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Man finds his way to paradise, he might just stay.

Mark 34
Amy 11
Allie 11
Vani 22
Nelly 10

My girls came in, naked and wet, and started down the hall headed towards their rooms, I assumed to get dressed. About 15 minutes later, I walk back in, carrying the last couple of boxes, I see the basement door is standing wide open. I Slowly creeper down the stairs. Expecting them the be confused by what the find down there. As I reach the bottom stair, I see my girls, still naked. To my surprise I see Amy dancing on the stage, and Allie in one of the back rooms, laying on a bed, they see me, and with much less surprise than I imagined, the are enjoying exploring the basement. I watched as my Amy worked that pole like it’s what she was made for. I made my way to the back rooms, and found the my little Allie was on the bed, touching herself.

I called them both over to the center of the room and we sat to have a discussion. I began to explain the new rules of the town, but before I could, in unison, the informed me that Nelly explained everything. Without skipping a beat, again in unison, the expressed nothing but excitement.

Nelly had told them about the no clothes, and the open free use. They are surprisingly 100% for it. The only request is that I am their first for everything. Feeling like I was having an out of body experience, I watch as the words leave my mouth.. “girls, I would absolutely love that.”

Not sure what come over me, but I instructed Amy back to the stage. She jumped up there, she began to Dance. She did far better than I wouldhave imagined. That’s when I remembered the cameras. I grabbed one out of one the rooms and set it up facing the stage to catch the show. As I stood, enamored by her dancing, I realized I was getting turned on. Just then, I felt my Allie begin pulling me to show my the tv screens. As she turned of the screens, I saw that it was all 10-13 year old girls with their parents, the people from the community, all of them engaging in wild group sex and posing for photos. There were videos too. Some of the videos even appeared to be made right in this very basement. That’s what she’d been touching herself to.
She crawled onto the bed, telling me she wants to record her daddy taking filling her holes. I asked her where she learned this behavior, and she told me that Amy and her had been watching stuff online for 2 years, and had been touching each other as well.

I got down next to her. She immediately began kissing me, and i found myself kissing her back. With a passion I’ve never felt, we kissed like young lovers. I felt her reach down and begin pulling at my zipper. Once she got it down, she reached in feeling my 7″ hard cock and began running her hand up and down the shaft. I was in such a trance I didn’t see Amy come in. She climbed up, immediately shoving 5″ down her throat. She gagged a bit, but didn’t let it stop her. Within a couple minutes i had both of them taking turns deep throating my dick. Amy asked if since she was the first born, if she could feel me in her first. Allie agreed, and with that climbed up and began slowly pushing my cock insind her virgin pussy. She cried quietly, making me instantly begin to regret allowing this to happen. I asked her to stop, saying this shouldn’t be happening, but she refused. Allie spoke up saying “Daddy, we knew it would hurt, but weve talked about doing this with you since we were 9 and saw those videos online, Amy nodded her head agreeing with her sister as she began moaning. She began shaking, slaming down hard on my cick as she came experienceing her very first orgasm. She climbed off, and before i could ever ask Allie if she was ready, She had climbed on top of me and place the head of my dick just inside her tight wet virgin hole. Then, without hesitation, she dropped down, impaling herself with my cock. Only letting out the faintest whimper, she began bouncing up and down on my meat. Amy climbed off the bed, and ran up the stairs. As if knowing what was about to happen, Allie lay herself down on my chest, still grinding on my cock. Amy returned holding a small bottle of lube and a 5” pink dildo. Without a word spoken, she got behind her sister, lubed both the toy and Allie’s asshole and pushed it into her ass. I was stunned. Not even a little pain. It was straight pleasure for her. Seeing the shock on my face, Amy, peaking around her sister, said “Daddy, weve been playing with each other’s butts for like a year. She then stood up on the bed and turned her ass towrds me. She pulled her cheeks apart revealing a buttplug with a gint purple Gem with a silver rim. Tugging and pushing it stimulating her asshole. Just then I felt it. I was about to cum harder than I ever had. I was about to tell Allie to get up, when she began shaking and gripping my sides like she was hanging on for dear life. She orgasmed, clenching her walls, making it impossible to hold back another second. I began to cum. Rope after rope, I filled her little womb. She rolled down off me, and the two of them layed next to me to cuddle. We all fell asleep right there.

The next morning, I woke up and there girls weren’t there. I walked up stairs to find them out in the pool, and to my surprise, Nelly was there. The girls saw me, and all 3 jumped out of the pool and ran to me. Throwing their arms around me my naked body. Nelly dropped to her knees and began sucking my dick. I looked down, and asked “Not even going to ask?”. She removed my dick from her mouth, replying simply with “free use, remember?”. She began sucking again and within minutes I was about to blow. I told her I was going to cum and my girls dropped down next to her, begging me to cum on all their pretty young faces. I pulled out, just as I began to shoot my load, moving back and forth to cover them all. The girls walked around the house covered in cum the rest of the day. We all had sex several times that day, and regardless of where I came, the girls wore it with pride.
Around 9, I told Nelly it was time to go home because tomorrow is my first day teach at their school and we should all be rested.