The Small Things 22

I am Viktoria I am 14 and I have a brother who is just turning 16. I have two younger sisters 10 and 12. We were going to Spain and we had to stay in the hotel at the airport before we went so we were sure to not miss the plane.

Mom and Dad had decided that Peter and I would have one room. Mom and my younger sisters will sleep with them. We checked in and we were happy. Peter turned on the TV and Mom came and said good night and we were alone.

It was the first time we were alone in a hotel room. I take off my top and my jeans and grab my towel and I go to the shower. I take off the rest and I begin to shower and then the shower door opens it was Peter.

He was naked and he says I want to shower with you. I say BUT? He looked at me and said we showered together before. I say yes like when we were 10. He takes the shampoo bottle and puts the shampoo in his hand.

He begins to put shampoo in my body I look at him as he puts shampoo on my breasts. I said to Peter to stop and he said relax he gave me a kiss and I looked at him. He says I want to have some sister love I say sure I love you but you kiss me.

I felt his cock against my hip and it was hard. I feel his hand down on my pussy and he continues down on my legs. He stood up and he showed me. He says your turn I shower him with water and I take the shampoo and I begin to put the shampoo on his body.

I come down to his cock and it hit my lips and he smiles. He says Viktoria kiss my cock I look at his cock. I look at him and I gave his cock a kiss. He pulls back the skin and I see his red top.

I feel his hand on my neck and he pushes me against his cock. I resisted and he said suck on my cock Viktoria just a little. I reluctantly gave in as his cock pressed against my lips, I didn’t have much of a choice.

His cock slid into my mouth. He started moving his cock in and out like he was fucking me. I sucked on his cock while he moved his cock in and out then he pushed my head down and held me and then he came in my mouth.

He says swallow now Viktoria. I tried to get free but couldn’t so I swallowed his sperm. He says good work sister and he let me go. He says you suck good have you done it before? No, I say Never.

He smiles and says turn around and put your hands on the wall. I obey him and I feel his hand on my hips and I feel his cock between my legs. He pushes his cock up and against my pussy.

He pushes a bit and it happens his cock begins to slide into my pussy. It was my first time, I feel his cock slide all the way in and he begin to move his cock in and out. He moved his hands from my hips to my breast and he squeezed them.

He kissed me on my neck and my shoulder. Then it happened I felt my brother come inside me. I felt lode after lode come inside me and I was so happy my Mom gave me the pills so I didn’t need to worry.

He let me go and he said you are an amazing sister. He still looks at my breast. He showers fast and he goes out and dries himself and he says let us go to bed. I want to fuck you more sister.

I looked at him but I obeyed him and I dried myself and I was on the way to put the towel around my body but he stopped me and said you don’t need that. I follow him naked to bed.

I see his cock was hard already and he lay down and tell me he wanted me to ride on his cock. I have never done it but I see it on TV. I go up in the bed and I stand over him and I bend my legs.

I take his cock in my hand and put it against my pussy and I sit down on his cock. I feel it slide into me deeper than before. I was sitting down on his cock it was all the way in and I begin to try to move my body up and down.

I had a bit of a problem making it feel good. But soon I ride his cock and I feel my brother’s hand on my breast he was squeezing them and pinching my nipples and as I start to ride faster he come inside me and I felt load after load come inside me. I lay down on the side of him.

I feel he come and lay down behind me and I feel his hand around my body and his hand on my breast. I wake up in the morning as I feel something was pushing against my pussy.

I feel his hand on my breast and I begin to remember last night and what happened. I look behind me and I see my brother. He smiles and says, good morning sister. I feel his cock slide into me.

I felt my brother pushing his cock all the way in and then he begins to move his cock in and out. I just lay there and waited for him to be done. I say to him Mom and Dad will soon come and wake us up.

I feel he come and the door open, it was Mom that walked in on us. Good morning she smiled and she saw I was without a bra. She asked my brother did you have a good night with your sister.

Yes, Mom, good you and your sister will have one room together. She pulls off the cover and she see us naked. She asks Peter so you been with your sister? Yes, Mom, and she says sister love has never hurt anyone.

Good for you she looks at me and says I was your age when my Dad educated me to be the best daughter a Dad can have. She smiled and she left us. Peter looked at me and said good Mom says you take Birth control pills.

So, I can fuck you as much as I want. I ask why you know that. He smiles and says Mom asked if I was interested in you one day when you walk around in your bra and panties. I say you begin to have big breasts, sorry Mom.

She begins to say sister love is normal and it happens but I must wait for 2 months more before I can sleep with you so she can put me on birth control pills. After that is up to me and be nice to your sister.

She will get used to it in time. So, I tried last night and it worked out and you were a good sister who did what I wanted as a sister will do. He says so suck my cock before we shower and go down to breakfast.

I looked at him but I knew it was too late to fight back. I go down and sit between his legs and begin to suck his cock until he comes. Mom had given me to my brother and it was nothing I could do about it.

I know it happens to one of my friends and another has her dad fucking her. These things happen to us girls. Mom and Grandpa lived alone together after Grandma divorced him and she didn’t want Mom. I think it just happened.

The Trip,

We were soon in Spain and I loved the beach and it was fun. My brother fucks me in the morning and all night. He was happy and one day Mom and he was going on a day trip shopping so I was alone with Dad.

Dad came to my room in his swimming shorts and I had my bikini on me. I was on the balcony when he came inside my room. I went and hugged him he gave me a kiss on my mouth. I smile and he kisses me again with a long kiss.

I feel he pull in my bikini straps and my bikini open. He holds me in place and he pull the straps in my bikini bottoms I feel them fall to the floor. He stops kissing and says can you make your dad happy too.

Mom has been talking about her and her Dad and you and your brother’s love. I was thinking we could have a bit of father, daughter time. I know I don’t have a choice. I go down on my knee and pull down his swimming shorts.

His cock come out hard, his cock was dreaming about me. I open my mouth and let his cock into my mouth. I push his cock all the way in and I begin to move my head up and down.

I heard my Dad moan and say God it feels so amazing when you suck my cock. I suck for a short time and he comes in my mouth. I swallow his sperm and I look up to him. Dad looks so happy and I stand up and kiss him.

I feel his cock against my belly. We kiss and he says Mom never suck my cock. He lifted me up and he carried me to the bed and lay me down. He comes on top of me and I open my legs and he pushes in his hard cock.

I feel his cock slide into me his cock was much bigger than my brother’s cock. It slid deeper inside me. My Dad kisses me and I feel his hand on my breast. He squeezed my breast and he say your boobs are so soft and nice.

He begins to push his cock in and out faster and then a last push and he comes inside me. I feel my pussy get full of his sperm. Dad lay on top and he kissed me. I say Dad can you move you are a bit heavy I smile and he rolls off me.

I asked him do he wanted more. He asked can I have more. Sure I say Mom has told me she takes care of her Dad and it is so good to be a good daughter so I must try to do it even if it is a new feeling and it feels strange to have my brother and my Dad fucking me.

I have friends that have their Dads fucking them and horny brothers that do the same with my friends. He looks at me and asks what friend fuck her Dad? I say it’s a secret I say. He looks a bit disappointed so I begin to suck his cock.

I suck his cock and Dad looks at me sucking his cock and then he comes. I feel my mouth get full of my Dad’s sperm. I begin to swallow his sperm. I suck his cock hard and I go on top and begin to ride his cock.

I feel my Dad’s hands on my breast and he plays with them and pulls in my nipples. I ride his cock up and down and his cock was hard and then I feel he come into my pussy. I go down to suck his cock hard again.

My Little Sisters,

The door opened and my sisters ran inside. Where is Dad? They stop as they see us in bed naked and me sucking his cock. They ask what are you doing with Dad? I give him a massage.

Can we do it too? No, you are too young for that. Dad looks like he panicked. But they say no we are big girls… Anna the oldest began to take off her clothes and sit down beside me.

She opens her mouth and lets the cock slide into her small mouth she pushes it in and begins to suck on Dad’s cock. Dad cannot stop and he comes into her mouth I push down her mouth and I say now you swallow as a big girl.

Anna swallowed and then she looked at me and I said is the price you pay to do big girl stuff. I look at Zara and I say do you want to do it too? She begins to take off her cloth and I tell her to suck her Dad’s cock.

She opened her mouth reluctantly but then she started sucking Daddy’s cock. She sucked and soon it was hard and I saw how his cock slid in and out of her mouth then he came in her mouth.

The Talk To Keep Dad Safe,

I pushed her head down and said swallow now like your big sister and I have done. So, I looked at my sisters and said this is something between us sisters and dad. It’s not something we talk about with teachers or even Mom.

She did it with her father and it’s something fathers and daughters do together because they love each other. Many think is bad, and the Police will take our Dad to Jail if you tell anyone.

We don’t want that, do we? No, they look down so now you know. You wanted to be big girls and this is one thing we big girls do. You wanted to try to be a big Girl so be a big girl and keep quiet about this. If you want to be nice to Dad you can suck his cock from time to time.

Go and play to Mom and our brother come home and never tell our brother. Is so important and if he sees it he will make you do it with him too and maybe more things as he does with me that you don’t want to do.

They nodded and I told them to put on their clothes and go and eat ice cream. We will soon come and swim and play and have fun. They nodded and put on their clothes and they ran away.

I look at my Dad and say now you have us all. I smile and his cock was hard so I go on top again and I begin to ride his cock. I didn’t hear the door open again. It was Anna she stood and look at us as I ride his cock.

Anna says what are you doing with Dad? I look and I see Anna standing there. I see her and I say what are you doing here? I forgot my bag. She points at a bag and I say take it and go.

She looks at me and says are Dad fucking you? My teacher talked about this in school. When we talk about making babies. I say yes but you need to get older and take birth control pills before you do this we do.

She left us and I rode a bit more before he came. We went down to the pool where they were waiting for us. We had a great time together in the pool. Mom came back with my brother and two bags of clothes.

Brother Is Back And Horny

That evening Brother came and gave me a bag with underwear, Bras, and G strings. Mom says you must look sexy for me. He smiles and says I am horny, sister. Put them on and I can see if you look sexy.

I take off my clothes and begin to put on the new Bra and G string. My brother took his mobile and he took a photo of me in my Bra and G string. He smiles and says you look sexy as hell.

He begins to take off his clothes. His cock was standing and he come up behind me and unbuttoned my bra and he take the bra off me. He begins to pull in my G string and I let him take it off me.

He took me to the bed and he pushed me down and I landed on my back and he was on top of me right away. He kissed me and I feel his cock against my pussy and his cock slide into me.

I feel him push his cock all the way into my pussy and I say to him it hurt slow down brother. You must understand my pussy needs a bit of time to be okay. He moaned and said okay then.

I said look on the internet and you will know this about foreplay. I looked into his eyes and I said if you want to sleep with me, you actually have to be kind to me. At least you have to take it easy in the beginning.

Yes Yes, he said okay, I’ll do it. I have been looking at it online for good advice for young girls to their boyfriends. He begins to slowly move his cock in and out and I say now my pussy begins to be wet so you can move faster.

I feel him begin to fuck me harder and faster and he comes inside me. I feel lode after lode come inside me. I say to my brother are you done? I am hungry and I want to put on my clothes and go down and eat.

He looked at me and he let me go. He lay in bed and as I began to put in my G-string I saw him take a photo of me naked in my G string I went to him and I took his mobile and I deleted the photo of me.

I hit him and said you want to show your stupid friend naked photos of me? Yes, it was just Kent who showed her sister naked photos. You are more sexy than his sister and… I look at him and I say so he fucks his sister and that is why you fucking me so you can say you make me sleep with you too?

I was so angry. So, what was your plan for me? When he blackmails me? To get me to sleep with your friend Kent. Have you slept with his sister? I see his face turn red and I know he did.

I will Never ever sleep with Kent so you know and if you want your sister’s privilege in bed you tell Kent he will never ever have me. I saw my brother was scared and I said If he came close to me I would get the police to come and take him and you.

The New Family,

I left the room and went down to the restaurant where Mom and Dad were and my sisters too. My brother came down 10 minutes later and we ate and talked. I looked at my younger sisters and they were a bit quiet tonight.

I wonder if Dad makes them suck his cock a bit. I can’t ask them but he was alone with them as I go online and look for advice to get my brother to slow down. I look at them and I think there is nothing to do.

They open the door to make Dad happy is time they learn to not be curious and say they are big girls. I just hope our brother doesn’t get to know about this. Anna is in danger zone as she begins to look like me.

She looks a bit older than her age. She grows so fast and today I see her naked and her breast has been growing a lot.

Anna And Zara’s Day.

I look at my older sister and I know I don’t know what to say. After the pool, we go to our room and Dad comes into our room as we change clothes from Swimming clothes and he says Anna do you think you can make your dad happy? I look at my Dad and at my sister.

I go to my Dad and he says to stand on your knee and he takes out his cock. I put my lips against his cock and he push it in I was naked in front of him. He came fast and I felt lode after lode come into my mouth and Dad said to Zara Would you like to help your sister?” Zara came slowly and sat down beside me.

She begins to suck his cock hard and I see she gets a bit of taste from his sperm from the beginning. She sucks his cock hard and Dad says to Zara can you go down and get some Coca-cola and chips from the shop?

He went and got his money and gave it to Zara and Zara was so happy she put on her cloth and ran down and I was alone with Dad. He brings me to his bed and he says can we do the same as your sister and me did?

Viktoria says I must eat the birth control pills before I can do that with you Dad. Dad says I will not come inside you. I just want to see if you can do it with me. I say okay. Dad makes me lie down and he comes on top.

I feel his cock against my pussy and I felt my pussy slowly open up to my dad’s big cock. It slowly slides into me bit by bit and my dad moaned and say your pussy is so tight.

He begins to move his cock in and out I feel it happen my Dad was fucking me. He kisses me and says Anna relax I feel him move his cock in and out a bit faster as my pussy gets wet Dad don’t come inside me.

I feel it happen Dad come inside me. I ask did you come inside me? He says I’m sorry Anna I will go to the pharmacy to get some day-after pills. He left me and Zara came back with a big bag of chips.

I tell my sister I must go to the toilet and when I come back out Dad comes back and gives me the day-after pills. I take it so my sister does not see it. We relax and we look at the TV before Mom comes home.

Now I see my older sister I want to tell her Dad did it with me too. But I didn’t want my brother and Mom to know. I just look at her and I know I must tell her tomorrow. Mom and Dad drink a lot and laugh and my brother looks at Viktoria and her breasts. I see his hand on her. It felt strange.

I was sleeping and the door opened it was Dad he came to me he was naked and He lay down and he said can we do that thing again? The pills help still. I felt he was pulling down my panties and he told me to turn around and I did.

I feel my Dad’s cock slide into me. He begins to fuck me slowly and I feel his cock move deeper inside me. I felt his hand under my shirt and around my young breasts and he squeezed them.

He kissed me on my neck and then he came inside me… I felt it happen and he said thanks and he left me. I lay there naked and I heard Zara say what did Dad do with you? I say he does something new with me.

He fucks you? Who do you know? I am not stupid. My friend showed me on her Tab and we see the man push his cock into a girl’s pussy. So, Dad did it with you? Yes, he did but it must be a secret.

Did it hurt? Yes a bit in the beginning but it feels good after a bit of time. Zara turned around and soon she slept. I lay there and was thinking about Dad. He was fucking me. He was fucking Viktoria.

So, will he fuck Zara but she is too young. But Viktoria said I was too young and I must talk to her tomorrow. I fell asleep and I woke up in the morning of Dad coming back and I felt his cock slide into me.

He begins to push in his cock all the way and then he begins to move his cock in and out. I say to Dad to be fast as Zara and Mom maybe wake up. He says okay and he pushes in and out his cock a bit faster and then he comes inside me.

He left the room and I was thinking about what would happen with me and Dad. Zara says he did it again is not good you can get pregnant. I know I must talk to my big sister. Yes, you must do that.

We went up and showered and it was time for breakfast. Down there we meet her we sit together and she asks as she looks around so nobody listens. I begin and tell her about Dad. He has been with me 3 times and I need pills he gave me the day-after pills but I can’t take them all the time.

I think I can go and buy them at the pharmacy and say I lost my pills so I can buy new and you can begin so you don’t get pregnant and we get more when we come home. We ate breakfast and I was happy I had saved some money.

I went to the pharmacy and the lady was understanding. She gave me the pills and she says Hope you have a good time with your boyfriend. I smile and say thanks. I gave my little sister the pills and I got some Day-after pills too.

I hug my older sister and say thanks and I take my first pill. It felt good and the day after pills so now Dad can sleep with me as much as he wants. We went back to the hotel and Mom, my little sister and my brother were on the beach.

We find Dad in his room. I tell Dad I got Anna some pills. Dad, you must be careful with Anna she can’t get pregnant and try to get her pills when we come home. He looked at us and said we are alone can we not have some fun?

So, we begin to take off our clothes. He smiles as he sees us naked, He lays down naked in bed. We sit down in the bed on each side of Dad. I take his cock in my hand and move my hand up and down.

Anna bends down and she takes the red top in her mouth and begins to suck his cock. Dad put his hand on my breast and he squeezed my breast. I bend down and kiss my Dad and he smiles.

I didn’t see but Anna was already on top she slowly begins to ride on dads cock. I kiss Dad again and I feel he play with my breast. He moaned and said Oh God my daughters are amazing. He soon comes and Anna goes off him.

Anna comes and kisses Dad and I go and begin to suck my Dad’s cock hard. It was soon hard and I got on top. I begin to ride my Dad’s cock as I see Anna and Dad kissing and I felt a bit jealous at Anna kissing Dad.

He played with her breasts and he kissed them too. I feel my Dad come inside me too. I lay down on Dad’s belly and I kiss Dad too. I turned my head and I met Anna’s eyes and she gave me a kiss.

Dad looked at us and he put his hand on my neck and pushed my head closer to Anna and said give her a kiss. I look at Anna and I slowly meet her lips and we kiss. Dad looks at us and says good you girls have love for each other.

The mobile call was Mom calling to say they will eat soon and want us to join them. We shower and I ask my sister why she kisses me. She says my friend says guys like when girls kiss. You see Dad was happy.

Me and Anna in the shower,

See, we must practice a bit Anna kissed me in the shower and I kissed her back she put her hand on my breast squeezed my breast, and said they are so soft and big and I hope I get big like you soon.

Dad likes your breasts more than mine. No, He kissed and stuck on your breast he had never done that to me. Anna looks at me and she kisses my breast and she sucks on my nipples. Dad opens the door and says Girls hurry up Mom is waiting.

We hurried up and we were soon down to the restaurant and we ate. My brother looked at me. I knew what he wanted to do after we ate. I look at Anna and she looks at our brother and he looks at my breast.

We eat and I go up to our room. My brother was following me and he said I missed you. I say you are just horny. I smile and I come and let it be over. We come to our room and I take off my clothes and lay down in the bed.

He was soon naked and He lay down on top of me. The door opened and it was Anna she came into the room. She sees him on top of me. He soon felt something was wrong and he turned around.

Anna, what are you doing here? He stands up and goes close to Anna. He looks at her and he begins to pull in her blouse he unbuttons the buttons. Anna tried to fight back and I said let her be brother.

He told me to be quiet and I was quiet. He began to undress but she tried to stop him but she was soon naked. He pushes her to the bed and he pushes her into the bed and he looks at us.

He makes Anna open her legs and I see him lay down and push in his cock in her pussy. He begins to fuck her I say you can’t do that she can get pregnant. He says Mom will take her to the hospital soon anyway.

I have been talking to Mom about it. I see him push his cock in Anna a last hard time and he comes inside Anna. I was happy Anna took her pills but not over my brother taking Anna as his bed toy like me.

He says to Anna come and suck my cock. Anna looks at me but she goes to her brother and she begins sucking his cock. It was soon hard and he came back to me. Anna sit and look at us as he was fucking me. I feel my brother come inside me. He was so happy he had now 2 sisters in his bed.

Dad and Zara,

Mom was going down to the shop and I followed Dad to the room and he says Zara do you have some time to do that thing? I look at Dad and say sure I go to my room and Dad follows me and I take off my clothes and turn around.

I see Dad’s cock standing he was naked too. I go down on my knee and I begin to suck his cock. I suck his cock until he comes into my mouth. Zara lay down in your bed I obeyed I didn’t think he would do it with me.

He sits down between my legs and I see his cock was hard he pushes his cock against my pussy. I felt it slowly open Dad push and push and soon it slides inside my pussy. It hurt a bit and Dad lay down on top of me.

He fucks me slowly and I say Dad yes Zara, just a bit more and I lay there. Then he sits up and pulls out and I see a load of sperm come on my belly and a lot more. Dad says go and shower now so Mom does not see.

I go to the shower and I see some blood go out from my pussy. I shower and I think it was the first time the internet says girls bleed the first time. I put some paper in my panties. I get out of the shower and put on my clothes.

I go out and Mom just comes and she says to me you can go and look for your sisters and brother and you can look on TV together. Dad and I will have a romantic night. I went to my sister’s room and Anna was there and I said to them. Dad and Mom will have a romantic night we all need to sleep here.

My Brother didn’t look Happy. But my sisters look so Happy. It was a slow night. My brother looked at my sisters and I knew what he was thinking. But He didn’t do anything. We were looking at Netflix all night.

I woke up late the next day I slept with Anna in front of me. Vicktoria was behind me and I felt small pushing. I lay there and I try to relax but I think I know what happen it was my brother fucking my sister.

I begin to show I wake up and I feel my brother stop fucking my sister. I feel Sister and him pull up their underwear. I was happy my brother didn’t fuck me. I wake up Anna and say it’s breakfast and we all go down to eat.

It was a strange vibe between us. Our brother left first and Viktoria looked at me. You know what is happening between Peter and me. He is fucking you? Yes, he is and he fuck Anna too last night for the first time.

I say Dad did it with me last night too but he came on my belly. My sisters look at me and say you are too young. I know but he pushed it in and lay on top of me. Is not safe and you are too young for pills and is not right.

Maybe a condom Anna says yes maybe. Mom come and say let us go to Town and do some shopping for you girls. We were away all day and came home late. Mom was so happy and when we came home.

Dad hugged us all and asked if it was fun and we said yes it was fun. He looks like he was disappointed to not fuck me all day or my sisters. But Mom was happily kissing him and then she said to him she wanted to go out.

I left for my room and my brother waited for me. He was naked and I took off my cloth and I take his cock into my mouth. I begin to suck it and taste sperm so he must be playing with himself.

I feel when the first load comes and then more and more come. He looks at me and he says when will Anna come? I say Anna is too young you cannot fuck us both, but why not she is soon 13 and is okay I think.

Call her I look at my brother and then I go and get my mobile and call Anna and I say brother wants you to come. I am with Dad I can’t come. I tell my brother that and he says okay come and ride me. I did as he wanted and I ride on his cock and we fell asleep together in the bed.

The week go fast when your Dad and your brother is fucking you all the time it was time to go home. I was thinking about what would happen to us as we landed at the airport. We were home and all returned to normal for some days.

But it was not as my brother had forgotten us. His friend was over and he was looking at me and my breast. My brother closed the door. My friend calls and I go home to her.

Anna, Brother, and His Friend,

I was in my room as my brother and his friend came into my room and they closed the door behind them. He says to me Kent knows our secret and I see Kent begin to take off his clothes.

I say but yes he let me fuck his sister and now I let him have you. He came and he pulled off my shirt. I tried to stop him but soon my bra was off and I felt Kent unbutton my jeans and he pulled them off me. I was naked with the guys.

I feel Kent’s cock sliding into my pussy. I feel my brother’s cock against my lips and he pushes it in. I gave up and Kent begin to fuck me. I open my mouth and I begin to suck my brother’s cock. Kent squeezed my breasts and he said they were nice I hope soon we can have fun with Viktoria too.

I tell you I need more time and I want to fuck your other sister too. AK she is so hot. I feel Kent come inside me and my mouth gets full of my brother’s sperm and I swallow.

They change place and I take Kent’s cock into my mouth and begin to suck his cock. I didn’t see he had his mobile in his hand. He was filming me sucking his cock and he stop and then I see a flash from his mobile.

He takes naked photos of me. I say stop Kent you can’t take photos of me naked. Your brother has naked photos of my sister. So, is not more than right I have some on you. So, He took some more and then they left me.

Some days later Kent called me and told me to come home to him. I said No and he said you want your photos online I gave up and I say I coming. I come and he let me in and he take me to a room.

His sister was there naked and she looked at me and he pushed me in and said take off your clothes. She looks at me as I undress. I was naked with her and he said kiss my sister.

I look at her and I go to bed and I sit down with her and I kiss her. He began to take photos of us kissing. He smiles and says you girls look amazing. He tells her sister to lie down on her back and he make me lay in the other way and he say lick my sister’s pussy.

Kent, His sister, and Anna,

Look at the shaved pussy in front of me. I begin to lick her pussy as he films me doing. I feel His sister begin to lick my pussy. He filmed us and then he left the room. She says I am sorry he does that when he needs money.

He sells the photos online to a guy. I ask do my brother fuck you too? Yes, she looks down. I say I think they plan to sleep with your sister too. Yes I know is just a question about time.

I hear them talk about Viktoria and the movie they want us to do. I think they just make you do it with me. He came back and he said I want to fuck you, Anna. He gave his sister the mobile.

He makes me lie down and he kisses me and he comes on top and opens my legs and pushes his cock inside me. He begins to fuck me I look to the side and his sister was filming me. I feel he come inside me.

He said you did that good he gave me a kiss and he took the mobile and left. I look at his sister and say this must stop. He will make us into porn stars online. We must go to the police.

She says I know I have some guys asking for me to sell myself I am all over the internet. She begins to cry. I hug her and I say let us make your brother stop this today. I called Viktoria and told her all that happened.

She was soon over to Kent’s house. We talked about it and Viktoria as were all photos. She says on his computer and we go to his room. We soon found all the photos and films. Viktoria finds photos and films of her and me in the shower naked.

So this is what the boys do? Yes, she says they have hidden cameras they film me with. Viktora says we must stop your brother. We begin to move all the files to a memory stick. Viktoria called our Brother and Kent.

They come and I tell them I have the photos and it ends here. I asked Kent where is the last photos of my sister. He says is still on my mobile. She takes the mobile and she looks at the films and the photos and she deletes them.

She says if you or my brother do this again. We will send all this to the police. We can’t stop you guys fucking your sisters but making my sisters sleep with your friends is different. Kent looks so scared and says don’t send it to the police.

So, never ever look at us and brother if he gets a problem with the police you will have the same problem and if you put any more photos of her on the Internet I send it to the police.

Viktoria took Kent’s sister’s number and we left. Viktora says good you call me. I will kill my brother and make sure this was the last time he did this to us. A scared brother came home an hour later.

I go to him and I say to him did you not think when I say to you I never let your so call friend fuck me and it was okay to fuck Anna? Take off your clothes. He begins to take off his clothes.

We begin to take photos of him naked and we make him do a hand job and so on. We say to him from today you will never fuck your sisters again. I will post your photos online.

We left the room and Anna ask me do I think he will stop fucking us. She says yes I hope so but we will see. He needs to learn that we have feelings too. So, from now is just Dad.

Yes, so it will be easy and we can keep him happy. I hugged my sister and it felt good. I go back to my brother’s room and I say to him take down the hidden camera in our shower. He says okay I left him.

I was not sure but a horny boy like him will try to get us back in his bed. Dad has been with us so he will fuck us many years in the future. Maybe I tell you more about that Hug Viktoria, Anna, Zara,

Dark Dreams