The wife and I visit with relatives at a family event and go to an out of town adult book store

The wife tells me we are going out of town to a family reunion on her side, it had been put off for a couple years because of the covid stuff. I had seen one of her local kin at the male hangouts I had been going to and became a bit worried, so I asked who all was going to be there. She went down the list and i did not hear he or his local family named by her. He is one of my wifes cousins. My wife says she had talked with them on the phone, his wifes mother is not doing good and they are not going to go, as her mother is currently living with them. So OK one possible problem out of the way.

The day of the reunion we headed out very early, it was still dark out. It was a long drive, several hours, very non-eventful, my wife slept most of it as I drove. I did get a chance to do something we both have fun with, well when she is awake that is. But I figured I would have fun with it while she slept, and I open up her blouse exposing her very nice 36dd that were part way covered by a nice see though lace bra. As she slept I would slow down as I drove past the truckers, which there was many of on the road in the early hours, wanting to miss all the traffic just like us. I got a lot of thumbs up and air horns, hey it made the time pass, what can I say.

It was when I pulled off the highway and onto the city streets that my wife woke up. She looks down at her open blouse and gives me the look. She asked what she missed. I told her that she had been giving all the truckers a good show, boys will be boys. She laughed as she buttoned up her blouse.

We got to the place, one of her aunts, who had a nice large place and had held reunions before. No one there that I did not know, good crowd. Others kept arriving, all the way up to the noon hour. They had a ton of good food and stuff to drink. I was standing out back, with the hosts husband who was doing the BBQ, he was doing everything, many kinds of meat, chicken and fish. He had some BBQ, it was huge and used gas so no coals to deal with. Then to my shock up walks my wifes cousin (yes the guy I had seen a few time at the hook up male places), he says hello and joins us. I asked how he was able to make it, as my wife had told me they could not. He said that a few of their friends, had arranged to take care of his wifes mother and watch the kids at the last minute, so at least the two of them could make it to the reunion. Now I was not thinking he was going to tell anyone about me, because that would burn him too, but I was just worried about he and I, as I really did not know how to handle it.

Our cook had a plate full of cooked meat and went to take it inside, leaving the wifes cousin and I there. No one else was close by, well at least in listening range. He said to me that he had seen me a few times at some of his best hangout places, and asked if I had seen him. I said I had but just did not have a chance to talk with him those times. He gave a big grin, and said yea, he stood and watched one time as I was getting some head, he added that knowing me had just made him that much more turned on as he watched. I just had to know, and asked him about the BI side and if his wife knew. He said no she did not, asking if my wife knew. I shook my head NO, as he kept talking. He said he, had been bi before he got married, he had a bit of an incest family growing up and his father and brothers were for the most part, it. But he really like girls and later women, boobs and pussy being better than cocks to him, but he never could shake the need for a hard cock now and then. I was finding this talk was making my dick hard, and saw that it was making him hard too. We both pointed it out to each other, and felt it best to sit in some nearby chairs.

We had a nice long talk, before the wives came walking up. They sat down with us, both had some fresh drinks for each of us. They had been working the crowd and chatting up all the family stuff. Then they both bring up that the two of them had talked, and when we left later in the day, they wanted to stop by the adult book store in that town before we headed out and back home. I questioned why here and not back at home. His wife says that the ones back home just are not like they were years ago, she missed the glory holes, the fun stuff.

The time came when folks began to leave the reunion, as we joined in with the exodus. Her cousin said he knew the place the wives wanted to to, and we followed them in our car. I was pretty sure my wife and I had gone to this place before, but no light bulb came on. The four of us went inside. Just inside there was a bouncer, checking ID’s on the younger folks, and collecting an entry fee, which he waived for the four of us, saying it was just for singles.

As we walked through the place, my memory came back. This place has a theater, video booths, side rooms for clothing, toys, books, movies and everything. The wives moved us onto the theater first, they picked a center row and we moved to the center of the row. The movie playing was a swingers party, a lot of sex action of every kind. The wife started to rub my semi hard cock through my pants. I guess her cousin got hard before I did, as I saw his wife had her hand wrapped around his cock as it stuff out the front of his pants. I could see that some of the guys in the theater had been moving around, sitting closer to the four of us for better looks. I had seen other women in the place, but I guess the four of us is where the action was currently. Both our wifes had bent down and began to give us a blow jobs. I saw that at least five guys had gotten up and moved to our sides, behind and in front of us. Just like at the places I had started to enjoy so much, I had guys around us jacking off.

I reached out and with a bit of difficulty as she was bent over, opened her blouse up. That is all it took for one guy behind us, he was up and behind her and moving his hands over both her boobs. I spotted another guy in the row in front of the wifes cousin and his wife, he had got up was leaning over the seat and reaching up under her dress, and from the movement of his arm I was guessing he was fingering her pussy. It was not stopping her at all, as she kept going up and down on the hard cock in her mouth.

My wife leans up, her mouth popping off my cock. She moves her hands up and pulls her bra down, the guy rubbing her boobs was loving it, and added some nipple pinching to his boob rubbing. His cock was hard and sticking out of his pants, it was hitting the back of the wifes head. She leans back, tilting her head backward, and he easily glided his cock into her mouth. As I was watching this, I felt a hand wrap around my cock and start stoking me. I turned my head and looked, another guy had moved right up into the seat next to me, and was giving me a hand job. I turned to look the other was at my wife and her cousin, his wife was still sucking his cock but was looking at me, she winked. My wife was way to busy, and was or could not even look. The guy next to me was now bent over and as he stroked me he started giving me head. I really do not know how long it was going on, seconds or at the most a few minutes, but I came so hard into that guys mouth. On one look back over at the others, I saw that the wifes cousin had been watching this, and he was for sure right then pumping his load of cum into his wifes mouth.

I did not know if the guy with the dick in my wifes mouth had done anything, but he had moved off. My wife looks right at me, opens her mouth showing me it was full of white cum. She swallowed. The two gals, stood and were adjusting themselves. Pretty much at the same time they both said they really wanted to use the booths, more than the theater. And off to the video booth section. I noticed we had a bit of a following, from the theater to the booths. Those guys waited until we went into booths, the wifes cousin into one next to us, and the following guys went into the booths on each side of the two of ours.

There was still a movie going in our booth, it was heavy gay guy on guy. The wife seems to enjoy it. She popped in a few bills, saying she did not want it going off in the middle of anything. Even before she was done saying that, a hard cock was sliding through the wall opposite from the booth her cousin was in. I hear the cousins wife say through the hole into their booth, hey watch this … then a hard cock pokes through, which of course had to be his. My wife got down onto her knees and started sucking it. Now this was a total shocker for me. Then I started thinking that maybe it was a set up by the two ladies from the start.

As the wife was busy with her cousins cock, I started to give a hand to the other cock and was stroking away. As it started to do a lot of pre-cum, and seeing as it looked like the wife was not going to turn around anytime soon, I bent down and took that cock into my mouth, just as he was cumming. Filled my mouth full of hot cum. I turned, and there was my wife looking at me, and as she had done in the theater, I opened my mouth and showed her the cum. She in turn did the same, opened her mouth and showed me the white cum inside. Without a word said, we both had the same idea, and moved toward each other and kissed … our tongues moving all about, and all that cum mixing together. After the kiss, it seemed to me she ended up with most of the cum, we both swallowed.

The wife tells me to stick my cock through the glory hole into her cousins booth, and gladly did so. There was a pair of lips around it very quick. Ah the mouth was hot and moist, and sucking away on my cock. When I turned my head to look at the wife, she was bent over going down on a cock in the other glory hole. Now the booths are not that big, it was very easy for me to reach out and move my hand up under her dress, into her panties, and into her pussy. She was so wet. The action on my cock was great, and I was cumming again. I had thoughts in my mind of his wife sucking away on me, and then I was wondering since the wife sucked his cock, if maybe he was sucking mine … that is when I came.

My dick did not go soft, when I pulled away from the glory hole, the wife was still sucking away on the cock poking through, her ass was right there, her dress still pushed up from when I was fingering her. Even from the back side, I could see that her panties were dripping wet. I was rock hard just seeing that. I got behind her, pulling her panties to the side and slid my hard cock between her ass cheeks. My plan was for her pussy, but the angle was just wrong, but her ass hole was right there, and I went for it. Now at home, she is not a fan of ass fucking, but right then I was not getting anything for me to stop what I was doing, or for that matter about to do. I pushed, she had some tight ass I tell you, pushed a bit more and in the ol’cock goes. This is the most fun we have had in years.

The four of us exited the booths. I just had to know who had sucked my cock and asked. They both looked at each other, then back at me. In unison they said, we both did! He looked at me, and asked who sucked his cock. My wife very proudly chimes up with a big smile and says it was all her! Now I was sure there was some history there with those two … kissing cousins. I was sure the ladies still had further plans, but discovered different, it was time to leave for home. We said our goodbyes outside at the cars, and both headed off down the road to home.

I let them out distance us, and when I could not longer see their car, I asked the wife if she wanted to to go nude in the front seat. She stripped down in a flash, sitting there nude. The next trucker we came up to, I slowed as I was along side. The wife turns on the passenger side reading light, which lit her up very well. As the trucker let the air horn off a few times, the wife spreads her legs and began to finger her pussy with one hand and rub a boob and pinch her nipple with the other hand. Within a few seconds the trucks air horn was blowing away.

We did not get very far down the road, and to home. After much hand signals between the trucker and my wife, she tells me to pull into the next roadside rest area, then adds for me to slow down and follow the trucker into the next roadside rest stop. A few miles further, we were pulling off the highway into the rest area. I followed the truck into the truck parking side, and we pulled up next to it. The wife sat there nude as the trucker got out and walked up to her side of the car. He opened the door and reached in and grabbed boob, as he is feeling her up, she opens his pants up and pulls out his cock. Now this was what we use to do all the time, this had turned out to be a great day. I guess they were both wanting a bit more, she stopped sucking, stood up out of the car, turned and bent over and leaned back inside looking at me. The trucker got right behind her, and was pumping away, into her pussy I was sure. She was leaning on her hands, her tits bouncing all about as they hung down, I just loved that. I had taken my cock out and had started to stroke, when I hear the trucker telling me to hold off on that. He shouts out, and another guys climbs out of the cab of the truck and walked over to my door and opens it. He is down on his knees at my door and taking my cock into his mouth. As my wife and I looked into each others faces, we both came together.

We did not get home until well into the night. We showered and climbed into bed. I dozed off within minutes. Now it was the end of a very good day.