The Day I Knew I was Bi – Part 11

With my Army duties full all week the time went so quick it was Friday night and time for me to meet Petra at The Golden Lamb and enjoy our weekend, Monice and Jurgen were due to pop in at some stage which gave me time to bring my naughty partner in crime up to date with my club visit and after’s with Monica and Jurgen. Sat in our usual place in the dark rear of the bar, I soon had a very horny Petra asking for every little detail of the meet and had Jurgen given me the thrill I had so needed. I put her mind at rest with the details she wanted and noticed she was playing with herself under the table as I related the whole sager. God wish I had been there she said but I reminded her she had been enjoying the delights of Hanner’s sweet body that night and I am sure they were both not short of an orgasm or six. The look on her face told me I was not far from the truth there, are you wet now I said, well a little, was the reply, but she put her fingers to my lips and forced them in to my mouth the wetness and aroma making me horny to.

We need to stay in the right frame of mind tonight, as you will meet Monica and Jugen here later and it is planned that they will stay the night in my room upstairs but I want you to seduce Monica and let Jurgen and I play with no restrictions. Hmm she said, what is she like, you will love her, nice breasts, lovely bottom and a pink pussy that knows how to please and want’s to badly. Petra smiled, she was in a really naughty mood and I think things could start early between her and Monica, well before we make the room. For me I was excited to, my wish to be fucked by Jurgen had kept me awake many a night since last weekend and just thinking of his nice large cock made me dribble pre cum and feel very hot, maybe hard for others to understand just how a wave of sexual need can come over me for another male but it is only certain people that move me in that way.

When I was young and on summer break from school I went swimming just about every day at my local baths and as we were not made of money I had to change in the large free changing room. Men of all ages were there naked drying off and changing out of their trunks and cocks of all shapes and sizes were there for me to admire and I did. Some of the men were there most days and I spent most of the day at the pool. With this I became friends with a few and we chatted a lot sat by the pool, one called Simon asked a lot of questions and I had told him my Mother and step Father worked so I was on my own every day till 6pm so after a while he asked me if I would like to go to his house the next day after we had enough of the pool, I said ok and the following day at about 2pm we packed up and left for his house. The place was nice and he explained he was now on his own as his Mother had died a short while ago, he showed me round and it had a lovely large garden with high walls all round it plus it was only one off two houses in the street. I have to point out I was only 11 at the time but we got on fine chatting about all sorts of things I liked, the small pool in the garden was also a pull for me, Simon was kind and soon we relaxed I was happy to be with him and a glass of pop and some Crisps soon won me over. Simon said he was going to strip off and go in to his small pool so without a care I stripped off my shorts, tee shirt and Plimp sole’s and got in beside him, the water was about 2 foot deep round the edge so we sat with our backs to the side and enjoyed the free feeling of being naked. Simon had a large cock and it was cut so its head was there to see purple and round, it did hold my gaze even more with the water moving it about and he was quick to notice me looking. You like my cock, he asked, I said I did, as I did. He laughed and took my hand and put it under water and on his cock, stroke it he said, I asked what he meant so he moved my hand up and down on it but already the cock had expanded and got longer and thicker getting my full attention, you like that now with it hard, yes I said in a tiny voice. I knew what was happening was wrong but liked the way it made me feel, the thrill in me was not easy to explain but it was there sure enough. And I wanted some more of it. Simon pulled me round in the water so I was facing him with my legs out behind me, one hand on his left thigh the other on his cock working it up and down, The thing was so big and yet held me like a rabbit in the headlights, he took my hand away and pulled me to him turning me and sitting me on his lap, the large cock sticking up between my legs. He started to push up and down his cock held between my thighs I felt it hard against my skin till the movement he made produced a shot of milky cream in the water from his cock head and he groaned. My instinct was to capture some of the cream in the water and was able to have some cling to my fingers but without thinking I put it to my mouth and sucked it off, it tasted salty but quite pleasant. Simon laughed and said he wanted me to taste it out of the water to but first he turned me over across his lap and played with my bottom and a hand under me had fun with my not so large cock, the feeling of this naked play in water was nice and I had no wish to stop it at all, this was attention I got a thrill from even when he put a finger in my bottom and with the water he was able to get inside me and probe my hole, that felt really good to my surprise and the body caressing was so comforting, I loved it. We swam a little then got out and lay on the grass the hot sun on my naked body felt so good, Simon told me to open my legs and crawled between them taking my small cock in his hand and moving it to his mouth sucking it very gently, a shiver went through me but one of pleasure, like that he said, yes I replied, it was nice, then how about you doing it to mine, would you? I wanted to pleas and learn what things I would enjoy or be scared of but not to sure I said yes. Simon asked me to lay on top of him with my head down to his crutch so I got on top of him along his body and moved so I could get my mouth down to his never small cock. My legs out behind me were on his shoulders and as my bottom moved into a suitable position at which, I could lift his now expanding cock, to my mouth, I felt his hands and tongue exploring my bottom cheeks and the valley down to my hole and balls, he took them gently into his mouth and sucked them the released to come up again to my hole were his tongue found a little way in which he soon pressured open and tongued my tube and inner entrance. I was lost in the feeling which was new and very nice even enough for me to push my bottom back on to this thrill maker. Now as if on automatic I put his cock head in my mouth and sucked it lightly as if it was a really nice ice and soon it had a cream droplet on the head that went down my throat like a mild salty treat, I was enjoying this attention and giving his cock a place in my mouth as it grew to the size it moved further forward inside my mouth and was filling the whole space right to the back but I just sucked and licked it harder until it jerked pushed down my throat and spat my mouth full of his cream, much forcing out the side and down my chin but I did take a whole lot down my throat its taste nice as it slipped away. Simon took his tongue from my hole and lifted me up by my waste and planted me down over his cock which coated with cum, found my hole, he took my weight and adjusted me on to this purple head, my cheeks parted as it moved up and the entrance found the head firm against its tight rim but as he was wet and the inner of my hole wet from his play, the head went in and I felt a very sharp pain which soon left me as the whole head pasted the tight entrance and filled my passage. It felt funny but some how nice, he came again this time not so much but inside my hole and the warmth of it felt so nice as he moved in a little and out then again and let my body lower further on to his stiff cock which pulsed within my channel walls as it slid deeper ooh it was thrilling and so naughty the response my body and brain made to being fucked by Simon.

When he lifted me off, I can tell you now I did not want to leave my position, sort of scared and sort of in a dream, he lifted me to the pool and stood me in the water at the edge, wash now he said softly and I did. Have you done that with any other boy, I asked, no he replied but with your blonde hair you looked so in need of love. He was so right as things at home for me were not good and in September I was due to go away to an Army boarding school in Dover so this interlude was not one that most kids would have found it. The truth was this was going to happen soon as the way my thoughts were going said I was bi, I had played and enjoyed fingering my friends sister not two weeks before and she was two years older than me and had kept showing her pant less body to me when I went to see Richard but he was out and she asked me to stay and wait for him.

Petra and I were waiting for them to arrive with thoughts mounting in my head of just what it would be like Jurgen fucking me while his wife was being screwed by Petra in the same room and in full view, he might get a big kick out of it as I would have but always it was down to how Monica would take it so easy does it I thought. Petra had not seen the girl yet and I hoped my attempt at describing her was good enough to spike the horny button in her brain as she could be very fussy who she slept with on a first date.

They arrived and wow, Monica had a lovely summer dress on that showed all her body off to the best possible way to drive any Male or Female to want her on the spot, it was short, pink and figure hugging so much so her nipples fought to get out and have fun, the shape of her perfect bottom was on show and her legs perfect in every way, the makeup minimal and so sexy. The sound that came from Petra as I said that was them coming in, was a deep sigh of longing, that’s the girl she said, yes I said and she is so good in bed so you look after her and help her to want you before we leave here for my room ok. She smiled at me and pinched my arm her sign all is well, Jugen looked good to he had the usual for us lads slacks and short sleeve shirt but all nice and smart, best was his cock showed outlined through his slacks and that made me horny straight off. We greeted and I introduced them both to Petra who, also in a summer dress looked good enough to eat and Monica’s eyes did a total stock take of her body and slowly a big smile broke out on her face, how lovely to meet you she said, Jules has told us about you and how much he enjoys being your close friend, Jurgen said hi and we all sat back down, Jugen and I one side of the table and the girls facing us on the other side, Petra being a bold girl gave Monica a more than friendly kiss and held Monica’s hand putting it in her lap and guiding it straight to her crotch area giving the girl no doubt as to what she wanted from this meeting but it was ok as Monica used her finger on her free hand to trace a path across Petra’s lips and probing just inside her mouth. Game on the girls had cemented the way they wished to play now we ordered our drinks and settled down to chatter some very open like Monica saying to Petra that she was looking forward to freeing her breasts which are lovely and firm but larger than those of Monica.

Jurgen also wasted no time he held my hand and pulled it to that cock outlined for me in his crotch, Petra said how she was so pleased that Jurgen was into me as she wanted me to have what she knew I needed and longed for with a guy, she asked Monica how much she liked being the wife of a bi man as much as she enjoyed me being bi, Jules she said can be so male with a girl but very female when a guy is making love to him and gives his all. I was happy to hear Monica reply that she was turned on by Jurgen being with a guy and loved to suck his cock after it had ploughed into a nice firm anal passage, leaving it wet and creamy for her to enjoy. The drinking enough we all got up and moved to the door, Hans said bye and off we went to my room, I had bought snacks and thought of all the little treats we might need plus plenty of drink and food was there tonight, the room was warm and comfortable so we sat on the floor and with our drinks we started to attach ourselves to one another kissing and with slow enjoyment, removing our clothing as hands explored bodies and lips met skin. Petra had a surprise in that Monica moved on her right off and was lowering the zip on the back of her dress before she could think, as the back opened Monica’s hands were inside opening the catch on her bra and parting the two sides making room for her hands to move inside and round to cup her breasts from behind, Petra let out a little cry of surprise and joy as Monica squeezed each breast and caught her nipples in scissor grip between her fingers closing the scissor grip tight shut and pulling the nipples forward, a cry from Petra told me she had hit the spot with that move and Petra’s head went on one side in the thrill of the action on her. Petra was going to be fucked tonight not the other way round if Monica had her way and I could see no change in that coming. The dress top now lowered was round Petra’s waist and the bra gone, Monica pushed the girl back so she could gain access to both the breasts with her mouth lips and tongue, her hands molding and needing the free one firmly continuing the scissor move on the nipples and sucking them hard to bringing noises of delight from the slave Petra. Monica wanted to find out how her victim was enjoying this intense attention and put a hand up under Petra’s dress feeling her crotch and opening her legs to obtain full entry to the area she wanted. You are wet she said out load, good I want you wet all night my lovely girl, will you do that for me, a shaky reply came from the girl as Monica pushed up the dress skirt showing her the very wet panties still on Petra. Monica’s head went down to the wet patch and her lips took away some of the wetness, hmm I like your juice she said. The pants were soon gone and thrown at me were Jurgen ordered me to suck them and put them in my mouth which I did without thought, I love Petra’s juices so it was my pleasure to obey and those two seemed to enjoy that.

Petra was stood up and her dress removed, now standing naked, Monica traced a route from head to toe with her lips and mouth lingering to make the parts she thought would bring Petra to near orgasm, have as much treatment as possible, she was teasing her into a nightmare of pleasure. Work started with light touches on her red swollen pussy, the lips slightly apart and the dripping juices making the parts glisten in the half light, Petra was moaning and loving being the slave to this girls advances, her breast now firm and red the nipples pointing and sensual to any touch darting electric shocks of pleasure so direct and intense to her brain and pussy. Fingers now inserted in her were stretching her lips open and making way for her full hand as she was widened and entry began, not in very much the pleasure so strong she had a climax filling the path the hand wished to fill with a lubrication to help it deeper within her, her body was shaking as the fist now formed and it was pushed hard into her tunnel bringing her to the edge of another feeling of wanting to pee but was flushed out with a giant orgasm of flowing juices. Monica laughed, I see you like my demands on your body Petra, hope you are ready for more. The juices were running from her pussy like a stream and making her have wild feelings from her anal area as it filled the valley to her hole, not lost on Monica she used her thumb on her spare hand to push the cum in to her hole and start to improve the entry to her anal delights to, she soon learnt that Petra enjoyed her anal sport as she gasped and bucked with pleasure from the double entry she was getting, she made an effort to get to Monica by her hand searching out a way under her dress and inside the side of the very busy girls panties only to find they were like her own had been, running with juices from her total enjoyment fucking Petra manually in both holes.

While I watched what the girls were doing and loving every second Jurgen was kissing me and undressing me, shirt off first, trousers followed, socks gone and me naked, his lips on my nipples and hands my cock, I had taken on the same roll as Petra, slave. He told me to remove his shirt and trousers so I did making my hands touch him as lightly as possible knowing how this sends shocks of delight through the body and his firming cock showed me my work was going well for him. Now he knelt in front of me and kissed my cock which greeted him with a droplet of pre cum to give him a sample of what was there to be enjoyed, my balls were lightly gathered in his hand and kissed to which felt very nice before his mouth enclosed round my cock and he took it right down his throat sucking me and releasing his tongue working in conjunction as the cock was released, wow so nice and so pleasant his way with me I put my hand out and held his cock which was twitching in my palm as it pumped more into its self and filled out to full size, I want you he whispered, you have me I replied, just be nice and fill me ok. I love sucking a nice cock but I don’t know why but if I get randy my hole starts to weep like a pre cum, I have never understood why but it is a signal I want my anal pleasure to begin. He got the message and got me to go on hands and knees in front of the settee my upper body on the sitting area and my bottom out to him kneeling behind me between my spread legs, Jurgen used pre cum on my part open hole and with his fingers worked me from side to side and forged an open space were he spat juice and worked some more till my inner joy was laid open to his lovely hard cock. Slowly he probed my entrance and with care he managed to find the way to my inner chamber for his and my pleasure. The feeling I loved was there as his cock head was passed the tight outer rim and he moved lightly to within the inner passage and his and my joy, now he was pumping me with his cock and I timed his thrust to my own push back on him taking his cock full inboard and deep within me my body gripping it in a welcome embrace feeling it drive the delightful feelings to my brain, so nice I wanted another cock in my mouth to make it perfect but watching the girls was a turn on and the pre cum was running fast from my cock right now. He was good he did it slow and our mutual pleasure was lasting a long time my passage getting wetter and wetter till it was dripping round his cock as he went in and out of me, such good feelings were such they were the best for a long time. Sadly it could not go on forever and he started to shake and his cock twitch and fill within me and bang, he spurted me full of his seed and the spurts lasted ages till he laid across my back finished and a smile across his face. Monica noticed and called out, good boy was it nice.

She was having her pussy eaten out by Petra and was sitting on the floor naked with her back against the armchair, her legs wide apart and naughty Petra between them sucking, licking and biting her clit and her pussy flowing juice like a machine and me thinking how as I had not released my seed yet maybe it would go nice in that hole later or that lovely butt she had. Both girls had probed each other in both holes and judging from the amount of squeals I had heard they had bought each other off many times and Petra had screamed at one stage as she climaxed with Monica’s fist up her pussy, she had her own back by fisting Monica’s pussy and with her small hands, her bottom hole to and she had squirted all over Petra leaving them fun licking all the juices from each other before they stopped for a break. We had drinks and ate some snacks as the two girls had a low voice conversation which bought a few laughs and giggles from them.

Petra stood up, right she said Monica has asked if she can have Jules fuck her up the butt and I want Jugen to fuck me silly with his nice big cock, rule one no cleaning up all cum on the body or in the body is to stay were it is ok. We both agreed and the girls looked very happy with that, Petra with her ever open way asked Jurgen if he would be happy for her to meet Monica for sex when they wished, He told her yes and explained that he had not known his wife was so into girls and it made him feel better about his own bi needs but watching them had made him extra horny for his cock to find the pleasure it craved. He told her now he wanted her to go on hands and knees for him to sample her very wet and wide open pussy, she dropped to the floor like a stone and waggled her bottom at him teasing him enough to arouse his lovely cock from its nearly limp state to full erection with it pumping twitches as it filled for action. He was on her like a dog mounting his bitch and straight into her without a stop, she mad e a load intake of breath as his cock hit her spot and went deep to her baby making zone and the head found purchase in the opening and glided through making her squirm and feel the high voltage charge of pleasure surge through her bringing her to the edge of climax, hell she shouted that’s good, fuck me deep I want it all balls and all. Monica had moved over to me and smiled as she watched her bitch for the night get a full dose of her man’s cock and melt under its impact and pleasure. I want you in my body Jules, fuck my bottom hard and deep and fill me with your cream and I will get my bitch to lick it out and my man to suck you clean, how’s that. I just smiled and nodded a yes, you can kneel next to your bitch and take your fill right now and kiss her as I plough into your anus with no mercy how is that sounding, oh yes love that I am down now. She took up her position next to Petra who’s bottom was pumping back hard on Jurgen’s cock as it plunged time and time again deep within her making her shout and swear with her pleasure and eyes rolled when she felt the face of Monica on her cheek kissing her and licking her face and lips. I moved down behind her and used my tongue to scoop cum from her still very wet pussy and transfer it to her tight hole and deposit it there as I collected more now joined by my fingers applying it to the entrance and stretching it apart the juices creeping in through the opening forced by the hard working thumbs. She liked the rough way I had gone to work on her and yelled harder, I had a hard cock by now and with the vision next to me of Petra a slave to the cock ramming her into a state of half madness and delight both soaked in the cum and juices the performance was producing as she climaxed for her third time a flood of stick, creamy and warm fluid dripping down her inner thighs and some from his retiring cock as it paused to dive back into her nest of delight. Not waiting any longer and watching Monica’s hand go under her bitch and grasp hold of a hanging and swaying breast, squeezing it hard making the bitch scream with pain and delight, I rammed my cock into her anal opening forcing my way into the passage I wanted to loos my cock deep inside and find her point of no return and pleasure. She pushed hard to take my cock in her and the joined effort had my cock floating down the passage to her inner most point only stopped by my body not getting past her bottom cheeks to obtain more inside her, god it felt so good warm wet and she was fingering her own clit now giving a bucking movement of her bottom up and down as she took me in and her inner layer clasped my cock and started to work on me to the point I was being milked of my pre cum and at a peak of pleasure not far from a blinding finish. Next to me Petra was at a state of folding up, her head now on the floor her arms out in front of her with her bottom thrashing about as Jurgen made her his bitch to. She fell forward and he still inside followed her down but as he did he exploded his load inside her and the full pussy leaked all over them both and as she was forward enough Monica was on her pussy with her tongue lapping up the cum mixture as I pumped my seed into her anal heaven filling her to the point she to was leaking as I moved off her and Jurgen took my place and his mouth replaced my cock sucking the cum from her pussy and anal hole the mixture all over his face and chin, I was so happy and pleased with this night. I slept with Jurgen’s cock in between my bum cheeks and the Girls arm in arm all very satisfied and with a desire for more. Petra came to me and asked if she had let herself down being so open to Monica’s demands and I asked a simple question back, did she feel straight away willing to follow the demands and without a second pause she said yes, then it was right for you girl you found taking can be more fun some times, you maybe right she said and giggled, I loved it all from start to finish and want her again so much. Monica just came to me at the sink and said, thank you, my man and I are complete now and I am so happy, we had been a little grumpy with one another both not finding the sexual needs we were not being open about and drifting a part, now I love him so much and feel whole and sort of new and more attractive in a funny way. My reply was simple, to me and Petra you are both nice and very attractive helping each other to the pleasure you crave and no recriminations that is priceless trust me.

We kissed and parted company with them and a short time later Petra left for home, I had duty the next weekend so the room was cleaned and I made no new plans, thought I would just see what was on when I turned up at the bar and talked with Hans the landlord.

I feel I must add that my dealings with Simon would make some readers shudder and think the whole situation was wrong but back then 1954 things were not the same and I did not have family around in the holidays, they had to work and rationing was just about to finish, love for some of us was in short supply and we were very street wise. I wanted the attention of him and was really looking out at the men’s cocks at the baths, at the same time girls parts were a magnet for my eyes to and I got a hot funny feeling when I was able to see either cock or pussy. We only had that 6 weeks and I was off to school, all boy’s and at the weekends I was free from Saturday 2pm till Monday 7am to wander Dover Cliffs, as my school is just behind Dover on the Deal Road. 11 To 15 learning all sorts of things!! Which came in handy at holiday time from school back in Wembley.

Part 12 will follow hope someone likes my past on paper, I loved it all at the time. For more info write to