Phoebe’s stepdaddy

Phoebe has been wanting her daddy for ages.
It’s her first proper fuck.
She’s been practicing with grandad brothers and dildo but this was the best

Phoebe just turned-11 she knows about sex she said daddy can you come in the bathroom with me a second I got a secret. Shhhh
We snuck in the upstairs bathroom while mom was with her son’s downstairs.
Phoebe quickly locked the door.
I noticed she was wet through her shorts
She pulled her little tight drenched short shorts down.
No nickers just a soaking wet puffy pussy. Soso wet.
And said I fucking fancy you so much daddy
Like so so much I can’t wait anymore,,
Paul thought omg, wow, you fucking slut I hope mean this but instead
He just said said wow Phoebe what are you doing?
Shhhh daddy it’s ok I’ve been fucked before by my brothers and my grandad.
Chloe’s dad I say.
Yeah well not really
And my son’s.
Yeah but like I said not really
They only got an inch inside me because I was to tight back then…
I started getting hard it was showing in a second.
She looked at my bulge and said that’s big with a cheeky grin .. it’s got harder and harder.. precumming
Yeah but not probably,, they only basically came on my pussy ..
I said how many times.
She replied grandad’s came on my loads whenever
I was alone with him.
He said he use to cum on mommy’s pussy when she was lil lil.and it was both your son’s but I won’t say names lol
i have been training myself for you,,
Omg he thought this is crazy hot ..
What you mean baby?
She bent down and pulled a big black dildo out from behind the sink..
Grandad sat I use to be nat but now it’s mine
I think it’s 10 or
11inches grandad said
I was stiff as wood. This is the hardest I’ve ever been.
He thinks about this when he fucks her mom but
It wasn’t it was her boring mom
She moved around me, stepped into the bath
Stuck it to the bottom of the bath. Then said daddy,
Get your trousers off then.
Paul said.. ok but don’t tell no one ever…
Ino daddy it’s our little secret. I pinky promise…
He pulled his massive 10inch cock out
The same size as the dildo…
Phoebe said that’s massive daddy it’s like the dildo,,,
Ino baby I think your to tight for me…
No lol look. She started squatting down. To the dildo. She grabbed the head of it. Looked at daddy and said watch.
She was so wet she literally just slipped half way down it….
Told you I been practicing…..
Wow daddy Paul said.., you have…
He leans in to kiss her passionately and said
You fucking minx,, he stud and put his dick in her face.
She grips it with both hands wanks him a bit before gobbling the head up sucking on it passionately..
Is that what you needed, darling?” I said to my lil 11yrolddaughter
“You like that, kiddo?” I said.
Yes she said while bouncing on the dildo.
I pull out n gently rubbed my cock in my hand as I looked back and forth between her smiling face and her pussy, around that fat dildo
I was fighting in my head, “Do I? – Don’t I? – Can I? – Should I?”, eventually the sight of my little devil sitting on a massive dildo won the battle, and I decided yes yes yessss
I pic her, up she wrapped her legs and her little pink socks around my body,
I looked in to her eyes, brushing her hair off her face, “Daddy’s going to give you what you need, darling. Okay, baby. Daddy’s got you.”

I guided my cock to her slit and I pushed it in, I felt her flaps separating and her hole opening up as I slid my cock inside her, she was tight, I could feel how fresh her pussy was, inside and out, I listened to her squeal and blink her eyes rapidly while I thrust in to her, her inner walls gripping my cock tightly.
Instantly her juices started flowing down my balls
I lifted up her top and suckled on her toung, then I pushed my hands underneath her and held on to her tight little ass, and I pounded her hard, squeezing her bum cheeks and licking her neck as she cried out with orgasm
I cocved her mouth..and drenched my cock with her fluids.
I Heard Chloe calling me. I shouted busy atm I’m in the bathroom. While saying quietly fucking the fuck out of your fucking daughter…. I kissed phoebe
I didn’t want to get her in to any trouble, being
On my cock but I didn’t care.
I was hoping Chloe was listening while fingering herself.
Getting my baby pregnant didn’t bother me it just made it harder taking that risk.
I pumped n pumped my lil daughters slushy pussy.
Till she cam.. .
Yep she’s squirts already and its super fucking hot I say well done baby my turn…
Without breaking a sloppy snog
I grip her and thrust that last five pumps harder
While continually steaming my think hot spunk up into her belly …
I pull out and watch all that cum drop out her pussy hole and on the side of the bath and on the floor and on my trousers alongside her pussy juice
Everywhere….. I kissed and snoged my baby. And said this is what I was wishing for
Ever since I saw you.
Omg me to daddy……
“Good girl. .
Very good girl. We left the spunk and juice splattered everywhere she pulled up her still wet crotch shorts and I pulled up my trousers with cum stains on my crotch area took her back downstairs.
And said I was on the toilet.
I just came down to get a drink mom. I’m getting in the bath in a min.
I now find myself fucking Phoebe mai whenever I get the chance, I even take holiday days from work so I can be home with her, we have a new relationship now, she’s her daddy’s sweet piece of wet puss
I fucked her .
I fucked your daughter Phoebe.
Want more
Please, let me know I will tell you about round two
True,,,,, fucked up but true,,,,,,,