Little brother

My curious little brother ends up sucking me

A little about myself I am a 24year old college student, I love to swim and work out. I have a swimmers build, with okay abs. Am 6’ feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. My little brother Nate is a 10 year old mini version of me. We aren’t twins but you can tell we are brothers. So I came back home for spring break and into my old room. I was very tired from the trip that I didn’t feel my mother leave for work that morning. I woke up late and the first thing I felt was my throbbing morning wood. I started rubbing my dick through my pajamas.
I felt very horny and wanted to take care of it. So in college I have a roommate and it’s no secret we sometimes have to take care of urges, but we are both discreet when we do, either in the restroom, we’ve even gotten comfortable as jerking off under the covers of our own beds but never pass that boundary. So being home, I was relief that I do not have to hide my activities. So I got off my bed and pull down my pajamas to my ankles and went to a porn site. My go to video is this girl soloing, so naturally, I start jacking off as I put myself in the video. Now I didn’t lock my door cause I knew my mother was gone, but it totally slipped my mind that my little brother was here. So as am jerking it I hear and see the door open wide, I quickly try to stand up and pull my pajamas up, but it’s too late and my little brother asks what I’m doing. I told him that I was doing nothing. Which he smirks and asks if I was jacking off. I was shocked that he said that, I asked him where he heard that, and he said at school.
The porn was paused , but he definitely noticed it. I told him to get out, but before I could finish he asked me if I could teach him to jack off. I said no, but he kept on pleading, I felt my hard dick and said fuck it, I need to take care of this. So I told him yes, but that there wasn’t really much to teach. So I told him to copy what I was doing, so he sat down on my bed and started stoking himself. I was doing the same but I hand my hands stuffed so he couldn’t see my dick. After i while we looked at the paused porn and told me to play it, told me that he heard what sex was through school, but didn’t know what it look like. I contemplated whether I should do it or not, but at the end, I thought to myself, it would probably help me finish faster, so I pressed play and we both watched the porn.
He looked in awe as the girl rode the dildo and was moaning loudly. After a while the girl then starts sucking the dick and in that scene my brother tells me about how his friends told him that blowjobs feel really good. I told him yes they do, and that I couple of my exe’s gave me head. After a while we sat in silence jerking, when my brother asks me to show him how am jerking cause he thinks he wasn’t doing it right. So I tell him that maybe that’s not a good idea, but he pleads and tells me that he won’t say anything so I say fine and pull down my pajamas again , and the first thing he says is “wow you have a huge dick.” Now personally I think I have an okay dick it’s 7 or maybe very close to 7 but it’s definitely thicker. I feel like anything is big to someone that age. I don’t know why but him telling me that turned me on. I feel like when I fuck a chick I like hearing that compliment so it was a a reflex. I laughed a little and said thanks, he then pointed out my pubes and asked when he would have hair. So I told him when he was older. Then I got my hand and started jerking off, he looked at me and after a while I wasn’t uncomfortable anymore until he asked that he want to try it on me.
I asked to make sure that’s what he said, “yes, let me practice on you, and you tell me if it feels good.” He said. I told him no that that was weird, but he told me that he really wanted to learn how to do it properly. After he pleaded I told him okay, but to never ever tell anyone, so he said okay. I stand up and walk to my bed, he then places both of his hands on my dick. I tell him to start stroking how I showed him so he does. Now while he’s stoking me my dick level is right to his face, and I get the most nastiest thought, but I shake it off and go back to reality, my dick at that moment is oozing pre cum all on his hands. I try really hard not to moan because he knows how to work those hands. He stops and asks about blowjobs and what exactly do you do, so I explain to him and he ask if I ever received some. I told him yes and that they feel really good. Now I don’t know my brothers thought process or what he’s into but he then asks if he could suck my dick as he’s jerking me. I told him absolutely not, even though I had that thought earlier, not only because he was my brother but I wasn’t into guys. He started pleading again, and am telling you idk if it’s just me but dudes have limits but if we are horny beyond belief we don’t care who or how we satisfy that craving, again idk if that’s just me, but I was super horny and frustrated that I didn’t get to blow my load in the morning.
so I said the biggest fuck this of my life and said okay. But i told him for just a minute, my plan was to let him try a blowjob and then go finish in the restroom. He takes my head In slowly and try’s to take me entirely, but ends up choking, I pull out and tell him to take it easy that it takes time. So he goes back to the tip and starts sucking me half way, and am just there in shock, embarrassed, horny, all the emotions as I watch my little brother suck my cock. Something in my stirs and I grab is head and throat and slowly start facefucking him, I wasn’t doing it rough at all. All I wanted to do was feel my dick rub against the inside of his cheek. And suddenly that plan of doing it for a bit was gone. I was extremely full of lust and all I wanted to do was to keep feeding my brother my cock. At this point I was moaning and breathing shallow I was disgusted with myself that I was doing this, but at the same time enjoyed every moment. I would take my balls once every while and place them on his tongue, he would lap them up with his tongue. I pulled out and told him to try to take me as much as he could. So he did and I moaned in approval as he downed my entire cock down to where my pubes tickled his nose and my ball where on his chin. He pulled back up and dove straight down again, he kept deep throating me and right then and there I was completely enveloped in lust I didn’t care who he was, but I was definitely going to cum in his mouth. I grab his head and furiously start face fucking my little brother. Besides my moans the only thing you could hear was gagging and spit bubbling. After almost a minute of destroying his throat I pulled out and jerked off, as I moaned loudly I let my cum paint his face and aim in his mouth as well. After I cum I look at the mess I made. One of my brothers eyes shut, cover by cum, cum on his nose, cum in his mouth, which is still connected by a thread from my dick. I shake it off and finally realize what I did. He swallows and starts wiping his face, I immediately start apologizing and in disbelief of what I did. He says it fine and I helped him get all cleaned up. After this experience I feel weird, idk if I liked it or again have that concept about guys and doing whatever it takes to be relieved comes it to play. But I’ll for sure remember this day.