the immigrant mother(part 1)

a mother becomes a sex toy to her son’s friends

a little back story about me and my mom. my mom divorced my dad when i was 12 and we moved from india to america. it was hard for me with their divorce and moving to a different country. my mom was very good at yoga and worked as a yoga instructor in the morning and went to her job as a senior executive. so her day was busy and filled and she got used to the new place real quick. but me just being a middle school kid it was really depressing for me. thank god my friends in america are not racist, and they actually supported me when i was depressed. but this lack of focus showed up in my studies as my grades started to fall. my mother didnt mind much for an year but as my grades kept getting worse and worse she asked me if i was ok. i told her about my problems and its difficult for me to go through all this in such a young age. thats when we became really open with eachother, since then we went on hikes, movies, picnics and i started to feel more better after some months. as i already said my mom and i are indians amd when it comes to my mother she has a pale brown complexion but her body is really fit(ofcourse it is she is a yoga instructor). it was during these hikes i started noticing her body and wanted to have her. initially we just used to hug eachother and hold hands just like a mother and her son. but since we got much closer and became much open with eacjother i told her that i watch porn sometimes to let off my stress and she said its okay. i was really shocked that shes ok with it, usually no indian mother is ok with their son watching porn and having the balls to tell them, but i didnt know she was that open minded. coming back to my schooling, i turned 14 now and my grades are still not getting any better, so one day my mom asked me if there’s anything she can do to help me with my studies. she said maybe i needed some motivation to put more effort into my studies but she knew i was a spoiled kid and theres nothing she can get me to motivate me because i already have everything except one thing. she knew i didnt have any girlfriend and she knew i watch porn cuz i told her. so she said maybe if u improve ur grades i’ll help you get a girl friend. i was confused and asked her why. she said since u watch so much porn and if u have a girl friend u can have some real fun with her. to be honest shes actually right but no girl in my school has a body like her. i told her that i’ll think about it and the newxt morning i went to her and said mom why help me get a girlfriend when you can actually be my girlfriend. this lead to an awkward silence in the room. but she didnt yet yell at me, which means shes giving it a thought. maybe its because she knows that getting a girlfriend in america is hard with the help of ur immigrant mom. we just left it there and continued with our day. but at night mom came to me and said i would only consider that if u get atleast a 50 in the next test. i was in shock, i now had a chance to fuck my mom but the only problem is the next test is just after three days. the nest three days i tried my best and with the help of some of my friends i managed to score 57. now the time has come, my mother 36 year old mother is going to be my girlfriend and little did she know shes also going to be a sex toy every saturday of everyweek to those guys who helped me in the test. i showed her my result and told her shes mine now for which she was ok but then i told her a story that i dont have many friends in school and some kids want to be friends with me only if they could have you every saturday. she immediately said no to this. but i told her i already promised them and if u say no now then they’ll spread this news to the whole school. she was thinking about it and askd how many kids. i said four kids. now remember that my mother is divorced for 2 years and she hasnt been getting a cock since then or maybe since months before her divorce too so she havent given it much thought and accepted it. its saturday tomorrow andtold my mother to get as many birth control pills as possible, its gonna be a rough time in america for her or maybe not

guys theres not gonna be a part 2 for this from my side but if anybody is really creative then i suggest all of you to continue this story with the title “the immigrant mother(part x)” lets see how many parts its gonna have.

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