Taking Care Part 1

Eighteen year old Emma was walking towards the house where she did work for the local council helping the elderly African lady who live there, Emma was training to be a nurse part of her training was to work as a care assistant for three months, when she arrived at the house the door was opened by Ife the granddaughter of the African lady, Emma had met Ife before and knew that she was four years younger than what she was, Emma also knew that Ife had a twin brother nicknamed pun because he liked telling jokes. Ife told Emma that her gran was in bed, after checking on the lady Emma started doing some work then pun walked in looked at Emma who was bending over a bucket and slapped her bum saying nice bum as he did, Emma stood up saying not for you, then Ife walked up behind her and said ” let me rub it better ” and started rubbing Emma’s bum then stopped saying ” she has no panties on ” this was true, as it was hot Emma had decided not to wear any underwear under her nylon uniform, Emma moved forward saying hands off but as she moved forward Emma fell over the bucket rolling onto her back as she landed, Ife knelt down and said ” let me check if she is wearing panties ” and started to undo the poppers on Emma’s uniform, Emma tried stopping Ife but as she did pun knelt saying has she got a bra on and started to undo the top of Emma’s uniform, Emma could not stop the twins and after a short time her uniform was wide open exposing her naked ample boobs and love tube, Ife started rubbing Emma’s love tube saying no panties as she did while her brother rubbed Emma’s boobs saying ” nice tits no bra as he did ” Emma tried to stop the twins but was unable to do so, Emma was getting aroused by the twins playing with her body and relaxed, pun started to lick and suck Emma’s nipples which had become erect while Ife carried on rubbing her love tube, after ten minutes Emma was feeling very aroused, pun stopped rubbing her boobs as he did Ire moved round and started to rub Emma’s boobs and kick her nipples, Emma saw that pun had undid his trousers and had his seven inch erection out then after a few minutes she felt it slide into her very wet love tube and start to thrust in and out while Ife carried on licking her nipples, Emma was soon groaning in deep pleasure and loving what was happening to her, then after ten minutes cried out in pleasure as she climaxed, pun carried on thrusting in and out of Emma’s love tube while his sister carried on licking her nipples, after another ten minutes Emma climaxed a second time then pun pulled his dick out of Emma’s love tube and squirted his cum over Emma’s body, before Emma could move Ife had pushed her fingers up Emma’s love tube and started to finger her while still sucking her nipples, after twenty minutes of being fingered Emma climaxed again, not long after the twins sat back smiling at Emma, Ire said ” she was good I liked that and she has got nice tits ” Emma got up and after having a shower started to leave the house, pun said ” you coming again ” Ife then said to Emma ” we will always help you ” Emma walked away looking forward to her next visit which was due on the following day.