Wife Stolen On The Second Day of the Marriage

My friends banged by wife in a small party for my marriage . She’s gone insane and started loving it .

I gave a small party to my friends from my marriage, and that night my wife was fucked by them all.
My wife’s name is Divya, and I will be using her real name just to keep it real and make it feel more hot to me while writing. I will change the other names.
My wife is the same age as me, and she has a good figure of 34-27-35. She is beautiful and has a cute face, which people like. She is naturally blessed and looks awesome.
I had a few friends, three to be exact, who I needed to give a special party to. It was supposed to be just us four, but things got changed.
So my friend 1’s name is Adarsh, friend 2’s name is Vikram, and friend 3’s name is Nihal. So they are all my closest friends, my childhood friends, and we have nothing to hide from each other. They are all single but have sex every week with a hooker or anyone they can get. On my wedding day, we wanted to have a small party after all the guests were gone, but due to my parents and Divya’s parents being there, we couldn’t.
I felt like it was scrapped, but they told me they wouldn’t let me loose easy on this one, so they asked me if I was happy on the day after our wedding. I was happy about that, as all the relatives were gone, Divya’s parents were gone, and we had also shifted to our house, where I and Divya wanted to live. We had no problems now, and I couldn’t stop it now.
I asked them if they wanted to go to a bar or somewhere, and they asked if we could just have a small party at home. I felt a bit weird, as Divya would feel uncomfortable. I called her and asked if she was okay with it, and she said okay.
I felt good that she didn’t feel hesitant, so I took my friends and a few bottles of vodka and other stuff and we went to my home. Divya and I never had sex, as the first night was exhausting and we weren’t that excited to rush having sex. That night I wanted to have sex, but then this party came up.
As I knocked on the door, Divya opened it, Adarsh greeted her, and we all went in. Divya went in the kitchen and brought some snacks for us, whatever she made, and I gave an online order for food for all of us.
It was time, and I turned on the TV, and we started drinking and taking. Divya was in the kitchen alone and didn’t leave it once. The food arrived in a few minutes, and Divya went to take the order. She brought it in and asked me if I wanted to have dinner now or later. I asked all of them, and they said they could have dinner now.
Divya went in and served the food for all of us and brought it in one by one. It was the time when I noticed how lustful my friends were of her. I couldn’t believe how horny I was getting from that. She was wearing a pair of leggings and a shirt, and her pants had lines over the leggings, and it was looking so sexy. There was a gap between the thighs, which was killing me.
She looked like a bomb. Even I couldn’t help but get horny. My friends one by one got their plates, and they asked Divya to eat with us. She denied it at first, saying she would eat later, but they insisted, and she looked at me. I couldn’t help but let my lust go through, and I felt like I was getting aroused seeing my friends look at her like that.
It was extremely arousing. I said okay and insisted on eating with her as well, and she had a weird look, but she gave up and brought her plate in and sat next to me, leaving a huge gap between her and Vikram.
She obviously wasn’t that happy, but she was enjoying the chats and the TV show. She also laughed, and Nihal and Vikram started to ask her a few questions about herself. They asked her if she had ever visited a certain place, etc., and soon the chats turned darker, and even I was starting to get interested. Nihal asked her if she ever had a boyfriend, and she denied it all, saying she never had a boyfriend apparently, which I knew but I was still happy to hear that again.
They asked her if she ever had sex, and she again said never. They asked me if I didn’t have sex last night, and I said no, and they all laughed at me. They then asked if we had sex in the morning, and again I said no, and they again laughed. They turned and asked Divya if she was still a virgin, and she, in a laughing way, said yes while eating her food. They all said “aww,” and I knew they were all pretty drunk and didn’t mean to talk dirty. But it was arousing for me.
We all had separate dishes, and Vikram asked if she had ever tired of eating the dish he was eating. She said no, and he took a big portion and took his hand over to her mouth and asked her to open her mouth, and she looked at me and I gave a yes, and she opened her mouth, and he pushed the food into her mouth and then his fingers as well, and then Vikram rubbed her lips, and it was the naughtiest face a girl made in front of me. It was super hot. It was hot, so she closed her eyes and looked up while trying to chew it.
It was definitely arousing me to the max. I couldn’t help but get the biggest boner I ever got. I have a 4-inch penis, and I had some pain from how much it was erect. We all finished the food, and after we washed our hands, we had some desert, which was just ice cream that we had in our fridge.
We then started drinking again after a few minutes, and Divya was called in by Nihal this time and asked to sit with us as she would be alone and feeling bored. He asked her if she ever drank alcohol, and she said she had tasted it. Vikram asked if she drank it often or just occasionally. She said occasionally, and they passed a bottle and a glass to her. Vikram poured a glass of alcohol to her and some cold drinks to mix. She took small sips, and after an hour of bullshit talking, it was finally so hot in the room that Vikram asked Divya if she was sweating profusely, and she looked down and her boobs were all sticking out and her underarms were all covered in wet patches from sweat.
Vikram made the bold move and pushed his hand into her shirt from the hand side and said yes, she is sweating too much; it’s all wet under her arms. Nihal and Adarsh also wanted to touch her, so they both got up and sat beside her and pushed their hands into her shirt, touching her armpits. They said she was sweating, and I looked at her, closing my eyes and just taking it all in. I felt so horny and jealous. I wanted to let them continue and see where it goes as I was already leaking my tea.
Adarsh pushed his hand further and said it’s all wet here as well, and it was her boobs he was groping. Vikram grabbed her shirt and pulled it out, and she was naked underneath. They all looked at her, stunned at her perfect boobs.
They all started to grope her and rub her nipples as she was hissing and gasping. They all grabbed her by her arms and made her stand up and take off her leggings just to reveal the sexiest legs I have ever seen. She was just perfect in her body. That thigh gap is killing me now. I never saw her naked. They pulled her leggings out of her legs, and she stood there naked with a hand on her boobs and one on her pussycat.
They said it’s alright and I can be free, and she slides her hands down without looking at me. and stood there naked. They told her to dance, and they turned on some sexy songs, and she was made to follow the steps of the actress, naked.
She tried and did her best to give the best performance, but she wasn’t a dancer. She didn’t look at me even once. She was feeling ashamed, but she was also enjoying it, though she wasn’t enjoying it as much as I was.
She finally looked at me after the performance, and I clapped, and she took a deep breath and smiled at me. They all clapped for her, and then they all got up and took their clothes off one by one. It was unreal to see three men taking their clothes off that fast, and that too in front of my wife, who I just married a day ago.
She looked shocked, and I couldn’t see their dicks. They all turned around, and I saw a 7-inch, an 8-inch, and another 8-inch with a bigger girth. They all told me to take it all off as well, and before taking it off, they said whoever is the shortest will not touch her. I knew I was the one. I still wanted to see what they would humiliate me with, so I took it off, and they laughed and said, “Divya, look,” and said, “So your husband is not the one who is taking your virginity.”
She smirked, but when he said not to take the virginity, she felt stressed.
They all measured it and decided the biggest one would take the lead, which was Vikram. He was the biggest, then WSS Nihal, and then Adarsh. Vikram will take her virginity, then Nihal will fuck her, and then Adarsh.
It was done, and I was not going to touch her and just watch her get fucked like a cuck. They all said I am a cuck from now on, and they took a bottle of alcohol, and all of them took a few sips, leaving the whole bottle empty. They powered up very quickly. They all said it’s been a while since they had sex, and it will be amazing tonight.
I sat in the corner, and Divya raised her eyebrows and looked at me to see if she was allowed. I told her to go for it and enjoy it, and she looked away, and Vikram grabbed her head and started kissing her very hard. He was kissing him like crazy; she wasn’t able to breathe; and I was getting so horny. Divya was getting horny as well.
Vikram grabbed her hairs in his hand and turned her head towards Nihal and asked if they wanted to kiss her before she is not able to. They both said yes, and Nihal grabbed her and started kissing her, then passed it to Adarsh, who kissed her for a while. After they were done, they passed her to Vikram, and he looked at her and asked if she was ready for the first-time experience, and she nodded.
He put her down on her knees, and she was in a squatting position. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and I just stroked my dick by looking at her in that position, and I cummered. I sat there looking now. She was on a squat, and Vikram grabbed her head and told her to open her mouth. Her pussy was fully visible to me. That little hairy pussycat was leaking from how wet she was.
He forced his dick in her mouth until she actually started to get that in. He was forcing it on her, and she was struggling with it. Her drool was leaking from her boobs and directly on the floor, mixed with the cerama of Vikram. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.
She took it halfway in, and I started as Vikram grabbed her hair tight and pushed it, and I saw Divya’s eyes nearly pop out of her face. His Dick went straight in her throat. I couldn’t believe how much her throat bulged.
He kept it in there for a while, till she started to tap on his legs to take it out. She gagged and then took a long breath, still leaking drool from her mouth. He pushed it again and fisted her throat for quite a while. Then he wanted to finally do it. He pulled her up in his arms, turned her around, and bent her over. She put her hand on the floor, and her legs bent inward, giving a view of her pussycat from the back and a beautiful thigh gap.
Her thighs were together and her feet were apart. I couldn’t get anything more hornier. Adarsh looked at me and told Vikram to at least let the groom see his bride closely, and Nihal pulled me and pushed me into Divya’s face, and I couldn’t help but kiss her.
She put her hands on my shoulder and kissed me. And I could taste the cumin in her mouth. I kept pushing my mouth on her, and suddenly she stopped, and it was just me kissing her. She slowly turned and put her head on my shoulder and rested, and I saw Vikram on top, and I looked down and saw him pushing his huge dick inside her super-tight virgin pussy. I couldn’t believe my eyes how big it was when I saw it from that close.
She was grasping for air very hard and she was biting her hand, and I couldn’t help but get hornier seeing her like this. I felt super jealous. He kept pushing, and she screamed hard. She started screaming, and he kept pushing. Her screams turned so loud that it made me start crying again. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so aroused but also humiliated by her screams. I hugged her and got up. She put her hands down, and Vikram kept pushing his dickey, and she kept screaming harder and harder. I looked at some grossness, her pussy was leaking, and I just went out of that room. I sat outside and just kept hearing her scream. The screams got louder and louder, and I couldn’t stop crying now.
I waited for almost 15 minutes, and then her screams turned into moans. She finally started to have sex, and I still sat there listening. I couldn’t go in now. I was too humiliated. I waited for almost another 15 minutes, and I heard her get on the floor. I peaked in and saw her on the floor in a puddle of what looked like squirt, and she was quivering, her legs were shaking, and her face was just glowing after crying for so long.
Nihal was the next one, and he grabbed her butt and pulled it up and started to fuck her in the same puddle of her squirt, and Vikram sat on the sofa as he was done. Nihal took about 20 minutes, then Adarsh fucked her good for almost 15 to 20 minutes as well, and then Vikram again took her by her hair and made her ride him, and she was looking so sexy riding that dick in cowgirl position. I couldn’t hold it, so I grabbed my dick and stroked it twice, and the cum started leaking out of me. I just couldn’t believe how down I was.
I looked up and she was moaning so loudly, and suddenly Vikram grabbed her hair and pulled her down on his dick, and Divya looked up and screamed and started shivering, and Nihal took her from him and used her mouth. Meanwhile, Adarsh took her pussy again, and after Nihal was done with another load in her mouth, Adarsh switched and used her mouth and dumped a load in her throat.
This went on for about 3 hours in total, and I was outside peeking in. I couldn’t help but feel so ashamed as I was getting horny looking at that. My wife, she married me just a day ago, and now it’s like this. I was supposed to be her life partner, and I was letting my friends bang her, and I was enjoying this. I felt so guilty but also felt a sense of relief over my sexual desire. I felt like I wanted this, and that’s why I let this unfold in front of me even while I was able to stop it from miles away.
I felt like a horrible husband as Divya lay on the floor in her own puddle of squirts and cum. I couldn’t have known I wasn’t capable of giving her the same pleasure. They all slept there, and at night, whenever their eyes opened, they banged her once, and she wasn’t able to sleep. In the morning, I woke up to the screams of Divya. She was shouting in pain, and I looked in just to see Vikram in her pussy and Nihal in her mouth, while Adarsh was pinching her nipples until she screamed. It was so arousing that I let out another load of myself right there and stayed there, watching it unfold. After they all were done one by one, Divya was given a question to choose who was the best, and she obviously chose Vikram, and right there and there it was said that Vikram now owns Divya and she’s his whore, and Divya said yes and she accepts this life, and she was told to make some breakfast for everyone, and she was struggling to walk, but she somehow crawled in the kitchen and made something to eat for all of them and gave me some as well. It was so arousing for me to feel this level of humility.
They were all still friends and didn’t act any different. Vikram said it’s okay, and he’s not stealing Divya. It just happened last night because of the drinks, and nothing could be done now. Nihal and Adarsh also said the same, and they told me to don’t take it to heart because it’s just her increased sexual desires that won’t cause any trouble in her love for me. Vikram looked at her, and she said yes.
She sat with me and said she loves me, and even if Vikram fucks her, she’s still my wife, and I have no intention of getting any closer to Vikram than just for our pure sexual needs. I agreed, and she was happy that it will happen again, but just with vikarm and not Nihal and Adarsh.
They both asked if they could get sex again with her, and she said no; only Vikram owns it now, and only he will touch her sexually. They all laughed, and I felt a little cumbersome on my dick again. Adarsh asked if I wanted to be a cum-eating cuck or just a cuck-watching wife. I wasn’t sure. Vikram asked Divya if she wanted to get pregnant or let me clean it up.
Divya said she would want to get pregnant, but if it means giving up on this sex for months, she doesn’t want it, and she got up and stood in front of me with her pussycat in front of my face. She asked me if I could please lick all the cum out of her, and she pushed her pussy in front of me, and I buried my mouth in her as well. I couldn’t stop loving the salty taste of the cumin. She was pushing out globs of cumin. It was about a cup full of cumin. I felt like it was going on forever.
Vikram asked if it was going to be a problem if Divya got pregnant. I said no, and they all said it’s going to be a mystery whose child it’s going to be, but it’s definitely not me. They all laughed and said that was true. Divya looked a little stunned, and I felt like reality was now setting in for her.
I made her sit down, and she sat with a straight face. They all wore their clothes and said their dicks are now painful as they fucked her all night, and she was so tight that it felt super great. They all said thanks and said they would all return sometime, and Vikram told Divya his number, and he took hers as well, and they all left. I went in and sat down, just thinking about all the things that actually happened.
She was exhausted. She grabbed my arm and took me in the bedroom with her and hugged me while sleeping, and we talked for a while about having a child. What if she gets pregnant? She said she had no idea we would have sex, and then this happened, and she didn’t take birth control or anything. I told her it’s alright and we will raise the kid, and it’s the gods’ blessing if she gets pregnant, and I told her I have licked her pussy to the best I can, and if she actually gets pregnant then it’s just the gods’ will.
She agreed and said sorry for the last night and for being slutty. She said she just liked how they were treating her like a toy and passing her around. I told her I was sorry for going through that and letting that happen. I could have stopped, but I just loved it in my guilty heart. She said it’s alright and we can have an open marriage and it’s okay, or she said she will not do this anymore and it was just a one-time thing. I stopped her and said it’s ok, and I love imagining her as a hotwife and seeing her get fucked like a doll. She said she loves it as well and asked if we can actually do this for the long term without harming our marriage, and I said yes, as my love for her just increased after this and she felt the same way towards me.
And guess what? Vikram came by the next week, and this time she was on pills, and he fucked her hard this time and again left her so exhausted that she couldn’t walk for 2 days. We got the news that she was pregnant the next month, and it was definitely on the first day. We were all thrilled, and Divya was happy to have the child. She was a happy mother and so caring that she said no sex till she gave birth. After 9 months she dilevered and it was a baby boy .  After that, she again started having sex with Vikram, and I was left like this to masturbate. She was true to her word that she wouldn’t let me touch her sexually, and she was right. She was sexually owned by Vikram now, and we all technically took it seriously, and they were still my friends, and we still hung out, and the affair was on the other side, and we didn’t mix it up. We had this pledge that the baby will be mine, there won’t be any problems, and the sexual desires of Divya are in her hands. If she says she’s enjoyed it, Vikram will stop. Till then, this continues.
Divya got pregnant again six months later. That’s where we are right now; currently, she is 5 months pregnant.