Teen sissy boy part 1

Well growing up in house of all older sisters and single mom. Plus I was thin and virtually hairless and smooth when I did get any hair my sister removed it with wax or lotions from very young age. Then even done my eyebrows very feminine. My mom let them. We were home schooled so they even painted my nails and done my hair since it was long very feminine.
Well even when I became a teenager it continued. Well I become interested in men especially older ones. Since I wore daisy dukes all the time my hairless body was very tan . I was always outside riding bike or waking around. Since it was a very small out of the town and no friends my age. Well I had been walking for couple hours down old unmaintained road. A beat up old pickup drive up beside me. It was a old man he asked if I wanted a ride some place. I told him that I was just walking around. He said why not take a break and ride around with me for a bit.I said okay and got in.
We drove around for a few minutes talking when he reached over and rubbed my tan smooth legs and my exposed stomach and chest since I had my tank top off walking. Then he reached down and unbutton my shorts unzipping them. Then he said do you like men. I said yes I did. That’s when he said that he likes feminine boys like me as he tired pushing my shorts down. I asked him if he wanted me to take them off. He said that he would like that. So I kicked my tennis shoes off reviling my painted toes then I took my shorts off I wasn’t wearing underwear. While I was doing that he undid his pants and pushed them down exposing his cock and balls. I moved closer to him and started to feel his cock and balls as his was between my leg.
Then he turned off onto a dirt path stopping down it.
He got out of the truck and looked around and then stripped naked. Had me get out of the truck taking me to a mattress laying on the ground. He had me get down on it then he got over top of me and started kissing my lips. He kissed my neck an my entire naked body licking my boi pussi for a few minutes then I sucked his cock for a few minutes he kept saying that I was natural at it. I loved it as I was sucking him. Then he got me on my back again and opened my legs and put them on his shoulders. He shot some lube in my boi pussi and then he slipped his cock in me and fucked me till he shot his seed deep inside of me. I moaned loudly when he did in pleasure. After he slipped out we got up and went back to the truck. I stayed naked till where he stopped to drop me off. He said before I got out that I should paint my finger nails to and maybe wear some lipstick. But he was going to tell his friends about me.
I went home an took a bath after I got out my sister grabbed me an said that since I told my mom that they were thinking about having a party they were going to even with me. They put full makeup and lipstick on me telling me that it doesn’t come off with out special stuff and then done my hair and painted my finger and toe nails bright red. Then made me put on a mini skirt and half sheer spaghetti strap top an sandal type Chucky heels. Then said I was very cute sissy and kicked me out of the house and said don’t come back to the next afternoon. It was dark out.
I took off and walked back up the old road to go to my grandparents old house about 5 miles away. I took off the mini skirt and shirt walking naked . I was about 2 miles away from it when very slow moving car pulled up to me. He said that I must be the one that his friend told him about today. I said I don’t know. He said that he was with a sissy boy today. I said okay yes it was me. He said that I was cute little sissy boy. I said thank you. Then he asked where I was going to. I told him to my grandparents old house to stay. He asked me if I wanted a ride there. I said sure an got in his car. He asked me if there was a bedroom with a bed. I said of course there was. He asked me if his friend was telling him the truth about him having his way with me. I said I am nude and yes if he wants to.
We got to the house and I got out went around back since was a moon lite night found the key opened the door went in lighting a candle. He came in and we went upstairs to a bedroom. I lite couple more candles as he got undressed.
He sat down on the bed an said come over here and sit on daddies lap that he wanted his little young sissy boy to. So I did he said that I was so cute with my makeup and lipstick and heels that daddy like it a lot. He started to kiss my neck and lipstick lips. He rubbed me all over. Say daddies little sissy boy like that don’t you. I said yes I do daddy. Then he had me straddle him and put my arms around his neck and kissed me forcing his tongue in my mouth. He then rolled me onto the bed and stood up his. He rubbed his cock on my lips . I opened my mouth wrapped my lips around it and he slowly started to fuck my mouth. He kept saying how much daddy like my hot mouth on his cock. He just loved that I had no gag reflex and his big hit my face. Then after a while he said that daddy is going to feed me some hot cream and shot his load down my throat and in my mouth and I swallowed every single delicious drop.
I really like the taste of it and afterwards I thought that he was going to get dressed and leave. He got in the bed with me. He cuddled and kissed me passionately. Then said that he liked me a lot telling me that I was such a good little sissy boy. He asked me if I liked being a little sissy an letting old men do naughty things with me. I said yes I do. He started kissing me more and more and fingering my boi pussi. Soon he was fucking me doggy style. Telling me how good my boi pussi is . I was moaning and loving it he fucked me for a good 45 minutes till he shot his seed deep in me. After he was done he gave me a kiss and got dressed. He asked me if I needed a ride home. I said no I was stay here. He said ok that he might be back.