Our Old Handyman Conrad

My husband, Rocky has this old guy named Conrad to do all his work on his properties. Well we need a few things done here and Rocky tells me tomorrow Conrad is coming here and go get ready because he has to leave tonight for business. I know what go get ready means. Rocky wants to fuck me with his ten inch cock before he leaves. I love our goodbye and hello fucks. We fuck and Rocky leaves. I take a shower and climb into bed and go to sleep. It’s morning, I have my coffee, take another shower when the doorbell rings. It’s Conrad and he says Carol it’s nice to see you and I tell him yes it’s nice to see you. My robe is loosely tied and he’s staring at my big tits. I walk away and he comes inside. Conrad says I have a list here so let me get started. I put on my bikini and tell him if you need anything I’ll be by the pool. He says ok. I sit on my lounge chair and I’m putting lotion on my body. When I’m by the pool I live to be naked. I can’t today so I put on some music and lay down. I’ve been outside for quite sometime and I guess Conrad is getting his work done. I’m laying there and I here someone clear their throat. I open my eyes and it’s Conrad. I sit-up and Conrad is again staring at my tits. He says I’m done and would you mind if I went for a swim. I said it’s ok. He takes off all his clothes and jumps in the pool. I can’t believe this old man is naked in our pool. He swims over to me and says why don’t you join me for a swim? I say to him no you enjoy yourself. He says Carol it would be more enjoyable with you. I laugh and lay back down. I feel water dripping on me and when I open my eyes, Conrad has his big old cock in my face. He says cmon Carol join me. I again say no and Conrad says I’m not taking no for an answer. He picks me up and we both go in the pool. Conrad says I’m naked you should be also. I tell him no but I’ll swim with you. We swim for awhile and I feel Conrad’s cock and he’s rock hard. He says cmon Carol get naked. I turn away from him and he undoes my top. I turn to him and say what the hell do you think you’re doing. Conrad laughs and says Carol you’ve got great tits. I’m so embarrassed I don’t know what to say. Conrad approached me and grabs my tits. He states to lick and suck them and he pulls down my bottoms. OMG a say this isn’t happening. Conrad has his fingers inside me and he says Carol I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time we met. He pulls me to the stairs and raises my legs. He starts to lick and suck my pussy. I tell him don’t stop I’m going to cum. I cum all over his face and Conrad says ok Carol it’s time for you to suck my cock. Oh yes bring it here. I open my mouth and Conrad puts his cock inside. I’m sucking his cock and he says god Carol you suck such a great cock. I told him I’ve had a lot of practice. He pulls his cock out of my mouth, I spread my legs and say fuck me Conrad. He gets between my legs and puts his cock inside me. I wrap my legs around him and say fuck me make me cum. I want to cum all over his old cock. I can’t believe how good this old man can fuck. We fuck by and in the pool. Then he says let me fuck you in your bed. I grab his hand and we go to my bedroom. I lay on the bed and say to Conrad so you want to fuck me where Rocky fucks me. Conrad slams my pussy with his old cock. OMG a Conrad fuck me. I lost count how many times I came, and Conrad shoots a big load of cum inside me. He says I hope I made you pregnant. No man has ever said that to me. I get so horny that I suck his cock and get him hard again. I grab his cock and say yes make me pregnant with your baby. We fuck almost all night and my pussy if filled with his cum. I tell Conrad you can stay here until Rocky comes home. Conrad spreads my legs and slams his cock inside me. I tell him fuck me until you make me pregnant. We ducked for two weeks and when Conrad was leaving, he turns and says I hope you have my baby. Mmmmmm I do also.