Twins are the best

I know guys fantasize about twin sisters but it rarely happens. But I must have been living right, being with not one but 2 sets of twins before I was even in high school. The first were Jane and Janet, they weren’t at all pretty but had killer bodies with really big tits. I’d been fooling around with Janet for about a month, but one day I went over after school and I could tell something was up by the grins on their faces. Janet took me in her bedroom and told me to undress saying she’d be right back. To my delight when she came back Jane was with her and they were both naked. They started taking turns sucking my cock then I swapped back & forth sucking their huge tits. I fucked Jane first giving it to her from behind while Janet watched and played with her pussy. after shooting my load all over her back and ass she sucked my cock and got me hard again.

I started fucking Janet and had her legs over my shoulders really fucking the hell out of her. But I didn’t shoot off inside her. I moved up and started fucking her big tits. After coating her tits in my hot cum they said they knew something that would really turn me on and they got in bed together and started rubbing their tits together getting both girls tits glazed with my cum. I tried to get them to lick & suck each other’s tits but they wouldn’t. I kept trying to talk them into it and got the shock of my life when Jane said I sounded like their step father trying to get them to suck each others tits and eat each others pussy, but that they weren’t gay. I never got to have another threesome with them but did get to fuck Janet many times and a couple of times when I’d go over and she wasn’t there Jane would suck me off or fuck me.

The other twins were very different, where Janet & Jane were identical twins Susan and Tammy were not. But unlike Janet & Jane these two were smoking hot. They were both cheerleaders at our school. They had blonde hair & blue eyes and though their tits weren’t as big as Janet & Jane’s they were very nice for their thin athletic bodies. I’d been flirting with both of them at the start of the school year not knowing they were sisters and one day to my surprise Susan invited to her house after school saying her parents wouldn’t be home and we’d have the house to ourselves. I rode my bike over thinking the whole way I was going to get that sexy cheerleader’s pussy. But I was surprised when Tammy answered the door. Being that they were both cheerleaders I figured they were friends and Tammy had just happened to drop by. But as soon as I got in the door I saw several portraits of the two of them together at various ages. Susan came into the room and in a sarcastic tone said I think you know my twin sister and put her arm around Tammy’s shoulder.

It turned out they had seen me somewhere and started comparing notes. But after we talked for a while we were all laughing. After that we started hanging out together a lot. They were new in town and every guy at school had been hitting on them and a few wouldn’t take no for an answer so they started telling people I was their boyfriend. I was suddenly like the king of the school with people thinking I had two sisters as my girlfriends, and not just any sisters but two of the hottest girls at the school. When we were alone it was just friendly, but at school they’d both be all over me and we’d kiss. And not only guys were impressed, but some of the best looking girls were suddenly getting friendly. I guess they thought I must be really something if I could handle 2 girls at once. Which at the time I was also the biggest guy in our school at over 6-3 and was on the football team & basketball team. So I had it going on in Jr High School. This had gone on with the three of us for a couple of months and one day I took them into some woods that had a stream running through it and at one spot it was deep enough to swim in.

I was just joking when I asked if they wanted to go skinny dipping? But to my surprise they looked at each other then asked if I promised not to tell anyone. Of course I promised, but thinking it might be just a ploy to see them naked they said I had to undress first. So I took off my shirt and then pulled my shorts & underwear off together. At the time my cock was just under 8″ and thick. We’d never done anything sexual but I could tell by the way they were looking at my cock they were thinking about it. It didn’t take long for them to strip and I got my first look at them naked and they were even hotter than I’d imagined they would be. We got in the water and before long were splashing each other and playing around. They ganged up on me and I grabbed Susan and REALLY by accident while pulling her in front of me as a shield my hands were cupping her tits and my hard cock was pressing against her ass. But rather than pulling away she said that it felt good and that they were wondering when I’d try and do something with them. At that she reached back & wrapped her hand around my hard cock.

Tammy came over and pulled my head down where she could reach me and started kissing me as her sister fondled my cock & balls. We moved over to some big rocks and got up against them. They both played with my cock and I’d suck their tits and I took turns kissing them. But I got a surprise when I saw out of the corner of my eye that Tammy had a couple of fingers in her sister’s pussy just under the water. As time went on I saw them squeeze each other’s tits etc. I’d got Tammy flat against the rock and had started sliding my cock in her pussy when Susan said what was that and we all got quiet and heard what sounded like someone coming our way. We got dressed real quick and got on the trail heading back when we learned what the noise was. It turned out to be their dog who I guess followed their scent. But the moment had passed as far as us doing anything. Though before we left the cover of the woods I did kiss them both again and felt up their tits. And looked in Tammy’s eyes and said to be continued later? She smiled and said for sure.

A few days later I got to fuck Tammy for the first time and soon got Tammy. We’d been hooking up just one girl with me at a time while the other was in another room. They just lived with their dad and he drove a tow truck. One afternoon he called and was a couple of hundred miles away picking up a car and his tow truck had broken down so he’d be gone all night. He knew I hung out with them but considered us just friends, but it still shocked all of us when he asked Susan to see if my parents would let me stay with them. That night was the first time the 3 of us had sex in a threesome and it was great. It was also the first time I saw two sisters kiss & suck each other’s tits and eat each other. And I went to sleep that night with a hot naked girl on both sides of me. It was a Saturday so we didn’t have school so after their dad called again and said it would be that night before he got home we went at it again. It turned out they had fantasized the two of them being with one guy. And for the rest of the school year I actually had 2 twin sisters as girlfriends for real. Unfortunately their dad got a job out of state and they moved at the end of the school year. But I had girls throwing themselves at me after that. It turned out they had confided in a few of their friends that they were both having sex with me and some girls were disgusted but the hot one who were into sex were anxious to see what they’d been missing out on. I don’t consider myself some stud but perception is everything.

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