Watching Mom Go Black Part 3 A Friend In Need

A few weeks had passed since my mom had made her first real porn film. Every time we see each other she tells me how much she gets off when she watches it. I always tell her that she’s welcome back whenever she wants and that I’d love to see those magnificent boobs again. Then one day she calls me out if the blue acting anxious wanting to meet for lunch. We meet that afternoon and she says she’s in trouble. One of her friends, Angela, found her video online and is threatening to expose her. Mom says that she’s the bitchy type of ‘friend’ that is always trying to get something from you. I tell her that it would be best if she calls her so the three of us can talk. The next day we meet and the ‘friend’ sits down. She looks very attractive, not quite like my mother, but still sexy. She had similar sized breasts as my mom and a wider waist. She had a chocolate-brown hair color compared to my mother’s golden blonde. It was her ass that made her stand out, a juicy heart shaped ass with nice thick thighs to complement. The time to admire her was short lived as she immediately went off calling my mom a whore saying, “How could you fuck a black man like that behind your husbands back? How could you let your own son film it? What is wrong with you?”

My mom looked shaken and red in the face when I stepped in and asked, “Your married, too. What are you doing watching porn like that anyway?”

She had no answer and that’s when I knew she had nothing. If she exposed my mom then I would tell her husband she’s watching, and likely more, bbc porn while he’s at work. “How many times did you watch the video? Where you alone, on the bed, getting all steamy with yourself, huh? What part got you off more, huh, my mom getting fucked like a whore, or the black cock she was taking?” I asked.

“Alright, you win. I normally watch a couple videos here and there when my husband’s at work, but I would never cheat on him. I thought the interracial scenes were just harmless fantasy but I got into it more and more. Then I saw your video and it got me off more than I ever have”, Angela admitted finally.

“Sounds like your a pretty naughty woman, Angela. You know I can take your ‘harmless fantasy’ and make it a reality, right? Your husband would never find out, and you wouldn’t have to imagine the feeling anymore, you’d get the real thing”, I replied.

“I don’t know about all that. I mean I’m sure my husband would figure it out sooner or later. I just don’t think I could actually do it”, Angela said looking flustered.

“Oh come on, we’ve been friends since highschool. Since when is the most popular girl in school going to turn down free sex with well hung black men? These aren’t inexperienced highschool boys, they’re the real deal”, my mom said.

“The most popular girl in school, huh? Sounds to me like you might have more experience than you let on. Oh and it’s not just free, you will get paid for it”, I said.

“How much– I mean no I won’t do it. I love my husband!” Angela said.

“If your getting yourself off to your friends cheating with black men then you don’t love your husband that much, and I pay $2,500 for amateurs and $5,000 for professional videos by the way.” I replied.

“Trust me, you’ll love it”, my mom said, “The man I was with was only 26 so he’s young and full of energy.”

“Well, if that’s the kind of money for just one video, then I’ll do it. Just tell me how many people will be there filming?”, Angela responded.

“There’s me, the three women I have as film crew, you and the male star”, I replied.

With the situation dealt with I went back to work and started planning the scene. We agreed at next Saturday they would be meeting for a ‘girl’s only lunch’ and then we would film the next video then. Saturday arrived at last and it was another beautiful 87 degree sunny day. My mom pulled into the parking lot with Angela in tow, as they entered the building it was clear that today would be a very good day. I showed them to the makeup room and explained what the scene would entail. I told them that this was going to be a girl, girl, boy scene and that Jame’s would be coming back once again. My mom jumped up and down like a schoolgirl excitedly saying how much she loves his cock and how much she’s wanted to get with him again.

“Developed a crush, I see?” I asked my mom, “I thought you said you still loved dad?”

“I do still love your dad, honey, but like I said last time, it’s just sex and nothing more”, she said.

I went on explaining how with their pair of boobs, we would be doing a tit-job for sure. As I explained how the scene would progress, I lost my train of thought. Angela stripped out of her shirt to put the film dress on and I got a view of her soft, warm breasts. I made sure to compliment them saying no wonder she was popular in school, with tits like that she could have anyone. Just then James came in to introduce himself. Running a finger up Angela’s chin he looked down and said, “This one’s gonna be trouble, I like fresh pussy”. Angela was flustered and thanked him saying how excited she was to be here. I told them this would be the finale of the ‘Modern Woman’ series we’ve been filming, and that two married milfs getting introduced to black cock would be an excellent finish.

I led them to the filming room and filming began. My mom and Angela were sitting on a living room couch talking about how their husbands just aren’t satisfying them anymore. They said they used to orgasm all the time now they’re lucky just to get off once a year. Then my mom explained how she’s been getting her fix in elsewhere.

“The new neighbors have a son in college, he’s SO handsome, he goes for runs everyday and that’s when I introduced myself”, she said, “I came out in a skimpy robe to check the mail when he ran by and asked if he needed anything to drink. He’s such a smart boy, he saw right through me, and we’ve been fucking almost everyday since.”

“Oh my God, Heather, I can’t believe you’d do something like that!” Angela said in fake surprise, “You having fun with the hot young neighbor boy and you never invited me over?”

“He’s coming over today, I figured I introduce you, let you ‘get to know each other’ if you know what I mean”, my mom said winking.

Just then a knock on the door and my mom went to go answer, “James! Thanks for coming, I have a surprise for you.”

“I can’t wait”, James replied.

As they walked back Angela was sitting in a very revealing blue sundress, her eyes grew large when she saw James enter. James was wearing short athletic pants and no shirt, his muscular chest glistening in sweat from his run. “What a lovely surprise” he said as my mom, standing behind him dropped her white sundress to the ground. My mom pulled down James’s pants to the ground and his cock sprang up. “Jesus, no wonder you picked him” Angela said looking at the hard black cock.

“Take a seat young man. Let mommy and her friend take care of you”, my mom said.

“My husband’s cock is barely half this big!” Angela said as she held it in her hands.

She then start to suck on it, sensually around the tip, teasing the shaft with her tongue then soon enough as deep as she could fit. “Gawk, gawk, gawk” was all Angela could say as the long, thick penis filled her mouth. My mom knelt down behind and started massaging Angela’s tits. They took turns playing with James’s cock in their mouths while fingering each others pussies. James brushed aside the hair out of their eyes and held the backs of their heads down on his cock. Just then Angela knelt up and wrapped her delicious tits around his shaft. “Let me take care of this cock with my big titties, baby” Angela said.

Her big milf tits went up and down his rock-hard dick. My mom began eating out Angela’s pussy as the foreplay and teasing continued. They switched spots and now it was my mom’s sexy titties wrapped around that big black cock, Angela eating her pussy like a pro. The girls then laid on their backs beside each other while James took turns eating their pussies. Angela began to tense up, I knew what was happening.

“Oh my God, right there, right there, right there, right there, please don’t stop, OH!”, she said as she began to orgasm. “Oh fuck you’re making me cum!”

My mom gave me a look that let me know Angela was having the time of her life. Soon after, my mother had her first orgasm as she held James’s head between her legs. “Oh Jesus, that feels so fucking good!” she said convulsing on the floor. The time had now come, James held his cock at the entrance of my mom’s hole and slowly slide inside. His cock stretching her open as he pumped slow and deep, each thrust slightly faster. Angela knelt over my mom’s face getting her pussy eaten while she kissed James. She held my mom’s legs back letting the cock go even deeper inside. “Oh fuck yes, right there! Fuck yes, right there! Fuck yes, right there!!” my mom yelled as she had her second orgasm.

“I want you to drill my fucking pussy with your cock! Fuck my married pussy, baby.” my mom said.

“That’s right, stuff her fucking hole! Make her your married whore!” Angela said.

James could only grunt as he began to climax. “Ahh, ahh, ahh” he yelled as he pumped his load deep in my mom’s pussy. Before he could recover, Angela got on her hands and knees and began twerking on the end of his black cock. “Give me some of that monster cock, baby, make me forget my husband!” she yelled as James began plowing her from behind. James grabbed onto Angela’s ass cheeks as he rammed her pussy harder and harder. The makeup she was wearing began to smear as she cried over how good this cock felt in her. It wasn’t long before she had her second, third and even fourth orgasms as James plowed her into the ground. “Oh fuck I needed this! Oh fuck I needed this! Oh fuck I needed this!” she screamed. Her large tits jiggling as they pressed into the floor. She couldn’t help herself, James flipped her on her back and was in a deep mating press, Angela’s legs wrapped tight around his back. She fell into her fifth orgasm as James busted his second load in her well used pussy. “This is what I needed, thank you for making me your married white whore!” Angela whispered to James. The three of them were now exhausted from fucking and laid down, James in the middle, and kissed. I loved watching the tender after-sex love making and when one of them is your own mother it just makes it so much better.

The cameras were now off but they were still laying there. My mom and Angela were laying with their boobs resting on James’s chest as they talked and kissed. “Thank you so much Heather, I needed this kind of sex”, Angela said. “You have such a great cock, you’re so much better than my silly husband.”

“That’s what they all tell me, it’s a good day for me when I can steal another white girl away from her husband”, James said.

“So this is what it’s like to be in porn, huh. No wonder you looked like you enjoyed yourself so much.” Angela said to my mom.

“I think the thrill of getting caught by our husbands is what makes it so hot for me”, my mom said.

After some time, long enough for the cum to soak into their pussies, mom and Angela got up to clean off. My mom gave me her ritual post-sex hug and I felt her tits and ass in my hands. After the shoot, we all went back home. When the video went up online it had millions of views overnight. My mom sent me a picture showing her and James in my parents bed naked with a caption saying, “Maybe it’s more than just sex after all.” No word on if my dad knew, but my mother had definitely fallen down the rabbit hole of becoming a black cock whore. She was too old to get pregnant but that just meant she could fuck without limits to make up for all the years she wasted staying with my dad.

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