The time I sucked off an older man during a holiday

sooo I’m male 14 right and I sucked off an older man during a family holiday, complete stranger

Yo basically I’m lucas and I’m gonna make this sound as real as possible because so many people call stories fake here but anyways yeah
I’m lucas, a guy , 14 from England

My family went on a holiday recently, to be specific- we went to portugal, and know something about me first alright?- I’m a guy and virgin, always thought of girls and being straight until most recently I’ve had thoughts of sucking off a much older man like it specifically has to be an older man or I’m not doing it and now it has to be an older woman to have sex with or I’m not doing it- I guess I’ve developed a kink for older people anyways it is what it is

So it’s a few days after we landed, obviously got to the holiday home from the airport and it’s a place I’ve never heard of before and can’t actually remember but it was fairly nice I mean a lot of holiday lodges around and all. It was close to the mountains because I think people snowboarded there too.
Anyways I’ll begin the actual story now right.
Soo family and I went out to a restaurant for the night out and I was still trying to learn French at the time, in all fairness I didn’t know fuck all, I was just acting as if I knew what they were talking about lmfao.

Alright we’re there at the restaurant and it was fairly hot surprisingly so we decided to take the tables outside and my family was like all over the place you know drinking and eating and like didn’t have a care in the world about anything lol, I decided to go to the bathroom and it took me a while but I found it and obviously walk through got the urinals on the right and like behind a small wall are some cubicles.
The bathroom wasn’t very nice, it stank and had piss on the floor, mould in the corners I mean I expected the restaurant to have a good bathroom because the restaurant looked amazing.
Anyways the cubicles were like small, I mean I’m 5’8-5’9 and like you could definitely see my head and the top of my shoulders from outside, so you can obviously expect someone older than me to be like sticking out alot you know?
I go in there, decided I wanted to go on my phone for a bit so I went in the cubical not really paying any attention to any next to me.
I open my phone and do whatever, check messages, go through tiktok etc.
Wasn’t long before I noticed faint sighs and moans in the cubicle next to me. I didn’t look up but I quickly put my phone away, flushed the toilet and went to “wash my hands”, I looked in the mirror and saw a bald head behind me and the right shoulder motioning back and forth…- he was wanking
I turned round because I was in disbelief and he noticed me.
I apologised before he said wait and stood out the cubicle
He then questioned me about my age, once I said 14 he gripped up his cock through his jeans. He was French person speaking fluent English by the way.
He asked about sex and all and I was oddly weirded out but as I said to begin with I was always curious about sucking dick. Now this man was, late 50s? Whit beard and wore sunglasses.
He wanted to show me his dick, I agreed because I was thinking I’d finally get the thought of sucking dick- boy yes I fucking did.
He took me to the disabled cubicle, pretty much a room obviously. He unzipped and pulled out an 8 incher, the look on my face was priceless I bet
He asked if I wanted to touch it and after watching multiple porn videos I knew how this went but I acted clueless
I started touching his dick before he made my hand curl around it and started jerking him off. I went with the flow and went faster and then slow and fast and then slow to hopefully tease him. I could hear him make faint noises.
He asked if I wanted to taste it and no hesitation I got on my knees- while trying to act clueless at the same time.
I started kissing the tip and licking down the side before spitting on it and taking as much as I can in my mouth. While it was in I attempted to swirl my tongue around it to make it feel better which I think we worked because he was tensing up.
It wasn’t even like four minutes before he decided to force my head on it.
I was sucking him rough and quickly, gagging, nose running, eyes watering- but it was so fun
After like 15 minutes he finished in my mouth, I spat the smallest bit out when showing him what it looked like in my mouth and then swallowed.
He sighed and went “good little lad”
We left the cubicle and washed our hands, luckily nobody saw us leave at the same time
He rubbed my cheek and tongue kissed me for a while before leaving.
Eventually after grasping what the fuck had happened with an excited face, I left too
Once I got back to my table my family asked what took so long
I smiled and said upset stomach

Now I dream of having another man’s cock In my mouth again, obviously still wanting to have sex with a female too but right now it’s about men.
After sucking a few more guys I’d try getting fucked by one and taking it further.
Anyways bye guys
That’s my story lol, I’ll check back for any comments so if you comment make sure to check for responses
– lukas