Tim’s Family Fun

I was 12 and my kid sister Haley was 10 and her friend Ann was also 10. I would hang with them when I wasn’t hanging with my friends.

Haley went into the kitchen and grabbed a banana.

“What’s up? Mom will be making dinner for us when she gets home from work.”, I said. I was told her friend Ann was hungry and to mind my own business. “Dang.”, I said

I hear them giggling by the desktop computer in the spare bedroom. “Here he comes! Hide it! Minimize the window.”, Haley said

“Hide what?”, I asked

“Go away Tim! This is girl stuff!”, Haley said. Ann was holding the banana by her leg. I opened the page they were looking at. It was a page on how to give a blowjob.

“Oh my God! Seriously? You are both 10!”, I said.

“Hey I…I…”, Haley said.

“Oh yeah how was your banana?”, I asked Ann. She just sat there white as ghost. I cupped her chin in my hand, “You are way to sweet and adorable to let my evil little sister corrupt you understand?”
She just kept looking away not wanting to look me in the eye. I hugged her and kissed the top of her head. “You are not in trouble do not worry.”, I whispered in her ear. She looked me in the eye all starry eyed.

“Oh boy”, I thought and kind of blushed and looked away all red faced.

Haley gasped. “Oh my God!”, She pointed at us. “You two like each other!”

“So? You should stop worrying about who I like and worry about the trouble you are in!”, I said.

“You ain’t going to do crap!”, she said Haley got up and kicked me. Ann laughed.

I picked up Haley by the armpits and threw her in the bed. I started tickling her unmercifully. She was hitting me. Ann came to her defense and was trying to pull me off her. I wrestled with her and was giving both of them raspberries on their bellies. They were both laughing hysterically.

“Timmy?”, Haley asked, “Can we see your thing? Ann wants to see it bad.”, she said. Ann gave her a shocked look.

“Show me yours first.”, I said

Ann eagerly pulled her shorts off and showed me her baldy. “Open your legs more.”, I said, she did and I blew a raspberry on her pussy. She immediately started beating my head. Haley just laughed. Ann started giggling and fighting to push my head away. I started licking her there. She still fought for a little and then calmed down getting used to it and enjoying it. “I have been studying on how to please women also. Haley instead of watching you could go for what you wanted to see.”, I said.

“Come on!”, Ann said, “Don’t stop!”

“Oh little Miss Bossy here.”, I said and blew a raspberry on her puffy little vulva. She smacked me in the head.

“Come on do the other thing! I like that please!”, Ann said.

“Yes Ma’am”, I said

I tongued her whole pussy and she showed me where it felt best. She pointed to the dot. I started licking and sucking on her clitoris.

Haley slipped her shorts off and pulled down mine. Haley was feeling up my meat. Running her hands up every inch. Haley licked my mushroom and then put the head in her mouth. She started giving me a textbook blowjob doing everything she learned online. “Not shy are you sis? You are going to make some guy very happy.”, I said and she laughed with a mouthful of dick.

Ann started moaning “Mmmmmm errrr.”, she said and her legs squeezed my head and released. She gave a high pitched “Awww-huh” as her legs squeezed and relaxed and finally her legs locked around my head, “Tim! Awww mmmm, Tim!”, as she had her first orgasm. She laid there for a minute and got up and gave me the biggest kiss. We all repositioned on the bed. Both girls were on my side.

Ann grabbed my cock and was feeling it up. Haley was encouraging Ann to try sucking dick but she was nervous. I was feeling Ann ass and grabbing and massaging it.

“Why are you playing with my butt?”, she asked.

“I don’t know. It is cute!”, I said, “Fine then. I can stop.” I grabbed Haley’s ass.

“Hey big brother.”, she smiled and giggled. Now Ann was jealous

“I didn’t say stop!”, she said. I laughed feeling both girls asses.

“Come on we share ok?”, Haley said, “That is your side and this is mine.”

They were both licking up my pole. Haley went down on me and then Ann. Their tongues meeting as they licked my dick. Their faces met at the top and they looked each other in the eye and kissed. They both blushed.

“This is way to fucking cool!”, I said. Both girls told me to shut up. I laughed

“What about the suck thing? Aren’t we supposed to this?”, Ann went down and sucked as hard as she could on my dick.

“No” Haley said, “I thought it was like this.” And she did the same thing. They giggled.

“Oh ok so like this then?”, Ann asked and sucked my pole. “Ohhhh fuck.”, I said

Haley quickly went down on me and sucked me into my orgasm. My dick shot off into her mouth. “Awww Damn Haley”, I said and I laid there out of breath.

Ann asked her what it tasted like. Haley giggled. “Rum mere”, she said with a mouthful of cum. Ann laughed and they kissed exchanging my fluid. Haley grabbed Ann’s ass. “I see why you like that.”, she said

Haley wanted me to eat her out like I did Ann. “Can I?”, Ann asked.

“That is up to her.”, I said

“Come on! One of you do something!”, Haley said. I put my hand in her face and told her to shut up. “I am going to bite your darn thing off!”, she said and giggled.

Ann started in on her. I went up to my sister and smacked her in the head with my dick. She was laughing hysterically. “Stop it! Jerk”, she said, “Rarrrrrr”, she said and snapped at my dick trying to bite it.

I squeezed her cheeks with my hand and shook her head side to side. “I loves my lil’ sis!”, I said.

“Leave me alone or your balls become a punching bag! Try me!”, Haley said. I kissed her forehead. I moved down and helped Ann down at the other end. Ann was swishing her tongue along Haley’s clit so I stuck my thumb up her cunt. Haley gasped. I stuck my finger up her asshole and finger fucking her.

Haley started moaning. “Aw that’s great you two!”, she said. Her pussy was like a wet tunnel. She moaned again. I kissed Ann’s cheek. She smiled. Haley moaned one last time as her legs locked around Ann’s head. “Aw guys! Guys!”, she said. Her cunt and asshole became tight. She held for a few seconds as her orgasm peaked. Then she collapsed. I laid down next to Haley and Ann laid on the other side.

“Well that was fun!”, Haley said. Ann laughed. We got up and tossed the ball around until my parents came home. Ann went home and gave me a big hug and peck on the cheek.

“Those girls adore you.”, my dad said.

“More than you know.”, I thought