The Day I Knew I was Bi – Part 13

On Sunday after our Church parade and lunch I thought I would leave School by the Guston gate and wander down to the village shop, I like many of the boy’s liked to smoke fag’s when I had enough money for them, back then in the 50’s parents like my Mum had little spare cash to send to son’s at school and that is why at weekends I spent my time on the cliffs or wandering the Lanes but now and then swimming at St Margeret’s Bay. The beach was small and not many people went there back then and I like to swim and sun bath on the pebble beach.

This time I wandered down to the village and went into the shop, my luck was in as the owners Daughter was behind the counter and let me have a packet of ten fag’s without a care, I was happy now and left the shop with a grin all over my face, so far the day was ok.

Up the lane a little further was a bridge crossing over the road that during the war had been a railway line to supply guns with ammo and stores for the soldiers stationed on them, On the left just past the bridge was the old mill a sad looking thing with most of the wooden sales missing leaving it looking in poor shape. I went under the bridge and off left along the track embankment to the old mill when I heard some talking, it was a girls voice but I could not make out what was being said but walk towards the sound to see what was going on. At the door of the old mill stood a girl and she was telling a younger boy not to go far as she was going to look in the mill, on seeing me she pointed at the boy and told me it was her young brother Simon aged 6. I said I was going to have a lookin the old mill and explained I was from the school up the road and gave her my name and age, she replied by telling me she was called Pauler and visiting her Aunt in the village but lived in Dover. She looked nice with her long blond hair and short sleeved blouse and pleated skirt, I could not help but take in her breasts showing their full shape through her blouse as it was plain she wore no bra to hide the nipples that now pointed through the material as she noticed my eyes searching them and the rest of her nice trim shaped body.

Like what you see she said, sorry I said, but you do have a nice body, I thought she might leave after my remark but no, she said, it was nice of me to notice her and her figure, that made my pulse race a little but I was relieved all was well. We went into the Mill and up the stairs looking around and out of the two windows on that floor, she could see Simon up on the railway embankment playing and relaxed knowing he was ok. Most of the workings of the Mill had been removed and some old wooden boxes caught my eye as a good place to sit and have a fag. I pulled a Box over for Pauler and she smiled, said thanks and sat next to me and I smoked one of my fag’s taking long pulls on it making me a little light headed. Our silence was broken by her asking me if I had a girl friend, I laughed and said no telling her the school was all boy’s and no girls at all. She thought that was sad and asked me if I thought a lot about girls at night in bed, yes I said and told her I had a dream about Meg but left out information other than my meeting her on the cliffs, oh so you do like girls then and find them sexy, oh yes, I said, I often wonder how they would look naked, Pauler laughed, bet you try to see up their skirts to, I do think of it I said. She stood up from the box and raised her skirt up, her white panties where tight on her and showed all her crotch shape and her pubic hair was escaping out from the sides, blond and curly like her hair. Do you like what you see Julian, oh yes I said, wish you could take it off and show me more, she giggled, I will take off the panties but leave on the skirt so my little Brother is not aware, here, she removed the panties and gave them to me, a keep sake from me she said, in my pocket they went without a word, oh yes this is great. Now I will sit on your lad and you can feel my naked bottom and pussy under my skirt and I will enjoy that if you do it right. She had told me her age was 16 and I could see she had been naked and played with many times from the way she moved her body as if to make it right to be entered by hard cock for her delight as I had done for the delight of being mounted by Peter,

Pauler now on my lap her naked parts just divided from me by my shorts, her legs were wide one each side of mine when I said I thought it be nicer if she stood up and turned to face me and sat back on my lap, she stood and as she did I opened the the front of my shorts and made way for my cock and balls to make contact with her pussy as she moved forward towards me her legs parted each side of me. My fingers were under her skirt as she slid closer to me and my lips contacted hers, I kissed her very lightly and allowed my tongue to trace her lips and enter her mouth as she parted them her tongue meeting mine, hmm it felt so good, my fingers now found her mound and moved with care to the hood just poking out between her lips, I moved up and down on the hood then across it slowly then faster and as I did it her bottom raised and lowered to get the finger just were she could feel the best service from it and enjoyment. You can do more now, she said with a slight sign of strain in her breathing, I squeezed her clit hood and she jumped and let out a cry, do it again, and I did harder this time, god yes she cried I like that more. I took her now hard clit in my fingers and started to treat it like a small cock and wanked it hard the soft fast then slow and Pauler held on to my shoulders and rode with the sensations she was feeling till she shuddered and climaxed gripping me so tight it hurt. Oh, she said, I need more of that and want it, what if I take Simon back to my Aunts and come back on my own, could we try more without the worry of the boy catching us. Well I enjoyed her naked lower regions on me and keeping my voice as clam as I could told her I would wait to see what I could do to make her enjoy her Aunts visit, she Laughed, removed herself from my lap and went to the window and called Simon. The boy came running and when she told him he was going he said it was good as he had a thirst and had enough of the railway. Good Pauler said, gave me a smile and took him off.

I had a smoke and used my handkerchief to wipe the wetness she had left on my crotch as she had cum, my head was full of wanting to make her cum some more if possible without my young cock needing to be inside that very hot and wet pussy that had a hunger for sex at a flash.

Pauler returned and now was in charge, free of the worry of the boy she opened up to me straight away, if we are near the window she said, we can see any danger of discovery and I can loos my skirt and you your shorts, I would like that, do you mind me wanting to use you to have as much sex as I can? She told me having the younger brother was a pain as she had to look after him a lot a Mum worked the same hours as her Dad.

I dropped my shorts and she abandoned her skirt, she had such a nice shaped bottom and her pubic hair stopped just at the top of her pussy lips so she has shaved it at some time. I went on my knees and drew her pussy to me with both hands on her bottom cheeks, my fingers in the valley between them pulling it apart as my tongue went to work slowly exploring the opening between her lips and the end of her clitty hood. Every time my tongue worked on the hood she shivered and made a noise in her throat and pulled my head tight on to her making her lips open and my tongue reach her inner lips and the wet area of my quest. Now she was fucking my tongue moving on to it and allowing me to taste her juices as they started to flow and her pussy swell to make it possible for my mouth to suck the inner lips and her to eject creamy cum into my mouth. I Moved a hand from her bottom and moved the other to her tight anal entrance, as my right hand fingers now worked on her clit hood and inner lips my left was playing with her arsehole and the combination of the two had her going mad with swearing and moaning words I did not take in but knew she was in her sexual pleasure zone, from the flow of juice my tongue was depositing down my throat she was very near to orgasm. When it came she bucked and swore but quickly followed it by saying she wanted more, my cock was hard but still small so I was not going to waste my time trying to fuck her, I wanted her to enjoy my play and if possible get a situation were we could meet often and enjoy her till the day came I could fuck her with the confidence it would make her think well of my effort and cum while I was inside her. My fingers went into her channel now and three of them worked hard and fast on the inner top area inside her, she dropped her weight on to the probing fingers and breathed hard as it was having the right effect and her body racked with the pleasure she was having from the spot I made my target. Meg had told me this was a place of pleasure for most girls so here we were her body in as state of total lack of care just the need to get all the thrills she could take from my fingers. She was well open now so I folded my hand as much as I could and applied a little force as my whole hand was able to enter between her inner lips and her pussy welcome my hand as it went in lubricated by the flow of juices from within her. Oh yes she shouted further in, I want it to fuck me hard, I went as far in as I could with my hand and used it with force to fuck her while my fingers of my left hand were now also inside her arsehole working forward against my hands stroke in her pussy. Pauler was grunting and swearing but then without warning her body contorted and she screamed out and climaxed flooding me with her cum, silky warm and sticky. My mouth was full of it and god it tasted good, my delight was to have as much of her cum I could get and set about its recovery with my tongue and lips, my hand still inside her slowly moving in and out my fingers behind doing the same, she was in a dream like state but told me I was an Angel. I asked her if she had been able to get the thrill she had wanted from my effort and she told me it was her first full blown orgasm of that magnitude, she had never had a whole hand inside her before and she loved the sensations it was throwing through her brain from its electric pulses as it moved within her, your other fingers were the first ever to enter my arsehole and I loved the combination and must have more soon. We cleaned up best we could, I found a can and went to the stream at the bottom of the Lane, fetched water and she was able to wash her pussy and put her skirt back on.

Pauler asked me if I would like to see her again but told me it would have to be on a Sunday as she saw her Aunt every week on Sunday afternoons, I tried to make it sound as if it would be a sort of hardship for me to do so but inside I was full of joy that this girl, older than me wanted my help to get her private sex education and so many things I wanted to do with her came darting into my head, I did have a naughty dirty mind which enjoyed its sex with both sexes. We made a date for the next week and I told her we must look for a place we could leave a message so if we were unable to meet we would know what was going on and not get silly about it. By the old stairs into the Mill were some bricks from the old Victorian path so I said we could leave a note between the rear bricks were it was dry and not open to view so that was settled. She asked me if I would let her suck my cock next time and I said yes a little to quickly, you like that a lot then she said, well yes I replied rather a lot, we both laughed.

I was lucky as I would be able to come to the mill before we next met and bring some things that would make it nice for our little adventures, I managed to get a blanket towel and a bowl which I hid under the floor at the bottom of the mill, this would help the clean up for her I thought but as the weather was getting warmer I also thought of having fun in the corn field the other side of the road no chance of being seen in there. We kissed and said goodbye and she told me I had made her tired but very happy and she would think of what I should do for her every night till we were together again.

Part 14 very soon I hope you will enjoy it. Julian.