shower that I sometimes need to use the bathroom even though you’re still in there.” Benji offered.

I seated myself in a lounger, wet and shivering a little in spite of the sun. Trying to draw him over so we could maybe chat; “Benji, could you maybe bring me a towel?”

He looked at me once more and I knew he was actually looking me over. You know, how boys do, older boys. Geez, how old was this kid? I could tell he was seeing in his mind more than he saw with his eyes.

“Do you want me to tell all the girls at school you are a sick pervert and that you stalk your sister? I will! Ever since we were at Susie and Toby’s house a week or so ago you have become such a pain!”

I tried a different tactic as at least he had approached me with a towel though he still held it and I was still wet. Angie was facing us but she still stood off a ways as did Benji. “Can’t you both come over and sit, let’s talk. First of all, would you’re Dad really be mad about me coming over? Should I go?”
“Nah.” Angie said.

“Maybe, well I guess it depends.” Benji answered.

“It mostly comes down to if he finds out and maybe why you were here in the first place.” Angie added. “You were not actually supposed to go swimming. That’s against his rules unless an adult is here. ‘No Guests in the Pool’.”

Benji once again added, “But you weren’t invited to swim, no suit right? Maybe you just fell in… better get out of those wet things. Toss them this way and I’ll pass you this towel!”

“See,” Angie snapped, “Pervert! Geez Benji, you see your first set of boobs and now you are obsessed. Maybe I should tell dad so he can buy you a magazine or something.”

This crack made me think of Toby, my own little brother and his frequent fap sessions. Did he have magazines? I didn’t think our dad would have bought them but maybe Tim or Joe?

When I looked at Benji, it was obvious that he once again was seeing more behind those eyes than I thought possible to the point that I had a sudden urge to check myself. Was I once more exposing myself in some way?

My clothes were indeed soaked through. Everything was intact. My shirt may have one less button at the neckline open than prior to my brief dip but it was not immodest exactly. I suppose it was a bit sheer and maybe my bra could be seen but aside from discerning its color I saw nothing more than some senior girls often wear to games or to the mall on weekends. Less even, I’ve seen girls braless in sheer tops and in mesh tops with sheer bras. Personally I was maybe even working up to this style of wardrobe someday but not here or now.

“Seriously Benji?” I asked him, “You think that’s how to get a girl to show you her body? If you’re going to offer a trade then you need to have more to offer than a towel.”

“Guess that counts you out then bro,” Angie quipped’ “You got nothing to offer; besides I can get Susie a towel, she doesn’t need you at all.”

A part of me had briefly considered his offer, very briefly, well I admit it sounded good to me to get out of the wet things and dry off with a towel. So that part at least appealed. Also my underwear was getting scratchy as it wasn’t really intended to be worn wet. You see I had begun to wear much sexier underwear as it was gifted to me for the purpose and I liked the way it made me feel. I didn’t normally wash it while I wore it however and it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I suppose lingerie is designed to make your partner want to take it off of you more than it is to be comfy and worn all day, much less soaking wet as I was learning then.

“Whatever you say, Angie,” Benji fired back at his sister, “You talked like you were pretty certain you could get Susie here to strip for us once she came over, now she’s here and you’re scared to ask her.”

“What the?” Shocked I turned to look at Angie. “Did you tell him I was coming over to strip for him?”

“No way, I might have said I could ask you to let him see you like semi naked like the other boys did, since you don’t seem to be all that shy about it.” She answered. “I mean the other week, in your pool, then later out front in the towel, and the other day you really were naked. Even Betty and you’re other friend were there then, not to mention Toby”

“Again, not my fault exactly, he stole my suit again and I got payback which was the point if you recall. Besides it was just us girls then; aside from my jerk little brother and that’s no big deal as he’s my brother.” Jeez, how much has she told Benji about what all went on at our house since the other week?

“See Angie, no big deal among siblings really. And on the upside you can finally get that all over tan you want without having to bug dad about buying one of those indoor tanning beds.” Benji suggested. “Actually you should feel free to join her Susie, slip out of those wet things and grab a few rays. I’d be happy to toss them in the dryer for you.”

“Nice try Perv,” Angie shot back at him. “Sure I’d like a better tan but I’m perfectly happy using a tanning booth, no prying eyes to contend with and less flipping and turning dealing with shadows. Not to mention the cute guys at the tanning salon. Come to think of it, maybe I don’t want a booth here at home after all.”

The idea of owning a tanning booth had never even occurred to me. Frankly I had about as close to an allover tan as you can get and had never seen a real live tanning booth. Again, I really had spent a good bit of my time outdoors in the sun naked; not as much maybe now that we lived closer in to town in the suburbs of course.

“What do you say Susie, I’d be glad to help you get naked. From all I could see the other day you have a pretty full tan. I bet you don’t have a single tan line. Care to prove me wrong?” Benji cajoled once more.

You gotta give him credit I guess, he was tenacious and I was becoming a little intrigued with the idea or excited maybe about getting naked in an entirely new place. I really am a bit of a freak maybe? In my defense my clothes were by then starting to air dry a little but the underwear felt as if they were shrinking and poking me in uncomfortable ways and places.

“Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll pass this time Benji.” I said, then looking over to Angie, “Can we continue this in a few minutes? Maybe you could show me your room or a bathroom so I can borrow a robe or something while my clothes dry?”

During this conversation Angie had left the pool and we each were wrapped in towels as we made it indoors. I was wishing I had worn cotton underwear as we climbed the stairs, sexy underwear and water are not always a good match, especially if you have far to walk or need to move around much. I was not ready yet to take everything off and had no plans to just walk around in a towel as I had no doubt that it would prove to be a temptation that Benji could not resist if he thought he could steal it and leave me exposed in his house.
In Angie’s room, which was easily half again as big as my own, I dropped the towel on top of hers and we each began to change. Well, she took off her wet swimsuit and after drying off slipped on a T-shirt and shorts.

I took off my wet button down shirt, shorts, and now sheer matching bra and panty set. Angie handed me a dry towel and I dried off as she stood looking at me.

At first I didn’t notice but I soon became aware that she was actually “Looking” at me. She may have been trying to figure out what size I wore or if she had anything that would fit me I guessed but it was a bit weird as I had never really been like totally naked in front of another fully dressed girl while they just stared at me before. After drying off completely I had tossed the new towel atop the other towels and had proceeded toward what I assumed to be a closet thinking she would find something I could borrow. Instead she gathered up the wet clothes and towels and walked them into what turned out to be an adjacent bathroom, tossing them down a chute.

Hearing a noise behind me, I turned and what I had thought was a double door to a closet actually opened up into Benji’s bedroom. Standing there grinning like a Cheshire cat while I was now fully naked with nowhere to hide, Benji got his wish. I turned to grab a towel or something to cover myself only to find Angie behind me, between myself and the back of her bathroom, no towels, no robe, nothing in sight. Her shower had a clear glass door so no hope even of a shower curtain with which to cover myself.

Hands over my chest and vag, crouching in embarrassment, I couldn’t believe he had just walked in like this!

“Benji! Seriously, do you mind?” I squealed. “Angie, do something about him!”

“What can I do? I told you he was always barging in trying to catch me naked. You said it wasn’t that big of a deal, so now I guess he caught you. Maybe now he’ll leave me be!”

Angie suggested, “In fact, I think this worked out quite well for me. How about we go back down to the kitchen and have a snack. No point hiding now Susie, I think Benji’s seen nearly all of you at this point.”

“I don’t know sis, there might be a few points that bare closer inspection but she seems far more shy now than I thought she would be.” Benji commented, as if I wasn’t standing or crouching there and could hear him.

“Will you please get him out of here and get me something I can wear?” I begged her, looking past Benji I was eyeing the bedspread, I could dash out and snatch it but only if I made it past him and he might block me. I was not sure I wanted to get closer to him naked as I was.

“We have a few hours I think at least before dad comes home so plenty of time to enjoy a little fun. As you have repeatedly said, it’s no big deal, so…”

Angie stepped forward and braced me as she urged me forward toward her brother, still naked. As we neared the doorway of the bathroom she grasped one of my arms and Benji swiftly grasped the other. Entering her room fully once more I found myself standing between them naked as I saw our reflection in a nearly full length mirror.

The image still thrills me in my mind, but at that moment it gave me chills. I felt helpless and vulnerable, yet I was on a new high once again. We walked out of her room and they led me downstairs. It was the first time I had ever walked through someone else’s home naked, at least being the only person naked anyway.

In spite of their assurances that we were there alone, my senses were hyper alert. Every little noise in the house sent me reeling through waves of anxiety that I was soon to be discovered. Being older than both of these two I should have been the more responsible and potentially dominant of the group but it seemed that Benji was in charge even of his older sister at the moment. Rather she was definitely in cahoots with him as to my immediate predicament.

Once in the kitchen, I was left standing there as they grabbed some chips, dip and sodas along with glasses and ice. We then proceeded into a sort of game room, theater room with bean bag chairs and a PS4 gaming system hooked to a big screen TV. There were a few lounger style recliners as well but they were back away from the TV and it looked as if there might even be a projector screen in the ceiling along the wall. It occurred to me once more that I had no idea these kids were so well off before today.

We were still sort of new to the neighborhood and we lived a few blocks away but this had to be the biggest house around.

I was beginning to settle down, after all not my first time naked, right. We ate and I tried to ignore the stares.

The thing is, I think they both were staring. I’m seriously not certain which of them was more into the fact that I was sitting there completely naked. Benji was definitely trying to scope out between my legs and I eventually gave up and relaxed enough to just let him see what he could see. I didn’t like spread my lips or anything but he got a few good looks in and apparently it was plenty enough to get his motor running, lol.

Yep, you guessed it. Benji popped a boner. Well, wouldn’t you? I mean, assuming you have a cock. It certainly didn’t surprise me but I wasn’t about to just ignore the fact either.

Angie, it turned out, was not yet aware of his discomfort so it became my job to share the news.

“Ok, Angie, I can’t believe it but you got me this time.” I began, “you set me up huh?”

“Don’t be like that Susie,” She answered, “I didn’t mean to trick or strip you, and I was 100% honest when I said Benji was driving me crazy.”

“…but you hoped you could get me to come over and to get me naked.”

“Sure, why not, you have a great body and you’re not that shy, usually.” Angie added. “Though, I’m sorry if it went too far too fast. I thought we might work up to it, you know, once you were comfortable and got to know us it might be like at your house.”

“Well, at my house your brother isn’t aiming his stiff dick at me while he imagines doing who knows what.” I point out.

“At least when my brothers get a hard on they go off and handle it, Benji here keeps trying to stroke himself while you aren’t looking.”

Shocked by this, the two of them look at each other and instantly turn crimson. Maybe she knew, maybe not but his face was all she needed to see and she was instantly aware. I saw her eyes travel down to his crotch, to the tent in his shorts.

Angie’s eyes lingered a moment too long, her slightly larger eyes then turned to me. “I’m sorry, if you want to get dressed, I’ll get you something.”

“Great!” I said, “I’ll take his shorts to start with, and maybe your shirt.”

“No way!” they predictably protest in unison.

Stepping away as to be out of reach, as if I was going to rip the pants off of him. Benji awkwardly tried to cover his own embarrassment, “It’s not like I can help it really, and it’s natural.”

“Sure it is,” I agree, “it is actually flattering as well. And it’s nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. So why don’t you show us Benji?” Teasing him, knowing he never would in front of his sister. Probably wouldn’t if it was just him and me either though I bet he’d love it if I pulled it out of his pants for him.

I wasn’t about to touch his cock but I wouldn’t mind seeing what he was packing if he wanted to show me.

Angie was a bit shocked , or alarmed at first but I could see a bit of curiosity in her as well once she realized that her brother’s anatomy had changed and he was now armed with an actual penis! Not sure what she thought he had before but it sure seemed like a revelation in her eyes when she saw he had an erection.

I get it; I have a little brother too remember? It was different for me I guess as we have always played innocent games and been nude around each other for years. I have seen my older and younger brother alike in various stages of excitement. Not usually fully rigid exactly but it has happened.

I realize in this moment that Angie has likely just recently seen her first erection. She was after all at my house the other day and saw my own little brother Toby naked and erect, excited at being exposed in front of she and a few of our girlfriends. This is all I need to spur me on.

I forget for the moment that I am actually naked myself. I get up as if to walk away from him then swiftly turn and pounce. Benji is pretty quick but this time either he slips or I am faster. Maybe he liked the idea of getting tackled by a naked girl? I have him wrapped up in a hug from behind, I’m nearly piggy back as he topples into a bean bag chair.

“Grab his shorts, Angie!” I scream, “Get them down, and off him if you can! Come on, it’s payback time for his shenanigans!

At first I didn’t think she would, it really looked like she was gonna sit back and watch as he over powered me and who knows what would have happened then. Remember I am naked and he’s not exactly a little guy. Thankfully, something clicked and she got into gear and in moments the struggle for the shorts began.

“Don’t you do it Ange” Benji shouted, “Get this crazy naked chic off me!”

“What’s wrong, Benji? It’s no big deal!” We both teased him together as his sister tugged his waistband down.

I was actively trying to tie up his arms and tickling him as best I could. Having come in from the pool earlier none of us were wearing shoes so once the shorts started down they should be off and gone easily enough. My biggest challenge became not getting twisted around to where I was sitting on the poor kids face or shoving my tits in his mouth as he hollered for help.

He rolled around twisting and kicking which likely helped and in no time he was pant less. His 4 or 5 inch boner proudly standing high as we sprang away from him victorious. He tried in vain to hide his “vein” but there was little point to it. (Puns, lol!)

Mad and perhaps embarrassed he charged Angie and proceeded to try to disrobe her while I watched from the side lines. Left to my own devices I actually decided to try on the shorts, as they were not currently needed by anyone else.

Once I was thus clad I decided that perhaps a shirt might be nice. Besides, somewhere in this mammoth cave I had a change of clothes that they had claimed and I figured it was only fair that I gather a suitable outfit as compensation.

Benji was trying to rip her shirt which may have been fine for him but it would not serve me well if that happened so I weighed in so as to salvage what I could and perhaps to even to odds or tip the scales really, in favor of me being clothed and them being exposed.

Angie was not wearing a bra under her T-shirt. Her chest having been flashed and exposed by now in their wrestling, I really couldn’t imagine why she fought him so hard to keep it. With my help she lost it soon enough.

I had no need or interest in her shorts as I had one pair already. Thus the struggle for Benji to take his sister’s shorts off ended in a stalemate. He did manage to snatch them low enough to make it clear that she had a small trimmed bush and perhaps that was sufficient for his revenge or now. I doubted that he would let her off so easy in the long run as he was now naked and sporting a boner while I was dressed and she was topless.

Each of them was breathing heavily and after a bit they looked to me.

“I’m gonna need those short back,” Benji said to me rising slowly.

“I can’t believe you helped him take my shirt!” Angie complained as she too rose. As if she had no part at all in my having been here naked myself; at least she still had shorts.

Were they now gonna strip me in yet another battle? Should I fight? Would I concede? Was I actually now gonna relinquish the clothes I had only just donned moments before?

Apparently thinking similar thoughts, the two of them looked at each other. Perhaps even slightly longer than necessary as they each took in the fact that he was naked and aroused as she was topless and if her nipples were any indication she too was a bit aroused as well. Seemingly in unison, they turned to me and I knew it was up to me to fight or not but I was about to be naked once more.

I slid out of the shorts first. Prolonging Angie’s exposure and rather than dropping them of even tossing them to Benji, I hurled them as far across the room behind me as I could. For his part, Benji just grinned and took in the view of my now moist and engorged labia, as I too was pretty aroused. My nipples were trying to cut their way through the thin T-shirt I was wearing and I was suddenly reluctant to give it up.

“There,” I suggested, “we each have one thing to wear. Fair enough, can we at least go put my wet things in the dryer?”

“Sure thing,” Angie offered, “as soon as I have my top I’ll go start the dryer, promise.”

“Really?” Knowing the answer already, I ask anyway. “you can’t just go find another shirt?”

“Sure I could but all my clothes are upstairs in my room and the laundry is downstairs adjacent to the garage. I’ll need a shirt to go out there as a neighbor might see me. Besides, how long do you want to be naked? I could take a while picking out something else to wear, I might even have to try on several outfits. It isn’t as though that shirt, as short as it is covers much and we have already seen it all so give it up.”

Slowly, reluctantly I hand over the shirt which she slips over her head immediately. Then standing there for a full minute at least she looks me up and down. I swear it was almost like a boy looking at me. Thinking about it later it occurred to me that she might like girls or maybe she’s bisexual?

After a bit she slowly left the room. I stayed, feeling awkward after the intensity of Angie’s stare yet now I was alone with Benji who was still naked. He had yet to make it over in the direction of his shorts. I was beginning to rethink throwing them so far away. Why had I done that? Had I tossed them to him he would likely have been dressed by now instead of standing there a few feet away sporting a nearly erect boner and looking at me as if he thought I was a juicy steak and he wanted a bite.

“So, here we are.” Benji said. “I think you and I could have a bit of fun while Angie is busy, after all you got me all excited here so you need to help me out, right?”

The nerve of this kid! “Right!… Like that’s really gonna happen?” I guffaw. “You’ve got nerve, Benji. I’ll give you that. Go get your shorts and tell me where I can grab a robe or something ok? Then you can go upstairs and spank it like every other boy your age while you fantasize about your naked sister.”

“I don’t think so,” Benji shot back. “my guess is; Angie is probably downstairs spanking it as we speak. She’s probably trying on your bra and panties too. They looked to be sexier than anything she has. The folks won’t let her have sexy underwear yet. Don’t be surprised if they disappear in the wash. Hah!”

“She may have even liked getting you naked here as much as I have; though I plan to enjoy it more yet.” He continued. “Come here and show me how you help relieve your brother’s when you get them all wound up like this.”

What on earth was he thinking now? Did this pervert actually think I gave my brothers hand jobs? Blow jobs? WTF? OK, so it may have happened once with Tim (twice?) But it was not a regular thing nor was it going to be. There was no way Tim told anyone Benji could know so he was just trying to psych me into doing something to fulfill his twisted fantasy.

“I bet you’d like that, huh?” I purred to him “Too bad it’s me here now and not Angie. I bet if I did jerk you off you’d imagine it was her the whole time. No thanks, I’ll just wait on her to come back and who knows maybe if you’re still naked she will help you out.”

Walking toward me he said, “I’m pretty sure we’ll be done or nearly done by the time she comes back.”

I turn to step away and discover I have backed up against a recliner style theater seat. Maybe they’re called loungers?
His arms wrap around me, his hands find my right breast and the cleft of my labia as he twists me around and I find myself stumbling onto hip lap. We are both now, still fully naked and it becomes obvious that he is once again fully erect as I feel his cock firmly pressing against my buttocks.

Relieved to discover he hasn’t penetrated me in our awkward collapse, I try to peel his hands away from my body, protesting. “Benji, you have to stop this.”

“I am sorry, I had no intention of coming over here and teasing you. That’s not nice and it’s not something girls should ever do.” I tell him.

He isn’t exactly forcing himself on me but he is not letting me up either. His arms are adjusting my hips and he is repositioning himself under me as I start to rise he pulls me back down; this time his erect penis prods between my legs at or near the gap that forms between my thighs very nearly at what could have been my vagina had I not shifted higher at the last moment.

I find myself breathing heavily, struggling with emotions that tell me on the one hand that it could be fun to let him slip it in me just the once but on the other hand yelling at me to scream for help, though it also occurs that I might not have anyone here who would actually help me! Would Angie help me or help her brother to take me?

I glance down looking to find purchase for my feet planning to once more try to stand as I am fully on his lap and I glimpse the head of his penis between my thighs against my labia. It almost looks as though I have a penis. This strange view gives me pause until Benji pushes my hips forward and thrusts under me, nearly impaling me on his shaft.

My god, has this boy done this before? I’m pretty sure not with Angie, as she is way too shy and awkward to have had sex already but this boy is definitely the most aggressive I have ever been around and If he hasn’t already had sex he’s certainly spent plenty of time thinking about doing it! If I’m not real careful we could be each other’s first!

Nothing else to do but take matters into my own hands so to speak, after all I have actually had at least some real experience and that has taught me that it helps if you are the one in control not the one being controlled. (unless you want to be controlled, Hah!)

Twisting in his arms I turn to face him and press him into the chair, spreading myself atop of him. Delighted at this turn of events so to speak he likely thought I was surrendering myself as I now had one leg on either side of him and was literally straddling his middle. If he managed to line up on me now I was fucked.

Leaning back I grabbed his wrists and placed his hands upon my breasts. Mostly to get them away from my hips, Benji was strong and I could tell that he was trying to coerce me into compliance rather than force me. I guess he really wasn’t so bad at that. As his fingers found my breasts and nipples, driving me almost past the point of resistance, I slid down and to the side, lifting a leg as I did and grasping toward his groin I grasped his cock.

I really had no idea where this was going but I knew where I didn’t want it to end up. I had sort of thought about my 1st time being with a boy named Joe. It sort of almost happened once too but it wasn’t anywhere near this intense.
Then there was or is Kylie’s dad. He could be a candidate for my 1st but I don’t want to mess up Kylie’s family any more than I already have, lol and I haven’t even met her mom really.

Technically I’m still a virgin and this is not how or when I plan to check that particular box. So I grab Benji’s cock and as often happens, I believe. He stills almost immediately. Seriously, grabbing a guy’s cock has a nearly instantaneous calming effect.

I slid lower, angling my torso away from his groin yet keeping my head and chest in contact with his middle as I slid lower. I was not going to blow him but I figured if I got him off with my hands, let him feel my chest and play with my hair, even stroke him with my tits he would blow and be done then I could go get dressed and leave.

Guys are generally simple, get them off once and they roll over and go to sleep, right? That’s certainly what they say at least.

Well, Benji certainly liked me touching and stroking his cock. It needed something to make it slippery so I had to spit on it to get it wet. I wondered if this wouldn’t be better in the hot tub, maybe with some sun tan lotion. Things were steaming up and my mind wanted to wonder into places that it didn’t need to go. I found myself wanting to know what it would feel like inside me as it slid through my grasp so firm and hot. I imagined I could feel his pulse through his cock and then it was real, I could feel it. I was on my knees now and his cock was pulsing with the beat of his heart, there seemed to be heat pulsing from it as well. I touched it to my cheek and rubbed it across my lips.

Benji’s cock was so hot it nearly blazed. I had to touch it, my tongue had to feel it, the heat of it, it was very soft, salty but not too much. Benji was of course smaller than the other couple of guys I had tried this with and I thought I might actually like his size better at least when it comes to oral sex.

I looked up at him and he was for sure having the time of his life; prior thoughts of intercourse gone for now he was in the moment. His hands wrapped in my hair, as he thrust into me, he was actually fucking my face, lol. This, again not part of any plan I had ever imagined. Watching his face as he took my mouth, trying to time how and when to pull away I caught his eyes lock across the room.

Angie was back. She hadn’t seen he and I struggle, she hadn’t witnessed how close it had been to my getting impaled. Not raped, exactly but certainly coerced. Would you call it consensual?

Angie was watching me give her brother a blowjob! At least to her eyes, that’s all it could be. This evidently pushed Benji over the edge cause in moments his cock twitched in my mouth and his hips bucked as he filled my mouth with cum, nearly choking me as he thrust yet further down my throat. I managed to pull away after the first several spurts but got a good mouthful before Benji also sprayed my cheek and chest with semen. Young boys have more cum than older guys it seems. I hadn’t swallowed before and I tried to spit it out this time but some of it actually got shot straight down my throat at first as Benji was thrusting and cuming while Angie looked on.

“Well now!” Angie exclaimed as she burst into the room. “Just what have you two been up to? No, no don’t let me interrupt, do continue! I’ll just set over here and take notes…”

“Sorry,” Benji offered, whether to his sister or to me I wasn’t entirely certain. “Uh, we…”

“Oh, I see what ‘We’ were up to, what I don’t know is what you all did while I was gone. Do tell! I see that your shorts are still over there across the room so I guess the two of you are both going to be naked all afternoon now that we’re all cozy and friendly. Too bad you don’t have a shirt to wipe that mess off your face and your tits Suzie, I seem to have forgotten yet again to bring you anything to wear. I must say you seem to be coping well though.”

Speechless, having just been caught I had no idea what to say. Rather what could I say? I sat there stunned, realization hitting me that I had just given head to a younger boy, was he Toby’s age even? It was almost guaranteed that this would get around. Boys talk, girls too. What could I do?

“Angie, look, it was my fault.” Benji tried, “I mean, we kind of got tangled up and wrestled a bit then well…”

“Benji, It’s ok.” I said. Being older I had to take responsibility, right? “Angie, look it’s like he said, I kind of tripped him as he made for his shorts, and I mean, why should I be the only one naked right? Then we tussled a bit and well one thing led to another and well all that happened is pretty much what you saw. He might have grabbed my boobs and I grabbed his dick, you know playful like. Then it got a little more intense and then, well.”

“Oh, yes well indeed. Can’t wait for a replay of that! Maybe next time we can have friends over and serve refreshments!” Angie suggested, quite sedately, as if it were something she was considering.

Shocked we both blurted out “What?”

“No, no don’t fret you two love birds. I’m sure it won’t come to that.” She quipped, “As long as we can keep it just between us that is.”

Horrified, Benji agreed instantly, “Absolutely! I’d never tell a soul. Really, I promise. I mean, I really shouldn’t have, I mean, sorry Suzie, we kind of got carried away huh!”

“Won’t happen again,” I reply as I pray it to be. “Our secret, you don’t tell anyone what happened, and I won’t tell anyone what happened.” With this I give him my sternest look as to remind him that I have a lot more to say on the issue if I have to.

“Great, so now I’ll go change again and we can all go out and jump into the pool! You two won’t even need to suit up now, right?” Angie cheered as she skipped over to retrieve her brother’s shorts.

“I think I’ll grab a suit anyway.” Benji replied, missing the look Angie gave me entirely.

“No little brother, I think you might as well stay naked for a while. Maybe it’ll help keep you from coming into other peoples rooms or bathrooms uninvited.” Angie said to him. “Besides, Suzie here may be coming over more often and you two can work on your tans together, right? You all go ahead; I’ll toss these and be right out.”

So I found myself once again, timidly making my way through the spacious residence of Benji and Angie naked. This time accompanied by her naked brother which in some ways made it far more awkward. I mean I tried no to look at him. He even seemed a bit shy about looking at me though it was mostly when I caught him looking. Boys never seem to grow tired of looking at naked girls.

Once we were to the rear of the house I glanced around and sprinted for the pool. The water seemed much colder this time somehow. Nudity does strange things to one’s perception. I managed to turn and look back and catch Benji’s timid outdoor debut as a nudist before he dove into the water. We kept our distance for the most part for the remainder of our time swimming and I think he actually got to a point where he nearly forgot he was naked. Well he would have had Angie not pointed it out to him occasionally.
I know she was trying to make a point and get him to leave her alone but I thought she was pushing it a bit.

Angie joined us very shortly after we were in the pool and she even brought a few drinks out. After a bit she went inside and returned with towels and though I had hoped to see my clothes, they were not evident.

Resigned to be on display and determined not to fret I was sprawled on a lounge chair when Angie informed us it was nearly time to start dinner and that her father might soon be home. Immediately glancing about for my clothes I wrapped a towel around me and asked where the laundry could be found.

“Oh, your clothes are done and in the front room by the door. I wouldn’t want you to have forgotten them on your way out after all.” Angie smirked with a wink. “It sure has been fun having you over. Can’t wait to see what we all get up to next time.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” I say, thinking that perhaps I should avoid coming here especially if Benji is gonna be traipsing around all naked and horny.

“Nonsense,” Angie beemed, “This has been the most fun I have had in a long time. We’re definitely gonna have you over again. My dad thinks we need a sitter during the summer and on weekends sometimes so maybe if he likes you he’ll let you hang out, after all you’re like 2 years ahead in school so you are older and that’s all he cares about. Besides, if both Benji and I like you he’ll have to agree and we both know you know how to get Benji’s vote. Maybe Toby can come over too.”

“I guess we’ll see.” I offer, thinking I might rather not but still, it’s a nice house, bigger pool, private yard… Her brother is young but kind of cute, especially all shy and naked. That reminds me…

“By the way,” I ask Angie, “How old is Benji anyway? You two seem to close in size and age to be siblings really.”

“Oh, we were both adopted so he’s only about six months younger than me but our birthdays fall where he’s a grade behind in school.” Angie explains. “He’s smart so he will probably catch my by graduation if he gets the credits to skip ahead. No worries though, Thanks to you I’ll always have the upper hand now! See ya soon.”

Walking home, I once more felt over dressed, as I often do after being naked for an extended time. As I neared my street I saw a really sleek two tone car slide down the road toward Angie’s house. Some kids have all the luck I guess. To get adopted into a rich family is like winning the lottery I’d say.

I hadn’t told anyone when to expect me so I was happy to see Toby had already started some food for dinner and we had a nice chat finishing up. He knew more about Angie than I did, knew they had money, wasn’t sure how but also thought that Benji was older than he should be if the two of them were actually siblings. He thought maybe one was adopted, nope both.

Typically Toby being a guy he was all excited about the big house, pool and game room. I pointed out that we had a pool; but bigger is better with boys. (Unless they are trying to shove it down your throat!) Hah!

Can’t be certain I’m looking forward exactly to “Sitting” this summer and really I hope I find a young couple with some little kids to watch but money is money and if I can make a few extra bucks hanging out and swimming I guess I’m up for it. Guess I’ll have to put a bug in Angie’s ear about meeting her dad. I should ask her if she knows when her Mom’s due back. That would have been awkward if Mom would have walked in on Benji and me today! Odd enough with Angie, at least they aren’t actually related. Explains him stalking her I guess and maybe even her wanting to make him stay naked to embarrass him, though my brothers and I have always done that sort of stuff.

I guess the verdict is in… All boys are perverts and a few girls may be as well!